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Ripley Town Residents Challenge Obstructive BT FTTC Broadband Cabinets

Thursday, July 12th, 2012 (10:51 am) - Score 2,845

Some 60 residents in the Derbyshire UK town of Ripley have handed a petition to BTOpenreach that calls for one of its new superfast broadband (FTTC) street cabinets, which is placed on a corner at the very end of Leamington Street, to be moved because, they claim, it could cause a potentially fatal car crash.

The corner use to have one of BT’s older cabinets, which was considerably shorter and allowed drivers approaching the junction to see around the turn, while BT’s new one appears to block the view for practically anybody who doesn’t own an off-road (4×4) Chelsea tractor. BT typically does not require planning permission to install street cabinets, except in certain areas.

Resident Mark Pearson said (Ripley and Heanor News):

It’s dangerous, it’s a real safety risk and it will not be long before someone is seriously injured or killed. You used to be able to see between the telegraph pole and the cabinet – now you just have to pull out and hope for the best.”

Sadly issues like the one above are nothing new and BT, after initially refusing to move the cabinet, has now at least promised to take a “fresh look” at the problem. But a spokesperson for the operator warned, “that’s not to say we are definitely going to move the cabinets“. Indeed moving the cabinet would be costly and tedious.

Thinkbroadband has cleverly managed to locate a picture of the OLD cabinet via this Google Maps link, which shows that the turn was already difficult to navigate even before BT plugged one of its bigger boxes in. Perhaps a better solution than the massive upheaval of having to move the whole cabinet might simply be to install a street mirror, which would allow drivers to see any oncoming traffic as they reach the junction.

As usual it should be remembered that, for most people, being close to a superfast broadband cabinet could bring huge benefits from faster internet access. Any decision thus needs to be tempered against the impact or potential loss of that service.

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82 Responses
  1. Kyle says:

    That junction is the norm around my village; in fact, I think there is definitely more visibility (even with the imaginary FTTC cabinet)!

    People with nothing better to do…

  2. Colin Samson says:

    WHY does the door of the cabinet always have to face the road? A fairly simple solution would be to ROTATE the cabinet by about 90°, so that the much narrower side profile faces the road. That would cause much less of an obstruction to the view of drivers, at minimal cost to BT.

    1. Deduction says:

      That would be using something called common sense something large parts of BT do not have

    2. FibreFred says:

      So your solution is to rotate the cab , block the footpath and obscure the road completely ?

    3. Colin Samson says:

      The cabinet shown in the photo above, is on a grassed area, not on a footpath; rotating it would not obstruct the footpath & would improve visibility for drivers.

    4. FibreFred says:


      That is a stock photo, nothing to do with the story, you don’t even know where the road ends or if it blocks anything!

  3. Onephat says:

    Like I’ve said before if they want to put one in my lounge I’d be happy !!

    1. Deduction says:

      [abuse removed]

    2. Deduction says:

      Still a stupid thing to say and not abuse. How do they think several pair of current cabling are going to be routed to their lounge.

    3. zemadeiran says:


      Can I ask politely if you grew up in the UK?

      Please do not take this the wrong way.

    4. zemadeiran says:

      Can you imagine how it would look in the lounge and how astheically pleaseing to the eye it would be? We are not even scratching the surface in regards to the number of fantastic uses it could be put to!

      You could stick your lcd on the top with robot face wallpaper which would smile sometime 🙂

      If you attached a chiller to it, you would have a perfect symbiosis of vdsl2+/beer.

      The mind boggles…

    5. Onephat says:

      I think your taking my posts far to literally. I was saying I would be quite happy with one anywhere near me if it improved my broadband speeds. it’s a open forum so I’m quite entitled to my opinion. In over 7 years mark hasn’t felt the need to moderate any of my posts so I think him and ther long standing ispr users see the amusing side. Maybe if you feel the need to pst abuse you should leave the forum?

    6. Colin Samson says:

      Oh dear, some people just don’t have ANY sense of humour!

  4. SpencerUk says:

    If I was BT, I’d rip the FTTX out and put it somewhere else.

  5. Onephat says:

    Looking at that picture it’s not on the junction it’s just before. Why don’t the idiotic residents just stop at the junction and look both ways, rather than trying to jump the gun and not othering to stop and look.

    1. Timeless says:

      because lm sure it was just an excuse.. seems a few residents around here dont like the new street cabinets which are being fitted in the area slowly. and what lve found is that those who are against them being fitted either dont have broadband and are of the opinion that they look ugly and their addition to their streets wont be of any use to them as they dont need or want broadband.

      then there are the others who have broadband but just think the boxes are ugly and that their connections do what they want already.. suffice to say l believe the elderly and older generations dont like change and love to complain.. apart from having issues with the aesthetics the rest of what they say are just excuses!! (please note these are just my observations in general of those against the cabinets)

    2. Colin Samson says:

      The cabinet shown in the picture is NOT a “Fibre” cabinet; those are much taller & also a bit wider. That picture shows the cabinet that was there before the new cabinet was installed.

      (I’ve just realised too that the picture at the very top of this article is not the actual cabinet being discussed! – Silly me.)

    3. Timeless says:


      theres a big difference between what l said and what you said, after all l never insulted the intelligence of anyone in my generalisations, but it seems in your case you cant even be respectful in debate.

    1. Kyle says:

      What have you ‘found’? Mark posted the link to Streetview within the article.

      FTTC deploys an additional cabinet, so that cabinet will still be in use.

    2. Deduction says:

      Its found out its confused as always

    3. Colin Samson says:

      The cabinet shown in the picture is NOT a “Fibre” cabinet; those are much taller & also a bit wider. That picture shows the cabinet that was there before the new cabinet was installed.

      (I’ve just realised too that the picture at the very top of this article is not the actual cabinet being discussed! – Silly me.

  6. zemadeiran says:

    I have a suggestion!

    BT can cover it with a tarpaulin made from the new meta materials which are able to bend light AKA the invisibility cloak that is in use by the US and UK military.

    Problem sorted… Although there may be an issue when one of the BT engineers needs to find it again.

    1. zemadeiran says:

      Zemadeiran, U Da Man!

  7. Bodincus says:

    What a bunch of sad, sad people… Have you seen the picture of them on the local paper?

    And the friggin’ cabinet is shorter than the brick wall, and the view to the right is severely obscured already.

    But I guess Mr Pearson doesn’t want his beautiful curved brick wall demolished, or the leafy, huge and tall hedge on the left hand side of Leamington Street that completely blocks the view of traffic coming from the left chopped down to a safe height.

    No, the slightly larger cabinet is a danger to drivers.

    Please, just f*** off and either install a mirror – that you should have put way before – or learn to drive.

    I hope BT accepts to move the cabinet and charges these sorry excuse of humans a gazillion quid a head.

  8. Deduction says:

    Maybe his wall was there before the current and old cabinet.

    Why should they demolish their wall to suit an organisation that just wants to plop cabinets where-ever it wants?

    This isnt the first time BT have shoved cabinets in a stupid place. The cabinet both the old and new is in a silly place.

    It can indeed be argued it blocks the view of traffic. I can only hope the idiots that think BT have every right to shove cabinets where they please are never involved in a road traffic accident where a BT cabinet can be attributed possible blame. Actually no im gonna be cruel, i hope you are and then maybe you will change your view.

  9. Telecom Engineer says:

    And this is the sort of crap which makes companies ignore such complaints. There is nothing at all wrong with this. Now I have seen a pole in the middle of an alley, poles put on corners of driveways and cabinets (the big ones) put outside peoples windows for no good reason – these are silly things which got complained about an rightfully moved.
    This situation is far far different, the view is hardly hindered, its the right side, cars drive on left – field of vision not obstructed. It replaces an existing copper box which would have had multiple engineering visits with all their barriers, vans parked near etc each week – now its is a fttc cab which will hardly ever be touched.
    Bt would have chosen that position because a) it is sound and has been a copper cab for decades without complaint, b) it will already have duct work existing reducing build costs which could have been the fine line between being economically viable or not.
    People complaining about this cab are taking limited resources away from genuine issues such as listed above.
    I once had a guy being very aggressive and abusive because BT had put a new pole in his street (to meet new wire height regulations) and was very peeved I wouldnt entertain him beyond giving him the address to write to (did he expect me to just unplug it and put it on top of the transit?) – his final outburst was “IF THE COUNCIL WONT LET ME PARK MY CARAVAN ON THIS ROAD THEN YOU CANT PUT A POLE HERE!”
    Moral – the world is full of people who will complain about anything – often because they have their own gripes and want to make the rest of the world just as miserable (not this is not a comment about anyone in this story).

  10. FibreFred says:

    Why are they petitioning BT? If there is a genuine safety issue simply inform the highways agency and ask them to investigate, if they side with the residents I’m sure they’ll ensure its moved?

  11. FibreFred says:

    “You used to be able to see between the telegraph pole and the cabinet – now you just have to pull out and hope for the best.”

    So they were looking between the pole and cabinet before and pulling out? I’m surprised there hasn’t been more accidents in the past!

    1. As my name is blocked... says:

      For clarification the cabinet they used to look between which you are quick to shout at them about to see the traffic can be seen in this image and is further up the road (about 5-6 feet further up the road by the looks of it).
      the new cabinet which they are standing next to is the one that causes the obstruction. The older cabinet is further up the road.

      I also note BT have been kind enough to not only place it right on top of a junction but to place the new cabinet on paving slabs originally design for the blind to let them know when they have completed crossing the road. Im sure they will be pleased when they walk straight into the thing.

      The trouble with BT especially some of their engineers including ones (or people that pretend to be them) that post here are they have no common sense. Mind you thats not shocking as most that defend their idiot practices like this also seem to be a bit dim.

    2. FibreFred says:

      You are supposed to pull up to a junction and check for traffic, not take a sly peek between a pole & cabinet and pull out.

      Like I say its one for the Highways Agency they can sort things out like this no bother.

    3. As my name is blocked... says:

      Thats the only thing you have correct they should be reporting this to the highways department of the local authority. They have the power to remove anything considered an obstruction. The reason (and to balance this out a bit) i bet they have not done that is because they may deem not only the cabinet is an obstruction but also the wall.

      There was an old goat where i used to live who would not chop his hedges back often enough right on top of a junction. He got 3 visits before a big JCB came and just dug the thing out.

  12. Onephat says:

    Why am I an idiot?

    1. Deduction says:

      Because you have tagged a whole community as idiots, yet you want a cabinet in your lounge. Id say that is pretty idiotic. Figures though being an Apple fan also.

    2. Timeless says:

      seems Deduction likes insulting ppls intelligence.. that or he has an axe to grind today, seems way too many peeps bring their problems online and like to take them out on everyone else these days.

  13. zemadeiran says:

    It takes one to know one 😉

    I myself am am a proud idiot!

  14. telecom engineer says:

    Ok, looking at the new pic doesnt help their case, the copper cab is still copper just has a new shell and a small fibre cab is 20ft down the road, both hug the wall. Id bet the original copper cab has been there since the 60s at least so those blind tiles would have been put down afterwards. However, the council should force Bt to move it (which they must do at cost) something like 20grand, then put that on the peoples council tax bill. I wonder if it is such a serious problem then?
    I bet for every one person who complains about this non issue there will be fifty residents crying out for the improved services offered.
    Simple fix, paint a white line across the junction and put a stop sign.

  15. As my name is blocked... says:

    It does help their case, to the right of that junction further up the road is another junction. It is that i imagine previously they were looking at as they pulled up to it. With the older cabinet you could look between a gap of the pole/box/wall and probably clearly see that junction to know if any traffic was about to pull out and thus know you would have to stop regardless if the road was currently clear or not. Once you pull fully up to the junction the other one further up the road will be harder to see, especially if traffic has parked the other side of the road in a stupid place.

    The same is true for taffic coming down that main road those resident will pull onto from that junction. If a vehicle wants to turn left into that narrow road the residents live in from the main road and can not clearly see down it, then because it is so narrow that is an accident waiting to happen. Only takes one idiot not to see them coming up their road to cause an accident.

    The old cabinet was LOWER than the wall the NEW cabinet looks to be either higher or the same height as the wall with no gap left between the pole/wall/cabinet which previously probably gave valuable viewing in and out of that road to see if anything is approaching that junction.

    As to white lines in the road. It already has or did have those, so unless BT in their fitting of cabinets have dug the road up across that junction the broken white lines should still be there.

    What i can not understand (though the reason is probably effort and cost) is wouldnt it had been more sensible for them to just place the old copper based cabinet next to the new fibre one which is further up the road??? Especially as they have re-shelled the old one anyway.

    It makes no sense at all, im guessing 2 lots of workers did that job, one lot that had the sense to place the new fibre cab further up the road rather than right next to the copper cab on that junction. Followed the next day by a bunch of cowboys that just decided to be lazy and reshell the old cabinet rather than move it next to the new fibre cab further up the street.

    Thats the trouble nowadays i guess, NOT just with BT but industry as a whole in this country, there isnt many lower ladder worker that either has the sense or logic to use something called initiative.

  16. telecom engineer says:

    A reshell is just that, a new shell, it is cheap just the fttc ties and shell are new, everything else remains insitu, the expense comes when rejumpering, adding extra tails and doing a non break changeover… its quite technical hense the cost, uneducated folk may believe it is as simple as glueing a green box 10M up the road.. infact it is 10times more involved than moving a gas main.
    But hey, lets just slag off the only firm investing in fibre cuz they are baddies.
    For those who slag off BT cuz they were “gifted ” the copper network perhaps they would be up for the tax payer moving the cab as they are changing govt cab like for like insitu?

  17. As my name is blocked... says:

    Im not slagging them off, and i realise things are not that easy normally but in this instance considering the actual fibre cabinet is probably 10ft or so away i dont see why they could had moved the cabinet that deals with copper things closer… Obviously ducting and the pairs that go to that cabinet on the junction continue the 10 ft up the road to the fibre cabinet in this case. Like i said i bet 2 different groups of works done that area… The sensible which were not affraid of work situated the fibre cabinet 10ft further up the road rather than plonk bang next to the current copper cabinet. The dim witted crew that dealt with the copper cab just reshelled it.

    Obviously it would had been easy and probably cheaper to put the NEW fibre cab RIGHT NEXT to the reshelled copper cabinet but whoever did the fibre one had some brains. The crew that reshelled the old cabinet obviously didnt.

    1. FibreFred says:

      God you are terrible bad mouthing crews when you clearly have no idea about what you are talking about ( just guessing ) just to get the boot in. At least telecom engineer actually knows what he is talking about

      Trolling to the extreme

  18. telecom engineer says:

    The crew who redid the copper cab would not have been given the authority or time to move the existing cab. They only get reshelled if it is already full, thats perhaps 20 100pr cables plus another 2 100pr for the fttc, thats a lot of duct space required, also the main jointing chamber is the two carriageway boxes seen in the entrance to the road- would have meant a road closure for a week, people would have been up in arms about that also. The fttc cab will be placed around 10 or more metres away to avoid having to electrically earth the two cabinets, they have been planned so you cant touch both cabs at the same time when the doors are open…
    These things are very involved. Also i cant see how much of a view they would have had between the pole and the old cab as both against the wall anyway….

    1. FibreFred says:

      Very informative thank you, but don’t expect just because it is your job and it isn’t his that it will stop his further trolling

      You could be a heart surgeon and him a postman it wouldn’t stop him telling you where you are going wrong with your patients

      An opinion on everything expert on nothing

    2. Deduction says:

      Just because you (you as in one person) would like to think you know what you are on about doesnt mean you do.

      The white lines in the road which you mention should be painted are already there, so you obviously have not even looked at how things were before and how they are after and have no idea about the area.

      And as for your latest complete and utter cack about a fibre cabinet being placed 10 metres or FURTHER away for to avoid electrically earthing them….. Anyone knows that complete garbage they only have to walk around their area or one near them to more than likely see them basically right next to each other.
      As in this example…

      Or if you want to (as is usual) try and argue like a fool they aint fibre cabinets, heres one open sitting right next to an original copper cabinet…

      Looking at that last image Theres no reason that old cabinet couldnt, in fact it should had, been moved further up the road nearer to where the new cabinet is. Considering the amount of space required below the pavement for the new cabinet anyway.

      In fact its plainly obvious individuals like you didnt even study the images in the link provided otherwise you would had noticed where the fibre cab was before i even pointed it out. Instead of being fixated directly on what is on the junction and not whats been done in the area.

      If you really are a BT engineer (and lets face it we all hope to hell you are not) then i can only assume you are one of the many lazy ones and not one of the few left that take any pride in doing a job properly. Personally i doubt BT are even daft enough to hire the likes of you.

  19. telecom engineer says:

    Ok, first you need to stop trolling. Second i said they place away to avoid commoning the earth, that doesnt mean such a thing is impossible, there are many situations where this is done, but it is another delay and cost as these must be fitted by a trained person to the shell, all doors etc and tested, it is not my job to educate trols but i suggest you look up earthing, the value of an earth (why taps etc are bonded t common earth with electric). Third you have obviously never seen a 100pr cable but those with common sense would understand the two required for the fibre cab are easier to fit in existing ducts than 12, plus the added changeover work mentioned above. Fourth iam quite a good engineer,averaged one repeat fault per year the last fewyears.., i mostly do fibre, boost, sfi faults – the hard stuff in return i have been paid handsomley but iam happy for you to imagine my large house, two cars and long career are a fantasy, fine by me matey. Finally you are always moaning about bt having this network from the govt, why are you not slagging the govt for putting the cab there in the first place then eh? You will never accept you are wrong or that those with differing opinions are not fools, you just keep banging the same boring bt hate mantra. sorry to say this and no offence to those who are, but in my opinion your behaviour on these boards is boardering autistic.

  20. Deduction says:

    I dont need to look anything up, every ive claimed ive provided evidence in picture form to support the claim, anyone else can walk around their FTTC enabled area to see if my claim is true also.

    Your babbling about 10M distance is just that, complete and utter babble.

    The job in the area concerned wasnt done as it should had been if any common sense was used, and thats all there is to it.

    You can defend BT all day, the very fact other areas have cabinets right next to each other speaks far more than any weak argument you have.

    The only one trolling is a person who wants to defend the in-efficient actions of a known to balls things up organisation called BT.

  21. telecom engineer says:


    You will see from this survey document (of another cab) earth bonding is indeed a consideration, as the gap between cabs is greater than a person can reach then no earth bonding is required. You may also learn other factors from reading this.

    I know these things because I have friends who have surveyed and planned many cabinet builds in my area, believe it or not the entire methodology of network deployments within bt are not available on a wiki so people are going to have to trust what they are told / form their own opinions. The fact that they have not all been emailed to deduction for approval does not make them myth.

    THE facts of this case are:

    an EXISTING cabinet was re shelled

    the EXISTING cabinet is right next to the main jointing chamber so the duct works to the cab will run only to the chamber and pcp – not all up the road to the fibre box – there is unlikely to be existing ductwork to fit 12 more 100pr cables to the new fttc location.

    BT solution was to fit 2 100pr cables in existing ductwork dragged direct from cab to cab (via chamber) – so road closures are avoided / minimised.

    The cost of doing this is roughly 16K for the fttc cab and tie cables, and maybe £1500 for the reshel.

    By the looks of the picture the area did not pass the economic test for a larger more costly cabinet (maybe costs £5K more?).

    So margins where tight, but it cost BT under 20K to upgrade an existing cabinet and add fibre.

    Deduction would have moved the pcp up the road next to the fibre cabinet – he may have us believe it is simply a case of picking it up and plopping it down – maybe take a lazy engineer 5 mins and some silicone sealant – but lets really break it down.

    Works required:

    First an in depth plan would be required with coop from all the major utilities to ensure there is space under the pavement to install at least 4 sets of duct between the cable chamber and the new pcp location.

    Assuming contractors dont hit gas / water etc then we need to dig 10 or so meters of pavement up – this means grinders and machines – so the main road requires a permit of the council and temp traffic lights so one lane can be closed for the trench to be dug and duct laid. – We are talking £3K at least for this.

    Then we need to replace the cabinet – so say £1500 for a new shell, another £1000 to have the footings etc put in to support it.

    Now we need to link the cabs – thats 10 X 100pr cable at 16M grease filled twisted pair – call it £5 per metre roughly another £1K

    Then the main road is reopened but the old cable chamber which is in the entrance to the residents road needs access – so another permit to entirely close that road is now required – duration at least a week.

    The new cabinet needs dressing and changeover – had one estimated for an insitu changeover of £13K last week – so lets go with that figure.

    So we are now nearly £20K more expensive, had a main road closed to one lane and another blocked off for a week (at whatever cost the council charges for that!). And this is before we even start to think about the fibre.

    For that we need another 16K for the fttc fit. Plus we now need an electrician to bond the two cabinets together to ensure the earth values of each are identical – say other £1K.

    £37K Deduction compared to £16K BT.

    So we have a job where perhaps £5K was a deal breaker for a 288port fttc cab – deductions method would mean BT blow the budget before thinking about putting a fibre cab in. Either this doesn’t get done, or another area looses out.

    All because some people suddenly don’t like the location of a cab which has been in place for 50 years….

    1. New_Londoner says:

      Good to hear from someone that knows what they’re talking about (unlike some!)

  22. Deduction says:

    Whatever you want to claim (thats you as in one person again) none of that still explains why the new Fibre cabinet is right next to the older cabinet as is the case in many areas. It plainly obviously it was a cock up by BT, you trying to explain it with fantasy figures is even funnier.

  23. Deduction says:

    I find it amazing with your xray vision you even know how many pairs are under the ground and going to that cabinet in that area. That is even more impressive than your fantasy figure quoting.

    I take back what i said, based on the fantasy costs and fantasy xray vision, it does indeed sound like you work for BT.

    No wonder you do think its an issue, you can actually see through cabinets. The wonders of BT staff never cease to amaze.

  24. FibreFred says:

    The fibre cabs we have around here are 10-15m away from their copper cab

  25. FibreFred says:

    If I could be bothered I’d take a picture and upload it, certainly more than 10m, more like 15-20 I passed another on my way home as well, about 10m apart

    What about the cab in this article? http://www.ispreview.co.uk/index.php/2012/07/tendring-council-and-bt-expand-superfast-broadband-cabinet-coverage.html good few metres there

    No it can’t be common place as you’ve shown 2 images out of the many thousands of cabs, solid logic.

    So now you think I’m telecom engineers under a different id? Priceless.

  26. telecom engineer says:

    Anyone who doesn’t agree with him is part of his multi id conspiracy. I so wish there was an ignore function on this site.

  27. FibreFred says:

    “Anyone who doesn’t agree with him is part of his multi id conspiracy. ” that’s pretty much everyone 🙂 unless its one of his own multi id’s of course, they all agree with him, naturally

  28. Name blocked again eh....... says:

    quote”What about the cab in this article? http://www.ispreview.co.uk/index.php/2012/07/tendring-council-and-bt-expand-superfast-broadband-cabinet-coverage.html good few metres there”

    That doesnt look 10-15 metres apart either. Taking the height of the cabinet and the distance. between them thats probably only about 6M.

    No idea why my other post has been removed, if you cant enter a discussion without running and complaining about replies you aint worthy.

    Oh and no i dont need to accuse you of being the same person, its clear to anyone you must be as you obviously dont know how long a 10 metres even is.

  29. Name blocked again eh....... says:

    Oh and for clarification again…….

    Average human height is 1.6Metres tall……. Gap between cabinets there is about 2 persons tall, so thats 3.2M…… OR around 10 Feet……. NOT 10 METRES DOH!

    God only knows how you measure cable if you are an engineer. Bwahahaha

    1. New_Londoner says:

      The problem that Delusion (?) doesn’t seem to grasp is that 2 or 3 out of x thousand is not exactly representative. I’m guessing our friendly engineer Is better informed, certainly seems to understand the maths as it relates to the cabinet in question (unlike some!).

      @Telecom Engineer
      Don’t be distracted by this, your input is helpful, shows how nonsense like this can put a marginal installation in jeopardy. I suspect most have learned something, although one or two have closed minds.

  30. Name blocked again eh....... says:

    Show some pictures with FTTC cabinets 10 metres away from the copper cabinets then, im waiting.

    Not that you know what a metre is no matter which ID you use to agree with yourself. LMAO……. All the images so far (including those supplied by yourself) have a FTTC cabinet which is NOWHERE NEAR 10 metres from its copper brother. LET alone 15 Metres which has also been mentioned.

    Ill help a metre is gonna be around the length of your arm, that should give you an idea as you franticly whack your forehead with the hand attached to the end of it at the stupid remark you made and are trying to back peddle on that most are 10-15 Metres away.

  31. Name blocked again eh....... says:

    http://www.ripleyandheanornews.co.uk/webimage/1.4725992.1341932214!image/492841607.jpg_gen/derivatives/landscape_595/492841607.jpg NOT 10 METRES AWAY FROM ITS COPPER BROTHER

    http://www.ispreview.co.uk/wp-content/gallery/cache/792__275x300_bt_fttc_fttp_fibre_broadband_cabinet_uk.jpg NOT 10 METRES AWAY FROM ITS COPPER BROTHER

    http://www.trefor.net/wp-content/uploads/2010/03/cabinet_small.jpg NOT 10 METRES AWAY FROM ITS COPPER BROTHER

    http://www.trefor.net/wp-content/uploads/2011/07/FinFTTC1_medium.jpg NOT 10 METRES AWAY FROM ITS COPPER BROTHER

    I can do that all day but lets see if you can find just 4 examples to equal out your claims out of (your words not mine) thousands of cabinets which are 10 Metres and more away.

  32. telecom engineer says:

    So the cycle continues, when arguement is lost focus on a point, missunderstand and ignore the context then go on and on. Then when that fails claim multi id. No one has said cabs must be 10M apart, just that BT prefer to build so that when both cab doors are open a person could not hold each door, that if that was unavoidable the cabs must be electrically bondedto ensure consistant earth value to avoid electricution from active cab.. same scenario as taps being commoned to electric in houses. End of.

    1. Deduction says:

      So the long and short of it you can not put your money where your gob is and demonstrate your claims by posting just 4 different images of a FTTC cab 10 METRES or more away from its Copper brother.

      Thats what i thought, you clueless as always.

  33. zemadeiran says:

    Truly, it is a great reflection on the forward momentum of this great land that people ague over the position of a fucking cabinet!?

    60 comments, plus my one 😉

    1. Deduction says:

      LOL zemadeiran true i guess. Im more concerned though that he is “supposedly” a BT engineer but does not appear to know the difference between 10ft and 10M.

      I can only imagine the hell that must be when he has to measure anything on his so called numerous engineer work.

      You call up for a hard wired extension to be fitted, tell the nice person on the phone its about 5 Metres from the master socket. This clown turns up with a reel of cable and cuts 5ft off over and over and over because it refuses to be wrong with its measurements LOL

    2. FibreFred says:

      But I am not him Deduction. This is usual of your play ground antics, you have taken the comments onto a totally different direction. Telecom engineer stated that is it preference to keep the cabs apart where possible and now you’ve turned it into how many out of the thousands and cabs are close and far away?

      How childish and ridiculous is that but all part of the game for the resident troll, which is why I didn’t respond to your last comments.

      It seems that Mark is tiring of it all though based on your having to use other id’s so there’s some hope yet.

      As I say originally, if the residents have a strong case take it to the highways agency, if they don’t have and its not a road safety issue I’m afraid there’s little they can do. I hope they don’t sign up to a FTTC service as that would be double standards 🙂

  34. Deduction says:

    You agree with him no matter who you are…….

    Thus the same applies 4 pictures please of FTTC cabinets 10+ Metres away from their copper brother.

    Please dont speak for staff of this site either. You spout enough rubbish already.

  35. Somerset says:

    Who said:

    AND 2 a FTTC can be UPTO 500M away from current cabinets, such as the one literally just up the road from myself. (Original cabinet is one end of the road, new FTTC cabinet is the opposite end)

    1. Deduction says:

      Yep i said that, never said MOST are that distance or 10 METRES or over though did i?

      A FTTC cabinet can be 500M away, and just up the road from me that is indeed the case.

      So i dont as usual see what your point is, probably because there is NOT one.

      MOST cabinets are LESS than 10 Metres away from their copper brother NOT MORE as has been claimed by a singular individual. If you wish to dispute that then you are free to post 4 examples pictures to counteract the 4 ive provided. Not that you will or the other BT troll aliases will.

    2. FibreFred says:

      “MOST cabinets are LESS than 10 Metres away from their copper brother NOT MORE as has been claimed by a singular individual. ”

      Where is that claim? I can’t see him making that claim? You’ve certainly just claimed yourself most are less than 10metres I’m not sure how you can have those figures unless of course you work for Openreach 😉

    3. Somerset says:

      500m away seems unlikely, do you know they go together?

    4. Deduction says:

      @Fibrefred Thats your claim fibrefred, and one im still waiting on proof on….
      Wheres the images of THESE CABINETS, i gather thats atleast 2 to use the word cabinetS and maybe even 4 in your area so fire away with the pictures.

      @Somerset Yep there are 2 cabinets in my immediate area 1 has a FTTC cousin (and serves the north half of the area) the other has no FTTC upgrade (and serves south in the area). This is further confirmed on a checker where if you whack in postcodes for the local area it also lists the cabinet number in the results…
      http://fttc-check.alc.im/ So unless im wrong, residents of the area are wrong and that website is wrong then yes im sure about that cabinet.

    5. Somerset says:

      What are the 2 postcodes?

    6. Deduction says:

      Postcodes are none of your concern, you dont need to know where i live. The site can be fed any postal code you wish.

  36. telecom engineer says:

    Deductrol, the furthest a fttc cabcan be placed from its copper counterpart is 100M
    This is to stop the larger line length of tie cable impacting performance and no doubt to keep close the cal loss value for spectrum shaping (done for exchange signal compatability).
    But please dont let me deter you from making uneducated sweeping statements whilst trolling those who talk true facts.

    1. Deduction says:

      Im still waiting on you to show atleast 4 images of cabinets 10 Metres away from its copper cousin let alone 100 Metres, you pull figures out of your backside. I on the other hand would be more than willing to show you a video as soon as you have done that of me walking between the cabinets i mention with a measuring wheel to prove the distance i have mentioned and show the cabinet numbers in the video (well actually i lied its 497.6 Metres distance to be precise not 500 Metres).

      You carry on though, the only thing you engineer is bile.

  37. telecom engineer says:

    That would be interesting as the fttc cabs do not have physical numbers written on them. I would bet you have missed a pcp, hiding in a bush or behind a wall somewhere. But please feel free to continue digging this hole, if i told you the world was round you would post a pick of a flat field and ask me to prove where the bend is.
    100M is the absolute max, but you say no they are all next to eachother.. aside from one which is 500M away!
    i dont know why you even post here, you talk nonsense and wont accept education,, thats a lie, i know exactly why.. you just want to illicit a reaction because you have nothing better to do than troll.

    1. FibreFred says:

      He is a troll, nothing more. Time we stopped feeding him

    2. Tom says:

      “That would be interesting as the fttc cabs do not have physical numbers written on them.”
      Sad, because I also dislike the trolling that has erupted on ispr since Deduction’s appearance but:
      Most of the PCPs around here _do_ have the numbers transferred on them in white lettering as shown in the photo:

      (Top right of the pcp in the background).
      Thought I may as well correct you before he does in his more aggressive tone.

    3. Tom says:

      Oh right, I have missread and even quoted you while doing so! You said “fttc cabs” :\ not pcps. Ignore my last comment. Although in my experience it’s pretty obvious which PCP an FTTC cab belongs to.

    4. get lost says:

      quote”He is a troll, nothing more. Time we stopped feeding him”

      Id like nothing more than you and your multi IDs to stop replying to me, but lets face it you are a bored little boy so that is not gonna happen.

      STILL waiting on pictures off these “cabinets” you walk past which are “all” 10+ Metres away. Thats not gonna happen or is true either is it.

  38. get lost says:

    Oh and PS yes the “get lost” ID is me (Deduction), it seemed more appropriate for you and im not scared to admit when i alter my name.

    1. Deduction02 says:

      PPS……. Nearly 2 weeks on if im a troll it seems you still want to reply to me in comments. Obviously you are a very bored individual.

  39. Stoatwblr says:


    You assume you have a highways authority which actually does anything.

    I’d be very happy if Surrey did what you described to several trees obstructing sightlines around here, but they refuse to ask the landowners to cut things back, whilst acknowledging that there’s excess overhang.

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