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Openreach to Resume UK Ultrafast Broadband Installs Next Week UPDATE

Tuesday, March 9th, 2021 (8:11 am) - Score 15,408
fibre optic cable deployment bt openreach

Beware the backlog. Network access provider Openreach (BT) has been informing UK ISPs that new installations for their ultrafast broadband products (FTTP, Gfast and SOGfast), which had previously been delayed to 1st March 2021 onwards, are now set to restart at the later date of Monday 15th March.

Readers may recall that, during early January, Openreach took the difficult decision to once again delay many new provisions of their related products (here), as well as some other services, as part of their response to the UK Government’s latest COVID-19 lockdown.

NOTE: The measures did not stop the operator’s national deployment of new full fibre infrastructure, only some end-user provision work.

The move was intended to protect both their engineers and customers from the then still rapidly increasing spread of the virus (i.e. the focus was on limiting work that would usually require an engineer to enter your home) and mirrored similar action from last spring.

Since then the Government has announced a roadmap for ending the current lockdown, which saw the first restrictions being lifted yesterday (e.g. schools returning) – a little later than originally expected – and as a result the operator has also adjusted their own plan to include an additional delay.

In other words, Amber working conditions for new FTTP, G.fast and SOGEA broadband installations will return on 15th March 2021 (i.e. internal provisions and repair work may proceed), while their Fibre and Network Delivery (FND) teams will return to Green status on the same date (no limitations). “In all cases our engineers will continue to carry out a personal risk assessment and maintain the current safety guidelines,” said Openreach to ISPs.

Naturally you can’t add another delay to new provisions without that having a further knock-on impact for those already awaiting an installation to take place. For example, a number of readers have recently been informing ISPreview.co.uk of additional delays to their FTTP installs, although this may vary from place to place.

As a side note, we do wish that Openreach would make updates like this available to the public because ISPs rarely publish such details directly, and it has relevance for consumers.

UPDATE 5:12pm

Openreach has today issued an update, which concerns the introduction of Saturday appointments in order to help clear FTTP orders.

Openreach Statement to ISPs:

“This briefing is to inform GEA-FTTP CPs that Saturday appointments will be used for GEA-FTTP from 20 March 2021 for the subsequent five weeks to re-appoint end customers whose appointments were impacted following the tightening of Covid-19 lockdowns.

We’ve published a briefing for CPs relating to Saturday appointments (excluding Northern Ireland) being utilised in order to help manage demand for end customers who had their appointments to provide GEA-FTTP, pushed out following the national tightening of Covid-19 lockdowns.”

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41 Responses
  1. Avatar JimF says:

    I had a provisional FTTP install date of the 7th April (order placed on the 11th December 2020!!)

    Just had an e-mail from my ISP to say its going ahead on the 29th March.

    So in some areas the delays don’t seem too bad.

  2. Avatar Juno says:

    I’m due for an installation today for FTTP between 0800 – 1300. Placed an order on 25th of January 2021. No email from my provider or Openreach regarding any delays Or cancellation for todays visit so far.

    1. Avatar s golding says:

      Hi did your install go ahead or rescheduled

    2. Avatar Juno says:

      Yes it been installed on the day as scheduled.

  3. Avatar Anna says:

    Nice to see the world going back to normal ish – shame I am still 5M too far for g.fast but it looks like I will have Lightspeed installed by the end of the month (and be the first connected!) I have 2 lines apparently at my box so I might even have 2. not sure yet

  4. Avatar Peter Sinclair says:

    Don’t hold your breath. I ordered fibre broadband through BT back on 4th October 2020. The rest of my village was connected via FTTP back in January 2020.Despite numerous promised installation dates, I am still waiting for Openreach to install 2 poles on my land to get the cable up to my house.

    1. Avatar Fastman says:

      interesting 2 poles on your land wonder how long did it take for you to give permission for those premises to be sited on your land and agree the wayleaves. sometimes these can take months to get agreement and some dont even get agreement

    2. Avatar BILL HOLDER says:

      Your lucky they are planning it and give you something, our village in east herts has no promise of FTTP. They want us to pay £1600 each for a 78m cable run on existing poles. Funny private houses dotted around have FTTP. Openreach think that 50mb down and 15mb up is ok, Im a youtube creator and go live every week and run online business and all TV services thought IP. But openreach say thats good enough.

  5. Avatar A jay says:

    Open reach and other isp they only working in England. I live in City on Glasgow and I don’t see any work has been done despite Glasgow is 4th largest city in the UK. I feel that is a discrimination towards Scotland when its comes to any services in all aspects.
    Only hyperoptic and city fiber did some work but very limited majority people from Glasgow can’t get full fiber. Its shame on uk government not looking after Scotland

    1. Avatar Scott says:

      Glasgow has a lot amount of super fast services. Not necessarily FTTP but Virgin Media and BT FTTC has a heavy presence in the Glasgow suburbs.

      Individual circumstances aside, most areas of Glasgow have a significant super fast service available.

    2. Mark Jackson Mark Jackson says:

      @A jay, That’s not even remotely correct. Openreach’s FTTP deployment in Glasgow now covers a significant proportion of the city (mostly outside their G.fast areas), while Virgin Media can reach most premises. Hyperoptic does have some pretty good coverage too. Meanwhile, Cityfibre has yet to start their FTTP rollout there.

    3. Avatar Randy says:

      Discrimination ?

      Considering Scotland just got given £4.5bn for fibre and England did not…
      That money didn’t come from the SNP.

    4. Avatar Woolwich says:

      @Mark Jackson “Openreach’s FTTP deployment in Glasgow now covers a significant proportion of the city”

      No, OR are currently building FTTP in two exchanges. Halfway and Bailliston. There are odd patches here and there at new housing estates for example but by no means a “significant proportion”, no west end, no city centre.

    5. Mark Jackson Mark Jackson says:

      There’s more of it than you think. I’ll borrow from Andrew’s excellent TBB map:


    6. Avatar Sandy says:

      Discrimination ?

      Considering Scotland just got given £4.5bn for fibre and England did not…
      That money didn’t come from the English Tory Party.

  6. Avatar Charles Jansan says:

    Bt are not as good as they say or advertise on the TV and they have to be closely watched they have a habit of overcharging and charging for services you haven’t got they are unreliable I have been with them for years and have had a lot of major issues with them and still having major issues with them they are not loyal to their loyal customers and their head office do care they won’t answer complaint letters (be aware)

    1. Avatar JmJohnson says:

      Looks like someone is confusing (BT) Openreach with BT (the ISP).
      Openreach haven’t charged you anything. Their business model doesn’t facilitate it.
      Openreach’s clients are telephony and Internet service providers, not residential clients.

    2. Avatar Henry says:

      If your complaint letter reads like your post above that would explain why they don’t reply.

    3. Avatar 125us says:

      They’ve stolen your full stops too. Scandalous.

    4. Avatar Davey says:

      Had lots of issues with BT and changed supplier. Quite possibly the most arrogant company I’ve ever dealt with. Threatened to cancel mid contract and was informed that they would take me to court by an ignorant manager, once I educated him on how THEY were in breach of contract and I would happily go to court, I was “allowed” to leave. Just look at the millions of pounds Ofcom have fined them in recent years.

  7. Avatar Marion Bradley says:

    When is Birmingham b12 8sn being installed fibre need faster broadband

    1. Avatar Micky says:

      That’s Copperbeach Drive, that’s your problem, should have moved to Fibrebeach Drive…

    2. Avatar bing says:

      Probably shouldn’t post your postcode or location on a website but just that you know here’s a map directly from Openreach


      Scroll down till you see “Locations where we’re bringing fibre to homes and businesses”
      Hope I helped

  8. Avatar WAYNE LATHAM says:

    I live in the high peak and have to rely on 4g as broadband is not available. When will we get a good speed?

    1. Avatar John says:

      Tomorrow after the lunch break.

    2. Avatar WonkoTheSaneUK says:

      Might be worth a look at Starlink?
      Apparently, it covers 50+ degrees North now.

  9. Avatar adslmax says:

    When is Openreach next release batch list for FTTP roll out plan Mark Jackson? Suppose to be every 3 months.

    1. Avatar bing says:

      They hopefully should publish it soon

  10. Avatar Paul says:

    Would be nice if they could get everyone up to 30+Mb first. Why Ofcom allow ISPs to base their average speed on 50% of their customers is a mystery.

    1. Avatar JmJohnson says:

      Would be nice if they could clearly define Superfast. Due to the initial speed being 24Mbps then the councils updating the definition to be 30Mbps later there’s multiple areas that have Superfast but it isn’t Superfast yet are still included in the Superfast properties served.

    2. Avatar 125us says:

      What do you think ‘average’ means Paul?

  11. Avatar Billy Nomates says:

    If Openreach moves in, does that mean none of the other fibre network builders like say cityfibre will bother with the area? I’ve been waiting for OR to start their build but so far there have been no signs of life. But I was wondering if the competition won’t bother to compete and so I will have the choice of OR FTTP or Virgin. It would be great if there was some competition, it might actually make OR get on with it, and of course it would be great to have a choice.

    I’m really hoping that 2021 is the year I can actually get a fibre optic line and greater than 30 mbit upload. I’m also secretly hoping we won’t have ugly telephone poles dotted around the landscape, I think they’re truly hideous.

  12. Avatar Ste says:

    Curious question, I’ve seen openreach all over my area installing whatever I’m guessing this is about on lamp posts. So how do I get the new ? Do I just call up my Internet provider to upgrade me? Swear my father said he did it at his a while back but they charged him £100

    1. Avatar Ste says:

      New ultrafast broadband?* swear I typed that in.

  13. Avatar Alex Z says:

    Internet in the UK is a joke! In my country (Romania) for £7/month you get optical fibre in your house and modem for TV/phone/ethernet and gigabit WiFi router. Speed is around 30-45 MB/s. I remember when I’m using torrent clients on my old pc and hard disk get overloaded

    1. Avatar Steven says:

      But that’s Romania… I’m sure wages are much much lower

  14. Avatar Smouser says:

    I ordered fttp at the end of January, they installed on the 5th of March. Openreach sent a contractor (Kelly communications) to lay the cable/install the ONT inside the home.

  15. Avatar Mark says:

    FTTC I want full fibre to the cabinet, this is the only way?no good if any copper is used that slows it down back to were you were,this needs to be made more clear to people!not everyone understands theses short hand capitol letters.you order full fibre you need it taking all the way into you home,not to a box or a pole nearby and then changing to copper into your home?Wake up you people or you will be short changed!

  16. Avatar Ben says:

    FTTC is getting worse and worse every year here. My line used to sync at 78Mbps but over the past 5 years I have seen a gradual decline all the way down to 39Mbps. FTTP Openreach, City Fibre, Hyperoptic and all the other 1 Gigabit services are unavailable here. My only choices are Crosstalk FTTC vs inconsistent Virgin Media. When on earth will a stable option arrive that is actually worth the monthly costs? I have been out of contract for a fair while and struggling to decide where to go.

  17. Avatar Jacob says:

    FTTP installation is ridiculous, I ordered my fttp from sky on the 25th December for the date of early February, it has since then been pushed back multiple times to the date of the 24th of June even though all openreach have to do is bring the fibre inside the house since the wire has already been brought to the house. All the outside work has been completed, what really annoys me is that my neighbours ordered their fibre three weeks ago and got installed on the 22nd of March. They have had all the work done inside the house and are enjoying 300mbps. I then contacted my service provider and they said the 24th June is the earliest date available which I don’t believe because it’s obviously not since our neighbours ordered it recently and got it within a matter of weeks. I’m not impressed with openreach or sky, I have been trying to get fttp for well over a year and a half and now it’s available but it’s been delayed so much and somehow my neighbours who didn’t do any of the work to get fttp have ended up getting it before us. Absolutely ridiculous!!

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