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UPD Sky UK Secretly Launch 76Mb Superfast Broadband Sky Fibre Pro Package

Thursday, April 26th, 2012 (8:02 am) - Score 9,754

Customers of Sky Broadband (BSkyB) have discovered that the ISP is now offering a secret Sky Fibre Pro package, which delivers superfast broadband download speeds of up to 76Mbps and upload speeds of up to 19Mbps for £30 a month. Otherwise the service mirrors the recently launched and cheaper SkyBroadband Unlimited Fibre / 40Mbps package (here).

New customers will also need to bundle the Sky Talk (calls) and Sky Line Rental (£12.25 a month) service alongside the package which, provided you only take the ‘Sky Talk Freetime‘ (free evening and weekend calls to UK landlines) option, would push the total cost up to at least £42.25 a month.

A Sky Spokesperson told ISPreview.co.uk:

Sky yesterday made available a new fibre broadband product – Sky Fibre Unlimited Pro. It offers speeds of up to 76Mb and is available for customers calling Sky. With truly unlimited downloads and an upload speed of 19Mb, it’s available at a cost of £30 per month.

It is currently only available to customers who do not already have Sky Broadband or Sky Fibre, although we are working on making it available to existing Sky Broadband customers who would like to experience these faster speeds. As with Sky Fibre Unlimited, customer must also take their calls and line rental from Sky. They must also be in a Sky network area.

Interested customers should call us.

We note that only some customers have had any luck spotting the service via Sky’s Availability Checker, while others have been offered it over the phone (as per the statement). The package itself does not show on Sky’s website, although few will be surprised that the operator would launch such a service after the recent 80Mbps FTTC technology upgrades and related adoption by rival ISPs (e.g. BTInfinity).

On the other hand £30 is quite a jump from the otherwise impressively priced Sky Broadband Unlimited Fibre, which delivers up to 40Mbps (2Mbps uploads) for just £20 a month with “truly unlimited” usage. In an ideal world Sky would also see its way to providing the new service alongside a good router, instead of the somewhat underwhelming budget kit that they offer today.

UPDATE 08:28am

Changed article to include Sky’s official statement.

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10 Responses
  1. Avatar Adam says:

    i wont be buying this from sky i will be moving to BT as Bt’s top package is cheaper than skys 80mb offering

  2. Avatar me says:

    can’t find this 76mb tier on their website, does anyone have a link?

    1. Mark Jackson Mark Jackson says:

      As per the article, you can only order it over the phone.

  3. Avatar Deduction says:

    Assuming you wish to pay for each service be it from BT or Sky monthly right now and ignoring any other package deals from both companies the costs are as follows…

    BT Infinity 80Mb down 20Mb up is £20 per month for the FIRST 3 MONTHS
    and then £26 per month
    BT line rental is £14.60 per month

    The contract is 18 Months
    The total is therefore….
    £14.60 (line rental) x 18 (months) = £262.80
    £20 (First 3 months infinity) x 3 (months) = £60
    £26 (normally Infinity charge) x 15 (months remaining on contract) = £390

    Total for complete package for 18 months (the contract length) is thus

    Sky costs as follows…

    Sky line rental = £12.25 per month
    Sky fibre Pro = £30 per month

    The contract is 12 months
    The total is therefore…
    £12.25 (line rental) x 12 (months) = £147
    £30 (Sky fibre pro) x 12 (months) = £360

    Total for complete package for 12 months (the contract length) is thus…

    Or the long and short of it… BT will cost you less per month but due to the 18 month contract in total for the contract length atleast you will end up paying more.

    It should also be noted both can not really be compared anyway. BT infinity is not unlimited, according to new ASA rules (Thats why its no longer advertised as such, P2P, bit torrent, newsgroups etc are throttled) according to their own terms you may in addition be throttled if you are a heavy (whatever that is) user.

    Sky, and looking at just the cost for broadband is £4 a month more but you dont have to worry about restrictions.

    Its pretty much a toss up really, id personally sooner keep my phone line with BT much as i hate them, it gives you options with regards to who you get broadband from and if you have a phone fault they are more eager to fix it than if your voice service is with another provider.

    Im seriously considering Sky, though im not a huge fan of them either. It is the cheapest REAL Unlimited FTTC in the country so far from what i can tell. Would had been nicer if you didnt have to move your phone line to Sky though.

    In short plus and minuses for both products.

    1. Avatar Sky More Expensive says:

      Following on the logic of “Deduction” – While Sky is cheaper over the length of the contract, if you assume the pricing remains constant (which is unlikely as Sky will likely increase the price of this service however they may market a “price freeze” so it stays at £30 per month) and you are happy with the service you are going to continue paying Sky for next 6 months to have the service for 18months (the same as the BT contract).

      Therefore over the 18months of having Fibre:

      – BT Cost: £712.80
      – Sky Cost: £507.00 + 6 X (£12.25 + £30) = £760.50

      => Sky Costs more! – £47.70 more.

      Then if you look at the on-going monthly costs to continue with fibre;

      – BT Costs: £40.60 per month
      – Sky Costs: £42.25 per month

      You need to consider if this difference is worth the added value Sky brings.

  4. Avatar Deduction says:

    As stated its not yet on their website, the faster speed package from sky was only announced a few days ago

  5. Avatar DTMark says:

    BE claim(ed) that such a service is impossible – at least at wholesale prices.

    Sky appears to be the only one on the platform without limits.

    Is this the GEA approach?

    Are BE wrong?

    Or, is it that Sky have the advantage of being able to run as a loss-leader versus BE thanks to their multiple services/packages?

  6. Avatar Deduction says:

    BE make a lot of wild claims, not only about fibre but their new network, how network issues are not their fault (blame users, blame the BBC, say its only affecting a small amount) none of which from what i can remember in the last 6+ months have been true.

    If someone else is doing it, loss leader or not then obviously a TRUE unlimited FTTC product at a good price can be done. I wouldn’t even think twice about anything the crackpots at BE have to say about anything.

  7. Avatar Paul says:

    Simply The Best

    Back on 5th May this year I had Sky Fibre Unlimited 40 Mbp/s D/L & 2 Mbp/s U/L installed.My broadband speed was 39 Mbp/s D/L avg & 1.8 Mbp/s U/L avg,a very good service.On the 7th June I upgraded to Sky Unlimited Fibre Pro 80 Mbp/s D/L and 20 Mbp/s U/L.Again a brilliant service which gives me average speeds of 78 Mbp/s D/L and 18.5 Mbp/s U/L,considering I live about 50 meters from my street cabinet I’m more than happy with my broadband speed.This service is not advertised on Sky’s web site and is only available by calling “The Fibre Team” at Sky.Anyway the great thing with both of Sky’s Fibre services is the truly unlimited usage plus the fact there’s no traffic management speed restrictions.

  8. Avatar cyclope says:

    It will be interesting to see if either stalk talk or sky begin to offer a fiber product that is free from bt profiling and their DLM , hopefully that will happen, if talk talk did it,and also made it available on a wholesale level, so those who don’t/won’t go Full LLU could have an unlimited with no throttling or censoring,with the lowest ping times as could have fastpath permanently on

    There my needs out of any service ASDL or FTTC i would even consider a capped (peak times) FTTC service if it was free of DLM/BTprofiling , throttling of any protocols and free of filtering/censoring

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