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Three UK Discounts Unlimited 4G and 5G Home Broadband Plans

Thursday, March 18th, 2021 (1:59 pm) - Score 3,768
huawei b535

Mobile operator Three UK today reports that they’ve “slashed” their 4G and 5G powered unlimited home broadband prices in order to help people who are stuck at home. Prices now start from as little as £17 per month for “superfast4G broadband, and £24 per month for “ultrafast” 5G – “with the average download speed of 100Mbps.”

Existing Three customers (mobile or broadband) could also snap up additional savings on Three Broadband too – with prices starting from £15 per month for 4G broadband, or £22 per month for 5G broadband. However, we have seen discounts like this before, so it’s not the first time they’ve done such a promotion.

The new pricing will last for the full contract term and is available to order until 30th March 2021. All of their packages include a home router (Hub), although one way around this is just to buy a regular unlimited data SIM and purchase your own mobile broadband router for it (this does attract a bit of extra hassle).

One catch here is that the operator recently had to reduce the availability of their home broadband solution (here). On top of that we’d take those claims of a 100Mbps “average download speed” on 5G with a pinch of salt, since performance does vary between locations (mobile signals are notoriously variable). Do some speeds tests first (e.g. on a friends phone/contract) if you can as that may help to avoid a nasty surprise.

Product Plan Monthly price
4G Hub 24-month, Unlimited data £17 (was £22)
4G Hub 12-month, Unlimited data £20 (was £25)
5G Hub 24-month, Unlimited data £24 (was £29)
5G Hub 12-month, Unlimited data £29 (was £34)

New and existing customers can choose to add Apple TV HD, Amazon Echo Show 5 or Google Nest Audio to their broadband plan with one Three’s broadband bundles.

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By Mark Jackson
Mark is a professional technology writer, IT consultant and computer engineer from Dorset (England), he also founded ISPreview in 1999 and enjoys analysing the latest telecoms and broadband developments. Find me on Twitter, , Facebook and Linkedin.
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27 Responses
  1. Zakir says:

    What are Three network doing its not a well maintained network to much congestion 4G speeds where I live in East london E3 area more like adsl broadband and 5G speeds I get when i use to have 5G broadband was around 40mbps to 100mbps.

    Fix your mast first before giving discounts tempting people to go on the network only for people to realise giving poor speeds I rather be with a network that can give good speeds.

    1. Buggerlugz says:

      I’ve been trying to get Three to sort out the contention on my mast for months. They’ve been aware of it since January 2020 but regardless of how much I complain they still do absolutely nothing about it.

    2. Leex says:

      With three they only fix capacity issues when the next generation of radio technology comes out in your case 5g (some Areas got the 4g+ upgrade I am Unfortunately right smack in between 2 4g+ zones and my 2 local masts only provide 4g not 4g+)

      A lot of this is due to the mast sharing agreement with old t-mobile/three masts, any mast that was t-mobile/three shared mast most of them haven’t been upgraded because if we and three pay for the upgrade it really only benefits three so ee normally won’t pay to do Co-operative mast upgrade because it gives three a more worth worthwhile upgrade to 4g+(most ee masts already have a large enough chunk of frequently to satisfy the area its covering and only serves to three an upgrade to 4g+)

      Until I got Vodafone (unlimited max) and unlimited data on my ee sim I didn’t realise how s””t three is (Warrington area), it only works good in some locations and that’s only where 4g+ is and that’s where I usually am Not at

      and they still refuse to enable 4g voice on all 4g bands making phones calls unreliable, install HulloMail and point your three number at that and you find out how many silent missed calls you get

      as three is the last real mobile provider to enable call catcher on voicemail For unreachable calls, on ee (orange and t-mobile always had it), Vodafone or o2 (in last 5-8 years enabled it) if you phone does not ring when someone rings you as soon as it hits the voicemail and they hang up it send a text message so you are aware you missed a call

      Almost all virtual mobile providers lack call Catcher and all providers don’t support 4g calling (apart from Bt mobile On Samsung phones)

      if you live in a poor signal area be on ee, Vodafone or o2 (don’t be on virtual provider or three unless you have a managed voicemail like Visual Voicemail like HulloMail)

    3. JP says:

      Seem to be pretty typical of operators to oversell and fix later, it Three’s turn now, it was O2 for me 8 years ago and Orange few years before that.

      Thinking they could operate a home broadband service on an already under equipped network was stupid, though the Huawei decision in the past year has certainly hurt Three,

      I remain intrigued to see if now they have scope for the future (ie. spectrum holdings, vendor partnerships) if there will be movement in the right direction.

    4. JP says:

      I should add however that they seem to have put a stop sale on Home Broadband in quite a lot of areas, so up-selling is limited, even in areas where 5G is available they’ve still got the stop sale in place.

  2. Ben says:

    It’s hard to recommend 4G-based internet solutions because the speeds can be so variable.

    1. Buggerlugz says:

      That’s a good get out clause for the carriers, nothing more.

      I used to think the sheer level of variables, trees, houses, weather, location etc were all a major factor, but if you’re getting a decent signal the biggest variable is really the available back-haul at your mast. If you’re mast is oversubscribed, you could have the best specced router available and biggest 6×6 MIMO antenna on a 100ft pole on your roof and still get crap speeds.

  3. Kyle says:

    Do people always want to be paying ‘slashed’ prices? Personally, I’d rather pay a higher price for a higher quality. I would be interested to know whether WFH has changed the mindset of consumers, whom may be more willing to pay for better quality, especially when it is so central to daily life.

    Three just can’t help themselves. Quality and rock-bottom pricing are not compatible.

  4. LT says:

    I signed up for a two year contract with Three and compared to my copper land line the speed was ok. However at the end of the contract when I wanted to cancel I found it a nightmare. Their website is atrocious and I ended up being stiffed out of a months additional fee plus a late payment penalty because they never confirmed the cancellation. I then had to call them and deal with someone who was pretty much unintelligible. I still dont know for sure if I have successfully cancelled. I will never use them again.

    1. Buggerlugz says:

      I’d say OK is a good description of the level of service you can expect from three, in the past I’ve said its “adequate” but nothing special. I’ve been complaining ad-infinitum about my mast contention (which they’re more than aware about)and they promise improvement (even credit me a month every time I complain) but never deliver on they’re promises.

      I can get 100Mbps at 6am and then 2Mbps from 6pm daily. I know they have potential because when I joined them in September 2019 I got 130-150Mbps 24/7 but those days are long gone and Three just continues to shoot themselves in the feet, time and time again. They’ve got the workings of what could be a great network, but they continually fail to sort it out so it works properly and instead bury their heads in the sand like some techno-ostritch.

      Three seem to operate they’re Mobile home broadband like its some form of self-fulfilling prophecy, thinking if they give their PR department enough clout then everything they say about how great they are, must be true and customers and prospective customers alike should believe it too.

      Unfortunately Three ends up talking a good talk, but is incapable of walking the walk.

      What they need to do is apologise to their existing customers for their inadequate and over subscribed 4G network and then ACTUALLY DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT.

    2. Leex says:

      Wait on the PAC code line for 1-2 hours (they think by ignoring the customers who want to leave on the transfer line, it will actually give them an incentive to never come back to Three) and port out using the code

      Joining three is the easy part usually (well Assuming you get past the 3 separate credit checking company’s they use, they rejected me the first time as my credit score was near 1000 so they wouldn’t give me a contract lol, after I had a credit card they gave me one)

    3. infoguy says:

      These days cancelling with any mobile network is easy and you don’t need to contact them.

      If you want to keep your number you can get a PAC code via automatic text, you give this to your new network either on their sign up form or over phone if that’s how you’re signing up. This will transfer your number and your service gets cancelled.

      If you don’t want to keep your number you just get. STAC code instead, done by automatic text much the same as PAC. The difference is this means service termination, you give this one to your new network when joining and it’ll then terminate your service on the old network without transferring your number.

      Details here https://www.three.co.uk/support/switching/leaving-three

  5. Buggerlugz says:

    All dropping the price will do is continue to slow the network further for existing users when even more new customers flock to three’s already struggling 4G service.

    This is just another Three marketing ploy, showing they’re still the same old three.

    1. Bob2002 says:

      Think you can currently get 4G unlimited from a Three reseller on a rolling monthly contract for £17/month. So if speeds take a dive just cancel.

  6. Billy Nomates says:

    Oooh look, it’s the “three sucks” brigade.

    It’s slow for me, therefore it sucks.

    Guess what? Vodafone and O2 sucks for me. Three doesn’t. And EE has 600GB caps on their unlimited plans.

    1. Tom says:

      600GB is a soft cap.

    2. Buggerlugz says:

      Its a badge of honour Billy.

    3. JP says:

      It is getting a bit old

    4. LT says:

      The speed wasn’t the issue. Cancelling the contract was where I fell foul of this tin pot outfit. I lodged a formal complaint with them and one of their representatives called my mobile and left a message. It was so garbled that it was unintelligible. Hardly a ringing endorsement of the service.

  7. Craig says:

    I would really like to join Three but sadly stuck in a contract with bat until next February.

  8. JP says:

    ‘in order to help people who are stuck at home.’ of course when people are about to spend a bunch of time outside the home.

  9. Matthew says:

    Is their “unlimited data” actually unlimited though?

    We’re routinely putting 800 gigs a month through the ADSL and on most of these “unlimited” plans when you check the fine-print, they throttle you into oblivion after X amount.

    1. Michael V says:

      Hey Matt.
      Yeah there’s no FUP – fair use policy.
      U can stream YouTube all day and night! No restrictions in the T&Cs

    2. Joe bloggs says:

      Yes it is as I used 5tb a month on a sim only contract

  10. Dude Lebowski says:

    Just took out a 24 month contract with home hub for 15/month. Was using a SIM only contract for 4G broadband, and the contract just expired, so this is rather fortunate timing for a change.

  11. Michael says:

    their routers band hop causing instability issues. You can not hard set to specific frequencies so when its good its good but mainly its slow! However if used with a directional antenna (and not their kit) you can expect great upload and download. I did an installation for a client today in Paddock Wood Kent – they had the Three Kit, with an external antenna and occasionally they got 20mbps but mostly 3mbps. I installed a Mikrotik LHG and selected the best frequency band and hit 50+ down and 20mbps up.
    If you are rural then a site survey is definitely required and then you can expect a decent superfast alternative to fixed line services. fixmyline . co . uk

  12. Anna says:

    So an already crumbling network just got worse.

    Thank god I left a few days ago – after they told me their network was crap!

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