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Vodafone UK Suffering Mobile Network Service Disruption UPDATE4

Wednesday, Jan 10th, 2024 (9:31 am) - Score 14,280
vodafone uk london 5g engineer

A growing number of customers on Vodafone’s UK mobile network are this morning reporting a significant service disruption, which appears to have started just after 6am and is currently continuing to grow. The issue appears to be mostly impacting 4G and 5G data (mobile broadband) connectivity, but others have also seen issues with texts.

The complaints appear to be coming in from across various parts of the UK and are quite sporadic, although at present it only appears to be impacting some but not all of their customers. In some cases customers have been able to fix the issue by disabling 5G (i.e. dropping back to 4G), but in other cases 4G has been impacted too.

At the time of writing, Vodafone have yet to issue a statement, but we have requested one. Meanwhile, Vodafone’s support agents on social media are continuing to direct impacted customers to check the operator’s service status page, which as per usual reports that everything is hunky-dory, even when it isn’t. We recommend readers with issues use the operator’s Report a Fault page, assuming they can get online.

UPDATE 9:39am

Vodafone’s support agents have finally started to acknowledge the issue in their responses to customers: “We’re aware some customers are experiencing intermittent issues using mobile data, you can still use messaging & voice services. Our engineering teams are investigating to get the services up and running asap.

UPDATE 10:37am

The volume of complaints appears to be falling, which suggests that Vodafone may have found a full or partial fix and is in the process of implementing it. But officially, the latest statement from their PR team remains near identical to the one their support staff gave earlier (except they’re no longer specifically mentioning it as a “data” issue).

A Vodafone spokesperson said: “We are aware some customers are experiencing intermittent issues using our network. We’re sorry for the inconvenience, our team is working hard to fix the issue and we hope to have it resolved quickly.”

UPDATE 12:11pm

Many customers are now reporting a return to working service, although some people are still seeing issues.

UPDATE 2:15pm

We’ve just had a final statement from a Vodafone spokesperson: “We can confirm that the network issue experienced by some customers this morning has been fixed and normal service has resumed. We’re sorry for the inconvenience.” As usual, there’s no information on the cause.

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By Mark Jackson
Mark is a professional technology writer, IT consultant and computer engineer from Dorset (England), he also founded ISPreview in 1999 and enjoys analysing the latest telecoms and broadband developments. Find me on X (Twitter), Mastodon, Facebook and .
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30 Responses
  1. Avatar photo rbgb says:

    Has been down since about 5am in North London. No data possible and signal seems to come and then disappear completely.

  2. Avatar photo Andy says:

    When it works, 3G data seems OK!!! No 4G or 5G. When it’s not working, there is no signal at all, even for 2G. Current 3G speed is 8Mb down and 3Mb up.

    1. Avatar photo ucnsnrd says:

      Exactly, like my phone is defaulting to 3G as it can’t even get a lock onto 4G and 5G, Field test is just saying NOPE. No connection for you at all

  3. Avatar photo Andrew says:

    I’m in Lancashire and have been unable to receive text messages since I switched my phone on at 9am. I need those to be able to log in to work

  4. Avatar photo Lee T says:

    I lost connectivity around 1am. Not been able to make any calls or use data since. Just outside Reading.

  5. Avatar photo Simon says:

    Data not working on Lebara in NW London – phone shows a good 4G signal but not receiving any data.

  6. Avatar photo Zara Wright says:

    Sat at home having to work from home today it’s an absolute joke.
    No signal even when connected to home broadband. Can’t get anything

  7. Avatar photo Phudi chatla says:

    Been usable to make & receive calls all morning, signal pops up & disappears , Coventry West Midlands, not good Vodafone

    1. Avatar photo Bond Marla says:

      Mines back to normal now in smethwick Birmingham, was off and on all morning

  8. Avatar photo Lee says:

    Seems to be working OK now. 10.45am

  9. Avatar photo chris says:

    ID mobile 200mbs 5g, but thats because i’m not at home which is ~40mbs on 4g.

    if its important go for 2 different providers on 2 different networks but make sure they don’t share masts, so no O2 & VF or Three & EE or what ever it is.

    always been the case for when business connectivity is essential, diverse paths (at no point will connections from different providers converge before reaching the destination) on 2 different providers

  10. Avatar photo SB says:

    I have not been able to use data or my mobile as there is no signal. This seems to be taking forever. I need to use my phone for work.

    1. Avatar photo chris says:

      is wifi calling broken to?

  11. Avatar photo Sam P says:

    It’s a shame that the latest versions of Android removed the ability to force 3G.

    1. Avatar photo David Chambers says:

      No use shortly with the 3G closedown.
      Supposed to be this month

  12. Avatar photo Mark says:

    On Lebara in Plymouth and can’t say I have noticed any issues with calls, texts or 4g/5g as yet. Fingers crossed.

  13. Avatar photo Ed says:

    That’s what endless cost-cutting gets you.

    1. Avatar photo Jim says:

      Nothing is perfect!

  14. Avatar photo BK says:

    Ascot – texting has not been working for at least 2.5 hours. However, it just kicked into life about 10 minutes ago.

  15. Avatar photo Paul mcmahon says:

    Im on Vodafone and live in Plymouth and mine has been absolutely fine done a speed test this morning and was getting 750mbps download and 50mbps upload 5g

  16. Avatar photo DD says:

    This morning my work phone had no signal, my personal one was fine, both are with Vodafone. Weird issue!

  17. Avatar photo Rachel says:

    I’ve had a month long problem. Service terrible. No data service. Only 4G but very sporadic. Its been a nightmare despite going into the shop 4 times.

  18. Avatar photo Mr Howard G Soper says:

    We’ve had garbled voice calls for 7 weeks in Ts5, Middlesbrough. Support is still telling people to change settings to turn on WiFi calling, like that will work away from home

  19. Avatar photo JP says:

    Could be in south Birmingham where O2 started upgrading shared mast and first thing done was turn it off completely for both Vodafone and O2 and nobody has returned to work on it for 4 days now leaving a massive area of the city without any coverage.

    I suspect who’ve is completing the upgrade isn’t very effective at doing it right.

  20. Avatar photo Paul Oakley says:

    10 January 2024 at 22.28 my mobile Internet still down been down all day disgusting Vodafone think its about time to change my Internet supplier

  21. Avatar photo plunet says:

    I had to reboot my phone later in the day to be able to send SMS

  22. Avatar photo Q says:

    More of the same issues today. Even worse in with a complete blackout in my case.

  23. Avatar photo Dave says:

    Same in Northern Ireland network issues,no data since Saturday and that’s at Belfast International Airport.Vodafone say their engineers are working to resolve the issue. I seriously doubt they have been working on it for 5 days, they obviously haven’t a clue what’s causing it.

  24. Avatar photo Credit for the fan boys ONLY says:

    VF are rubbish glad I left ages ago

  25. Avatar photo Phill says:

    A friend of mine in SN4 area (Wroughton, Swindon) has not been able to get texts and lost mobile data but I think where they are,must use a closer 4G mast as I get 5G, but last few days mobile internet seems to go off for a few minutes and this can happen every 15-20 minutes in the early evenings, not sure if this is due to peak hours and network congestion, but normally I get full 5G signal and can see the mast which is about 3/4 mile from me, but it still drops to 4G every now and then. I think the problem is this mast seems to cover to wide an area of South Swindon and with big companies like Nationwide Building society headquarters and Intel Europe HQ located very close to this mast which is also used by the other networks (Although only 4G on EE sadly), it’s far too congested.I’m considering moving to Three, as they seem to have put lots of masts around Swindon. I was in an area of Bristol that according to their coverage map, is 5G ultra, and being quite close to the mast (less than 50metres), did a speed test and only got about 160mbps download (used to get more on 4G), but upload was 65mbps which one of fastest I’ve ever had. All the networks in UK seem to be lagging with 5G development. Fastest speed I’ve had is just 680mbps and again was parked near phone mast on busy retail park. Yet I’ve had 660mbps on 4G before.

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