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Mobile Operator Three UK Renames Pay Monthly Mobile Plans

Thursday, Aug 31st, 2023 (12:01 am) - Score 9,792

Customers of primary mobile network operator Three UK may like to know that the provider has quietly renamed their Pay Monthly plans in order to ensure they are simple for customers to understand and reflect the benefits within the tariff, but otherwise there are no changes to what each plan includes or their pricing.

So just to avoid any confusion when your next bill drops and shows a different name, Three UK’s Tiered Tariffs will change as follows – “Standard” plans become “Lite“, while “Plus” plans become “Value” and “Premium” plans become “Complete“. Yep, that was really worth it, thanks Three. Personally we think the old names worked better, but each to their own.

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By Mark Jackson
Mark is a professional technology writer, IT consultant and computer engineer from Dorset (England), he also founded ISPreview in 1999 and enjoys analysing the latest telecoms and broadband developments. Find me on X (Twitter), Mastodon, Facebook and .
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16 Responses
  1. Avatar photo Martin E says:

    New name…but unfortunately the same really painful ‘customer service’

  2. Avatar photo Jim says:

    New name but the same old roaming charges, 3 used to be a disruptive network, trying to challenge the boring old status quo by offering unlimited data first, then roam like home before the other networks were forced into adopting this. Now it’s just the same as all the rest. Things will get worse yet if the voda merger goes through

    1. Avatar photo Anon32 says:

      These roaming charges were for the EU or at least that’s what I think your talking about. There is another 205 countries that exist. The disrupter network has realised that 4g and 5g isn’t free to install and in fact it costs a lot of money. Also you got lots of wifi especially in Europe and e-sms are a big thing now. So ripoff roaming can be bypassed so no need to worry about roaming. The prices will go down because of competition not because the EU made a ruling while pushing up non EU roaming prices. If people like me don’t use EU roaming why should we have to pay for free EU roaming.

      What I do agree with however is the merger will be a disaster. Probably Vodafone’s transmitters will be turned off and it will simply be a money making exercise and prices will rise and capacity will reduce. Just look at EE.

    2. Avatar photo Liam says:

      Yet here I am paying 3 a pittance on SMARTY and roaming up to 12GB of data for nothing in France. Yet on the more “premium” 3 brand I’d be paying £2 a day. Doesn’t make sense. I’ll never forget the three bus “we’ll never bring back roaming charges, even if we leave the EU”. Errrr….

    3. Avatar photo Zach says:

      I’m I’d using three network and still free roaming for me. I don’t get why three feel the need to charge.

    4. Avatar photo Kelv1n says:

      I’d been a Three subscriber for about 15 years. Their atrocious call charges were offset by their roaming arrangements, especially across Europe, but we also made use of it across lots of other countries.

      But, loyalty does not pay… my sim-only contract was £22 a month, but my bill was often £30-40 a month. When they finally killed “feel-at-home” for existing contracts, we had to shop around, and it was eye opening.

      These days I’m paying £11 a month for almost the same term, and my bill has never once gone over that.

    5. Avatar photo Jerónimo says:

      @Anon32 actually Three started free roaming in countries where their sister Three networks operated or Hutchison had partnership or significant investment stakes (e.g. Italy, Denmark, Sweden, Hong Kong, Indonesia etc). Then they also expanded free roaming to the US and countries in Latin America a few years before the EU rules were forced, which then increased the coverage in other EU countries.

      I wasn’t a fan of Three network quality in the UK, but the price was dirt cheap with more roaming countries, I took a sim-only plan and paid only £14-18 per month (unlimited data) in those good old days to have it as my secondary number.

      Now, they stripped all the goodies that kept me for years, so I said goodbye to them.

  3. Avatar photo Daniel says:

    Some of those seem quite similar to Vodafone ones.

  4. Avatar photo Ad47uk says:

    Fed up with companies changing the names of things, they say it is to make it easier for customers. Bull it is to confuse customers so they go for a more expensive plan. Companies do nothing that is good for the consumer unless they benefit.

  5. Avatar photo Martyn says:

    It gives them something to do instead of building new towers (above the tree line), I’ll bet it took Finnigan and his cronies a good 10 months to dream up such tripe.

  6. Avatar photo Dylan says:

    They’ll say these new names better reflect the economy we’re living in and dealing with right now.

    Personally, I’d prefer lower prices and fixed-price contracts for their entire duration, but that’s just me. I’m not an ISP out to milk people.

  7. Avatar photo Craig says:

    three will copy Vodafone and EE speeds limits next
    10mb,100mb,Uncapped bring back simple plans 1gb,2gb,5gb,100gb,unlimited non of this Vodafone and EE markly nonsense smarty runs more better only data limits to worry about it .

  8. Avatar photo Acdeag says:

    They are getting more expensive as well, can’t help but think this is so there isn’t so much of a gap between their pricing and VF’s.

    1. Avatar photo Jackylad says:

      I agree. Just got a new phone and had to faff about with taking out a new number and migrating my number away and back to Three. All this because the Three upgrade was going to cost me £30 pm more, with my loyal customer discount.

      I think the days of Three being value are on the way out with the impending merger with Vodafone.

  9. Avatar photo Blake says:

    Keeps marketing teams in a job coming up with new names for the sake of it. Think customers are wowed but in reality no-one cares one bit.

    All media companies love the term “simplify” which more often than not means an excuse to raise prices.

  10. Avatar photo Paul Arnott says:

    Absolute waste of everyone’s time. The old names were better, they should be ashamed of themselves. Merger is nothing but bad news for customers.

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