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Netomnia Quietly Reveal New UK FTTP Broadband Rollout Areas UPDATE2

Saturday, May 22nd, 2021 (12:01 am) - Score 8,984

Full fibre UK network builder Netomnia, which plans to make their 10Gbps Fibre-to-the-Premises (FTTP) broadband ISP network available to 1 million UK premises by 2024 (here), appears to have added a number of new rollout locations to their website over the past month or so.

So far the operator, which is being supported by civil engineering firm Light Source and MAP Group (UK), has already announced several large deployments of their XGS-PON based technology across a number of towns and cities including Durham, Peterlee, Spennymoor (all of these are in Durham) and Cheltenham (Gloucestershire). Connections in some of these areas have already gone live.

NOTE: Netomnia and YouFibre were founded by the former CEO of CommunityFibre, Jeremy Chelot.

Customers in these locations can typically expect to pay from £22 per month (currently discounted to £19.80) – via ISP partner YouFibre – on a 12-month term for their unlimited 50Mbps package, which rises to £50 (discounted to £25) if you want their top 900Mbps plan. This is very cheap and clearly intended to help grow take-up.

However, until now we’ve still been in the dark about Netomnia’s forward rollout plan, but all that seems to be changing. A combination of updates on their website and feedback from readers (Credits Mark) in their network areas has enabled us to build a picture of the other locations they’re now targetting. More will no doubt follow further down the road.

Netomnia’s Build Locations

The plan also includes investment totals and an expectation for network coverage (premises passed) for each location, which we’ve also included below.

North East England
Stockton (50,000 premises, £15m)
Houghton (35,000 premises, £10.5m)
Spennymoor (15,000 premises, £4.5m)
Peterlee (25,000 premises, £7.5m)
Durham (45,000 premises, £13.5m)

North West England
Barrow (40,000 premises, £12m)
Southport (55,000 premises, £17m) – Removed from site on 24th May

East Midlands
Boston (25,000 premises, £7.5m)
Spalding (25,000 premises, £7.5m)

East Anglia
Wisbech (25,000 premises, £7.5m)
King’s Lynn (25,000 premises, £7.5m)

South East England
Canterbury (40,000 premises, £12m)
Ashford (50,000 premises, £15m)

South West England
Cheltenham (80,000 premises, £24m)
Stroud (20,000 premises, £6m)

Some of our readers have also noted that YouFibre’s availability checker reports that their network will also “soon be available” in Chippenham, Cirencester and Houghton-le-Spring. The operator will of course face competition from gigabit-capable broadband rivals in some listed locations, but that’s increasingly becoming par for the course with such work.

UPDATE 24th May 2021

Netomnia has today confirmed to us that they are indeed investing £150m to cover 14 initial towns (Ashford, Barrow-in-Furness, Boston, Canterbury, Cheltenham, Durham, Houghton le Spring, Kings Lynn, Peterlee, Spalding, Spennymore, Stockton, Stroud, and Wisbech), which they said would cover 500,000 premises.

We’re told that some customers are already connected to and using their ultrafast services in Peterlee, Spennymoor and Durham. Boston and Spalding will go live later in May 2021; Cheltenham, Stroud and Barrow in June 2021; and Ashford, Canterbury, Houghton, Kings Lynn, Stockton and Wisbech in July 2021.

Jeremy Chelot, Netomnia Founder and CEO, said:

“Full fibre is vital to the development of the UK economy, and recent times have proven the vital role that ultrafast reliable connectivity plays in enabling communities and businesses to continue to thrive. Private investment from Netomnia into ultrafast networks will boost local economies by providing jobs, making property more saleable and enabling a much more attractive base for businesses. They are vital for trade, finding work and enjoying spectacular entertainment and gaming opportunities more effectively than in places where broadband providers have been solely profit focused, or simply by-passed.

This is not just a commercial opportunity for me and Netomnia. The internet transforms lives, it’s a great leveller; if you haven’t got it or you’ve a poor connection you’re disadvantaged. I want to see the prosperitry the internet can bring to towns where others haven’t bothered to turn up, or have made minimum effort. We’re not holding onto cash, we’re investing and Netomnia’s desire to connect people in previously forgotten but now fast towns. And the level of service from our ISP YouFibre is already embarrassing internet pretenders, and that also drives us forward.”

Interestingly, Southport has vanished from the website today, and we note that the operator has also updated their funding figures, as well as premises passed targets, for each of the listed towns (we’ve updated the original article with the latest data).

UPDATE 25th May 2021

We’re told Southport has been put back in the schedule pending further work on the planning side, but will return in the near future.

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By Mark Jackson
Mark is a professional technology writer, IT consultant and computer engineer from Dorset (England), he also founded ISPreview in 1999 and enjoys analysing the latest telecoms and broadband developments. Find me on X (Twitter), Mastodon, Facebook and .
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23 Responses
  1. Avatar photo BH-P says:

    Keep getting these same rollout stories concerning fullfibre but when you try and find out more from one of their providers you always draw a blank. Droitwich spa was mentioned as being provisioned months ago yet still no one outside of the story seems to know anything about it.

  2. Avatar photo Aled says:

    I think we could save marketing teams and journalists a lot of time, if we adopted a generic and repeatable storyline for these reports.

    “Company [NAME] plans to build [INSERT RANDOM NUMBER] million FTTP connections by [INSERT UNREALISTIC YEAR]. Company [NAME] is proud of the [VAGUE QUALITY DECLARATION] services we can provide our valued customers. We are proud to launch partial coverage, for the most lucrative areas in towns and cities.”

    1. Avatar photo DaveIsRight says:

      Sorry to correct you but that last bit should be “..for the most lucrative areas in towns and cities already serviced by a number of other gigabit providers”

    2. Avatar photo Aled says:

      My apologies Dace, you are right.

      Although curiously I am in a small town and I can see FTTP crews everywhere. I think the tide has turned

  3. Avatar photo DaveD says:

    Mark, should “ Southport (55,premises, £17m)” be 55,000?

  4. Avatar photo Anna says:

    Yay Boston again – which is going to have Lightspeed, Quickline and BT as well as these Skegness has none of these and really could do with something If Lightspeed don’t come to my part of the town then I hope someone else does.

    Spalding is shitting right on Lightspeed’s doorstep. Bold move.

    Skegness is also bigger than Boston but gets none of the love..

    1. Avatar photo Jeremy says:

      Interesting suggestion 🙂

    2. Avatar photo John says:

      Agree with you Anna. I live in Skegness too. I’ve been following Lightspeed for sometime on Twitter and still waiting for news in Skegness on FTTP. I’m very sceptical. Probably won’t be anywhere near our street. Skegness will always be last on the list.

  5. Avatar photo Peter says:

    Again all in England! Non for Scotland not even the central belt

    1. Avatar photo Jeremy says:

      Watch that space 😉

  6. Avatar photo Joanne Eroglu-Prenter says:

    When is faster broadband coming to Church Place Rodborough in Stroud, GL5?

    1. Avatar photo Aled says:


      Stroud is shown as being as due for Openreach complete FTTP rollout

  7. Avatar photo Nick Roberts says:

    For those that can remember, compare and contrast the roll out of North Sea Gas nationwide 1968-1975 with this petty patchwork over-commercialised shambles. Contracts were awarded on a regional basis to a single contractor or a small collection. In my area of NW London the total process which included strengthened gas mains, laying new gas pipes in residential streets and entering every property to convert existing appliances. All done and dusted within 18 months.
    At the rate they are going at the moment fibre to all premises won’t be completed before 2030.

    1. Avatar photo DaveIsRight says:

      Hardly comparable.

      I live in a rural location and I still don’t have mains gas after 35 years. To get it put in would cost £xx,xxx+. Living in NW London (as I did for 20 years) you’re pretty much immune to the effects of any of this as you get everything in a timely manner.

      You’re not comparing the same things at all and certainly not the scope or logistics of it. I’m not in any way defending this train crash of a rollout but comparing it to gas is misguided.

  8. Avatar photo Mark K says:

    I was initially quite excited YouFibre were coming to Ashford but then read they use CGNAT 🙁

    1. Avatar photo jeremy says:

      Static IPv4 addresses are also available and IPv6 🙂

    2. Avatar photo Marc says:

      I’ve just recently went live and being behind a CGNAT has certainly caused me problems. I’ve been told IPv4 addresses are coming soon (at £5 a month) and IPv6 is coming later in the year (no idea on price, but hopefully they are free!).

    3. Avatar photo Mark K says:

      Hi Marc, thanks for that information. I will not take their service without the static option. £5 is a viable option based on their current promotional pricing.

  9. Avatar photo Andy says:

    I live in Durham City, which is in County Durham. Contractors in plain white vans and Openreach vans have been running pull lines through the existing underground BT ducts for a few weeks. Paint marks on pavement (X marks the spot, NT). Today a flyer through the door saying Netomnia will be working in our street soon – digging holes. No marketing yet. How are they using BT ducting? What is their relationship with Openreach. Although I am happy they are not digging their own down the street.

    1. Avatar photo Telegraph Pole Activist says:

      Beware of telegraph poles being erected. See reply to Doug. Youfibre and Netomnia are part of the same group (Substantial Group). They are out to do the cheapest job possible, preferably using telegraph poles (invented 1843, used till 1950’s) even when there is existing infrastructure. I don’t know why BTO seem to allow them to work unsupervised on their network. You would imagine there are data protection issues but I’m no expert

  10. Avatar photo Doug Robertson says:

    Hi Andy
    Agree with your post entirely
    I live near Durham City and have tried to find out where the yellow marks on the road have come from. Contacted Durham City Council 3 weeks ago, 3 times. No response
    Leaflet through door yesterday from Netomnia explaining. Then found a yellow cross on my blocked paved drive marked NT.
    I would assume they can’t do this on my drive without my express permission. It’s not a public pathway
    Wondered if anyone else has had this.

    1. Avatar photo Telegraph Pole Activist says:

      Hello Doug
      Yellow mark on pavement around Framwellgate Moor and Pity Me can mean Telegraph pole to be erected and they (Netomnia/Youfibre) can put it where they want and they will (if they are not bothered about their customers’ opinions, which they aren’t!) They have Code Powers (awarded by Ofcom) as used by the then nationalised GPO and Brirish Telecom, but now aggressively exercised (without recourse to general standards that would be expected) by startup companies with no standing either performmance wise or any financial credibility. Come and see our unwanted and completely unannounced telegraph poles in Alexandra Close and The Orchard. Work is currently paused, but no sign of the poles being removed. They have a lot in Peterlee too. We have ducting in the pavements but it is easier and cheaper for Netomnia to hoist up a telegraph pole and bypass any problems getting a line across your garden. Be prepared! You may be lucky.

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