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Hyperoptic UK Bring Ultrafast 1Gbps Broadband to Lanterns Court Building

Wednesday, July 18th, 2012 (9:14 am) - Score 2,017

Urban focused UK ISP Hyperoptic has quietly expanded the coverage of its ultra-fast 1Gbps (Gigabits per second) capable fibre optic (FTTB) broadband service to cover the Lanterns Court / City Nites block in London’s bleakly named Isle of Dogs, which is home to around 600 apartments.

The provider, which has remained somewhat tight-lipped about its future roll-out plans since deploying into the riverside development of Prices Court in Wandsworth (London) last year (here), is understood to have already connected 100 units (homes) in the block.

But the ISP will need to do a lot more if it is to counter BT’s plan for similar High Rise Buildings (here). BT’s current pilot of Fibre-to-the-Premises (FTTP) technology is also focused on the same area of London but similarly only covers a small number of buildings (e.g. West India Quay, Canary Riverside and Port East), although they’re looking for a further 1,000 buildings to take part.

Brian Doherty, Hyperoptics Director of Sales, said:

In many ways, Canary Wharf is the heartbeat of London, making the Docklands a hub for business and leisure travelers. However, the broadband in the area has suffered with Poplar internet Exchange being one of the most congested Exchanges in the UK.

This is why our direct fibre approach is such a good match for City Nites – as it bypasses this congestion and gives the travellers pure speed and an unparalleled broadband experience, making their stay even more enjoyable.”

Most Isle of Dogs based internet connections are served by the Poplar telephone exchange, which allegedly only delivers an average broadband download speed of 2.5Mbps (Megabits per second).

Still we’re left wondering whether or not Hyperoptic will ever release details of its planned roll-out, especially with BT breathing down their necks. BT has a knack for targeting areas that they have previously neglected, albeit often seemingly only after a rival enters local the market. Credits to Thinkbroadband for spotting this news.

UPDATE 9:31am

Hyperoptic have just issued an official press release on this development and we’ve changed the quote above to reflect that.

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48 Responses
  1. Avatar Phil says:

    why is Hyperoptic kept it quietly expanded ?

  2. Avatar Deduction says:

    Maybe unlike some they dont feel the need to shout they are actually doing work.

  3. Avatar zemadeiran says:

    Actions speak louder than words….

  4. Avatar FrootyTooty says:

    Cherry Picking.

    1. Avatar Deduction says:

      Like BT and FTTC then DOH!

    2. Avatar Tom says:

      Should internet providers be a charity? Seems sensible to start with the most profitable, newsworthy and populated areas first.

    3. Avatar Deduction says:

      When its your own money id agree with that Tom.

    4. Avatar Tom says:

      I’ve not bothered researching it much but I assume you are asserting that Hyperoptic have been government funding?

  5. Avatar Deduction says:

    No im asserting they have not and agree for that reason UNLIKE OTHERS they have every right to pick and choose what areas they roll out to.

    1. Avatar Tom says:

      I see, I misunderstood the comment.

    2. Avatar FibreFred says:

      AFAIK every UK ISP is privately owned. All privately owned companies can choose to roll out where they want (i.e. profitable) so.. agreed.

    3. Avatar Deduction says:

      Not a very “private” company when you are given “public” funds though are you.

      Any company (which again for clarification Hyperoptic AFAIK are not one) which takes tax payer money should have no right as to pick and choose where they spend the public purse. If the government give you money to do a job they have every right to dictate where the money is spent before it is grabbed.

      If a company wants to pick and choose it should spend its own funds.

    4. Avatar Somerset says:

      We await the links to show how all the existing BT FTTC rollout has received public funding.

    5. Avatar Deduction says:

      Where did i say in my statement it had?

      Of course at the same time if we want facts BT havent rolled out to the latest BS 11 million figure they are claiming either, with or without public money.

      Its a pity BT like its fans cant say anything which makes sense or concentrate long enough to even know where a decimal point should be placed.

      Stupid is as stupid does seems apt at about this moment.

    6. Avatar Somerset says:

      Why do you dispute the 11 million figure, what do you think it is and why? No company publishes incorrect numbers to shareholders.

  6. Avatar Deduction says:

    Its certainly not available to 11 Million premises as your CEO Mr Livingston seems to think, perhaps you should write to him and let him know.

    Or are you going to argue BTs data is right and everyone elses is wrong?

    Even though the only data BT supply is based on “exchange” numbers NOT numbers who are actually connected to a cabinet and can get the product.

    The 11 million figure is based on nothing more than exchanges that have been enabled and them like the idiots they are when it comes to maths, adding up the amounts connected to an enabled exchange and assuming all those can get FTTC, even though around 50% (might be a bit more or less than that) are not even connected to a FTTC cab.

    Its typical of BT……. IE DUMB!

  7. Avatar Deduction says:

    PS dont listen to me though just click the Ofcom story about Superfast broadband right below this one.

    1. Avatar Deduction says:

      PPS… BASED ON YOUR OWN 33% guesstimate on availability here…

      and 24 million homes in the UK that means with a very simple bit of maths it is available to 7.92Million homes. NOT 11 Million. Or in other simple terms thats less than 3 quarters of BTs nonsense claims.

      So unless you wish to change your own opinion also, ill go by your own figures. Unless you are also saying in addition to constantly questioning people you are also going around and spread FUD???

      Thank you again for your question LOL

    2. Avatar Somerset says:

      There are approx. 30M home and business addresses.

    3. Avatar Deduction says:

      Even if the 11 Million included business premises which it doesnt….



      Your maths and BTs still fails as 33% (your assumed figure again) of 30 Million = 9.9 Million. NOT 11 Million. Or in that case only just over three quarters of the figure they claim.

      Would you like to continue this discussion about the faulty abacus you and BT seem to own?

      Or maybe for once you are going to demonstrate some intellect and realise the 11 Million claim is utter nonsense based on their figures and the figures you keep changing over and over. Then again i doubt that.

    4. Avatar Somerset says:

      Our engineers are rolling out fibre at pace bringing fibre broadband to over 2m more homes and businesses in the quarter and it’s now available to over 11m premises.


    5. Avatar Gadget says:

      According to the ONS (http://www.communities.gov.uk/housing/housingresearch/housingstatistics/housingstatisticsby/householdestimates/livetables-households/) there were over 26m households in the UK in 2008 so lets just correct Deduction’s 24m claim for starters.
      Lets also separate homes, which is what the Ofcom report is counting from premises which also refers to business premises and is what is counted in the BT figures.

  8. Avatar Deduction says:

    Well if that is true your figure of 33% is FUD as that based on even 30 Million premises does not equal anything near 11 Million premises (it equals 9.9 Million), let alone OVER 11 Million. Someone is lying either its you or them. Which is it please?

    Either way you lose this argument as either you have lied in a previous news item or they are lying about their 11+ Million figure.

    Either way again, you have a broken abacus.

    1. Avatar Deduction says:

      Just to clarify again…… 33% coverage…

      Was in deed your claimed coverage figure for this very month wasnt it?

      You really need to stop lying on here….. ho hum.

    2. Avatar Somerset says:

      Just quoting BT figure of 11M from link which equals 36% based on 30M. Have BT quoted any percentages?

  9. Avatar Deduction says:

    PPS regarding your link…..

    Ironic as i initially pointed out BT dont know where a decimal point should go…

    Looking at your link confirms that allegation also. They certainly dont know where it belongs when doing columns of figures for stats and finance. Especially in that link you provided (someone needs to go back to school and learn what column you put a PENCE figure in… NO dullards it doesnt go in a column what a POUNDS figure should go in).
    No wonder they are easily confused with figures.
    BT maths…… Like its fans….. PRICELESS!

  10. Avatar Deduction says:

    You stated coverage was 33%, you asked what i base the lie of 11 Million premises on….. I base it on your own FUD. Please stop lying on this site in future to prevent confusion.

    On a separate note thank you for the admission what you have to say is lies.

  11. Avatar Somerset says:

    Why lies, BT state 11M homes and businesses. That’s only published figure we have. Work out percentages if you like.

    1. Avatar Deduction says:

      Its very simple to follow. Either BTs 11 Million figure is a lie or you tell lies on this website.

      YOU stated this…

      YOU also stated this…

      33% (coverage) of 30 Million (amount of premises) = 9.9 Million (availability). NOT 11 Million.

      Thus if BTs 11 million figure is true that makes information you provide on this site nothing but lies.

      Ill ask again, please confirm who is telling the porkie pies. Is it you or BT because your figures and BTs figures do not agree with each other.

      Ill also ask again as maths obviously is not your strong point, do you have a broken abacus?

      Please continue as per usual its fun watching you try clamber out of a hole you have dug yourself into.

      In future before you question people, perhaps it would be sensible to try to remember what you have stated.

  12. Avatar Somerset says:

    Restart the discussion. BT quote 11M premises (home and business) passed. 1109 exchanges enabled on current list. 30M total premises in UK.

    Premises data per exchange available on SamKnows for analysis.

    What’s the issue?

    1. Avatar Deduction says:

      No it says “available” to 11 million premises not “passes” nice try though. Oh and as you are now complaining about posts im done with you and your contradictory figures.

    2. Avatar Somerset says:

      Passed and available mean the same thing. Customers can order.

    3. Avatar Deduction says:

      So is it 9.9 Million or 11 Million?

  13. Avatar Somerset says:

    BT quote 11M premises (home and business) passed.

    1. Avatar Deduction says:

      And you quoted 33% of 30 Million premises which equals its available to 9.9 Million people.

      Instead of skirting the question and looking more silly, ill ask again and keep asking to show to everyone how silly you are in not answering…

      Whos figures are correct yours or BTs?

      Its very simple, you have dug yourself a hole and that is why you can not answer a very simple question.

      You love to question others on here, rather than comment on the news item, which i may add is what started this debate. Funny you dont like to answer questions though. What is the matter, dont like a dose of your own medicine?

      Heres a suggestion either hush entirely, or answer the simple question. That way you wont look dumb to the entire world.

    2. Avatar Somerset says:

      33% from Ofcom (31% + 1%/month). 11M from BT. Clearly BT know the actual numbers and therefore correct.

    3. Avatar Deduction says:

      There is no mention of a 33% figure from ofcom, it is your opinion it increases 1% per month, an opinion which i also explained is wrong.

      At least we finally got to the bottom of it, figures you quote are lies.

  14. Avatar Gadget says:

    There are an awful lot of figures from Ofcom regarding broadband coverage as part of the 2012 Communication Market Report, in fact the figure of 33% does come up there for the coverage in England. http://www.thinkbroadband.com/news/5350-superfast-broadband-available-to-60-of-uk-households.html contains the overall table.

    1. Avatar Deduction says:

      LMFAO you must be the same person thats 33% of England not the ENTIRE United Kingdom which the fool with his 33% of 30 Million premises is on about LMFAO.

      A quick look at that chart clearly shows
      FTTC broadband availability UK = 31% England = 33%

      Which once again no matter how you look at it makes the BT figure of 11 Million utter BS.

      Keep going though, perhaps use the GMAN ID next, you aint used that on here for a while….. LMFAO (over and over)

    2. Avatar Gadget says:

      Perhaps you could try re-reading my post without any automatic bias or delusions of multi-id paranoia!

      1) The post merely pointed out where such figures might have come from, you chose to read into it some kind of attack.

      2) If you read the report in shows an annotation for the FTTC figure which states “Ofcom estimate the proportion of homes able to receive FTT service” and just for the avoidance of doubt the link is http://stakeholders.ofcom.org.uk/market-data-research/market-data/communications-market-reports/cmr12/market-context/uk-1.002

      3) So very clearly as you have acknowledged in this thread (perhaps after you have actually looked at the chart?)the 33% figure does exist in a table in the Ofcom report which you claimed it did not in your post on 31st July at 12.04am where you said “There is no mention of a 33% figure from ofcom, it is your opinion it increases 1% per month, an opinion which i also explained is wrong”

      4) The 1% figure (without wishing to speak for Somerset) can be inferred from a growth of 15% in 12 months also from the table in the report.

      5) Careful reading before jumping to the keyboard reveals BT quoting PREMISES not homes.

      Whilst I side with Voltaire (http://www.brainyquote.com/quotes/quotes/v/voltaire109645.html)perhaps I should make an exception in your case?

  15. Avatar Deduction02 says:

    1) Only figures from me are accurate ones for the UK

    2) Yep 33% FOR ENGLAND ONLY its 31% for the UK from your links, not 33% like your other idiot troll persona claimed.

    3) I was never talking about ENGLAND only figures in the first place but the entire UK. But if you want to try to be clever (not that its ever gonna happen) fine…….. 33% based on JUST ENGLANDS PREMISES which is under 24 million, want to base figures on that, ok. So the rollout is even less than 9 Million premises now. (I trust you can calculate 33% of 24 Million) Is that your new claim? Which ever ID you use you lose your figures are a lie.

    4) The actual claim made was it grows at 1% per month, as seen here http://www.ispreview.co.uk/index.php/2012/07/superfast-broadband-available-to-60-percent-of-uk-homes-but-low-uptake-remains.html#comment-11582 it did not and doesnt. SOme months it did not grow others it grew more than 1%. Again his maths is wrong.

    5) Indeed he should had never claimed 33% of 30 Million premises which equates to 9.9 Million in the first place. Which makes either him or BT a liar.

    As to quotes. I believe in the simple one of “stupid is as stupid does”. You follow that and the lips it was spoken from nicely.

    To even try to convince anyone you are a different individual which has popped up on A) a news article 3 weeks old B) several pages away from the front page C) to try to defend figures that make no sense is totally brain dead, even for you. Actually no i take that back for you its entirely “normal”.

    Perhaps you would like to explain how BTs roll out is available to 11 Million premises based on 31% or even 33% when factoring in the total amount of premises in either just England or the Entire UK?????????

    Think about that, it should have you playing with your broken marbles for hours.

  16. Avatar Gadget says:

    As you are obviously still monitoring this thread then by your logic I am also you……just accept that of the 26m households in the UK perhaps more than 1 person disagrees with you.

    Here’s how you can get to 11m million. There are at least 26m households in the UK based on ONS stats (link provided earlier). There are approximately 3.5m businesses so we have a total around 30m premises but lets say 29.5 to keep the maths straight.

    Now the Ofcom report said 31% coverage in UK at Dec 11 with a growth over the year of 15%. So this would put a June coverage at around 31+7.5 or 38.5 percent.

    Now watching the decimal point very carefully as I know you do this would produce a coverage of 29,500,000 x 0.385 which is 11,3577,500 households and businesses.

    So that is how it is possible to view a figure of 11m premises covered as a reasonable claim.

    1. Avatar Somerset says:

      You can’t say 11M is a reasonable claim by starting with percentages. BT count available premises.

    2. Avatar Deduction02 says:

      quote”Now the Ofcom report said 31% coverage in UK at Dec 11 with a growth over the year of 15%. So this would put a June coverage at around 31+7.5 or 38.5 percent.”

      It says no such thing…
      SEE PAGE 283

      It clearly states the 31% figure is for MARCH 2012 NOT DEC 2011….. YOUR MATHS AND FIGURES FAIL AGAIN.

    3. Avatar Deduction02 says:

      fURTHERMORE your ONS link shows nothing you claim, it states……
      “The number of households in England is projected to grow to 27.5 million in 2033”

      Suggest you try to live in the present.

    4. Avatar Deduction02 says:

      Its pretty laughable if you are now trying to claim since MARCH 2012 till now (thats 4 months to the day as i type, IE Start of AUGUST 2012) the percentage coverage figure has increased from 31% to 38.5%……

      Im sure it would even be a wet dream of BT thereself to be able to manage 7.5% increase inside of 4 months (thats 1.875% increase month on month if you are still keeping up with real maths, which obviously you aint and wasnt long ago).

      SO much for your and the other IDs claim of 1% growth per month LMFAO

    5. Avatar Thursday says:

      ‘Of course at the same time if we want facts BT havent rolled out to the latest BS 11 million figure they are claiming either, with or without public money.’

      All agree 11M is correct?

    6. Avatar Deduction says:

      I agree someone with its 9.9 Million claim is a liar.

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