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Openreach Extend UK FTTC Discount for Low-Income Homes

Tuesday, Mar 28th, 2023 (12:01 am) - Score 1,224

Openreach (BT) has announced that they’re extending their “Connect the Unconnected” special offer, which makes it possible for UK ISPs to waive FTTC (VDSL2) broadband connection fees for any customers who receive “Universal Credit” with no other earnings, and who aren’t currently connected to its network.

The one-off connection fees on Fibre-to-the-Cabinet (FTTC / VDSL) broadband lines at wholesale, including SOGEA, can typically be anything from £54.59 to £112.20 +vat (April 2023 onwards) – depending on the exact product and installation option taken. ISPs may or may not pass this cost on to consumers, depending upon how they setup their packages.

NOTE: Sadly, this offer does not extend to G.fast or full fibre FTTP lines.

The “Connect the Unconnected” offer typically enabled ISPs to offer this for free to those meeting the aforementioned eligibility criteria. But the promotion, which has been running since 2021 (see pricing details), was originally due to expire at the end of this month. The good news is that Openreach have now extended this to run for six more months until 30th September 2023.

Finally, a quick reminder – we know social tariffs and related topics can be divisive for some, but that is not an excuse to abuse the comment system in order to post offensive remarks toward those who take state benefits. Such posts are against our rules and will be removed.

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By Mark Jackson
Mark is a professional technology writer, IT consultant and computer engineer from Dorset (England), he also founded ISPreview in 1999 and enjoys analysing the latest telecoms and broadband developments. Find me on X (Twitter), Mastodon, Facebook and .
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9 Responses
  1. Avatar photo Rich says:

    NOTE: Sadly, this offer does not extend to G.fast or full fibre FTTP lines.

    Useless Openreach! Why FTTC – outdated!

    1. Avatar photo Reality Bytes says:

      ‘customers who receive “Universal Credit” with no other earnings’

      I imagine these households have more pressing things to worry about than their broadband using outdated hybrid fibre rather than full fibre. It’s probably not high on their list of concerns, being able to afford getting online full stop probably figures higher alongside food, warmth and shelter.

      This is to help ISPs provide cheap social tariffs via FTTC.

      Maybe get some perspective? Is that you, Phil? Language reads like you.

    2. Avatar photo Ad47uk says:

      Got to agree with Reality Bytes, The problem i, everything is online these days. Sure you can use a mobile phone, but there are many people out there that don’t like using a small screen to do stuff. I am one of them to be honest, I prefer to use a computer and monitor than my phone.
      It was not that long ago that I set up a basic second hand computer for someone who have been on sickness for a few years now, they got it because a computer is better to use than a phone for them. It is not a bad machine, an Acer all in one. Is fine for what they will do with it.
      They are still using FTTC and all they want is a cheap connection as cheap as they can get it.

  2. Avatar photo Jason says:

    Wont be giving up my fttc . works perfectly and still more than enough bandwidth for my smart home

    1. Avatar photo Ad47uk says:

      I thought that and while I still have no real interest or need to change, at some point we may not have a choice or the providers will make it more expensive to stay as we are.
      Like you, I have enough bandwidth to do everything I do, upload speed I would like to be better. Sure, sometimes when I am downloading something big I think it would be nice to have a faster download speed, but that happens ones in a blue moon.
      Still have 4 monthsish on my contract, see what Plusnet can offer me closer to the time. Now broadband still looks a good price on FTTc even if it have gone up a bit.
      I just don’t want to be tired into a 24 month contact, which seems to be the norm on FTTP. Now broadband offer 12 months.

    2. Avatar photo Alex A says:

      @Ad47uk 24 month contracts seem to be the norm now, 12 month ones do exist but have higher charges.

      Ironically most have price increases every April which will let you leave anyway.

    3. Avatar photo Ad47uk says:

      @Alex A, 24 month contract is the norm for FTTP, Zzoomm now have 12 months, FTTC are normally 18 months, but now broadband is 12.
      In the next month or so, I will have a good look around.

      The price increases are normally in the contract, so you can’t leave, otherwise I would look at moving from plus earlier. Something like this is normally in the contract,
      On 31st March 2023, the price for broadband, line rental, call plans, call charges and BT Sport services will be increased by the Consumer Price Index rate of inflation published by the Office for National Statistics in January 2023, plus 3.9%. For details and an example of how these increases work see our CPI Plus 3.9% Guide.

      That was from Plusnet, but other providers have the same sort of thing.

    4. Avatar photo John says:

      “Ironically most have price increases every April which will let you leave anyway.”

      Most? I only know of a single provider that lets you leave after an annual price increase.
      There are many others that don’t increase the price at all.

      It used to be OFCOM rules that providers had to let you leave within 30 days if they increased your prices mid contract.
      Now they are allowed to increase the price by inflation (CPI or RPI) plus 3.7% without having to let you leave.

      Pretty much every provider that increases the price annually does so by that maximum allowed and without the ability to leave.

  3. Avatar photo Nicholas Roberts says:

    Not a tiny smidgen of doing favours for “Old Friends” there by OpenReach just as BT are about to merge with plusnet and make EE as the premier service. You never know, as well as a new influx of social tariff income into BT, it may encourage some of the “Socially aspirational” on BT to move to EE (Can’t afford to be seen trolling with the social tariffers) . . .

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