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ISP Giganet Launch New Gigabit Broadband Wing for UK Homes UPDATE

Tuesday, August 4th, 2020 (11:42 am) - Score 2,470

UK ISP Giganet (M12 Solutions) has today launched a new residential division – Giganet Home. At the same time they’ve also expanded the availability of their Openreach based and 1Gbps capable Fibre-to-the-Premises (FTTP) broadband services to homes across the UK (initially it was only available to properties in Salisbury).

At this point it should go without saying that Giganet’s new “Ultrafast Full Fibre Home Broadband” packages are only available in locations where Openreach’s FTTP network has deployed, which currently covers over 3 million UK premises and rising to 4.5 million by the end of March 2021. Following that the operator expects to reach 20 million by around the mid to late 2020s (2025 – 2030).

Giganet also appears to have taken a leaf out of Zen Internet’s playbook and are offering new customers a “no price rises, for life” on your chosen package. The catch is that you’ll only get the cheapest prices in locations where the ISP has been able to install their kit inside a local BT exchange (currently Basingstoke, Winchester and Salisbury etc.).

For example, in the aforementioned areas a 200Mbps package will set you back £35 per month and 1Gbps is just £55 per month via a 12 month contract term (on top of that there’s a £4.99 one-off activation fee). However, if you live outside of those areas then the following much more expensive pricing will apply and the activation fee jumps to £45 (plus there’s no 1Gbps option shown).

Giganet Home Full Fibre Packages

Full Fibre 80Mbps
PRICE: £45 per month

Full Fibre 200Mbps
PRICE: £59 per month

Full Fibre 500Mbps
PRICE: £64 per month

Full Fibre 1000Mbps
PRICE: £79 per month

Customers can also expected to receive unlimited usage, UK support and an “UltraHUB 2 Wi-Fi router“, which looks to be based off the reasonably capable Technicolor DGA4231 model.

Matthew Skipsey, Head of Giganet, said:

“This is an incredible milestone for us. Our strategic partnership with the main UK national carriers and our in-house engineering and support team put us head and shoulders above many resellers in offering reliable, ultrafast business Internet. With Giganet’s national presence, we saw a real opportunity to emulate what we have achieved in the business world for residential and home customers across the country.

With people registering their interest pre-launch and orders in the system ramping up post-launch, we’re seeing a huge appetite for faster and better Internet, and people’s trust in Giganet to deliver.

Home broadband was always the goal when we launched Giganet just over 2 years ago. We saw massive potential with Giganet for a brand that can be a real UK household name. I’m proud to say we’re unlike many other providers in the market today. We are small enough to provide a personal approach to each of our customers and experienced and trusted to deliver what we promise”

We did however notice that there was some incorrect pricing on Giganet Home’s new website. For example, a lot of the pages for their lower cost areas (Liverpool etc.) mention a 500Mbps tier costing £49 per month, although upon doing a check the price was actually listed as £45 per month. We also noted that the £4.99 activation fee looks to be a discount, which will be available until 30th September.

UPDATE 5th August 2020

Giganet have now finished revising their prices for National fibre areas, outside of their low cost zone. As a result we’ve updated the price list above to include a few reductions.

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By Mark Jackson
Mark is a professional technology writer, IT consultant and computer engineer from Dorset (England), he also founded ISPreview in 1999 and enjoys analysing the latest telecoms and broadband developments. Find me on Twitter, , Facebook and Linkedin.
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24 Responses
  1. James™ says:

    Pricing seems rather expensive compared to the competition.

    1. Matthew Skipsey says:

      Sods law meant that we updated our UK National pricing after this was published! 😉
      After a lot of pressure on our supplier, we’ve managed to dramatically improve our 500Mb and 1Gb rates as they were way too high for our liking. Agreed! We’ve also lowered our 80Mb entry level service.

      UK National Pricing (i.e. not fed from the Salisbury/Basingstoke/Winchester parent exchanges) from 4/8/20:
      80 Mb: £45/m
      200 Mb: £59/m
      500 Mb: £64/m
      900 Mb: £79/m
      12m term
      £45 set up
      Includes a free WiFi router.
      VOIP service coming soon (small extra charge).
      Ability to upgrade and downgrade mid-term without changing min-term; (small admin fee).

      If you are fortunate to be in Salisbury, then you are massively in luck, as we have some really aggressive pricing there which is available to over 20,000 homes as Mark has mentioned.

      As we only sell FTTP, it’s fantastic to hear the feedback from customers when they get installed. The bottleneck is no longer the connection; it’s often the device/physics/wifi/the server at the other end.

      Matthew Skipsey

  2. Gavin says:

    It’s going to be difficult to distinguish ISP’s when we’re all on full fibre as we’ll all get the same quality of line on whatever OR based ISP we’re using. Also less technical issues so less complaining.

    It’s all just going to come down to price. Who can offer the cheapest.

    1. James™ says:

      And customer service

    2. Mark Jackson says:

      Yes it’ll become more an issue of customer service and price. Remember though, being FTTP improves the line significantly but you’ll still see differences in quality due to how ISPs setup their network and share capacity. We’ve already seen 1Gbps packages that struggle to get much above 500Mbps and issues like that will not be going away.

  3. Jordan says:

    No one is gonna pay £99 for 500mbps talktalk doing it for £36 and vm doing it for £46

    1. JitteryPinger says:

      IDnet do it for £125…. also TalkTalk isn’t available in many areas still, I called up the other day and they aren’t able to offer me any fibre services including FTTP.

      Virgin is out of the question as its not a similar service.

      BT however would be a good comparison but unfair to compare when they have access to their kit everywhere,

      So where BT Wholesale is required to carry the service prices are going to shoot up, concern with ISP’s like TalkTalk is whether they will have the capacity in exchanges to support a bunch FTTP connections hitting the roof.

      Time will tell I guess but I feel like its going to be a slow take up process where residential services are concerned.

    2. Jonny says:

      I wouldn’t worry about TalkTalk having network capacity. They have a huge wholesale business.

    3. JitteryPinger says:

      At exchange level!! feeding residential customers up to 80mbps is fine but when that figure jumps up there is sure be some issues somewhere.

    4. Jonny says:

      This is where they were at 4 years ago, there’s not just FTTC customers on TalkTalk’s network


    5. JitteryPinger says:

      Hmm, its interesting that they can’t provide FTTP in an area where Openreach fibre services have been available for such a long time then,

    6. John says:

      “Hmm, its interesting that they can’t provide FTTP in an area where Openreach fibre services have been available for such a long time then”

      Talktalk may need to purchase a 10Gb cablelink in some exchanges before they can offer FTTP there.

      That’s not financially viable on every single exchange, especially those that have very small FTTP coverage at present.

    7. JitteryPinger says:

      The area has been running FTTC and is a big coverage area to be honest.

      Exchange is CMHIGH

  4. JitteryPinger says:

    Had a look at this and even being out of their network area and reliant on BT Wholesale to carry my connection they are pretty well priced for the 500MB & Gigabit services at £64 & £79.

    Unfortunately I’ve just placed an order with IDnet for 160/30 at £47 and although tempted to get that 500mb service I feel I’m better off continuing the order with IDnet.

  5. david says:

    “Sorry Fibre Broadband Is Not Currently Available At Your Address

    This is on https://home.giga.net.uk/


    1. Jonny says:

      What’s a joke?

    2. JitteryPinger says:

      An ISP dedicated to Full Fibre service, not a bad move to be fair.

    3. CarlT says:

      Best guess David is upset at the lack of FTTP to his address.

    4. david says:

      No I can get FTTP from BT – down as WBC FTTP 1000/220 on the checker.

      It’s the fact nothing is offered despite them implying they were moving into the res market.

      No big deal. I wouldn’t need it for a long time anyway

    5. CarlT says:

      Perhaps their reseller doesn’t cover your area.

      Either way no big deal. Would be expensive if they did cover it as offnet.

    6. Matthew Skipsey says:

      I probably may be able to explain this, and this is a hunch without knowing your particular address, but we should better communicate scenarios like this if this was the reason we said we can’t help you.

      It comes down to the Ofcom Market A and Market B Classification. Yes, this is still used today in 2020. 🙁

      We’ve taken the decision not to sell our FTTH services in any Market A areas as our pricing would simply be ‘crazy high’ – due to the extraordinary high prices that BTW charge us for Market A. We also would stand to lose a lot of money if we price matched Market A with B.

      Market A is the really expensive one, Market B is the less expensive one when it comes to BTW’s pricing.
      A = BT(W) are the only operator from the exchange and have significant market power (SMP).
      B = BT(W) + more LLU operators, so BT don’t have SMP.

      This problem shouldn’t be too widespread, as there are very few properties that can get Openreach FTTH that fall into the Market A category. The reason for this is because it’s based on the OHP Parent exchange and not the child/local exchange. The OHP are typically located in more populated areas where there are other LLU operators, especially in 2020. However in really rural areas, the OHP may still be Market A.

      This issue I’d say affects way less than 1% of Openreach FTTH properties. So this is a really uncommon issue I’d say.

      BT Retail, probably under their historic SMP obligations, can’t stigmatise on Market A/B, or they take the hit on one hand (BTR) and make it back on the other (BTW)!
      It’s a shame we can’t compete.

      I’ll see if we can better report this if this does crop up when people check.

      Perhaps this explains your scenario, but perhaps not!?

      Matt Skipsey

  6. Steve Jones says:

    I signed up for 200/30 for £35 a month. £5 activation and 12 month contract.

    It’s the 12 month contract I find appealing over BT’s 24 months.

    Ordered early July and just waiting for OpenReach to connect me.

    I get the Salisbury pricing, which is a bonus too.

  7. Jeff Lezo says:

    Sorry Fibre Broadband Is Not Currently Available At Your Address

    But i have vodafone gigafast? lol.

    1. Matthew Skipsey says:


      We should probably qualify that ‘error’ message by listing our wholesale carriers. At the moment it’s just Openreach who we work with for FTTH.
      We’re always on the look out for more, and we already provide business services over the CityFibre network, just not quite there with FTTH, so watch this space!…

      Matt Skipsey

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