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SMARTY UK Refreshes 4G and 5G Mobile Plans with More Data

Tuesday, Aug 22nd, 2023 (7:32 am) - Score 2,952

Mobile operator SMARTY, which is a Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) on Three UK’s national network, will sometime this morning launch a refreshed range of 4G and 5G capable Pay Monthly mobile plans that give new customers a bigger mobile broadband data allowance for less money.

Not all of SMARTY’s packages are changing today, with their current 8GB (£7), 100GB (£12), 200GB (£17) and Unlimited (£20 but currently discounted to £16) tiers remaining. Instead, there will now be a new 150GB plan for £15 per month and three of their old plans will be changing as follows.

NOTE: SMARTY’s plans are all 1-month contracts, which on voice plans also include unlimited calls & texts, no speed caps, EU Roaming (12GB fair use limit) and unrestricted UK tethering.

Refreshed Smarty Plans

Old: £6 for 4GB
New: £6 for 5GB

Old: £8 for 12GB
New: £8 for 16GB

Old: £10 for 30GB
New: £10 for 40GB

In addition, it’s worth remembering that those on state benefits can also take their low-cost ‘SMARTY Social Tariff‘, which includes unlimited data, calls and texts for just £12 per month.

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By Mark Jackson
Mark is a professional technology writer, IT consultant and computer engineer from Dorset (England), he also founded ISPreview in 1999 and enjoys analysing the latest telecoms and broadband developments. Find me on X (Twitter), Mastodon, Facebook and .
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27 Responses
  1. Avatar photo Ad47uk says:

    I get 4GB for a fiver as a promotion for 12 months, which is ample for me, I don’t even use half of that, so don’t need more data. I will see what they offer me at the end of 12 months, but I don’t want to pay more than a fiver if I can help it.

    1. Avatar photo BTMan says:

      End of 12 months? There is no contract so what are you on about?

    2. Avatar photo Gareth says:

      They offer promotional tariffs every now and then where you get a discounted rate for 12 months. It doesn’t mean you are in contract, it just means you get the discount for 12 months if you stay with them.

    3. Avatar photo Ad47uk says:

      Yep, as Gareth posted, they do promotional offers now and again that lasts for 12 months, mine was for 4GB, unlimited talk time and text for a fiver, which was cheaper than the £7 i was paying for 2GB. The last offer I did have a price cut for the next month if I did not use all the data, but the new offer still worked out cheaper.

    4. Avatar photo 4chAnon says:

      I was 100% right when I said AKBornIn1947

    5. Avatar photo David says:

      I’ve been on a promotion £5 for 4gb for a year since May 22 via money saving expert. They still bill me £5 over a year later and it still says promotion in the Smarty app. You might get lucky and the promo remains after the year as well

  2. Avatar photo Martin says:

    BTMan – he is probably on a special of £5 instead of $6 for 12 months.

    1. Avatar photo BTMan says:

      No I pay £16 for unlimited. it used to be £20 then £18 and now £16 same as everyone else 🙂

  3. Avatar photo Mike says:

    The new 6gb and 15gb are both still over priced compared to other MVNO

    1. Avatar photo TK421 says:

      Exactly. Pretty sure you can get the same thing for about £3. Sometimes on comparison websites, Lebara or Lyca do it for <£1 for the first 3-6 months.

  4. Avatar photo NeilB says:

    About time that Smarty did eSIM’s. If the iPhone 15 does not have a physical SIM then I will need to go to Lycamobile that do.

    1. Avatar photo BTMan says:

      I have a Lyca e-sim as a backup to Smarty and they are a pain. i had 2 – the second one messed up and they can’t send another code so I had to cancel the whole account. 14 pro max which can take 8. Also the CS is garbage. I ended up getting a uswitch cheap deal with a physical sim for a spare phone, esims are too much hassle for me

    2. Avatar photo 4chAnon says:

      If iPhone 15 is eSIM only, I imagine Three will suddenly expand it to everything they offer incl. Smarty

    3. Avatar photo Ad47uk says:

      I expect they will have Esims at some point when enough phones use them. But Smarty is more about budget, and I expect a lot of people that go with Smarty don’t brother with High end phones.

      Myself I am not a fan of this Esim thing to be honest, rather a physical sim.

    4. Avatar photo Raj says:

      The problem is with implementing them properly. Specifically regarding swapping eSIMs to other devices, or going physicaleSIM. I’m sure the networks could all provision eSIMs tomorrow but have no way of managing them.

  5. Avatar photo Mike says:

    I wonder how much bandwidth is gobbled up by those on the Social ist tariff.

    1. Avatar photo BTMan says:

      probably not as much as the chip you seem to have on your shoulder.

    2. Avatar photo 4chAnon says:

      Does it matter? Three is congested even without them, especially on non-5G (although 5G around City of London is also pretty shocking, honestly).

  6. Avatar photo No One says:

    For those wanting to use Smarty, keep an eye on the offers they have. I’m on a 120GB/£12 plan, for example. Sites like uSwitch are useful for this.

  7. Avatar photo Chris says:

    Smarty is amazing value for money, but I find shocking for towns and cities, I live in the countryside and get brilliant 5G coverage, but it’s a mobile, I need better all round coverage! Shame no esim!

  8. Avatar photo Suffolk says:

    Quote: ……………and Unlimited (£20 but currently discounted to £16) tiers remaining.

    I dont see any mention on the Smarty Web site of Unlimited Data at £16
    Its still showing £20 which i get reduced to £18 being in a Group Plan

  9. Avatar photo Jon PENNYCOOK says:

    Smarty £16 unlimited SIM: https://www.moneysavingexpert.com/cheap-mobile-finder/sim-only/smarty/ – click on the “Unlimited” button on the left-hand side

    1. Avatar photo Suffolk says:

      Thanks for that link , I will get my £18 reduced to £16 then

  10. Avatar photo Suffolk says:

    Although the offer is for £16 there is no way on Smarty when you loginto your account, to take up this offer

    1. Avatar photo Anon says:

      Select the live chat option and ask them, they are usually pretty good at matching deals and applying them to your account.

  11. Avatar photo Mark says:

    Too bad the Three network is diabolical in most places! My local mast is 5G but I’m lucky if I get 1Mb download. The upload relying on 4G is the issue as it can’t send the acknowledgement packets back fast enough and cripples the download speed!

  12. Avatar photo TK421 says:

    They used to be an interesting option, but have useless non existent customer service unlike their parent company Three. Smarty have no live chat, or telephone support. Instead they have a woeful Indian based so called “Help” option on their website with seemingly illiterate, rude and stupid representatives. It would be quicker for someone to build up their own mobile company from scratch than get a relevant reply back from the fools, let alone get any problem resolved.

    The customer reviews on Trustpilot speak for themselves regarding their customer service if things go wrong. In addition, it appears a not so insignificant number of people have randomly had their plans “Paused” for no reason whatsoever leaving them with a SIM that cannot be used. No reasons provided by the aforementioned useless support morons if asked why specifically they think you have breached their terms. Multiple reviews where people also cannot get refunds since they have to go through these same fools.

    If they can just randomly suspend SIMs and not provide a service you already paid for, it would make buying a SIM from them pointless.

    Other MNVO providers like Lebara, Lyca, Tesco etc don’t behave like this and have some form of customer service as well as decent pricing. In fact, if you go by comparison websites, SIMs can be had cheaper than Smarty. If you really needed a Three signal, then there are other MNVOs as well.

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