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Big UK Broadband ISPs Block 5 More Video Streaming Piracy Websites

Friday, November 22nd, 2013 (7:47 am) - Score 24,286

Major Internet providers in the United Kingdom have this week started to block (censor) access to another five online TV and Movie streaming websites including Yify-Torrents, Project-Free TV, Primewire, Vodly and Watchfreemovies.

As usual the move follows two earlier rulings in London’s High Court, which handed out court orders under Section 97A of the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act. At the time Lord Justice Arnold warned that BT, Virgin Media, Sky Broadband and TalkTalk all needed to impose the blocks before the end of November 2013.

Chris Marcich, MPA’s President (EMEA), said:

We have an obligation to take action against illegal websites that steal content and refuse to take it down when asked to by the owners of that material. The growth of the legal online market is held back by illegitimate sites. Legitimate content markets help everyone.

We want an Internet that works for everyone, where the creative property of artists and creators is protected along with the privacy and security of all users. The Internet must be a place for investment, innovation and creativity and today’s verdict represents a step towards realising this.”

A similar ruling last month confirmed that two further streaming sites, SolarMovie and Tubeplus, would also have to be blocked by early December 2013 (here). Meanwhile critics of website blocking systems frequently warn that such approaches remain both easy to circumvent and may thus only serve to promote the existence of such websites.

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By Mark Jackson
Mark is a professional technology writer, IT consultant and computer engineer from Dorset (England), he also founded ISPreview in 1999 and enjoys analysing the latest telecoms and broadband developments. Find me on Twitter, , Facebook and Linkedin.
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28 Responses
  1. Rupees Burdoch says:

    More and more surveys reveal consumers are confused by illegitimate websites serving up inferior experiences. It is absolutely the right decision to block sites for the interests of both content creators and consumers who deserve better than these malware infested pirate sites.

    1. John J says:

      I’ve been using Tubeplus.me for TV shows and Primewire.ag for Movies, for the past year now and have not had a single software issue from them. all they have done by blocking me from these site have made me find site that have more advertisements on pushing me to allow the “Pirates” to make more money.

    2. Stelun says:

      I just use Tor software which basically makes a proxy of my ip in another country which doesn’t block the site, takes 2 sec’s to download and runs the same as any other web browser.

  2. Ian says:

    I first of all I have just read all that with interest but have come to the conclusion what a waste of time,
    Channel 1 or prime wire if you will not working for less than a day was it worth solar movies will be back up in a week ,so a com pleat waste of money and time,
    The only way you are going to stop this merry go round (as it always happens just before Christmas ) is to stop charging so much for the films ,DVD,etc this is mainly due to the over the top salary’s that ever one in the industries pays themselves with out exception when you look at engineers of various fields in the entertainment industries get paid more than non entertainment and so on .
    It has been going on for years now they scream foul when there salary’s are threaded.
    Also why o why don’t the film industries get there act together and release there stuff the same time everywhere the pirates can,and charge a fair price for it not 15 quit for a movie ticket .
    I am proud to use loads of streaming sites and play pirate DVD and computer games and yes they work great Xbox game under
    So sorry I say best of luck to the streamers pirate sites there giving me a service ,and block them and waste your money and time you cant stop terrorism sites ,porno sites,or even pirate bay so grow up and realize you will have to work with it instead of fighting it you loose every time just look at all the jail broken ps3 and Xbox s

    1. Tragedy says:

      I can understand not having any problem not paying for stuff but being proud of the fact?

      Just a thought: perhaps if you’d paid more attention in school you’d be literate, earning more, and all of these things wouldn’t seem so expensive.

      They clearly aren’t that badly priced as they still sell in large numbers, and are extremely expensive to make. Most movies don’t make a profit, the odd game costs 9 figures to produce and market. That’s a hundred million and up to save you counting on your fingers.

    2. Spilt Milk says:

      The only problem with that thesis is if a person is not literate or earning the required cash in which to purchase content then even if you block internet sites which are hosting it free, the person is still illiterate and still not earning enough to buy the content.

      The net result nothing achieved and no profit increase because the group you stopped taking it for free can not afford to buy the content in the first place.

      Downloading is a problem for the actual artists IMO and nothing more. These court orders are nothing more than copyright and lawyer trolls out to make a pretty penny.

      In no way are they going to increase profits for content creators. If you can not afford to buy something thats the end of it. Removing the equation where they were grabbing said content for free does not suddenly make them richer and able to rush out and buy the gazillion movies they would had downloaded.

      If this is the industry (sorry copyright trolls) idea to increase profit they are in for a shock.

  3. hmm says:


    1. Panda says:

      +1. Switched to VPN. Seed4.Me works like a charm.
      https://seed4.me/invitations – epic WIN!

  4. bob says:

    Goodbye 2013, Hello 1984

    1. Jimbo says:

      “seriously Gov or whatever dumb shit you are calling yourselves, learn how the internet works, then you will know that you are wasting your time and money, and another thing how the fuck can you argue about losing money from people that wouldn’t buy your shit anyway, not to mention the fact about the records in takings you are always banging on about.”

      I 100% agree with this comment! Fucking Virgin Media have blocked my favorite site Prime Wire “1 channel” and other streaming sites Because they want us to waste our money on over priced DVD’s… The Pirates are legends for allowing us free access to TV and films, keep up the good work guys if ur reading this!. I hate ISP virgin media now. what gives them the right to prohibit access to my favorite streaming sites…. All I want to do is WATCH TV for free you FUCKING TOTALITARIAN BASTARDS ! and nothing will stop me from finding a new proxy around their fucking petty shitty ban………. “The world really is becoming like 1984 as depicted by Orwell”.

  5. rd says:

    Yea soon it really will be like Orwell said. These guys made billions in profit and when a few people take a hit of tier revenue they are all over it. Most people would probably turn a blind eye to it due to the profits. There were no problems with Lord of the Rings and other massive films i pirated and bought legally twice with DVD and Bluray.

    And the guy up the page said everyone should be able to afford it if they has an education. What a smuck, who can afford all the movies everytime a new format comes out? I myself pay for the majority of my usage with Loveilm yet i still cannot rent planet of the apes in HD nor can i 1080p stream it. Anyways they will not be a big ISP much longer as i will be swapping soon to someone who takes a stand against all these petty blocking arguements.

  6. X66yh says:

    The world does not revolve around what YOU want.
    All ISP’s will comply with the law and with court orders – they have better things to do with their money than fighting such cases – like improving the service for the rest of their customers.
    It’s is the same with all forum rants everywhere – the ranters seem to believe that everyone else shares their opinion. Actually no, most do not.

    It is the illegal downloaders who are precisely responsible for the increasing control of the internet.
    They clearly cannot be trusted not to download stuff which is copyrighted protected just like some motorists cannot be trusted to keep to speed limits.

    So just as we now have to endure speed cameras to compel compliance we will shortly have to put up with ever more draconian internet controls.
    No, it is not just the download sites; it is the twitter trolls, the hate sites, the conspiracy sites and the rest.

    As ever it is the minority who spoil it for the majority – thanks a bundle.

    1. Ian says:

      First of all the block has worked ,l don’t think so it took lots of money and time to pay the legal establishment .from lawyers etc and maybe tax payers money UK tax payers .
      Also I am watching 1 channel ,solar movies and project free tv all on one of the big four I.S.P provider with no problems what so ever so far. Yes I had to fiddle about a bit for a day on and off but all working ,
      Also the sites in question and others have now be put domain changers and custom settings ,also when 1 channel was blocked several of the sites using them as a list or content provider sourced new sites .
      So now the problem is worse for FACT or who ever brought the action domains can be changed when needed updates can be send to change the domain when needed also now the user has more choice on the sites in question and the sites have more source material.
      Talk about a total back fire or cock up by the copyright holders it has now come to more peoples attention that Big Business is
      Trying to run the internet for itself ,lets face it the pharmaceutical company ,media and entertainment company’s have been trying to control it for years will back door legislation .
      The problem is they have lost with every move, most of the following have gone from most high streets ,record shop,video rental and computer games shops .In time the cinema will go the same way its a out of date form of distribution if it was left to fend for itself with no protection it would die or be a lot smaller.
      So I will now just go back to watching 1 channel .

  7. screw the big 6 says:


    lord justice arnold, how very delusional you must be to think that there are only 4 isps in the uk!

    thanks for letting people know what sites are being blocked because now they can spend all of 2 seconds finding a new way to access it or another 2 seconds finding an alternative, i mean seriously Gov, MAFIAA, MPA, or whatever dumb shit you are calling yourselves, learn how the internet works, then you will know that you are wasting your time and money, and another thing how the fuck can you argue about losing money from people that wouldn’t buy your shit anyway, not to mention the fact about the records in takings you are always banging on about.

    and to top it off, i would have to be deaf, blind, and retarded before i went back to bt the most incompetent so called “isp” in the world, nor would i want to line murdoch’s pockets any further by using sky, hell he does enough damage with the daily fail and the other 75% of crap filled “newspapers” he owns, TalkFail,where do i start lol, more foreigners than english, cant understand a bloody word, and in the end, you the poor customer, end up having more brains than they do, or finally
    virgin media, like advertising big numbers, and then cap your arse when they find out you actually want to use the connection you are paying for!

    I buy dvd’s but i also download xvid’s because its a nice way to find out if something is shit or not, plus as the uk is slow at getting various things, mainly tv i like, i often grab some of that.

    various american tv show directors have stated that they got a lot of promotion/publicity by people downloading their shows, so the argument you are losing money is basically lost on anyone who does this.

    why after buying taken on dvd for 12.99, should i pay 15.99 for taken on bluray, i should get a bluray version as i am a previous customer or at the very least a discounted one.

    I am happily sticking with my nice small isp, because, they don’t throttle me, they aren’t partaking in censorship, they aren’t an incompetent monopoly nor do they own most of the media, and they don’t bloody spy on their customers either, Hello BT!

    If anyone reading this is with a big isp, honestly you can get better, its the same with energy companies, any of the big 6, and they will happily treat you like shit, until the day all of their robotic customers hit them where it hurts and tell them where to shove their 18 month contracts and free routers/hubs.

    I honestly cant believe bt is still in business, they fail on so many levels. (and yes i am a previous customer, but back then, 2002, there was no other option!)

    companies only book their idea’s up, when their customers wake up.
    a phrase worth remembering.

  8. Ian says:

    I think I should reply to some of the above comments first about my education OK granted I am not Steven Hawkin .
    But I can speak seven languages and English is not my first one also I have a masters degree in Engineering .I would just like to say don’t judge a book by its cover.
    Also has any of the people above ever thought about this issue or piracy in general please feel free to comment.
    First of all when it comes to DVD piracy who makes copying equipment ,DVD burners etc and who when the problem got out of hand started buying up all the small DVD blank manufactures Guess who ?
    Various large consumer electronic company’s and others like Sony,Phillips etc and the disc started to be sold in bulk packs ,
    (please note several off these company’s own or have major interests in the film ,music and games industry,)
    So in one hand they where saying don’t copy are product and in the other hand they where saying buy all the kit from us but don’t use it s naughty.
    So they supplying the tools to commit a crime but telling not to use it ,much like a drug dealer supplying cocaine but telling you not to use it (but they are still aiding and committing a crime selling it)
    They could see the growth in DVD,game piracy and the manufacturers or industry wanted the money from both ends off the field.
    OK we now go on to streaming etc the main thing that people like is to watch the film first ,or listen to the music before it is out ,not the cost ,yes that is a factor but not all off it.
    People like to watch it before its out ,So why not bring it out every where at the same time yes global ,
    Also a lot of people like myself like to watch at home ,not in the cinema with people eating,getting up out of there seats ,talking
    and so on so bring it out on pay per view,DVD etc the same time so you have the choice ,
    Non of this window stuff to protect the cinema people will go there if they want to.
    I stand by what I said and I hope I have raised a few issues that is a good thing .But is was a complete waste of time baning the streaming sites as most have domain changers in there apps manual or automatic so they will always be one step ahead I am watching 1 channel now in the UK
    Also why do not Google,yahoo ,etc get removed as channel 1 etc are just a form of search engine for media as there is no content on there site and I am sure there is more illegal and pirate content on the major search engines.

  9. dragoneast says:

    The Courts are just doing their job. That’s what most of us do. You have laws and you enforce them (at least when someone complains), with more or less effectiveness. The alternative is anarchy, and no-one wants that when it’s their property that’s at risk. Sure, some people like to cheat; they always have. It’s the buzz. I think excuses about being poor or doing the Robin Hood act have very little to do with it.

    1. brains says:

      FECK the courts and the government

    2. Mike says:

      An act is not law. Statutes are legislative rules of society given the force of law by the consent of the governed. It is not law it’s the decision of a commercial court that acts predictably in self interest. From where I’m’m looking it looks like a deliberately spectacular waste of money and effort.

    3. Will says:

      Yes, its always easy to believe and be completely ignorant of many factors such as being poor, I can say with up most certainty that as I am on medical benefits and nothing else that the idea that being poor is an excuse is ridiculous.

      The prices these people provide are beyond arrogant and if you think that having only 100-120 pounds a month means i have money which i can spend on DVDs,CD’s and other things then you are clearly delusional and arrogant as well especially when i have things like “bills” to pay. As “bob” said, an act is not a law.

      The government claims we have more people in work than we have unemployed now Ironically they don’t tell you that nearly 60% of the country is earning below the minimum wage, even business’s who are hiring younger people don’t even give them their full minimum wage on purpose.

      True the courts and ISPs are just doing their job but its the government who let these ridiculously pathetic companies walk all over them. There have been numerous artists who actually do not care about the pirating of their music, why? because more people are buying concert tickets than ever before, people negatively throw around this idea that we who do this are just moochers and “evil” or “sub-human” people who just want something for free when it simply isn’t true.

      You could say “why not just pay for Netflix its a pretty cheap monthly charge?”. Whats the point? they have series rotations monthly because of regional contracts by greedy Hollywood goons who are essentially profiting off forcing people to only watch certain things whenever they want. Hell look at the cinema’s £15.50 for a 1 hour and 30 minutes movies excluding refreshment costs? it should be 8-10 at least.

      I would rather pay £40 a month for everything out and coming out on Netflix than a £5 for not even 1/3 of what the world has to offer. Not only that but the fact that these companies are literally on the border of exhaustion! e.g of a company that isn’t media or entertainment but builds gaming rigs, £4000 for one of their rigs right? you could build the same rig with only £1500 I know because ive done it myself after 2 years of saving up, you are literally paying 3/4 more for the trademark nothing more And its the same with CD’s, Movies and Dvds of anything.

      this is capitalism dark side and its disgusting.

  10. brains says:


  11. Justin says:

    What the entertainment industry fail to understand is the vast majority of people wouldn’t be going out to the cinema or buy the DVD anyway unless they update their business model to make content a lot more easily available online at a fair price !

    How were to they get the figures to claim they are loosing billions , GOOD movies still break box office records despite being available online . I think it might have more to do with online reviews being widely available online withing minutes of a films 1st showing , people no-longer needing to wast their money to see the rubbish the movie industry churns out and attempts to mislead with cleverly cut & hyped trailers .

    These sites will always exist and when they close one another 2 will immediately replace them , within hours of the blocks going into force alternative links and mirror sites were in place anyway lol

  12. Gene Hunt says:

    “The Courts are just doing their job. That’s what most of us do. You have laws and you enforce them (at least when someone complains), with more or less effectiveness.”

    no, they are just giving into Simon Cowell and all these fat cats. You tried looking for music/bands that is/was hard to come by? You could try music shops but wait there’s hardly none and the ones which do exist wouldn’t have heard of the bands you wanted, Belphegor, Anal Cunt, Dornenreich, so what’s the option? you could try iTunes but why sign up to a website that says sure you can download this music but only if it’s for our product

  13. Never you mind says:

    It’s not fair blocking websites all I’ve been doing is watching shows that I like but I can’t see in the uk by using tube plus now that this has happened I’m switching broadbands

  14. bob says:

    There is still gross overcharging for streamed movies etc. The costs are fraction of those for the physical media sold through a shop but the lower cost of online delivery is not reflected in the price. In some cases online media should be only 30% of normal retail cost and there is no justification at all for it being over 50%

  15. Live in a shit society says:

    Are you serious? So, to conclude this topic, the government have blocked movie streaming websites such as primwire, solarmovie etc but sites such as YouPorn are still accessible, what the actual fuck is wrong with you? I don’t understand this logic.

  16. Gk says:

    So wait, streaming movies and tv from websites such as these wasnt illegal when i signed up to my broadband…and one major attraction of signing up for internet was all the great things i could stream with internet access…so im guessing now that all this content is blocked…my broadband bills will be lower…right…but are going to obviously going to lowered because they cant surely charge the same for there broadband as half the content is now blocked….right….that would be fair wouldnt it…thats what they ARE going to do right….
    Will they Fuck.

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