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Three UK inTouch App Goes Live as Mobile Data Usage Climbs

Thursday, July 31st, 2014 (9:55 am) - Score 3,584

Mobile operator Three UK has announced that their new App (Three inTouch), which allows customers to talk or text using their existing allowances via a WiFi based wireless Internet connection, is now live. In addition, the operator has revealed stats for data usage on its 3G and 4G based Mobile Broadband network.

The Three inTouch app, which is similar to EE’s rival product (here), is being offered free to all contract, SIM and Pay As You Go (PAYG) customers. Elsewhere the operator reported that the average data usage per customer on their network is “significantly higher than the industry average” and stood at 2.6GB (GigaBytes) per customer per month in June, compared to 1.8GB and 2.2GB in June 2013 and December 2013 respectively.

It’s interesting to note that this growth rate is similar to what we saw on fixed home broadband lines some 6-8 years ago, back when ADSLMax (up to 8Mbps) lines were still quite popular and only just starting to make way for ADSL2+ (up to 20Mbps). Should this trend continue then it’s not impossible to conceive of a 25GB average during the 5G deployment phase sometime post-2020.

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  1. Avatar Bob says:

    In 1-2 years they are going to have much bigger problems as customers finishing their One Plan contracts and start going elsewhere as they’ve now killed off AYCE tethering.

    I hope Three pay dearly for their betrayal of the tech community, we might use a lot of data but it could have been managed better, we did after all build them up with recommendations.

    1. Avatar DTMark says:

      It was an exceptionally stupid thing to do – to offer unlimited usage of a service with very limited localised capacity most especially when the primary competition – ADSL – was so very easily beaten by just hanging a dongle out of a window in some/many locations.

      I don’t think that there is an “elsewhere” – as we move forward to 4G now, no other operator seems to have dropped themselves into that particular hole nor seems to be intending to do so.

  2. Avatar Bob says:


    Which is why I said they could have managed it better instead of killing it off altogether.

    The current alternative appears to be EE with their 50GB package.

    1. Avatar DTMark says:

      Where’s the 50GB package 😉

      I just had a look, but the relevant page seems to have a 404 Not Found error at the moment.

      We pay £150 per month for 50GB which is 5 x £30 top-ups each with 10GB.

      When I looked, I couldn’t see any advantage with “Pay Monthly”, but then I don’t think I’d be prepared to have a contract with EE anyway.

    2. Avatar Bob says:


      Yeah the Pay Monthly link is broken but if you try to order a phone, click see all packages, and then drag the slider to the left, you’ll see the 50GB plan for £75.

      £150 for 50GB? Whose your current provider?

    3. Avatar DTMark says:

      Not interested in a phone, just data – we have a router and soon a pair of antennae on the roof for 4G; we’re near the edge of the coverage area so only get a 20 to 25 down and 20-ish up service.

      That *is* with EE.

      This is new..


      25GB/mo for £30/month.

      If they can assure me that they will set the credit limit on the account to zero so it just stops working when we hit 25GB and doesn’t incur silly charges like £5 per MB thereafter, I might be interested in a pair of those.

    4. Avatar Bob says:


      The SIM only pay monthly link seems to be working again, the 50GB plan shows up.

      It seems EE doesn’t offer capped plans/option but can’t you set a bandwidth limit on your router?

    5. Avatar DTMark says:

      I might just look into that data SIM plan – we could more than halve our costs.

      The phone contracts are for 2 years.. we already have one iPhone and partner wants one too, normally buy outright so that’s about £620, so all in all it looks like a reasonable deal if you’re prepared to have a network locked handset.

      But bearing in mind EE’s customer service is shockingly bad, that 2 year commitment makes me run a mile – but, the data only plan is 30 days. Glad you posted and I looked at that 🙂

      Now there’s some competition, 4G prices can only fall.

    6. Avatar DTMark says:

      From the Ts and Cs for the 30 day data SIM plans..

      “We won’t charge you anymore if you reach your monthly data allowance, but you won’t be able to use the internet.”

      Excellent 🙂

    7. Avatar Bob says:

      I just wonder whether it’s possible to add minutes/texts to the data package.

  3. Avatar sentup.custard says:

    Not as far as I can see, Bob. The 25GB for £30 a month plan is the one that I’m NOW signed up to after satisfactory PAYG experiments, the SIM card arrived this lunchtime.
    If I log in to their joke page for my account, which has it the wrong way around and says my plan is 30GB for £25 a month, there are various references to add-ons, but anything I click in respect of them either gets me a 404, jumps back to the top of the existing page, or takes me out of my account onto the ordinary EE site.
    Surprisingly for a mobile operator, instead of badgering me to buy a zillion “free” minutes for only £100 and get a free cuddly toy as a reward for my gullibility, they don’t seem to want to sell me anything.

    1. Avatar DTMark says:

      Do you get the impression that EE isn’t quite, er, ready yet 😉

      Other classics with PAYG include the SIM “phone number” sometimes copying over to the top up page and sometimes not, email confirmations saying that your top up has been added to account “$bin”, top ups that don’t actually credit the account for a while leading you round in a circle endlessly, the failure to whitelist the 3D Secure bank pages so the 3DS auth never actually works…

    2. Avatar sentup.custard says:

      It’s certainly been… ummm… “entertaining” signing up with them and navigating their broken apology for a website!
      I am just keeping my fingers crossed that the actual service continues to perform as well as at present, as I am under no illusions about the standard of customer “service” (if you can legitimately call it service) that I’m likely to get from EE – in the event of problems, the lady in the tent on the promenade at Southend with the gipsy scarf and the crystal ball would probably give a more reliable answer!

    3. Avatar Bob says:

      Yeah their website is terrible, seems all broken.

      And I thought Three were bad…

  4. Avatar dragoneast says:

    Back on topic: I see Three now too do not allow use of this app on rooted phones. What are they frightened of, exactly? They join Sky and Barclays in the hall of shame. (Or of primitive technology, possibly?)

    1. Avatar Bob says:

      You can use Root Cloak Plus, at least for now.

    2. Avatar dragoneast says:

      Thanks, I found the Xposed version of Rootplus works (though Cydia Substrate required for the Rootplus Plus version for some reason stops wi-fi working on my phone, which rather defeats the objective). Then I hit the next problem – they are unable to register because of a “temporary problem”!! The bugbear of the mobile phone co’s web services. Launching services like this at the height of the holiday season is such a good idea, like jumping in at the deep end without checking first.

    3. Avatar dragoneast says:

      Of course meant RootCloak not RootPlus!!

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