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ISP PlusNet in Low Key UK Launch of FTTP Broadband Packages

Wednesday, May 25th, 2022 (1:41 pm) - Score 18,792

Internet provider Plusnet – often referred to as BT’s low-cost sub-brand – has, after years of waiting, today finally started to stealthily launch a new range of “full fibre” packages based off Openreach’s Fibre-to-the-Premises (FTTP) powered broadband network, which is currently available to 7.2 million UK homes and businesses.

Just in case anybody has forgotten. Plusnet became one of the very first UK ISPs to trial Openreach’s full fibre service in 2010/11, which ran for several years. But those trials came to an end in 2018 and, since then, customers have often complained of being left behind. Indeed, almost every other provider of any note on the same network has since launched FTTP plans.

However, following our prediction at the start of this year (here), the ISP has now finally started to launch their first commercial FTTP products, but only if you phone up and ask nicely to renew. Several of Plusnet’s customers, who contacted the ISP’s support team last week, have been relaying to us that they were told this would happen today (25th), but we opted not to post about it after their PR team denied it.

The provider’s PR team informed us, on Monday, that the service would NOT go live on Wednesday and instead said that a “launch date has not been confirmed at this point.” Except it did launch, just not in the way you’d normally expect. A number of Plusnet’s web pages and videos were today updated to mention their Full Fibre packages but, according to this forum post, you can only order it over the phone (i.e. existing customers calling to renew or upgrade).

Plusnet’s FTTP Packages

The low-key semi-launch means that, at present, you won’t see the packages mentioned alongside their existing products, and we don’t yet know how much the ISP will charge for the first contract term once they do go live (i.e. the initial discounted rate). But the small print on the provider’s website does reveal how much they’ll cost post-contract.

Extract from Plusnet’s Legal Text

For new Plusnet customers that sign up for 12, 18 or 24 months (as appropriate). Price from month 13,19 or 25 (as appropriate) currently:

Full Fibre 36 – £27

Full Fibre 74 – £30

Full Fibre 145 – £35

Full Fibre 300 – £40

Full Fibre 500 – £47

Full Fibre 900 – £55.

Just for comparison, the post-contract price on BT’s own 900Mbps tier is £58.99, which suggests that Plusnet will be a few pounds cheaper and that’s to be expected (low-cost brand). We would have liked to include the post contract price for EE’s comparable package too, but they seem to have controversially stopped mentioning those on their product pages.

Otherwise, customers of the service can expect to receive the usual features of unlimited usage and a new Hub Two router – based on BT’s Smart Hub 2 – that was previously launched in October 2021 (here). Plusnet are currently working to introduce the Full Fibre packages to their website for online orders, but there’s currently no firm ETA.

UPDATE 4:19pm

Feedback from Plusnet’s customers, specifically those who have taken the opportunity to upgrade, suggests that the first term discount rates being offered may be as follows on a 24-month term (not yet confirmed). Just be aware that Plusnet doesn’t yet have a digital voice (phone) service, so these are data-only products.. for now.

145 – £33.99

300/50 – £37.99

500/75 – £41.99

900/115 – £51.99

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By Mark Jackson
Mark is a professional technology writer, IT consultant and computer engineer from Dorset (England), he also founded ISPreview in 1999 and enjoys analysing the latest telecoms and broadband developments. Find me on Twitter, , Facebook and Linkedin.
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37 Responses
  1. LeJimster says:

    I have been waiting for this for years. Finally Openreach have upgraded my area and now it seems CityFibre are rolling out in my area too. I was going to stick with Plusnet, but I might just run down my contract and move to an ISP offering CityFibre. Symmetrical down/upload speeds at the same price or cheaper is tempting.

  2. NE555 says:

    Any news on whether the FTTP service includes voice or not? That may sway people away, if they risk losing their landline phone number.

    It’s possible to migrate it to a third-party VOIP provider but only if Plusnet install the new FTTP alongside the FTTC, then give you time to migrate the phone number away, rather than immediately ceasing the FTTC.

    1. Alex A says:

      Their hub 2 has a voice port (it’s basically a BT Smart Hub 2), though I don’t think its currently being used.

    2. asdfghjkl says:

      It does not include voice – it’s a broadband only service at the moment. No news if they plan on changing this, but hopefully they will introduce Digital Voice some day.

    3. Yorkshie says:

      No voice BB only and no plans as will be a move to BT sadly…orders from the powers that be not plusnet

  3. Alex A says:

    Interesting that the 300 speed has returned, most (including BT) scrapped it. The pricing is a couple pounds cheaper than BT but isn’t brilliant…

    1. James H says:

      A good thing that 300 or 330 packages are still around for those of us with ECI ONTs as that’s the most they can offer. Frustrating when others cull those plans.

    2. Yorkshie says:

      Will be some good launch offers and as always…negotiable 🙂

  4. Jonesey says:

    I called PlusNet in March for an update on FTTP but they still could not confirm a launch date, however they did offer me the option to transfer to BT FTTP with no early termination charges. I was surprised to see the BT offer was discounted to £29.99 PM for BT 100 (Actually 150/30 Mbps service) which included transfer of phone number to DV/VOIP and free cordless phone along with BT Hub 2. Downside was 24 month contract but I agreed to the transfer I’ve been well pleased with the new service.

  5. John Smith says:

    Really no surprise Plusnet have taken so long and launched so quietly. They’ve been struggling to provide customers with even the most basic standard of service for years so there’s no way they can cope with a sudden influx of new customers on a new service.

    1. OM says:

      To be fair to Plusnet – I’ve just moved off their FTTC service after five solid years without a single issue. Only moving as CommunityFibre have just moved into the neighbourhood.. 🙂

    2. Eddie Whiteley says:

      I’ve been with them since 2008….
      Had my same static ip since and I’ve not had 1 single issue in 15 years….

    3. Ad47uk says:

      @John Smith, I don’t know what you mean, I have been with Plusnet for 7 years and for the most part they have been fine. I had one problem that was a bit of a pain, but that was not the fault of plusnet, it was an openreach network problem.

      We don’t have openreach FTTP network here, but we are getting an alt FTTP network at some point this month. If Open reach FTTP was here and I was looking at going to FTTP, I would no doubt go with the alt network, as they are doing an offer that would make them cheaper than Plusnet.
      Saying all of that, I don’t have any plans to go from FTTC, so will stay with plusnet as I am as long as they keep with the price I have now.

      I have had good service with plusnet, even if they do belong to bloated Toad.

    4. Yorkshie says:

      Haha omg the service is whatever the line that ALL barring a few use regardless who you pay your money to…same line same equipment in most cases … Jeez please educate yourself 🙁

  6. Brian says:

    No phone service provided on the PlusNet FTTP packages.
    If you want to keep your number you need to migrate your phone service to a VOIP provider, pay any early termination charges and then be without any internet for several days as PN cannot create a new account for you until your current service ceases.


    1. Yorkshire says:

      Nonsense lol… Guessing not a plusnet customer and presuming things sadly that you have no idea about this misleading others

    2. Neil says:

      @Yorkshire – i called them today. 1) only for existing customers.. 2) they have confirmed it’s data line only. Their words, you’ll have to move to BT FTTP if you want to keep your line or move it to a VoIP provider as they said… as they post you replied to said, moving your number away terminates your account. You’ll have to set up a new service account for FTTP.

  7. Lee says:

    My contract with plusnet ended just last week but am staying with them til pre ordered fibre is installed within 3 months. When they asked why I didn’t want to go into a new contract, they said then there were no plans for fttp at that time. Time will tell, never had any issues with plusnet in over 6 years

    1. Neil says:

      You can take up a new contract with them and upgrade to FTTP at anytime by starting a new 24 month contract. They confirmed that today, i took a deal in Feb and i can upgrade to FTTP, close the existing contract an upgrade (no additional charges).
      Currently, FTTP is only available for existing customers, that’s why it isn’t publicly available for new customers.

  8. Mark says:

    Those prices seem high considering PlusNet are BT’s budget brand. TalkTalk and Sky do 500Mb at £40 and £42 respectively. BT themselves do 500Mb half price for 5 months then £45 a month thereafter.

    1. Yorkshie says:

      No prices released as yet and those that are around are always negotiable 🙂

    2. coco says:

      I’ve stayed with Plusnet for 2-3 years on FTTC while I waited on them doing FTTP. I stayed because their support is excellent, and I like the company.

      But… 2 year contracts do not appeal, and these prices are just *so* disappointing 🙁 After all this time I’ll likely end up going elsewhere… :/

    3. Henry Ives says:

      It would be nice to have a FTTP package that replaced my FTTC service and is about the same price. The 145 service would be fine for me.
      However, when I start to look at the price of these packages they don’t reflect what I currently pay for. My 12 month contract with Plusnet costs me £1.94 for my broadband (36Mb) and £23.19 for the copper line. I will effectively loose my landline number unless I move to BT or port my number to a viop provider. BT will charge an extra fee of about £5 per month for keeping the number. Much the same as a voip provider.
      If BT are going to cease using copper for voice, then a clearer better priced system needs to be offered to the less technically competent members of the public.
      I think Mrs Smith, next door, will not appreciate what is happening.
      Openreach have installed fibre to my village as part of a community project. I have pulled the fibre into my house and got a cat6 cable right to the router, but don’t like the idea of my cost doubling without seeing clear valid reasons as to why this should happen.

  9. Dylan says:

    It’s about time.

  10. Craig says:

    Oh dear 24 month contracts from PlusNet here we go..

    1. Ad47uk says:

      Yeah, not fond about that idea, it is becoming the norm with FTTH, even zzoomm have gone from 12 to 245, but it is free for the first 6 months.
      Another reason why I think I will stay put with FTTC.

    2. Yorkshie says:

      Sadly has to be from the installation costs and equipment etc just helps to keep costs down as OO aren’t getting any cheaper sadly

  11. Peter Ford says:

    Years ago, I was in business selling CCTV with remote viewing, to retail businesses. Could never get through to their call centre. Bit embarrassing when you’re in front of a customer
    Once bitten, and all that. Would never use them again.

    1. Yorkshie says:

      So business accounts?…

  12. Jim bean says:

    Ah thank god for VM

  13. MRLeeds says:

    Those prices are awful, I have 900/900 from City Fibre via Vodafone for £25pm (black friday deal + existing mobile customer.

    1. Yorkshie says:

      Sooooo….not an off the shelf price of 60quid the …25…really…come on now be good don’t tell fibs 🙂

    2. Marcus says:

      I can confirm I have the same plan. The reason I got it was that I work for the Vodafone group (quite high up) and it would usually cost £25 however since they pay my broadband bill it was free.

  14. Ian says:

    @MarkJ FYI:
    The EE website has the following details in the offer & legals section:

    Out of contract broadband prices: From month 19 the monthly prices will be – Standard Broadband £32; Fibre £37; Fibre Plus £42; Fibre Max 1 £49; Fibre Max 2 £54.

    Not sure how up to date this is a some of the full fibre text looks to be template…

    1. Mark Jackson says:

      The problem is those are for the old packages, they haven’t updated it for full fibre or 24 month terms etc. I did ask them about this a few weeks ago, but received only silence.

  15. Allan pape says:

    I have just upgraded my brodaband to FTTP, they offered me a deal
    due to my existing contract expireing soon.
    Still no mention of the roll out on their website.
    You seem the have to be an existing long term customer to get the
    early offers, and ask nicely!

  16. Tim Pagden says:

    Poles have been going up in our bit o’ Dorset for a couple of months now, ours went up 29th April. Received a WeAreOpenreach email at 0900 this morning, came across this page (thanks Mark!), ordered PlusNet’s FTTP 900 at 1500. Yes, long-term PlusNetter, have a static IP address. 24mo initial cost is 51.49/mo, 6.99 one-off router upgrade, after 24mo, the year-on-year increase is CPI+3.9% which seems OK. Can always switch to a less expensive deal once the dust settles after a few years, but likely all ISPs prices will tend to converge as usual. Install day is less than 3 weeks away, have to be at home between 0800-1300 when Openreach engineer will turn up. Sobering thought is that Internet speeds now ~= LAN speeds, Internet used to be ~34,000x slower! Progress, eh?

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