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Broadband ISP ZYBRE Finally Closes to New UK Customers

Monday, Jun 12th, 2023 (6:53 am) - Score 3,672

In news that will come as a surprise to nobody familiar with recent events. Troubled internet service provider ZYBRE (Air Broadband) has replaced the front page of their website with a notice to say they’ve “decided to cease taking on new customers” due to “continued pressures” that they’ve “not been able to overcome“.

The ISP has suffered from a variety of problems in recent months, which seem to have followed their acquisition of Air Broadband in late 2022 (here). This resulted in disputes with its network partners (e.g. CityFibre, OFNL, LilaConnect/VX FIBER, FullFibre Limited and Openreach etc.) and the near complete migration of their customer base to rival ISPs. Not to mention how the stressful fallout from all this has impacted the customers themselves.

NOTE: ZYBRE stated last year that the merger with Air Broadband took their broadband base to over 10,000 customers.

On top of that, the provider’s records at Companies House were updated in early May 2023 to report that they’d been issued with a “First Gazette notice for compulsory strike-off” (here), which put ZYBRE Limited at risk of being struck off from the official register of companies. The deadline for resolving that will be hit early next month (NOTE: In October 2022 another company called ZYBRE Group was incorporated by the same Directors).


The situation has caused a headache for customers, as well as the network operators that have had to manage the fallout from ZYBRE’s situation (often at their own cost). Suffice to say that we’d seen no indication that any of the ISP’s problems were going to be reversed, and the replacement of their front page with the following notice appears to confirm that.

ZYBRE’s Website Statement

We regret to inform you that ZYBRE, the Internet Service Provider founded in 2021, has decided to cease taking on new customers. This decision has not been taken lightly and was made due to continued pressures that we have faced and not been able to overcome.

Customers who have or are awaiting migration/transfer should contact the relevant provider as detailed below:

ZYBRE Customers via CityFibre transferring to Octaplus Networks, should call 03333355385 or email switchover@octaplus.co.uk .

NOTE: Customers on the CityFibre Network in Scotland, Chester or Southend-on-Sea please call CityFibre directly on 08000836160

ZYBRE Customers via Openreach transferring to Beast Broadband, should call 03331887788 or email support@beast-broadband.co.uk

ZYBRE Customer via F&W Networks transferring to Hey Broadband, should call 08081681616 or email info@heyb.co.uk

For customers on the FullFibre or MS3 Networks please contact the Network operator directly as an agreement could not be reached to support transferring customers to another provider

FullFibre: Call 03331210505 or email enquires@fullfibre.co

MS3 Networks: Call 01482221721 or email info@ms-3.co.uk

On the subject of FullFibre Limited, they informed related users during early May that they’d taken the “difficult decision to no longer work” with ZYBRE, but would continue to support existing customers until 6th June to help them find a new ISP (here).

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By Mark Jackson
Mark is a professional technology writer, IT consultant and computer engineer from Dorset (England), he also founded ISPreview in 1999 and enjoys analysing the latest telecoms and broadband developments. Find me on X (Twitter), Mastodon, Facebook and .
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8 Responses
  1. Avatar photo F says:

    “Press ‘F’ to pay respects”.

    Little surprised it took them so long to put the notice on their webpage but it was inevitably going to happen sooner rather than later

    1. Avatar photo charles says:

      https://airbroadband.co.uk/ has left the internet…

  2. Avatar photo Andrew says:

    Obviously we’ll be losing more ISP’s and Altnets in the coming months. I hope the transition of their customers will be handled better than this.

    1. Avatar photo Andrew G says:

      Ofcom have a Supplier of Last Resort process that’s supposed to handle things reasonably gracefully when a supplier fails, evidently it hasn’t worked very well in this case.

  3. Avatar photo Grant says:

    Still trying to get my service back in Chester. TalkTalk finally accepted my Full Fibre 900 order last week (not VOIP though) BUT they have told me today that have cancelled my order because City Fibre is NOT available in my area.

    City Fibre are investigating again.

  4. Avatar photo Prism says:

    I thankfully jumped ship during the migration to ‘Beast Broadband’ last week. But not after receiving an (incorrect) invoice for the months and months of service rental that they failed to take by Direct Debit, despite the DD being active on my side.

    I’m a couple of months shy of the end of my contract, but when Beast called about the transfer to them they didn’t seem to have a problem when I told them I was migrating elsewhere.

    To be fair, the service was fairly decent (they appeared to be reselling Vodafone FTTP, which was solid and I seemed to get a fixed IP without asking), and I never needed support. That doesn’t take away from the total screw-up they’ve made of other customer migrations though.

  5. Avatar photo James says:

    Looks like their strike off was suspended yesterday, by an objection being raised.

    Accounts and Confirmation statement still overdue

  6. Avatar photo James says:

    Looks like Zybre have now been struck-off

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