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ISP Virgin Media UK to Launch Surprise 600Mbps Broadband Tier

Tuesday, June 16th, 2020 (1:01 am) - Score 34,624
Virgin Media 2014 UK Logo

Cable and full fibre ISP Virgin Media UK could be about to make a number of significant service changes for July 2020, such as making their existing 516Mbps (36Mbps upload) broadband bundle available to non-TV (standalone) customers and then boosting their TV Oomph plan to a top download of 600Mbps!

At present nearly all of Virgin Media’s customers – both via the operator’s Hybrid Fibre Coax (HFC) and Fibre-to-the-Premises (FTTP) based networks – are still covered by their existing EuroDOCSIS 3.0 platform (i.e. the communication standard for cable networks) and this currently offers a maximum tier of 516Mbps (i.e. max profile speed of 575Mbps download and 38.5Mbps upload) via their old HUB 3.0 router.

On top of that the operator is also rapidly deploying a new DOCSIS 3.1 upgrade which, using the new HUB 4.0 router, will make 1Gbps (50Mbps upload) speeds available across their entire network by the end of 2021 (latest roll-out update). But in the meantime the best that most subscribers can get is still their 516Mbps plan that has so far only been available alongside their TV bundles (Oomph).

However feedback from existing customers and other sources have enabled ISPreview.co.uk to uncover two imminent changes. Firstly, the 516Mbps plan will no longer be “exclusive” to their TV bundles and can soon be purchased as a normal broadband package. Secondly, the 516Mbps Oomph TV bundle will at the same time be upgraded for free to offer 600Mbps (probably with the same upload as before) – you won’t be able to get this speed without TV (most likely to keep Oomph subscribers happy, given what they pay).

NOTE: The c.600Mbps plan will work over VM’s existing EuroDOCSIS 3.0 network and thus HUB 3.0 router, although the HUB 4.0 is starting to see wider distribution (here).

The changes are expected to be announced at some point around the end of this month or perhaps during July. At the same time Virgin Media will probably make a few other changes to their packages, such as possibly switching from 12 to 18 month contract terms (minimum terms do change from time-to-time, at all ISPs) and removing the install cost of a v6 / TiVo TV service etc. But we don’t know for certain if those will occur at the same time.

We should point out that, based on past experience, speed boosts for existing customers usually take a few months to complete (i.e. we wouldn’t be surprised if this took until around the end of 2020 to finish). We did ask Virgin Media to comment on all this but no reply had been received by the end of play yesterday.

UPDATE 7:25am

We just had a “no comment” response from Virgin Media.

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92 Responses
  1. Avatar Harmz says:

    Wow, they really are squeezing every last drop out of 3.0 aren’t they. Surely this is a record for any large cable provider.

    1. Avatar JP says:

      Nah, I had 600mb with Shaw in Canada.

    2. Avatar Sandra says:

      Question is – is this only with the OOmph bundle? okay it’s £79 right now but I would love it separate. but 500 is still bundle only

    3. Avatar Harmz says:

      @Sandra, have you read the article? It literally explains this all.

      Today = 350m max stand-alone or 500m in oomph bundle.

      ComingEndJuneToEarlyJuly = 500m max stand-alone, or 600m in oomph bundle

    4. Avatar CarlT says:

      Nope. I’ve seen gigabit sold over DoCSIS 3.0. Notice I didn’t say EuroDoCSIS 3.0 – 50 Mb/s per channel, but just plain DoCSIS, 38 Mb/s per channel.

      Selling gigabit on 32 x 38 Mb/s channels is I think going to take some beating.

      Selling 600 on Euro 3.0 is fine.

  2. Avatar George says:

    600mb as surprise? I think UK is yet to be born into modern net.. Back in Slovakia you can get 1gig unlimited speed in 1:1 ratio (upload:download) even in remote areas like mountains fow about 60€ and that’s with static IP.. No extra costs.. UK is behind monkeys with quality of ISPs.. Nowhere close to fast Internet meh

    1. Mark Jackson Mark Jackson says:

      A surprise in the sense that Virgin Media haven’t revealed they were going to do it. Still I’d agree that the UK is far behind on FTTP coverage, although Slovakia (SK) is far from perfect in coverage terms – they’re lower mid table for VHCN and near bottom for slower NGA:


    2. Avatar Buggerlugz says:

      That’s because British telco’s would rather milk every customer for every single penny. Its greed, nothing more.

    3. Avatar Marek says:

      How UK can be eight when you have less ftth and probably fttb broadband then Poland? Sweden and Romania aren’t also near the top which are one of the best countries regarding high speed broadband coverage.

    4. Avatar Antoine says:

      Posting this from France and my 10Gbps Down / 1Gbps Up connection for 40 EUR/month (available widely across the country)

      It took time to deploy FTTH here, but now majority of population is covered. It’s insane that Openreach didn’t take the lead on this and kept pushing for copper everywhere to its last extent while letting small actors such as Hyperoptic to painfully do the job.

      G.Fast/DOCSIS3.1 is never gonna be as performant as full FTTH. UK is unfortunately way behind now. When you can find LTE-backed ISPs in the heart of the capital, a topology that’s suitable for African countryside, there’s definitely an issue…

    5. Avatar Archie says:

      Great! You did live with communism for longer than anyone would care to so thanks for that irrelevant comment.

    6. Avatar Marek says:

      Archie what are you talking about?

    7. Avatar Wow man says:

      yes yes in backwards country, where we have three people and we need to lay down new phone lines anyway… we have fibre.


      Now if only you solved the other problems, like your mafia running every form of public transport.

    8. Avatar Marek says:

      Backward country? You mean country with 38 million people that is member of European Union for over 15 years? Are you dumb or just typical chav that can’t get work due to “immigrants taking our jobs” or what? Are you going to write anything about current topic?

    9. Avatar Meadmodj says:

      Yes some countries in Europe are ahead of us in FTTH but it is not as good as some comments suggest. As of September 2019 in France only 10 million premises reached Superfast, of which a total of 5.8 million have end-to-end fibre (Source: Autorité de Régulation des Communications Électroniques et des Postes).

      Of more interest to me is that typical providers such as SFR provide a 500Mbps service for 38 Euro/m and 1Gbps for 45 Euro/m. Which would be most welcome in the UK as FTTH proceeds.

    10. Avatar Marek says:

      That is still few times as much as UK. Try comparing Sweden or Romania if you wan’t to get dissapointed.

    11. Avatar CarlT says:

      There are way higher headline speeds in some European nations than the UK.

      I say headline speeds carefully as they run far slower than those headline speeds during peak times.

      The 10G/1G service being described. You literally couldn’t sell that service in the UK full stop.

      Many FTTB services are being sold at a gigabit but are a single gigabit pipe split between however many dozens or hundreds of units.

      This ignoring that many nations missed a stage of incremental upgrade in the grand scheme.

      Simple you cannot compare those nations to the UK. Comparisons with the UK have to be made with nations like Germany, France, Spain, Portugal, Netherlands, etc, and looked at in appropriate regulatory context.

      This is as bad as a guy comparing the UK to Singpore or Hong Kong. Spoiler: a city state and one of the most densely populated cities in the world have better broadband than our country.

    12. Avatar Polish Economic Migrant says:

      @Wow man :
      I don’t know what is your real problem, but maybe stop taking heroin first. “mafia running every form of public transport.” made my day. But regarding to Marek comments. I would not say that internet in Poland is better/faster than in the UK or any other country. The structure is just different. In Poland each ISP has its own network, for instance in single block of flats you could have fiber optic cables from 5 different operators. On the other hand, all you can get in some rural areas is dodgy 5GHz WLAN, 4G or 8/1Mbps ADSL.

    13. Avatar Polish Economic Migrant says:

      For instance in newly built bloc of flats, my brother has fiber optic installation from two independent ISPs. With 300/300Mbps for about £10. My in-laws living in the house have CATV (coax) with 200/20Mbps and pay nearly £30/mo because there are no other operators in the area.

    14. Avatar Polish Economic Migrant says:

      Also there is no classic FTTC in Poland like in the UK. VDSL is available for people living close enough to local exchange as it is terminated there only. So it is really hard to compare between countries.

    15. Avatar GNewton says:


      “Spoiler: a city state and one of the most densely populated cities in the world have better broadband than our country.”

      This is somewhat a false reasoning. What matters is the cost per premises which are always lower in densely populated areas, including e.g. London. Yet, you still don’t see widespread fibre in London, nor in any other densely populated cities or towns in the UK. There are plenty of MDUs in this country without fibre broadband.

      This country is indeed a decade behind of where it should be, due to failed past policies, a series of wrong BT/Openreach policies, and other reasons. As long as users have to run campaign to get a fibre broadband there is something seriously wrong here.

    16. Avatar CarlT says:

      Well, Mr Newton, the MDU situation is largely down to issues with wayleaves.

      Building in densely populated areas is ongoing as you might have noticed from all the CityFibre announcements.

      Singapore at least despite the costs had a whole bunch of money thrown at it to support an NBN.

      Openreach are required to charge the same amount whether delivering FTTP next door to their HQ or in the middle of nowhere, and are obligated to run an open-access network. Telefonica during their Spanish build were not. In Portugal, knowing they weren’t going to get access to all the goodies, alternative networks built.

      Cherry picking a single section doesn’t really help, though. Remove all the obligations from Openreach and no doubt we’d have far more FTTP in the UK, both built by them and others.

      There aren’t really that many direct comparisons that may be made between the UK and other places as our regulatory environment would have struggled to have been any more hostile to FTTP deployment.

      It is at least a little better now, and all guns are blazing from various operators so the future seems brighter.

      Or we could all just constantly Eeyore and ignore all the subtleties, complexities and that overall responsibility probably lies with politicians.

    17. Avatar Czechnocrat says:

      Hey guyz just letting you know for no reason that back home I can get 10GB straight to my ego guys. Thanks guys.

    18. Avatar CarlT says:

      Congratulations, buddy. I hope it compensates for the penis size.

      Hey… he set it up, I just swung the bat.

  3. Avatar Granger says:

    Once again virgin media missing the point. They pissed of those those customers who just want the top broadband and no TV last time by saying we couldn’t have top speed and they are going to do it all over again.

    1. Avatar Harry says:

      We have near the TV package we still con’t get the top internet because they want us to have a landline, a sim, as well.
      And few channels like sky sports, I will never use on top of all that they want us to do a credit check, because of that stupid sim.

    2. Avatar John says:

      The credit check isn’t because of the SIM.
      They will run a credit check wether you take a SIM or not.

      Most ISP’s run a credit check when you sign up to a minimum term contract.

    3. Avatar Roger_Gooner says:

      People on M350 pissed off because they couldn’t get M500 standalone and so missed out on an extra 150Mbps, life is so tough for some.

    4. Avatar Mike says:

      Top speeds have always been available standalone via the business section.

  4. Avatar Rich says:

    I wonder how this will work when in contact

    1. Avatar Spurple says:

      VM has no issue with you switching tiers during term, as long as you’re not downgrading. Ha ha.

    2. Avatar James Kapherr says:

      No problems changing at all, but they’ll ask you to re-sign the contract for 12/18mo.

      No problems… they’ll be doing their usual price increase soon, so you can just leave.

      Where I am, it is Virgin or nothing (well, xDSL @ 3Mbit) – but they laid down FTTP a couple of months ago, but no switch on date yet. As soon as that is ready, i’ll leave Virgin when their prices go up again!

  5. Avatar New_Londoner says:

    “(i.e. we wouldn’t be surprised if this took until around the ????? 2020 to finish)”

    Are you try to keep us all in suspense Mark?

    1. Mark Jackson Mark Jackson says:

      Sorry there should be an “end of” in there :).

  6. Avatar Buggerlugz says:

    Just for comedy value folks, That “516Mbps Oomph TV bundle” is wait for it…….

    £79 a month for 12 months then £139 a month.


    1. Avatar Janusz Gajewski says:

      Because competitors have still poor network coverage.

    2. Avatar Sandra says:

      £20 a month cheaper than I am paying – what’s your point? You just re contract end of 12 months.

    3. Avatar StevenM says:

      A bargain then, except if you are a moaner with no money.

    4. Avatar Buggerlugz says:

      My point is its absolute daylight robbery for the dreadful service virgin provides. There is absolutely zero value for money, new customers continually get better deals.
      The fact you don’t see that speaks volumes.

    5. Avatar StevenM says:

      The fact you are a cry baby speaks far louder.

    6. Avatar Sandra says:


      Maybe to you – but I get decent 4G coverage and 551mbps down 24/7 I am looking forward to 600 which will probably be 651 after overheads? that’s very very fast and good for the boy who likes his 60GB + games to be downloaded yesterday,

    7. Avatar Rich says:

      That’s because you’re paying for crap like a mobile sim you don’t need, sports channels nobody wants, etc.

      I really wish they wouldn’t try to shove all that crap on me for the highest broadband tier.

    8. Avatar edward says:

      If the price keeps stupids away im all for it costing even more.

    9. Avatar James Kapherr says:

      What deal did you get when you initially signed up?
      I assumed you took one of their initial deals?

      Every business is like that; lure you in with a deal then increase it after you contract expires – if you call them, they’ll reduce it.

      I’ve not had many problems with Virgin where I am – pay around £67 a month for TV (Normal channels, not sports / movies) and M350. TBH I don’t watch TV at all these days, but broadband only is about £54!

    10. Avatar CarlT says:

      Just as well no-one forces you to buy it.

  7. Avatar Barney says:

    All with a blistering upload speed

  8. Avatar JP says:

    Whats the source if this information, its seems half cooked and nothing else online to back it up on first glances.

    None of the above really makes sense.

    1. Avatar Sandra says:

      Well it was discussed in 2015.. nothing came of it clearly

      this is a source not “the” source!


  9. Avatar David Silver says:

    Great until it doesn’t work properly and you have to deal with their “customer service”.

    VM connections have been unfit for purpose everywhere I’ve encountered them. Office, home, student house back in the day.

    Switched away for the last time and took a 90% download speed cut in the process. Worth it.

    1. Avatar Ryan says:

      I left virgin media 18 month ago sure virgin speed were much faster than FTTC, but reliability was a joke at times gaming on Virgin was totally hopeless with ping spikes.

      On my Talk talk connection I get 62/16 slow download than my Virgin connection but doesn’t suffer from reliability issues and ping spikes.

      I do agree with you not worth the hassle faster speed but crap reliability.

    2. Avatar James Kapherr says:

      @Ryan – those ping spikes were fixed with a software update on the router. No issues with gaming now.

    3. Avatar mike says:

      They just modified the firmware so it responds to pings better. The Puma chipset is funamentally flawed and the sleep issue is still there and you can experience it in games.

  10. Avatar Aaron says:

    Still no 1gbps on Virgin Media Business… Also now that Open Reach are offering 1gbps down and 100mbps on their resi contracts, it’s about time virgin stopped looking at pointless download speeds, and look at their upload speeds… Although it would then compete against their leased lines… so maybe that’s why they aren’t bothered

    1. Avatar StevenM says:

      You can have a 10gig line from virgin if you are a business customer. Not that you are likely to be able to afford it.

    2. Avatar CarlT says:

      Or the nature of their network, built around cable TV, makes competing with full fibre for upload speeds problematic.

  11. Avatar Arthur says:

    Why all the isp now doing 24 month contracts if you not happy or have problems you are stuck or Huge termination charges

    BT 24 month
    BT phone only 24 month
    Taltalk 18m
    Sky 18 month
    Plusnet 12/18
    Virgin 12 month
    Vodaphone 24 month

    we need ofcom stop 24 moth contracts

    1 month Only should be normal

    1. Avatar James™ says:

      You do know you can request a 12 month contact from the likes of BT however it will be more than what they advertise with the 24.

      If you actually looked it up you’d know.

    2. Avatar Polish Economic Migrant says:

      Zen 12m
      Uno 12m

    3. Avatar Buggerlugz says:

      They know by refusing to resolve issues or just ignoring complaints that OFCOM won’t do anything about it. Its locking customers into substandard services deliberately.

    4. Avatar Sandra says:

      Hi Max,

      VM will do 30 days if you want to pay a bit more a month – as will a few others.

    5. Avatar StevenM says:

      You can have 1 month contracts with Virgin.

      No lock in or 24 month contract at all, some really need to learn what they are on about before venting their inept moral outbursts.

    6. Avatar CarlT says:

      Strange how after I completed my VM Business contract I had a monthly rolling one with VM Consumer, this even though I was a new customer to them.

      Anyone would think monthly rolling contracts exist.

  12. Avatar Mark Scott says:

    To think, an order of magnitude faster in 20 years…. The original Cable Internet was 512Kb/s with 128Kb/s upload.

    1. Avatar NE555 says:

      If it’s 500M now then that’s three orders of magnitude (10^3)

    2. Avatar Sandra says:

      I remember when I used to crow to people about me having my new 1Mbps internet! – 512k BY used to cream 512K ADSL and always will.

  13. Avatar Arthur says:

    James I did look it up no mention of 12 month contract options on bt website

    I had to phone BT direct you can have 12 month £44 pm 24 month £27 pm big difrence

    Now with covid people loosing their jobs I dont want 2 year contract and cant afford nearly £50 pm and why would you want 500 /600 mbps im happy with 40

    1. Avatar Sandra says:

      Because a 60GB file or game would take 3 days to download on 40 – on 600 less than an hour

    2. Avatar Gary says:

      Some bad calculations there Sandra.

      @40mbps a 60GB file would take c. 3 hours 20 minutes
      @600mpbs a 60GB file would take c. 13 minutes

  14. Avatar DP says:

    And as usual those of us in rural locations are left to struggle on Exchange Only lines.
    6Mb down, 0.3Mb up

  15. Avatar F.A.O of Virgin Media Boss **READ THIS** says:

    Dear Virgin Media,

    They got 500/36 standalone in July but more expensive! Hey you Virgin! I am not interesting in your pure greed money! I have signed up (renewal with PN) for cheaper bargain FTTC 80/20 with line only at £20.95 per month (plus further discount of £10 through my referral scheme) to get the price down to £10.95 🙂 That’s the best bargain and hey Virgin…..Plusnet are lower ping, and more reliable.

    Go away Virgin Media not interesting in 500/36.

    1. Avatar Gary says:

      Don’t you get bored of spewing the same cack? Why do you keep using the internet as a school playground. Please seek help in learning how to grow up.

    2. Avatar edward says:

      Max has mental problems that he himself has freely admitted previously. Sadly this is about as grown up as he is ever going to get.

    3. Avatar CarlT says:

      Virgin Media don’t want your business. Simple as that. They can’t make any money selling broadband for a tenner a month much as Plusnet can’t actually.

      You just aren’t the customer they are looking for and they are fine with that. All the best with your current provider.

    4. Avatar Sandra says:

      I have worked at Plusnet since the dialup days – it’s a load of cack and I can’t wait to leave and get a decent job!

  16. Avatar Brian says:

    I currently pay for 200mb and get 15. Does this mean that if I upgrade to 600 I might get 45?

    1. Avatar q0 says:

      Depends if you’re using Wired or Wireless, if you’re using wireless then you’ll need to try their troubleshooting steps..

    2. Avatar Matt says:

      lmao… no probably get 5

    3. Avatar CarlT says:

      Will make exactly zero difference.

    4. Avatar Roger_Gooner says:

      If you get 15Mbps you’ve got a problem which needs to be resolved, and upgrading to a higher tier succeeds only in putting more money into VM’s coffers.

    5. Avatar TehWardy says:

      According to the regulations that’s grounds for you to drop the contract at no charge, so just walk and get a better ISP.

      Since of m changed the regulations to prevent absurb “upto” claims they can only sell lines based on average speeds now.

    6. Avatar Igma says:

      VM speed all over the place. I’m on a 350Mb contract currently getting between 0Mb & 370MB but mostly Less that 10Mb Right now it’s 0.86Mb utterly hopeless, will be contacting them tomorrow,

  17. Avatar Bob bobson says:

    This is funny as I have been in touch with a Virgin rep over the last few weeks as FTTP is being installed in our area having never been serviced by Virgin before.

    He said the 500mb package will come first then when the network is ready they’ll release the gigabit one to us, but just 2 days ago when I asked why at my in-laws down the road they could only get the 500mb package as part of the ultimate bundle he seemed insistent that we would be able to 500mb without the ultimate package.

    1. Avatar Matt says:

      Sounds interesting for the rep to say that, as it stands Virgin sells the same packages on FTTP than on their HFC…

      FTTP for Virgin just brings the fibre to the premises where it converts to their tradional HFC offering.

    2. Avatar -- says:

      He’s not wrong. As this announcement says. Currently it isn’t out yet as a standalone but rumoured for end of month/beginning of July. If you’re set up before or after then you’ll be able to get it. As of now it is locked behind the Ultimate Oomph. When you’re installed if it isn’t out – just wait so you can nab a good deal, assuming you want it.

  18. Avatar kuro68k says:

    Why is the upload speed so poor? I’d rather have more upload speed than download speed.

    Have they never heard of the cloud? You need upload to get data there!

    1. Avatar qqq says:

      38Mb is enough for uploading documents/files to the Cloud. And, by showing currently that the upload only increased a small amount of 3.7GB each week during lockdown – the most intensive time for any providers infrastructure. If you want more upload then pay for a leased line or for a provider who does higher speeds to install at your property. If not, then wait and eventually Virgin will roll 1Gb which is 50Mb upload; or for BT to make their 1Gb available in more places which will give you up to 70+Mb of upload.

    2. Avatar Roger_Gooner says:

      The vast majority of people want more download than upload speeds. Virgin Media will provide higher upload speeds when there is sufficient competitive incentive to do so.

    3. Avatar CarlT says:

      You also need download to get anything from there. Or websites. Or Content Delivery Networks. Or streaming services. Or digital media distribution like Steam and the console digital distribution.

      It’s really not worth their while right now. When necessary it’ll happen. For now they aren’t going to spend millions because a tiny portion of the customer base want to stream their gameplay in 4k, stream media to friends and family or have torrent ratios to maintain.

  19. Avatar Wont Cable Your Street says:

    Perhaps VM could just cable up peoples houses who have infrastructure running very close by rather than “computer says no” and saying the property is unserviceable?

    Then more people can test out this 600Meg

    VM must lose so much business refusing to entertain a tiny bit of build work.

    1. Avatar qqq says:

      They won’t cable the street if one person asks, they’re a company with Shareholders – how would they explain “Hey we spent a few mill on the street and only have 5 customers :))”?

    2. Avatar qqq says:

      Forgot to say; take a page from CarlT and campaign with your community to get Virgin to install, have them sign up for Cable My Street. That’s how it’s done correctly and evidently works.


  20. Avatar HEADRAT says:

    So to all these people quoting linespeeds of 10Gbps etc that’s fantastic but what do you actually see as “real world” download speeds from STEAM etc, I can’t imagine they saturage a 10Gbps connection?

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