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Study Ranks the Fastest UK Business Broadband ISPs by Speed

Thursday, Jun 13th, 2024 (9:34 am) - Score 2,000
Internet Speed

Comparison site Broadband Genie has today published the results of a new study, which analysed 113 business broadband ISPs to find which one delivered the fastest speeds. The results found that Telcom is the UK’s “fastest business broadband provider” – averaging a download speed of 391Mbps and an upload of 357Mbps.

The study also found that business services offered faster internet speeds than UK home broadband products. By comparison, households recorded an average download speed of 137Mbps and uploads of 96Mbps – 11% slower than the business-specific connections for download speed and 14% slower for upload speeds. This is perhaps unsurprising, as some business packages move into leased line territory and will often also include higher standards of service.

Otherwise, the results below are based on an analysis of 307,828 web-based speed tests – run between 1st January 2023 and 31st January 2024, which were conducted by users of the various providers. But studies like this can of course also be influenced by other factors, such the user’s choice of package (e.g. 10Gbps could be available, but people may pick a slower tier), local (office) network congestion, any limitations of the remote speed tester itself and slow WiFi etc.

In addition, many of the ISPs listed also sell residential broadband packages, and this kind of study is usually unable to accurately distinguish between all of those and the pure business connections. In short, take these results with a big pinch of salt. Otherwise, the fastest provider was Telcom (391Mbps download / 357Mbps upload), while the slowest came out as Uno (7Mbps download / 1Mpsb upload).

The Fastest 113 Business Broadband ISPs for 2024

1. Telcom (391Mb download / 357Mb upload)

2. Triangle Networks Limited (400Mb download / 286Mb upload)

3. Southern Communications (389Mb download / 357Mb upload)

4. Fibrecast (403Mb download / 246Mb upload)

5. Baltic Broadband Limited (417Mb download / 189Mb upload)

6. Gigabit Networks (375Mb download / 307Mb upload)

7. toob (349Mb download / 259Mb upload)

8. Lightspeed Broadband (350Mb download / 224Mb upload)

9. Squirrel Internet (331Mb download / 260Mb upload)

10. Giganet (304Mb download / 264Mb upload)

11. YouFibre (298Mb download / 257Mb upload)

12. Digital Infrastructure (277Mb download / 317Mb upload)

13. No One Internet (293Mb download / 249Mb upload)

14. Community Fibre (287Mb download / 244Mb upload)

15. Box Broadband (291Mb download / 233Mb upload)

16. MS3 Networks (280Mb download / 218Mb upload)

17. Broadband for the Rural North (270Mb download / 211Mb upload)

18. Equiinet (257Mb download / 258Mb upload)

19. Zzoomm (266Mb download / 213Mb upload)

20. BRSK (269Mb download / 201Mb upload)

21. Upp (250Mb download / 231Mb upload)

22. Internetty (261Mb download / 199Mb upload)

23. Hey Broadband (260Mb download / 188Mb upload)

24. Cadence Networks (245Mb download / 210Mb upload)

25. Grain (233Mb download / 182Mb upload)

26. Octaplus Networks (231Mb download / 190Mb upload)

27. F & W Networks (233Mb download / 163Mb upload)

28. Boundless Networks (257Mb download / 78Mb upload)

29. Hyperoptic (207Mb download / 196Mb upload)

30. Broadband for Surrey Hills (222Mb download / 154Mb upload)

31. Cogent Communications (220Mb download / 141Mb upload)

32. Lightning Fibre (204Mb download / 174Mb upload)

33. G.Network (206Mb download / 144Mb upload)

34. Trooli (217Mb download / 120Mb upload)

35. Jurassic Fibre (232Mb download / 83Mb upload)

36. TrueSpeed (181Mb download / 213Mb upload)

37. Voneus (189Mb download / 161Mb upload)

38. Gigaclear (172Mb download / 158Mb upload)

39. Cityfibre (186Mb download / 94Mb upload)

40. Wessex Internet (175Mb download / 107Mb upload)

41. Swish Fibre (166Mb download / 156Mb upload)

42. Wildanet (167Mb download / 110Mb upload)

43. Gigaloch (172Mb download / 101Mb upload)

44. Virgin Media Business (198Mb download / 39Mb upload)

45. County Broadband (142Mb download / 140Mb upload)

46. GoFibre (180Mb download / 61Mb upload)

47. TxRx Communications (144Mb download / 130Mb upload)

48. Exa Networks Limited (159Mb download / 106Mb upload)

49. Aspire Technology Solutions (150Mb download / 107Mb upload)

50. NYnet (134Mb download / 137Mb upload)

51. Link broadbands (142Mb download / 108Mb upload)

52. Cambridge Fibre (136Mb download / 113Mb upload)

53. Zen Internet (144Mb download / 87Mb upload)

54. VeloxServ Communications (128Mb download / 117Mb upload)

55. Rocket Fibre (131Mb download / 73Mb upload)

56. Luminet Data Limited (126Mb download / 91Mb upload)

57. COLT Technology Services Group (113Mb download / 104Mb upload)

58. Fibrus Networks (121Mb download / 67Mb upload)

59. Talk Straight (110Mb download / 91Mb upload)

60. Daisy Communications Ltd (113Mb download / 54Mb upload)

61. Zoom Internet Ltd (104Mb download / 95Mb upload)

62. Zayo (105Mb download / 73Mb upload)

63. Vodafone (105Mb download / 56Mb upload)

64. Cerberus Networks (106Mb download / 42Mb upload)

65. Razorblue Ltd (96Mb download / 73Mb upload)

66. Ogi (106Mb download / 31Mb upload)

67. The Networking People (TNP) Limited (89Mb download / 92Mb upload)

68. Merula Limited (107Mb download / 27Mb upload)

69. M247 (100Mb download / 37Mb upload)

70. Vaioni Group (84Mb download / 76Mb upload)

71. Alnwick Computerware (82Mb download / 74Mb upload)

72. Airband (96Mb download / 39Mb upload)

73. BT (104Mb download / 29Mb upload)

74. KCOM (94Mb download / 39Mb upload)

75. Fastnet (81Mb download / 53Mb upload)

76. Claranet (73Mb download / 65Mb upload)

77. Clouvider (95Mb download / 34Mb upload)

78. Bridge Fibre Limited (70Mb download / 65Mb upload)

79. Zscaler (79Mb download / 51Mb upload)

80. Wifinity Networks (66Mb download / 71Mb upload)

81. Choopa, LLC (79Mb download / 46Mb upload)

82. Connexin (73Mb download / 55Mb upload)

83. Netcalibre Ltd (74Mb download / 26Mb upload)

84. Starlink (80Mb download / 12Mb upload)

85. Andrews & Arnold (73Mb download / 27Mb upload)

86. GTT Communications (69Mb download / 36Mb upload)

87. Challenger Technology Ltd (62Mb download / 66Mb upload)

88. Orbital Net (69Mb download / 28Mb upload)

89. Evolving Networks Limited (64Mb download / 34Mb upload)

90. Sky (69Mb download / 20Mb upload)

91. Sprint (63Mb download / 22Mb upload)

92. Gamma (55Mb download / 31Mb upload)

93. hso (47Mb download / 42Mb upload)

94. Mythic Beasts (62Mb download / 17Mb upload)

95. Verizon Business (44Mb download / 45Mb upload)

96. Quickline (51Mb download / 34Mb upload)

97. TalkTalk (52Mb download / 19Mb upload)

98. Plusnet (53Mb download / 15Mb upload)

99. Internet Central (43Mb download / 32Mb upload)

100. VoiceHost Limited (47Mb download / 23Mb upload)

101. Redcentric Solutions (36Mb download / 38Mb upload)

102. EE (46Mb download / 14Mb upload)

103. Spitfire Network Services (39Mb download / 18Mb upload)

104. Node4 Limited (32Mb download / 27Mb upload)

105. Comms West (33Mb download / 10Mb upload)

106. Voxility LLP (27Mb download / 25Mb upload)

107. Atlas Communications (NI) (26Mb download / 21Mb upload)

108. Digital Space Group (28Mb download / 14Mb upload)

109. GCI Network Solutions (33Mb download / 9Mb upload)

110. Converged Communication Solutions Limited (23Mb download / 19Mb upload)

111. Signal Telecom (23Mb download / 9Mb upload)

112. Cloudnet IT Solutions Ltd (20Mb download / 7Mb upload)

113. uno Communications (7Mb download / 1Mb upload)

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By Mark Jackson
Mark is a professional technology writer, IT consultant and computer engineer from Dorset (England), he also founded ISPreview in 1999 and enjoys analysing the latest telecoms and broadband developments. Find me on X (Twitter), Mastodon, Facebook and .
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11 Responses
  1. Avatar photo Ben says:

    Surprised that Vorboss isn’t on the list…

  2. Avatar photo XGS says:

    79. Zscaler (79Mb download / 51Mb upload)


    1. Avatar photo Tempest3K says:

      That was my thought too – think these results need to go straight in the bin and save on the salt!

  3. Avatar photo BrightCandle says:

    I really don’t think this measure is much use. Where fibre isn’t this matters to an extent but once it is this quickly becomes more about what people on average are willing to pay for from what is on offer. The average speed just says more about the relatively needs and wealth of the businesses/individuals they have using their service and nothing about the actual possible speed.

    I would be more interested in assessment of the percentage of speed delivered from that sold combined with price competitiveness of that service and the best possible they have to offer.

  4. Avatar photo GNewton says:

    “Lightspeed Broadband (350Mb download / 224Mb upload)”

    How can that be when this ISP only offers symmetric fibre?

    1. Avatar photo Chris says:

      Just what I was thinking. Are these tests people doing speedtests on wifi?

      Ah just re-read the article, people possibly on wifi, and people having a slower tier package.

    2. Avatar photo Jimmy says:

      Not enough backhaul?

  5. Avatar photo Lucas says:

    Would be intrigued to see the raw data from this and to know if they trimmed any providers who reported too few users.

    It’s unfortunate it doesn’t factor in the product type – averaging say 65mbps on an 78mbps FTTC line is more impressive than averaging 150mbps on a 1G service.

    Also seems a little unfair to compare companies who only offer leased lines with those who only offer commodity broadband (dsl/fttx), you wouldn’t rank Tesla against Scania.

    1. Avatar photo spurple says:

      You may be surprised to find that Scania would handily win on the “packages delivered per unit time” metric. πŸ™‚

  6. Avatar photo Jon Watts says:

    It would be really helpful if this list also included area/geographic region covered, package and cost (including any one off charges). As someone who’s looking for a business broadband service I have to do a lot of legwork to find that the service is not available in my area/postcode.

  7. Avatar photo Biff Clifton says:

    Kind of useless results. You can fudge it just by rejecting orders where there’s no infrastructure.

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