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York UK FTTH sky and talktalk network map august 2015

23rd September, 2015 (17 Comments)

As expected TalkTalk has confirmed that the first trial customers are now live on their joint 940Mbps capable Fibre-to-the-Home (FTTH/P) broadband network in the city of York, which is being built alongside Sky Broadband and Cityfibre. An early 2016 commercial launch has also been set.


14th September, 2015 (8 Comments)

Deploying a new ultrafast (940Mbps capable) fibre optic broadband network in urban areas is never easy, as demonstrated by Cityfibre’s joint roll-out of a new Fibre-to-the-Home (FTTH/P) service with Sky Broadband and TalkTalk in York where some areas could need corrective work.

fibre broadband is here high bt street cabinet

8th September, 2015 (2 Comments)

The Superfast North Yorkshire project has revealed that a further £21m is to be spent on expanding superfast broadband (24Mbps+) connectivity to 95% of local premises across the county. As a result discussions are now taking place with BT in order to “draw up contracts for the start of phase three“.

origin broadband uk isp

3rd September, 2015 (9 Comments)

Doncaster-based ISP Origin Broadband appears to be recovering from last year’s rocky collapse of the failed £100m Digital Region network and has reported that turnover is up 400% on the last six months, with the provider adding 300 residential and up to 400 business customers a month.

fibre optic green cables from top right

2nd September, 2015 (19 Comments)

Sky Broadband appears to have quietly unveiled the pricing for their forthcoming “Sky Ultra Fibre Optic” service in the city of York (England), where they’re working alongside Cityfibre and TalkTalk to roll-out a new 940Mbps capable Fibre-to-the-Home (FTTH/P) network. Oddly, line rental still exists.

Cityfibre's Hull UK fibre optic broadband network map

26th August, 2015 (1 Comment)

A new map has been revealed that for the first time depicts exactly where Cityfibre’s new ultrafast 62km long fibre optic (FTTP) network is being deployed in the East Yorkshire (England) city of Hull.

cityfibre street works fibre optic dig

20th August, 2015 (10 Comments)

Fibre optic developer Cityfibre has signed a new £0.6m 10-year deal that will see their network in Hull (East Yorkshire, England) being expanded even further to reach 19 hub sites for local “fibre-over-wireless” broadband ISP Connexin.

York UK FTTH sky and talktalk network map august 2015

19th August, 2015 (10 Comments)

The coverage of Sky Broadband and TalkTalk’s joint 940Mbps capable Fibre-to-the-Home (FTTH/P) broadband network in the city of York (Ultra Fibre Optic), which is being deployed with the help of Cityfibre, is continuing to expand and new coverage has recently been added to the project’s map.

superfast broadband from openreach bt sign

12th August, 2015 (0 Comments)

The Superfast West Yorkshire project in England has today announced that 97% of local premises can now access a “high-speed fibre broadband” (FTTC/P) service from BT, which means that the first deployment contract has completed ahead of its original end of September 2015 goal.

metronet uk logo

3rd August, 2015 (0 Comments)

Manchester-based ISP Metronet UK has announced that their hybrid superfast fibre optic and wireless broadband network has now been expanded to cater for businesses within the city of Bradford in West Yorkshire (England).

kc lightstream street cabinet

1st July, 2015 (3 Comments)

The incumbent telecoms operator for Hull in East Yorkshire, KC, has today published a new report which they claim proves the positive impact that their FTTP dominated roll-out of superfast broadband is having. Overall the local digital economy now accounts for £6.93bn per annum (24% of the total).

bt openreach staffordshire engineer

29th June, 2015 (6 Comments)

The Superfast West Yorkshire project in England, which is aiming to roll-out BT’s “high-speed fibre broadband” (FTTC/P) services to 97% of local homes and businesses by the end of September 2015 (708,000 total premises), has signed a new £13m deal to extend this to another 28,000 premises.


23rd June, 2015 (12 Comments)

Internet provider TalkTalk has revealed the first package and price details for their new 940Mbps capable Fibre-to-the-Home (FTTH/P) broadband network in the city of York (England), which as we revealed last month is being called Ultra Fibre Optic (UFO). Existing customers will effectively get it at “no extra cost“.


22nd June, 2015 (8 Comments)

The community built B4RN project, which is rolling out a 1000Mbps capable fibre optic broadband (FTTH) network to thousands of premises in rural Lancashire in England (inc. parts of Yorkshire and Cumbria), has uploaded an interesting new documentary film that charts their history and on-going work.

fibre optic bt boom

19th June, 2015 (2 Comments)

The Broadband East Riding project in Yorkshire (England) has signed a new Superfast Extension Programme contract with the government’s Broadband Delivery UK office, which should help the area to meet the goal of putting superfast broadband (24Mbps+) within reach of 95% by 2017.

openreach fttc cabinet with engineer smiling

27th May, 2015 (0 Comments)

The Superfast North Yorkshire project in England, which had been working with BT to make “fibre broadband” (FTTC/P) services available to 90% of local premises by the end of 2014 (86% for “superfast” speeds of 24Mbps+), has finally completed its first major deployment phase.. albeit seemingly somewhat later than planned.

b4rn fibre optic broadband dig - april 2015

26th May, 2015 (36 Comments)

It’s officially a shade over two years since the community built and funded B4RN (Broadband for the Rural North) project first put shovels to the ground and began building their own 1000Mbps capable fibre optic broadband network to connect remote parts of rural Lancashire (England). But with over 1,000 premises now live, there’s still plenty more to come.

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