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UPD2 BT Confirm UK Launch Date for 80Mbps Superfast FTTC Broadband Upgrade

Monday, March 12th, 2012 (3:02 pm) - Score 2,960

BTOpenreach, which is responsible for providing UK ISPs with equal access to BT’s local and national telecoms and internet infrastructure, has confirmed that its new ‘up to’ 80Mbps (Megabits per second – download speed) superfast Fibre-to-the-Cabinet ( FTTC ) broadband speed upgrade will officially be introduced from “earlyApril 2012. The maximum upload speeds will also rise to 20Mbps.

The move is by no means a surprise as it coincides perfectly with the end of the 80Mbps trial period and, given the absence of any significant technical woes, there was no reason to delay. At present most ISP FTTC services, such as BT-Infinity, top out at a maximum of 40Mbps but this can be doubled by increasing the technology’s spectrum allocation (from 7MHz to 17MHz) within the Access Network Frequency Plan (ANFP).

Mike Galvin, Openreach’s MD of Network Investment, said:

We said we would double fibre speeds by this Spring and this is exactly what we have done. This is a significant milestone both for Openreach’s fibre network and for broadband speeds in the UK. The faster speeds will be available in a month’s time and so it is now up to broadband providers to decide how and when they offer these faster speeds to their customers. The platform is there and we are confident there will be demand for these enhanced services.”

At present BT’s new £2.5bn superfast broadband platform (FTTC / FTTP) is available to more than 7 million homes and businesses (it will reach about 40% of homes by the end of this year). The official plan is for the service to reach around 66% of UK premises by the end of 2014, although in theory it could reach 90% depending upon the somewhat controversial allocation of public funding from the government’s Broadband Deliver UK (BDUK) office.

It’s important to point out that FTTC is still a distance dependent technology, which means that it gets slower the further you are away from your local street cabinet (not exchange). Luckily most people live close enough to benefit but it can still leave many feeling excluded from similar upgrades.

On the flip side not all modems and routers will be able to cope with the new speed, which is a problem that we’ve seen crop up before (e.g. slower Wi-Fi kit bogging down the fixed line connectivity). One somewhat unofficial test is to check and see if your router can handle Gigabit Ethernet, if it can then you’ll probably be fine (so long as the N spec WiFi is able to keep pace too).

UPDATE 4:00pm

Note: The 80Mbps upgrade, once offered by your ISP, will be immediately available wherever BT’s FTTC service has already gone (no rollout period).

The actual launch date is also effective 10th April 2012. Further details can be found here:


UPDATE 4:33pm

TalkTalk are the first to announce a related package and price (here).

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53 Responses
  1. Avatar me says:

    could do with finding out how long it will take to roll out for the whole of the uk, 1 month, 6 months?

  2. Avatar Phil says:

    BT never metion if it available on all FTTC upgrade instant or roll out area by area ? Can you ask BT to confirm this please Mark J ?

  3. Avatar DTMark says:

    “We said we would double fibre speeds by this Spring and this is exactly what we have done.”

    No, you haven’t done anything of the sort. All you’ve changed is the “up to” speed.

  4. Mark Jackson Mark Jackson says:

    So far as I’m aware it should be available to everywhere that 40Mbps FTTC already goes.

  5. Avatar Phil says:

    Thanks Mark J. When will BT release next phase date for FTTC available date ? I still waiting for my exchange to get FTTC thumb up from BT. I think next phase due anytimes now ?

  6. Avatar Deduction says:

    quote”80Mbps (Megabits per second – download speed) superfast Fibre-to-the-Cabinet ( FTTC ) broadband speed upgrade will officially be introduced from “early” April 2012.”

    A) LIE one its UPTO 80Mb

    “We said we would double fibre speeds [b]by this[/b] Spring and this is exactly what we have done.”

    B) Well technically no as BY THIS would imply before an event occurs (as in the example of “by this time next year i will be a millionaire”) April is well into Spring time. Spring starts in the month of March… IDIOTS!

  7. Mark Jackson Mark Jackson says:

    It quite clearly says “up to” in the first paragraph Deduction.

  8. Avatar Tom Wakeland says:

    Will they be upgrading people already on 40mbps to 80 and if they are will the ppl on 40mbps FTTP also get the upgrade?

  9. Avatar Neil says:

    There is no mention of prices. Does anyone know if this is extra? Our is this a “free” upgrade to those that already get 40 Mbps?

  10. Mark Jackson Mark Jackson says:

    It’s really down to the ISP but TalkTalk has just announced an 80Mbps service that costs £5 more than their 40Mbps one.


  11. Avatar adslmax says:

    Sky better launch with 80/20 next month!

  12. Avatar Max says:

    Before upgrading there existing service maybe they should spend more money actually getting it too more first. I’m still sat here in a village of 15,000 people who can’t access anything higher than 2mbps. 1 mile up the road they have access too Virgins 100mbps service.

    The digital divide here is terrible.

  13. Avatar Deduction says:

    quote”It quite clearly says “up to” in the first paragraph Deduction.”

    Indeed you know that, I know that, we all know that…. But Mike Galvin, Openreach’s MD of Network Investment, clearly does not as he states speeds will double. The only speed they can likely come close to a GUARANTEE of doubling is the upload.

    Download speed and how much extra you will get with the upgrade depends on numerous things, such as condition and length of the copper cable to the fibre cab as well as a host more.

    There is no guarantee a persons speed will double, anything that involves copper in the loop which is decades old you cant guarantee anything.

    Some will see little difference, some may see more than double increase, to say peoples speeds as a whole on FTTC WILL DOUBLE though is cuckoo land dribble.

    He doesnt seem to know when Spring starts either. Even if BT want to argue Spring starts in April (which it does not), then where is the 300Mbps FTTP increase from 100Mbps they also promised “BY THIS” Spring….. Opps strike three… their out! 😀

  14. Avatar Somerset says:

    So when a builder says ‘I’ll be finished by Friday’ does he mean 23:59 on Thursday or during Friday?

  15. Avatar me says:

    does this mean that on april 10th, all 7 million homes that are able to get bt infinity will be able to get 80/20mb or will there be a roll-out area by area? over several weeks/months?

  16. Mark Jackson Mark Jackson says:

    As per the article update, it will be available to all 7 million but would still depend upon how your ISP chooses to offer it.

  17. Avatar TheManStan says:


    You are assuming here that the media are accurately reporting (no offence ISPreview) the date, some say “by” others by “in” Spring 2012.





    If you read the Openreach press briefing it says from Spring 2012… which gives them till May to get things sorted…


  18. Avatar TheManStan says:



    The media has variously reported it as “in” or “by” Spring 2012.
    “from Spring 2012” in the press release… that gives them till May to get things sorted.

  19. Avatar TheManStan says:

    Apologies 1st post seemed to hang…

  20. Avatar Phil says:

    @ TheManStan, You forget that BT does stated that 300Mbps will be in 2012 is FTTP, not FTTC! as FTTC will become 80Mbps and can do 110Mbps.

    There are two different sides FTTC and FTTP.

  21. Mark Jackson Mark Jackson says:

    What Phil said. FTTP takes the fibre to your doorstep for the fastest speeds (potentially up to 1Gbps) and FTTC takes the fibre to your street cabinet, while VDSL2 and the existing copper line carries it from cabinet to home for slower but still fast performance (potentially up to 100Mbps or possibly more).

  22. Avatar TheManStan says:

    I don’t disagree.

    What i was pointing out was that BT had stated FTTP speed increase was “from Spring 2012”, which was misquoted by some media as “by Spring 2012”. Which Deduction has taken as gospel and used as BT failing to meet it’s own target… which they are still quite capable of doing, but in this case have not…yet

  23. Avatar Deduction says:

    Mike Galvin, Openreach’s MD of Network Investment, said:

    “We said we would double fibre speeds by this Spring…”

    Either he is a liar then or BT keep shifting the goal posts.

    MAYBE it is both.

  24. Avatar Somerset says:

    So a builder who says he will finish by Friday means by the end of Thursday?

  25. If only I could join in the queries of this uplift of superfast broadband speed. But unfortunately that is not the case for me and the majority of the UK.

    I realise BT, BT Openreach are working flat out. I am not able to say the same about the UK Government’s BDUK (Broadband Delivery UnKnown)…

  26. Avatar Deduction says:

    If a builder says
    “I will be finished BY THIS Friday” it means exactly that. BEFORE FRIDAY.

    If they say…
    “I will be finished BY THE END OF Friday” it means exactly that. THE END OF FRIDAY.

    If they say…
    “I will be finished ON Friday” it means exactly that. They will finish ON FRIDAY.

    Not that hard to comprehend English even for BT and its shareholders, that ask the same obvious thing twice.

    Spring starts in March, this BT upgrade happens from April… Thus they are late.

    Maybe its another Alien language only BT know like “UPTO”, “UNLIMITED” and so much more. Apparently that means something else on their home planet also.

  27. Avatar Deduction says:

    They definitely do not know when the seasons start and end as their currently BT WINTER deals TV advert…
    Ends on 29.03.12. SO god only knows when their “Spring” deals start LOL
    Spring this year starts Tuesday, 20 March 2012, and ends Tuesday, 19 June 2012. Why they are offering a WINTER deal during PART OF Spring time is anyones guess.

  28. Avatar New_Londoner says:

    When I last checked April was in the Spring!

    You are once again challenging on a pedantic point that ignores how English is used in the real world. Using your example, when a builder says that he will finish something by Friday, he usually means during or by the end of Friday, not before Friday as you have suggested (that would be “by Thursday”). Anyway, does it really matter? The point is that FTTC specs will increase very soon!

    On the point of doubling or not of download speeds, how do you know that doubling the frequency won’t double the average attainable speed from 32-35Mbps to around 70Mbps? Let’s wait for the next Ofcom report to find out rather than rely on opinion uninformed by data!

    Finally, all very well name calling, but labellinng a named individual a liar is both childish and not wise, libel applies to the Internet too!

  29. Avatar Gadget says:

    Spring according to wiki is March to May, or vernal equinox to summer solstice (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spring_%28season%29), so we are not even talking about a fixed point in time but a somewhat variable period (after all how many people have heard the phrase “Spring is early/late this year?).

    So lets get back to the point of the article not semantics.

    Perhaps Deduction would also like to consider how he confused libel and slander in an earlier post before raising a(IMHO sideline) definition point?

  30. Avatar Deduction says:


    Its not hard to comprehend.

    The average attainable speed is not 32-35Mbps, are you taking that from a set of stats or survey you normally invalidate with dribble on here?

    Speed people will get is dependant on how far they are from the cabinet, and thats the same for any FTTC service around the globe. Your employers do not have a magic wand to make it different in the UK.

    Oh and i didn’t call anyone a liar suggest you re-read.

    I have also clearly demonstrated BT either shift goal posts or just do not know their seasons with the winter deals advert. Perhaps you would care to explain why they are offering a “WINTER” deal up until the 29th March? On second thoughts do not bother trying to think that through as obviously like the organisation as a whole you have no clue about the seasons.

    Its not my fault the company you work for is more dense than a box of spanners.

  31. Avatar Deduction says:


    If they previously meant the service would go live in Spring that is exactly what you would state…


    “The service will go live IN spring”
    “The service will go live DURING spring”

    You would not say…

    “The service will go live BY THIS spring”

    That would indicate BEFORE spring to any sane person with any grasp on this planets most used language.

    If you state BT there self also have previously…

    “The service will go live FROM Spring”

    That means the start of Spring. NOT before it, not after it.

    Spring starts the 21st March this year, the service starts roll out 10th April. They are late!

    If they meant “DURING” or “IN” SPRING you would say that. Everything indicates they meant before spring, they have failed and so has your argument.

    You can try to re-write the rules of grammar but ultimately like them you just look an idiot.

  32. Avatar Somerset says:

    The majority of people take ‘finished by Friday’ to mean by sometime during Friday.

    So ‘from spring’ has to mean the very first day of spring as specified rather than March/April/May time?

    You sound like someone called Carpetburn who was banned from posting elsewhere.

  33. Avatar Deduction says:

    If that is the case and they are correct with their promotions and seasons why is there a special “WINTER” deals offer from BT that expires on the 29th March 2012?

    A “WINTER” deals offer being offered in SPRING, care to explain that?

    No idea who Carpetburn is. You have asked me that before.

    BT have no idea how the seasons run or correct grammar to use for their offers.

  34. Avatar Give it a rest Deduction says:

    (Deduction’s getting desperate now, resorting to laying into semantics.)

    Deduction, do us all a favour and cease your BT Bashing. You don’t like BT, we get it. It’s getting very boring and tiresome having to skip past your nonsense all the time.

    ISPReview, is there and way to hide comments from specific users on this shiny new site? Because I don’t imagine for a second he is going to ever give it a rest.

  35. Avatar Deduction says:

    How about you give it a rest and comment on the story just as i originally did.
    Unfortunately BT trolls like to ask questions about peoples comments, not so quick to answer when the questions are lobbed back though.

  36. Avatar Gadget says:

    As Deduction suggests getting back to the speeds debate I’m happy to oblige. He questioned the assertion of speeds around 32-25Mbps – I’d suggest the comment is consistent with the Ofcom speed survey which showed a specific range of speeds for BT “up to 40Mbps” as being between 35.2 to 36.5Mbps in Nov 11 between 8pm to 10pm weekdays. source was http://www.thinkbroadband.com/news/5010-ofcom-speed-report-indicates-that-uk-average-has-risen-to-7-6-mbps.html

  37. Avatar Give it a rest Deduction says:

    See, just can’t help himself. Must be getting paid.

  38. Avatar Deduction says:

    Nice report….

    Pity you and New_londoner dont understand what average speed means.


    He like you thinks thats MOST people not the average.

    As to getting paid, paid by who? Some clandestine operation out to shout at stupid BT employees?

  39. Avatar Deduction says:

    Oh and as you like to repeat your questions ill now do the same…

    Why is there a special “WINTER” deals offer from BT that expires on the 29th March 2012?

    A “WINTER” deals offer being offered in SPRING, care to explain that?

    I guess the difference is i can answer your questions.

  40. Avatar Gadget says:

    I do know what average means and since I quoted a range it cannot be the average, what was quoted was the speeds at the quartile points see fig 1.6 in your own quoted link.

  41. Avatar Deduction says:

    Fig 1.6 clearly states that is the average speeds for the persons that took part in the testing. Furthermore it being only a small sample of people its entirely possible those speeds are not even indicative of the whole country average. Why you would think those speeds are typical or what “MOST” get i suspect only someone equally clueless at maths would comprehend which also doesn’t understand the word average or how a small sample is not indicative or a collective.

    Which ever persona hat you put on it appears you do not know the meaning of the word average and like to ask but not answer questions.

    Ill also ask again… (spot the pattern now)…

    If BT know their seasons…

    Why is there a special “WINTER” deals offer from BT that expires on the 29th March 2012?

    A “WINTER” deals offer being offered in SPRING, care to explain that?

    Put on your BT spokesperson hat and try to explain it, go on give the whole planet a good giggle.

  42. Avatar Gadget says:

    I would “suspect” that a range of data where the 25% and 7% percentile points were so close together was a very good representation of a clustered group with the inevitable few outlyers, and of course sample size matters so lets wait until the next Ofcom survey.

    @ Deduction – On the issue of your continued posts regarding BT’s winter deal in this thread I would suggest if it causes you that much angst you complain to the ASA and let them adjudicate.

    Getting back to what Deduction said in his original post in this thread Mark has corrected his first statement and no-one apart from himself seems to be bothered about the second. I also await an ASA judgement on his complaint about a an ad which also mentions a season.

    I await the inevitable “final word” from Deduction.

  43. Avatar themanstan says:


    Your arguments might be more palatable if you admitted when you are wrong.

    You are unable to admit you’ve misrepresented the article when you misquoted “upto”, it would have been trivial to admit the omission, but you chose to make it not your mistake… which is why no one can take you seriously. Anyone who isn’t big enough to admit this kind of insignificant error really lacks and substantive qualities.

    “…services start from Spring.” As for “FROM” it is a temporal preposition which requires the subject or a complementary noun for precision and exactness. On it’s own it does not mean the beginning, middle or end of spring. The sentence has been vaguely constructed deliberately. And yes, “from” can mean start, but as a verb not a noun so it can’t mean the beginning on its own.

    As for marketing, i don’t know any organisation (particulalry telecoms), that doesn’t play fast and free… so what if the promo runs into the beginning of Spring, the substantive part of the promo was for the majority of Winter.
    Skiing it’s a Winter sport, yes? I can still go skiing in Spring, plenty of snow in the alps still… doesn’t mean all ski operators are lying, skiing predominantly occurs in Winter.

    As for average, statistics are well known for being easily manipulated and analyses poorly constructed. An average is the mean value of a set of values… irrespective of the size. The fact the sample size was small does not mean that the value given is not an average… it still is. So you need to enunciate better, otherwise you end up with semantic confusion. What you are trying to say is the average obtained from the sample is not a representative value for the population as a whole. If you are going to critique, take your time and get it right.

  44. Avatar Deduction says:

    @Gadget If that ofcom data is so acurate then why do you persist in spewing diatribe that Virgin is congested. Reading the result as you are reading (THE WRONG WAY). Then Virgin speeds are better than BT across the entire product range.

    As to your other persona, A) Once again id ask if you please get some common sense and not post within an hour of one of your other personality disorders. and B) the word FROM…
    One good example there being….
    in a period of time starting at ⇒ “he lived from 1910 to 1970 ”

    As to BT and their dates and the ASA, i suggest you check out a prior decision against them for last years “Spring” deals….. Appears they don’t know when Summer starts either LMFAO

    Ill link to that on the ASA site if you wish ROFL

    Always a pleasure making you look stupid 🙂

  45. Avatar Somerset says:

    re “he lived from 1910 to 1970”. But not from 1 Jan 1910, some time in 1910.

    Please be polite, no need to be rude.

  46. Avatar Deduction says:

    Suggest you re-read that and click the link.
    “in a period of time STARTING AT”

    DOES NOT mean “sometime” in.

  47. Avatar Deduction says:

    The same goes for their use of BY spring…

    Another example of the use of the word by in a time frame…


    Starting the roll out in April means they are late. It is NOT the start of (IE FROM) Spring, the roll out has not been done BY (IE before or upto the start) of spring either.

    Anymore English lessons you require. I am happy to help.

  48. Avatar Rob Turner says:

    I have been following this forum and the various articles for the past couple of years or so, I cannot believe that someone could be so bias against an organisation, (no prizes for guessing this is aimed at Deduction by the way) I am by no means a big fan of BT but at least they are rolling out FTTC broadband across a wide swath of the country, the likes of VM et al.. will not do and are slowly improving broadband speeds with innovative technologies. I for one am grateful of the improvements they have introduced, it really is very tedious having you continuously spouting total misinformed rubbish.

  49. Avatar Deduction says:

    Apart from the person/s that support BT in every news item there was nothing positive really said about BT on this news item by anyone else.
    The fact you focused on me though (My initial comments basically only echoed what the story already stated) just leads me to believe you have spawned another new ID we will see regularly. Good try though.

    1. Avatar Rob Turner says:

      All I can say is I have added something positive,this is my opinion but because is does not fit with your agenda you try to imply I am not who I say I am…very sad. I have nothing more to add.

  50. Avatar Deduction says:

    I have never heard of that poster and most certainly do not post on that site with that ID.
    Does not look like they post very often either so no idea why you and your persona’s would think that is me.
    There only seems to be one person on this site with multiple usernames that keeps thinking that is me for some reason.

  51. Avatar deltamikealpha says:

    You’re focusing on the same points over and over, does it really matter that a Winter deal runs until a tiny bit into Spring? Especially with the ***** weather we’ve been having 😉 I’d personally read “by this Spring” as being done by spring-start – but it doesn’t really upset me. And personally – I’d see April as the start of Spring – hell, most years we still see bitter cold and frost in March.

    The fact is that a new profile will mean speeds rise, it’ll double most people – I’m on a 36mbit line. If I see no increase, it’s tough, disappointing, but tough – but chances are that won’t be the case – it’ll likely almost double.

    I do think it’d be nice to see high speed internet in the less obvious places – but BT is a business – and money will always drive that.

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