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UK Internet Users Criticise Governments Poor Broadband Progress

Posted Monday, March 11th, 2013 (9:02 am) by Mark Jackson (Score 591)
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The results from 782 respondents to our latest monthly reader survey have revealed that over two thirds (70.8%) think the UK government is making “poor” progress towards its goal of improving the country’s national broadband infrastructure by 2015 (just 7.5% felt progress was “good“).

The UK government aims to make superfast broadband (25Mbps+) services available to 90% of people by 2015, yet it’s no secret that the project has faced a multitude of predominantly administrative, political and funding related delays, which have conspired to hamper its progress.

The culture secretary in particular, Maria Miller (MP), last year blamed “stifling EU bureaucracy” for the problem.

How would you rate the current UK government’s progress towards its 2015 broadband goals?
Poor – 70.8%
Average – 14.7%
Good – 7.5%
Don’t Know – 6.9%

Is the current government doing a better job for broadband than the previous ‘Labour’ one?
About the same – 36.4%
No – 36%
Yes – 15.9%
Don’t Know – 11.5%

Who is most to blame for the six month state aid clearance delay (broadband funding)?
UK Government – 46.9%
Don’t Know / Other – 26.9%
European Commission – 21.3%
ISPs – 4.7%

Politicians often like to lay the blame for all this at the feet of Europe, while the EU itself blames the problem on late paper work from the UK side (here). It’s perhaps understandable to see that ordinary people are similarly split, although the UK still takes most of the blame.

As a result of all these problems there’s now a very real danger of the national roll-out target slipping into 2016. It’s vital that the country’s leaders put aside their political blame games and instead work together to ensure that all the necessary legislation and paper work is completed.. and pigs do sometimes fly.

This month’s new survey asks whether or not the country should boost funding for superfast broadband and focus more on connecting rural areas first? Vote Here.

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