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BT Infinity FTTC Broadband Users Suffer Week of Slow Website Problems

Friday, December 12th, 2014 (10:32 am) - Score 7,272

Customers of the BTInfinity (FTTC) “Fibre Broadband” service, including some ADSL2+ subscribers, appear to have spent the past week or two suffering from a variety of problems with websites and emails being slow or failing to load, with some reports dating back to the very start of this month. The issue has also impacted connectivity to other services, such as Xbox Live and YouTube etc.

Initially it was thought to be a problem related to BT’s Domain Name System (DNS), although the issue appears to continue even after these are circumvented by using an alternative DNS (note: using a VPN does seem to get around the problem).

Unfortunately so far we have been unable to locate any official service status updates from BT, which is despite the issue being reported in several mega-threads on BT’s own community forum (examples here and here), although yesterday there was a very small recognition of the growing complaints.

Robbie Mac, BT’s Community Moderator, said:

Hi everyone,

Sorry for the problems you’re all having. I’m just popping on to this thread to let you know we’re looking into this at the moment and we’ll post back again when we have further info.

All the best,


The apparent fault does not appear to be impacting ordinary connection speeds and we’ve noted that some of the complaints also come from BT’s pure copper ADSL2+ based standard broadband subscribers, so it may not be limited to FTTC users, but at present the latter appears to make up the bulk of complaints.

Speculation is currently rife, with some suggesting that it might be due to a fault with one of BT’s website filtering (censorship) systems, although so far we’ve been unable to confirm that. ISPreview.co.uk has contacted BT about the matter and we will update when they respond.


A BT Spokesperson told ISPreview.co.uk:

We are aware of an issue, which is causing some customers to experience intermittent issues when attempting to load web pages.

We are sorry for any inconvenience caused and we are working to fix the problem“.

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22 Responses
  1. Avatar Steve Jones says:

    I’ve not noticed anything at all. However, I do use the Google DNS servers.

    1. Avatar GNewton says:

      So how do you manage to run a BT line connection without any problems?

      Looking both at this forum, the reviews, and the BT forums, there have been quite a few issues with the slow websites!

      BTW.: We are not using a BT line, but interestingly enough, experienced a very slow ‘ispreview.co.uk’ website, too, a few days ago. Might be just a coincidence, as other sites were fine.

    2. Avatar Steve Jones says:

      I’m not very sure what you are on about as they are all OR lines. I did have to get an engineer out to resolve a problem that was causing my VDSL sync speed to drop to around 34mbps when it was initially 57mbps. It turned out to be a line

      But I’ve never suffered from congestion issues on FTTC as far as I can tell in about 11 months usage. In the early days of ADSL there was clearly some congestion, but not in recent years.

      About 3 years ago the junction under the path outside the house had to be dug up as the 40 year old connection to the direct buried cable had failed due to water ingress. (It can be dated from the when the house was built). Direct buried cable wasn’t a great decision, but that’s what happens when old ideas come and bite you back.

      So the line hasn’t been trouble free, but mostly the broadband has been OK without any issues for several years at a time save the occasional glitch.

    3. Avatar Steve Jones says:

      nb. I’d note that at my parent’s house about 12 hours ago (on Plusnet), then loading ISPreview was very slow indeed (but not other sites that I tried). It’s quite possible Plusnet are using some BTW routing/peering, so there could be some issues which affect some sites and exchanges.

  2. Avatar SpencerUk says:

    Glad it’s not just me who has noticed it then. Speeds seem to be ok. I put it down to weather at first 😛

  3. Avatar Vini says:

    Aha, so I’m not alone! The problem is still affecting me, despite using Google DNS.

    A speedtest results in the expected speed, but ping latency is high (fluctuating between 20ms & ~45ms) and occasionally drops altogether… Browsing websites is painfully slow, and streaming Video is horrible.

    Sheffield, SLMOS.

  4. Avatar Sledgehammer says:

    I have suffered the same problem, on ADSL2+. It took quite a while to open ISPreview and pages were slow to open and close when you came to change to another page.

    It felt like a massive dose of congestion, as though everybody was connecting to the internet at the same time.

    1. Avatar No Clue says:

      Yep exactly what i have only on Infinity, massive lag when loading or switching web pages, just like some form of congestion or high latency. It comes and goes and can happen at any time and last anything from a few minutes to a whole day.

      BT Infinity has been poor for me in terms of reliability, since the day it was installed, the latest issues are just typical of the service. Indian support is useless and the BT forums are full of rude individuals and is only of any use if a DECENT staff member picks up on your post and takes ownership.

      My prior ADSL supplier was more reliable and had infinitely (pun intended) better support than BT Infinity. Contract is up in Feb so i can be shot of the disaster which is BT. I partly blame myself really for signing up to them at the time and the reasonable price being too tempting, i should had known better and that they would be crap as they have been for years.

      Typical also here the first post is from a well known BT supporter on this site claiming they have no issues.

    2. Avatar DTMark says:

      I’m seeing some of that on EE 4G today and also some of yesterday, especially with this site and a few others. Though it’s presumably co-incidence.

    3. Avatar No Clue says:

      It appears it may be a routing issue, if the issue lasts long enough to ping/tracrt the site on infinity you can clearly see an issue. I doubt it is the same problem you are having on EE.

      No doubt this will take ages to fix last time there was a potentially similar issue a certain BT cretin did not even listen to another ISP let alone users….

      and then…


    4. Avatar DTMark says:

      Seems to be sporadic performance at:

      610.core1.hex.as20860.net []

    5. Avatar FibreFred says:

      You only partly blame yourself for using a company that you have pure hatred for and spend most of your time and life running down

      You are a strange one

    6. Avatar No Clue says:

      Not as sad as someone spending most of their life following around individuals on the internet as you dislike their opinions on a company though eh.

      You can support BT in a far more proactive way, like literally getting the logo tattooed on your face or backside, either works as you have the ability to speak through both.

  5. Avatar Max says:

    Same issue for me too, i’m just on ADSL2.

    Websites either seem to load fine for me or just not at all. Hit F5 a few times and they’ll eventually appear. Although my internet keeps dropping out this evening altogether, despite normally running for 150+ days at a time without a single disconnect. Bit odd.

    No issue though for now, I get 40Mbit through my 4G tethering on my iPhone. Just need them to fix it before I blow my tethering limit.

  6. Avatar FibreFred says:

    I had issues earlier in the week but only to this website, fine now tho

  7. Avatar digi457 says:

    I have had this same issue for the past 6 weeks or more, intermittently and as others have described, I`m on ADSL+2 I thought it was a line fault and was thinking it was time to contact BT but know how long winded that would be. So glad its not just me but BT need to sort this out, I was thinking of getting Infinity when it arrives but not so sure now.

  8. Avatar Sledgehammer says:

    Is ISPreview on a BT/OR infinity or server?

    1. Avatar GNewton says:

      No. This website’s host appears to be ‘1and1.co.uk’, and the server seems to be loacted in Germany (schlund.de).

  9. Avatar Chris Lord says:

    I seem to get this slow loading of web pages problem intermittantly and I am on Plusnet FTTC. As Plusnt is subsidiary of BT I suspect this might be another manifestation of the same problem. Am in contact with Plusnet and will post further comment if any news.

  10. Avatar Samarca says:

    Hi All,

    I have BT Infinity (FTTP) and for the last few days its been a nightmare and thought it was my systems. I also use googles DNS settings but this really doesn’t make any difference. I do work for Openreach and even when I managed to get hold of support and told them what’s going on, they came back with everything looks fine. At this point I done the normal stuff to hummer the tech support at this point but when they said it was my system I said you are not getting it. Now I know all my information from NAD key and GEA number and that changed the conversation very quickly, I also pointed out that my work laptop wasn’t accessing the network to some site. Then I was told that someone would ring me back as they have never heard of this before, yet looking on here I have some firepower to email internally once I know who to contact personally and with any information that clearly is the problem. Cheers Mark

  11. Avatar Robert Harrison says:

    I have found the same problems with BT Infinity, which I have had for about two months. Download speeds are fine at 40-55mbps, files download very quickly, email and apps work well, but sometimes when searching web pages, it grinds to a complete halt. The problem is peculiar to BT and does not affect mobile connections using the same equipment, or my previous wireless ISP (which I have retained.) The problem is very noticeable using iPads.

    Any updates welcome. Regards Robert

  12. Avatar Ian says:

    My broadband speed with BT fiber optic has been slow for past three days I can’t even load a simple youtube video or even youtube and it’s ridiculous.

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