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Vodafone UK Launch Pro Broadband Packages and Super Wi-Fi

Friday, March 5th, 2021 (8:53 am) - Score 22,104

Mobile operator and ISP Vodafone UK have today launched a new range of fixed line “Pro Broadband” packages for homes, which give you better support, “Super Wi-Fi” (i.e. a mesh based WiFi solution to boost coverage) and a hybrid router solution that seamlessly switches between fixed line and 4G (mobile broadband) to keep you online.

The service also pledges to pro-actively monitor your broadband line in order to help tackle any problems when they arise, as opposed to waiting for customers to report a fault. If any of this sounds at all familiar then that’s because Vodafone appear to be copying BT’s HALO (inc. Complete Wi-Fi) product, as well as similar solutions from Sky Broadband and Virgin Media etc.

NOTE: Vodafone currently sell a range of Fibre-to-the-Cabinet (FTTC / VDSL2) and Fibre-to-the-Premises (FTTP) based fixed broadband packages via Openreach and Cityfibre’s UK networks.

On top of this there’s also a “Faster Fibre Promise,” which simply means that Vodafone “promises to upgrade you to faster, more reliable broadband technology at no extra cost, when it becomes available for your home.” For example, if you take out one of their FTTC based “superfast broadband” packages and “full fibre” (FTTP) later becomes available on their platform then they’ll upgrade you for free.

Finally, there’s also a second tier of “Pro” plan called “Pro Xtra“, which adds in 4K Apple TV, unlimited landline and mobile calls, plus no in-contract price rises, as well as Apple TV+ which is included free for 12 months.

Summary of Vodafone Pro Broadband

Broadband back-up – providing an unbreakable internet connection with the router automatically using Vodafone’s 4G mobile network if the fixed-line connection goes down. Naturally, 4G speed and coverage will vary, so the usefulness of this will depend upon your location. This requires a 4G Dongle to be plugged into the router and it may only be used when your fixed line is down (50GB data included, but their WiFi Xperts may add extra data as needed at no additional cost).


Super Wi-Fi – delivering Wi-Fi signal into every room of the house by using boosters (mesh repeaters) to reach black spots. Customers who aren’t satisfied with their home Wi-Fi coverage will be offered the opportunity to leave their contract fee-free.


Wi-Fi Xperts – a dedicated team of highly trained broadband and Wi-Fi engineers who will proactively monitor and fix customers’ issues. They’ll be in touch in the first ten days to make sure you are set-up and your broadband is tailored to each customer’s home setup.

A Faster Fibre Promise – meaning that customers will get upgraded for free to full fibre to the premise (FTTP) broadband as soon as it rolls out in a customer’s street. If this is already available at their home they can choose fibre broadband packages with average speeds of up to 900 Mbps.

Pro Xtra plans (for £8 a month extra) – includes a 4K Apple TV, unlimited landline and mobile calls, plus no in-contract price rises, as well as Apple TV+ which is included free for 12 months.

Internet Security – We’ve also partnered with Norton to give all Pro customers winning anti-virus protection and parental controls for free in the first 12 months, and then at half price for the next year.

Finally, all Vodafone Pro customers who also have a Pay Monthly mobile plan with the operator will be entitled to up to £3 a month Vodafone Together discount (this is an existing discount).

Max Taylor, Vodafone UK’s Consumer Director, said:

“We’ve built Vodafone Pro Broadband to provide our customers with unbreakable broadband without breaking the bank.

Our customers tell us that fast, reliable and secure connectivity is more important than it’s ever been, and even when there is a return to ‘normal’ their demands for great broadband will continue.”

In terms of pricing for Pro Broadband, it seems to add about +£13 per month to the package fee (e.g. their entry-level 35Mbps FTTC tier goes from £22 to £35 per month) and that excludes the +£8 if you want Pro Xtra too. The use of the word “affordable” here by Vodafone may thus depend upon your perspective.

The savvy consumer could of course buy their own WiFi mesh system and get a cheap mobile broadband plan as a backup from a different operator, or indeed use their own 4G or 5G mobile plan for that purpose. In the longer term this will save you money, although you’d lose the extra support and other benefits that Vodafone’s package includes.

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By Mark Jackson
Mark is a professional technology writer, IT consultant and computer engineer from Dorset (England), he also founded ISPreview in 1999 and enjoys analysing the latest telecoms and broadband developments. Find me on Twitter, , Facebook and Linkedin.
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43 Responses
  1. mr MOHAMMED FAROOQ says:

    Cant find their standard 900 Gigafast Broadband for £46 anymore on their website. Is it gone now? If it has been replaced with a new pro package it is regrettable as not all people need the bells and whistles.

    1. bing says:

      you can get 900 on Vodafone Pro but idk how

  2. RR says:

    Well its seems the cheapest 900 package is now £60 a month, where as it used to be £48.
    I pay £55 for 900, I sadly bought when no deals were on but that didn’t bother me, but paying £60 would most certainly bother me. Oh well still got over a years contract anyway.

    I use my own kit, I have my own FTTP backup/load balancer, I dont need this extra rubbish.

    1. James™ says:

      I’m with you, I get why they offer all these extras but honestly I just want a broadband connection to the home and I’ll do the rest.

    2. Paul Donovan says:

      did you have to phone to get Vodafone 900 when I look online says the most I can get is 73 that despite me on bt 900

    3. James™ says:

      Unfortunately it’s only available via CityFibre, and limited areas with Openreach.

    4. Aled says:

      Honestly Vodafone website is a mess of offers recently. Too much complications and upselling, I just wanted a sim only deal but their website annoyed me so much I just chose another provider (ee this time).

  3. Angry Custard says:

    CityFibre are building in my area and was really looking forward to having symmetric broadband of 200 or 500 (no need for 900 yet) but with these prices I may as well sign back up to VM.

    Increasing your prices and restricting 200 to 900 to Pro is a very bad decision, what about the potential hundreds or thousands of customers who do not want or need all these pro extras and simply want the best possible broadband speeds.

    Watch other ISP’s follow now to doing tiered broadband!

    1. HooWoo says:

      Hopefully it might present an opportunity for other ISPs to offer 200 and 500Mbps services without the extra tripe cheaper than Vodafone to gain custom. Lets see what happens.

    2. Nick says:

      Well they still offered me a choice of simple broadband or those added extras.

      I upgraded to 100mb broadband and they asked me if I wanted all those added extras for £36 per month and another package with the same so I said no I wanted the simple broadband package for £26 and anytime calls add on which I can remove anytime for £8 so I pay £34.

      So you can ask for simple broadband without the added features.

  4. Winston Smith says:

    Re Pro Broadband and the 4G backup, an area fault suddenly dumping a load of extra users onto mobile internet might effectively render that unusable too.

    1. JP says:

      It would have to be one hell of a fault to really have a detrimental affect.

      Most issues on FTTC are lines issues and mostly isolated to one customer at a time, keeping these customers online in this way is pretty good.

  5. Randy says:

    I wish they’d expand their gigafast network. Haven’t seen a single new town since they launched.

    1. Mark Jackson says:

      They’ll eventually be live across all of Cityfibre’s deployments, I believe (probably by the end of this year).

    2. Nabs says:

      Supposedly providing on Openreach network as well (long running thread on the VF forum) but nobody know how to place an order!

  6. mark says:

    I’m really annoyed now , due to a prolonged Openreach problem the Fttp is being spliced today on my pole so will be able to order soon. As a Vodafone customer in contract they were going to switch me over to fttp as soon as it was ready. Now its gone up £13 (or £260 over contract) and to rub salt in I don’t have mobile signal so no 4g and already have a mesh system so the Pro of absolutely no use to me. I think I might have to try and cancel my contract and go somewhere else.

    1. nabs says:

      I wouldn’t bank on it.
      VF don’t seem to be able to process orders for FTTP connections on the OR network so even if it is available to you you might not be able to get it from VF.
      I gave up waiting for them and ordered with Sky instead.

  7. Sam says:

    So so expensive! For what it is…

    1. mark says:

      Although I’m struggling to find it cheaper so my cancel contract and goes somewhere else isn’t looking too good ATM. Who is the cheapest say 500 or 900 over openreach?

  8. Steve Buggs says:

    So your fixed line broadband has to actually go down before they switch you over to 4g/5g? That’s a shame, as my line stays up, but at a paltry 2mbps down every evening between 6 and 10pm because they oversold the exchange and don’t have the backhaul. I guess I’ll have to stay with my mesh hybrid, using three 4g for main and Voda for last ditch desperate failover

  9. HooWoo says:

    Talk about scoring an own goal! This is going to put me off switching to Vodafone now they have jacked up their prices for the 200, 500 and 900Mbps services for extra services which frankly are a load of horse muck to me.

    Why the couldn’t offer 200, 500 and 900Mbps without the “Pro” service is baffling. Actually, no it isn’t, they just want to make more money from their faster services.

    Bad move from Vodafone. Hopefully when CityFibre come down my street I’ll have other ISPs offering similar speeds without the extra crap.

    1. Angry Cusytard says:

      I am hoping for the same thing but who knows when or if that might happen, thinking to bite the bullet over this weekend if VM can do me a good deal for their 200 or 500mbit broadband and then will see what deals there are in 18 months time.

    2. CS says:

      Talktalk have been announced for us here in Pboro, so I will opt for their 500mb at £40 offer I think over this.

      Cityfibre are slowly rolling out Voda alternatives – where are you?

  10. ding dong doo says:

    Please note, your monthly bill will increase by £3 a month after your initial 24 month contract.

    *Each April, your monthly plan charge will increase by an amount equal to the Consumer Price Index rate published by the Office for National Statistics in January (CPI rate) plus an additional 3.9% on top of the CPI rate. We will apply that CPI rate plus 3.9% adjustment from your April bill. In the event that the CPI rate is negative, this will be ignored but the additional 3.9% will still apply.

  11. L Turner says:

    It would be good if you can repair your mast in Praa Sands….the area has been been without a mobile signal for the last few weeks including 3 weeks throughout Christmas and the New Year 2021…we have had more than enough and it’s about time Vodaphone sorted out the prevailing problem asap..it also affects O2 and EE customers too. A massive disruption in our village and surrounding areas…

  12. Steven casling says:

    I would never and I mean never go without VodafoneI Remember your customers service When my friends mobile didn’t work for have a signal You told me hes got to ring you How can someone phone If vodafone isn’t working So I will never and I mean never go with Vodafone

    1. HooWoo says:


  13. Buggerlugz says:

    Having a shonky looking USB stick plugged in the side of the router really looks the part, don’t it! I fail to see the use of this addition, its like openly saying “our network is so unreliable you need a 4g stick for peace of mind.”

    Well that’s the impression I get anyway.

  14. Rosemary Bell says:

    That would be good if it was all possible to access but at present I can’t even get my vodafone dongle to work and customer services havn’t helped just an answering machine! So I’ve been without wi-fi and broadband which has made things very difficult even for a course etc!

  15. Jayach says:

    Any details on the WiFi units? Are they a true mesh (router is part of the mesh), hybrid mesh (mesh unit only interact with each other) or just WiFi extenders.

  16. Bubbles says:

    Because yes, having a white dongle sticking out the side of a black router looks amazing, im actually with BT on something for once. Do they lock the router to that specific dongle or do they allow the use of any? Plus i noticed in their ad, the dongle only comes with 50GB whereas BTs offering is unlimited (FUP taken into account, 600GB)

  17. Angry Custard says:

    @CS I am from Northampton so fingers crossed TalkTalk offer something here instead.

    1. CSS says:

      Talktalk offer their new future fibre 500 for £40 month data only which seems like a very good deal now compared to price hike by VF.

  18. SimonR says:

    Bizarre. I’ve got an install booked for Gigafast 900 (toss-up between that and 500). If I’d have waited a few weeks I’d have had to order a Pro package?

    No thank you! Just give me a reliable pipe to my house and I’ll sort the rest. Pro? Ha. I can understand offering “gold” or “premium” as a set of add-on services, but restricting speed options and calling it “pro” is a bit bonkers.

    1. CSS says:

      I agree this a stupid move by VF given their previous pricing was good for symmetrical connection; even though their prices creeped up slowly over a 2 year period.

    2. SimonR says:

      Yeah. I’d have thought that a large portion of “pro” internet users(?) have their own wi-fi/router/switch setup and wouldn’t need this. But because of the current work from home situation would still benefit from the speed.

      Thankfully there’s potentially a TalkTalk alternative should it all go south with VF.

  19. Angry Custard says:

    Signed up with VM got 200/20 for £28.99 a month, not symmetrical but refuse on pay Vodafone £50 a month stuff I simply won’t use (got unlimited data on my phone through EE so a 50Gb Sim and Dongle is pointless to me)

    Hopefully Northampton gets Talk Talk or Zen within the next 12 months and then I can sign up with them.

    1. Khan B says:

      Agree. A few months ago, Vodafone 200mbps connection was £29.99. I checked today, and the price has gone up by £20. £50 per month is a lot to pay for a 200mbps connection…

      Vodafone thinks no one else is providing more than 70mbps speed in my area, so they can charge whatever they want. I don’t need a 4G backup or dedicated WiFi Xperts, and I don’t have a clue what these experts will do :).

  20. Zippy Frood says:

    What a joke!!

    I switched to VF when me EE expired in December – we were due to have Cityfibre activated by March.

    In early Feb, there was a big sale on the old VF Gigafast packages, great value.

    Now, a month later, the prices are probably up 100% on those deals, packaged with loads of crap and we’re tied in for another 21 months. F-sake.

    Any chance we’ll see another sale in the near future?

  21. Colin Burgess says:

    Do the ‘Super Wi-Fi’ mesh repeaters have an rj45 port on their reverse to hard wire devices into?
    I currently have the BT booster ‘discs’ with an internet enabled DVD player wired in upstairs, as not able to connect it wirelessly.

  22. Stuart Lilley says:

    I received the Superfast Pro Extra package on Wednesday, tried setting it all up Friday….no ’tile’ on app for Super WiFi, can’t connect booster…no instructions re Apple TV subscription…can’t watch that ? No one in the office to assist, therefore, on Tuesday, it will all be going back and being cancelled.

  23. Matt says:

    call my cynical but voda have yet to make FTTP available in my area despite Openreach activating it 2 months back. Could this be related to the price hike and not wanting new customers on their older cost tiers !!!! No surely not 🙂

  24. Julian Aston says:

    We have a Gigaclear POT at our house but no idea when it will go live. Will VF be able to offer a service on this FTTP connection when it does launch?

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