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UPDATE2 Big UK ISPs Set to Block 21 Internet Piracy Websites on Wednesday

Tuesday, October 29th, 2013 (11:04 am) - Score 15,852

A leaked report from the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) has revealed a raft of new Internet piracy facilitating websites that are to be blocked by six of the United Kingdom’s largest broadband ISPs, most of which could be censored as early as tomorrow (30th October 2013).

The “notorious sites” report, which TorrentFreak claims was recently submitted to the US Trade Representative (USTR), appears to confirm that a mass of sites including but not limited to ExtraTorrent, BitSnoop, Torrentz and FilesTube will shortly all be blocked by the UK’s major ISPs. Lest we not forget that the City of London Police recently managed to have the domains for SumoTorrent, MisterTorrent and ExtraTorrent suspended (as usual some of them simply moved elsewhere).

In addition many of the sites have been on a Rights Holders hit-list since last year (here) and the latest May 2013 report from music licensing firm PPL revealed a full list of 25 websites that copyright holders apparently wanted to tackle (here), which included most of those listed above.

The usual approach of Rights Holders is to first request a voluntary block of the website(s), which is normally refused by ISPs. The Rights Holders then seek a court ordered injunction under Section 97A of the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act (the same tactic they used to get The Pirate Bay and many others blocked), which is later served upon the ISPs.

At the time of writing ISPreview.co.uk has requested clarification from several ISPs to find out whether or not the above report is accurate. A spokesperson for Sky Broadband told us that they could only “confirm blocks once they have been implemented” and that if any are imposed then the blocks will be listed here: http://help.sky.com/../our-approach-to-protecting-copyright/ . Meanwhile Virgin Media have promised to investigate and we hope to have their reply shortly. We are also awaiting a response from several other ISPs.

However critics of Internet filtering systems and their use to tackle copyright infringement often warn that such approaches remain easy to circumvent and may thus only serve to promote the existence of such websites.

UPDATE 11:27am

Here’s the official confirmation.

A Virgin Media Spokesperson told ISPreview.co.uk:

We’ve received court orders requiring us to block a further 21 file-sharing sites found to be infringing on copyright. As a responsible ISP we obey court orders addressed to the company.”

UPDATE 12:01pm

According to Virgin Media the full list of sites to be blocked is as follows.

1. Abmp3
2. BeeMP3
3. Bomb-Mp3
4. eMp3World
5. FileCrop
6. FilesTube
7. Mp3Juices
8. Mp3lemon
9. Mp3Raid
10. Mp3skull
11. NewAlbumReleases
12. Rapidlibrary
13. 1337x
14. BitSnoop
15. ExtraTorrent
16. Monova
17. TorrentCrazy
18. TorrentDownloads
19. TorrentHound
20. Torrentreactor
21. Torrentz

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31 Responses
  1. Avatar bob says:

    “remain easy to circumvent and may thus only serve to promote the existence of such websites”

    Pretty much this ^

    The blocks that have been added up until now have never caused me more than a few seconds of hindrance before having access to them again, thank you google. All it has ever done is made me aware of sites that i haven’t known about previously.

  2. Avatar adslmax says:

    The 2nd Google result is always a proxy.

  3. Avatar Paul says:

    All’s i can think of its just such a waste of money and resources doing these blocks, i can see the point behind them but seriously it does not affect many as people just google away to get around them and when that finally gets stopped there will always be proxy hosting websites and services out there which can fill that gap.

    It just feels to me that they are embracing the issue in the wrong way and causing it to intensify not reduce.

    Oh well looks like i will be proxying then.

    And lastly it feels like my internet service is increasingly becoming less and less open than it did say 5-10 years ago, whats happened to internet freedom???

    1. Avatar boab 72 says:

      ive got sky how do you get round the blocks ??

    2. Avatar mark says:

      Hotspot shield free proxy program

  4. Avatar Snipit says:

    I’m pretty sure the ISPs agree behind the PR with the above comments as I do. People can build a nice library of these slightly less “notorious” sites from these lists.

  5. Avatar All_wrong says:

    Agree with people who said this blocking act will only make people aware of such sites.. I have never heard of any of those sites from the list but I am now thinking if these sites made it to the list they definitely are well worth checking…

  6. Avatar hmm says:

    one word FAIL

  7. Avatar John says:

    Hm let’s see if the sites (most I never heard of) will work past the so called block…………..somehow I think they will *GRIN*

    1. Avatar John says:

      Rather unsprpringly the sites are still working. I wonder why *whistles*

  8. The internet is becoming more like television. While there may be more content being produced than ever before, the channels to access it have been so drastically narrowed as the entertainment industry engulfs everything under the pretense that they are going to recoup the money they started losing almost 15 years ago.

    They hold this false belief that somehow everyone who downloads illegally will walk into a brick and mortar store and pay for the music or the game or film they would otherwise download. That’s never going to be the case! Media has become so devalued that people consider it worthless anyway, and all that blocking filesharing sites will do is pave way for the bootleggers to make a comeback.

    This plan is going to fall flat on its face. I had a few more things to say about this “paradigm shift” that’s happening in the media industry:


    1. Avatar DTMark says:

      The DVD rental place in the local town looks rather unloved. I find it hard to see how it turns a profit. There used to be two, but the other one shut down.

      Blockbuster looks like it’s going to the dogs potentially including the online rental service. We subscribe to that because it’s about the only way of getting the content we want.

      Used to subscribe to Netflix, but seen everything of value there was/is to see on there, so cancelled it.

      Acetrax used to offer a movie streaming service over the TV but that’s shut down now.

      I’m one of those “weird” people that might well pay, say, £30+ a month to have instant access to a huge back catalogue of TV and films. No such thing exists.

      But I’ll bet I could find most of the content on YouTube (and download it), or in that handy list of the websites above using my VPN.

      So still no online access to archive material. I’m not going to go out and buy all my VHS stuff again on Blu-Ray, if that was the plan.

      I won’t spend a penny with Sky except to do so metaphorically over Rupert Murdoch’s head.

      If publishers fail to embrace alternative means of distribution now that physical media is dying, they could well find themselves in a position where said odious individual calls all the shots as regards distribution.

  9. Avatar Shaun says:

    I Think the blocks are a good idea, if people want to do copyright infringement then lets make it harder for them 😛

    1. Avatar bob says:

      The issue is that it doesn’t make it harder, yet it still costs the taxpayer money. So the taxpayer is now contributing to protecting the profits of an individual

    2. Avatar AP says:

      I agree Shaun. There is a need for a greater attitudinal shift towards illegal downloading and there are worst places to start than by reiterating, at least on a basic moral level, that illegal downloading is plain wrong.

    3. Avatar Shaun says:

      @bob yes but that’s the problem, if its the tax payer that’s doing it illegally then its the tax payer that should pay, fair enough it should be only those that do it that should pay but yes its stealing.

      For example, I’m a website designer. if someone came along and download / ripped my website and sold it for a profit each time, is that not illegal? its the same thing that apply’s don’t get me wrong its nice to get things for free, that’s why we have royalty free and other options for music. but films? Billions spent, there is no argument.

      @AP Exactly mate!

    4. Avatar santa cclaus says:

      You can bypass anything using VPN’S and proxy servers.Totally pointless just like your comment.

    5. Avatar Dave says:

      The other point is shaun, its not internet downloading thats ruining people making money, many game developers have said in the past, that “downloading” games from certain sites has not hurt them, but actually added sales, as people download to see if they will run on thier PC, then go out and buy it.

      Censorship is going to far now, my wife used to watch vampire diaries and others on a streaming site, ones she had missed on TV etc, now its blocked by virgin, but, watching them on there does not affect the fact that when each season comes out on DVD she will still buy them.

      These actions will only help to make people more determined to get round it, in fact its common sense, that if something is denied, its wanted more, if they did nothing to stop anyone, their may be even less downloading, as some do it because its technically wrong, but really.

      just going back to some episode streaming sites, if they have already been on TV and your watching something that was on months ago, what is that hurting exacyly ?

      as someone else stated, adding these lists to air in public only makes more people who normally would never have bothered, become more aware of them, effectively putting it into more peoples heads.

  10. Avatar . says:

    In theory the MP3 is an advert to sell their live gigs. Whats the difference in them making their song available via a streaming service in which I can pay £10 a month then choose to play one album over and over for a month, than letting me download it and doing the same?

    This shows how out of touch they are with the real world as its still possible to access these site via the mobile networks, and with an app you can simply download what you want and if you so choose, back them up on you computer. Given that most people will listen to music via a phone these days it not going to have that much of an effect.

    I personally choose to stream my music now via Sony which means my phones not filled up with mp3.

  11. Avatar tonyp says:

    I think we should all be prepared for the blocking of legitimate websites while the ISP’s do their fine tuning. I have the suspicion that some news websites have been blocked by accident (including ISPreview.co.uk) for a short period by my ISP since I know that other sites were working (i.e. DNS was resolving some names but not others). I did traceroutes which showed the names were not being resolved. With ISP redundancy, I don’t think there was a hardware failure.

  12. Avatar Won't tell says:

    I also think it’s great that UK goverment provides us with an up-to-date list of software and movies sources. I wouldn’t ever hear about some of these websites, that allegedly got blocked, I can now use. Cheers!

  13. Avatar HAHA says:

    another waste of money and when will the isp,s and government learn the doyles

  14. Avatar Bugga says:

    I used to use Filestube to find everything I wanted, now its gone Im fucked if Im gonna trawl thru pages and pages of Goole, anyone know any alternatives??

    1. Avatar Brains says:

      A vpn will get you around the pointless blocks so you can still use filestube.. the internet is for sharing.. say shaun the retard from above buys a cd he uploads it to a filesharing site and you me or thee downloads it we have not broken any laws as the item has been paid for by the person that has uploaded it (ie the retard called shaun)

  15. Avatar Brains says:

    @British Telecom and any other stupid fucker that wants to try and tell me what sites i can use to download from I can still use filecrop.com..filestube.com beemp3.com mp3raid.com because i can get around simple blocks that the phone company tries to install..

    1. Avatar nickadeamus says:

      Totally agree,Nobody tell’s me what sites I can visit,and their futile attempts to block my personal freedom and liberty are pointless.

  16. Avatar Forsh says:

    I am disappointed that Virgin Media has begun Blocking Access to certain Torrent sharing
    Web-sites, such as The Pirate bay, Extra Torrent, and Kick ass Torrents, due to a recent High Court
    order made by the BPI music industry. I have one or two questions which I would like to ask.

    Does Virgin Media think that this judgment is morally right and fare?

    Does the BPI think it has the divine right to use the power of the state to threaten or coerce
    a ISP Provider and the people who use it to block, censore, or stopping any person from accessing any web-site on information supper high way? If Virgin Media does think that it is right id like to know why?
    Apparently Virgin, SKY,BT, and all the other UK ISP Providers where “Force or Coersed”in to compliance by Threats of legal action etc,.So what did they do? Absolutly nothing!. They simply
    Complied like sheep Lets.Sopose for a minute that Virgin Media had said no to the high court ruling! on the basis of individual human rights or freedoms What would have happen? I assume that they would have been taken to court, may-be they would have been fine a few thounds pounds for none complance,and if they lost the case they would have to comply.But the point is that they didn’t even try to. Why? My question is this.

    Is Virgin Media saying that the BPI owns the Information supper Highway?
    Is Virgin Media saying that UK courts owns the Information supper Highway?
    Is Virgin Media saying that the UK Government owns the Information Supper Highway?
    Is Virgin Media saying that SKY, BT or any of the other British ISP Provevider owns the Information Super Highway? The Simple answer is that none of them “Owns” the Information supper Highway!
    so if they don’t own it who does.? “WE DO” We the” PEOPLE” and Millions and millions of people and computers all around the world who are communicating and talking with each other and share ring ideas an information and DATA! So for the BPI to use the powers of the
    state to try to block, censore, and prohibit any person form accessing that Web-site or Information that they want to access is highly Immoral and dishonest. And any ISP Provider who COMPLIES is also Immoral and dishonest for they are taking are money under false pretences, and not complying with there full tearm and condistions.Which is to privide an “ISP” SERVICE”. No doubt Virgin, SKY,BT and the other entire UK ISP’s are signing the death warrant of The Information Supper Highway.
    If Virgin,SKY,or BT want to commit inter-net suicide that’s there problem. But I hope they don’t come crying to me in years to come when everyone leaves them. There with the people or against the peole.I am virgin customer but I don’t think I’ll be with them for much longer, as I can’t support a ISP provider who says one thing and practices onther.Don.t let them control, censor the information Supper highway otherwise are children will end up living in another “Third Reich”
    and we the “PEOPLE” will have lost everything!. If I went into a music store and picked up a CD and paid for it, that’s called being onest!. If I went home and made a copy of that CD and gave it to a friend! That’s called dishonesty!. If I placed that CD on file sharing site and somebody in a different country downloads it, that’s called Criminal!. Yes I would agree if Money was charged for it. But since no moneys was asked for it that’s OK. I am simply sharing a CD with some else.Acording to the BPI that’s stealing. But how can this be, as I’ve already paid for it when I bought it in the music store. Are the BPI saying that we have to pay twice for it. Once for buying it the store, and twice for sharing it on the Inter-net? Absolute nonsense!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!The BPI has made a big mistake by passing this legislation and bloking file sharing sites.They just don’t realise that’s it “US” who buys the CD”s and DVD’s that keeps them in there plush,cushy CEO Management jobs.When people STOP buying retail CD’s & DVD’s,the whole thing will calasp like a pack of cards.Then they will loose there cushy jobs and be on the scrap heep.
    People of the world say no to blocking,censoring,and controling the Information Supper Highway.

  17. Avatar Tomuk says:

    Thanks Virgin for the List .

  18. Avatar H4ck0r says:

    Just use a VPN or a free proxy so easy to bypass all this crap, privacy comes frist anyway, use Cyberhost/OpenVPN/Tor Browser. a VPN tunnels all your traffic were as a proxy just spoofs your browser, a VPN is a safer choice if your going to download torrents, basic protection starts by faking you IP, of corse there is many ways to do this I recommend getting a VPN that does not keep logs, Cyberghost is free and does not keep logs, UltraSurf is a free fast proxy that unblocks everything it can be found here: http://ultrasurf.us I support a free and open internet, torrents can be used for legitimate reasons. There’s always a way round blocks, no system is totally secure and never will be.

  19. Avatar Foxy says:

    Virgin shooting themselves in the foot! I know their blocks will have no affect on people who download torrents etc. but it will put off new customerswho are looking at downloading. There are probably cheaper alternative isps who dont censor the internet.
    One other point- its like when companies made money selling blank cds and cassette tapes, along with equipment to record on, then complained about losing money in music sales. They cant always have their cake and eat it! Virgin and other companies keep advertising ultra high speeds and unlimited data etc. why would you really want 50gb+ speeds just to watch tv programs from iplayer? These companies know what people want but at the same time they are trying to block sites that offer such music etc

  20. Avatar Foxy says:

    I dont download stuff myself (to each their own!) but would you rather have joe bloggs down the road downloading music or a movie for himself or having to go to a carboot to buy it from some criminal gang (the ones the authorities say are behind people traffiking etc)?

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