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Virgin Media’s ADSL Broadband Users Given TalkTalk Marching Orders

Thursday, January 8th, 2015 (9:27 am) - Score 15,696

Customers of Virgin Media’s defunct copper-line based Virgin National (Virgin.net / ADSL2+) broadband platform, which were last year informed that they’d been sold to low cost rival ISP TalkTalk (here), have started to receive their migration notices with details of the planned move.

The non-cable Virgin National service peaked at 275,900 subscribers in early 2011 before suffering repeated declines until it was officially closed to new customers in October 2013 (here). Since then Virgin Media’s owner, Liberty Global, has focused all of its efforts on their existing cable network and thus few were surprised when the operator finally announced its intention to sell the remaining ADSL base (97k).

At the time details were in short supply, although TalkTalk did inform ISPreview.co.uk about their expectation that many of the affected customers would now be able to take their superfast “fibre broadband” (FTTC) packages (previously they were limited to Virgin’s slower ADSL2+ service). Virgin Media has since setup a dedicated Information Page for those affected.

According to MSE, related customers (i.e. those that haven’t already jumped shift after the first announcement) have now begun receiving letters to confirm their migration date. Apparently the move to TalkTalk will be conducted in a phased way, with the first customers being shifted over during mid-February 2015. This process is expected to take several months and should be completed by the spring.

However this information appears to be at odds with what subscribers have told ISPreview.co.uk. Some customers state that they’ll actually be moved this week, with related emails arriving last week and stating that “Your Virgin Broadband and Virgin Phone services will move to TalkTalk’s network in 3 days from the date this email was sent. There might be a short outage but this should only last 20 minutes or so“.

We also note a few cases where Virgin Media ADSL customers were cut-off in December, possibly as part of an early test, only to later be told that the transfer was unsuccessful and as such they’ve been left without a working broadband service (mercifully such situations appear to be quite rare).

In other cases two customers report that they were able to escape from Virgin Media’s ADSL platform in early December 2014, yet despite this the cable operator has apparently continued to charge them as if they were still providing the service (i.e. payment notices going out for the Jan-Feb period). A quick call to Virgin’s support team is often all that’s needed to get such admin blunders fixed.

It’s interesting to note how some of the affected customers complain that the first they heard about the move, which was announced in November 2014, was last week when the second migration notice began to circulate. Never the less we wouldn’t be at all surprised to find that a significant number of Virgin’s ADSL base have decided to flee before the move, which will probably show up in TalkTalk’s future reports.

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  1. Avatar stan burt

    After some 12 years with virgin I receive a notice, from TalkTalk, effectively telling me that I have been sold!! I consider Virgin’s treatment of myself as shabby and, at best, very unprofessional. I can only hope that I get better service from TalkTalk than I have received recently, as a copper wire orphan, with virgin. Can someone provide fibre optics to me please.


    • Avatar No Clue

      Yes take them to court when you are allowed to move freely from them if you do not wish to go to Talk Talk. That makes sense a company is letting you out of any contract….. What are you going to argue in court? Are you also going to shout or beat them to death with capital letters?

      Also 12 years he was with them, that must of been a long contract, even makes BTs look short.

  2. Avatar Leonard Evans

    I have been a customer of Virgin for nearly fifteen years and have been loyal to the outfit mainly due to my admiration for Richard Branson and although he no longer is involved I still stayed with them in spite of many problems over the years,such as losing all my e-mail addresses with the complications that caused.Then last year nearly 200 e-mails from all sorts of unknown people because of a technical fault at virgin, no apologies of course. I now realise why the annual fees keep going up Virgin want to get rid of all their non-cable clients and sell them on to Talk-Talk. No discussion just fait-accompl, so I now have to look for another provider (certainly not Talk-Talk) and once again I will lose my e-mail addresses. Thanks Virgin if thats how you treat your loyal customers then I for one will be better off with someone else.

    • Avatar No Clue

      Relying on ISP email no matter the company is silly, all the big players have had email issues in the past year or two some quite serious. Whoever you move to be it BT, Sky or a smaller provider i suggest if your email is that important you get a dedicated service for it.

    • take them to court that is what I am doing. virgin media did not send any letters to customers this was all done under handed there was no tender put out to other companies I have been on to Ofcom regarding this and they have had 100s of calls regarding this matter . virgin media know they were wrong in what they have done to their customers ,I am linked up to care link for my illness and now everything is messed up TAKE THEM TO COURT THEY BROKE THE CONTRACT WITH YOU -YOU WILL WIN YOUR CASE:VIRGIN MEDIA WILL SETTLE OUT OF COURT IF YOU BROKE THE CONTRACT THEY WOULD CHASE YOU FOR THE MONEY OWED


  3. Avatar Jim

    What are the Ofcom rules regarding this ‘transfer’ ? Surely customers should have had far more notice than a letter received in the last few days to give them time to decide what they want to do

  4. Avatar Dave jackson

    I have been with Virgin from the start (think I got 36k dial-up speeds at the time and think it was around 1985-87). Just got the letter yesterday.

    Have to say, this is just one more in a long line of disappointments with Virgin (one account; virgin Atlantic flight; PEP; etc) in some ways, I’m glad to be rid of the last Virgin product I have – and won’t be getting any more from Richard Branson.

    However, the decision now is which provider to go with? Talk talk seem to offer the cheapest package, but BT seem to have the best infrastructure. I am in a non-fibre optic area, so have to stick with adsl.

    Options welcomed.

    • Avatar Pauline grillo

      Has anyone go any advise on who to change to. I am in a non fibre optic area. Does anyone know how Virgin mobile phones will be effected?

    • Avatar No Clue

      Does not affect Virgins mobile services at all, as for a non-fibre area and who to go with id start by looking at http://www.ispreview.co.uk/review/top50.php and particularly the frst 15-20 on that list.

    • HI

    • Avatar Henri H.

      I’ve taken up Plusnet FTTC when I got told Virgin aren’t in my new area. Check out the BT Availability Checker to see if you can get fttc. This area may have shoddy cabling but I’m getting speeds of 10.2mb/s! I’ve never gotten these types of speed on Virgin’s line at all with a cheaper price tag 🙂

  5. Avatar Keith Watkins

    Being a Virgin National ADSL customer & in 3 days time a TalkTalk ADSL customer
    Will I be charged at my old Virgin rate of £17.30 a month for some time to come or be charged at the lower TalkTalk rate ? You can bet which one I’ll be charged !
    Notice was too short to obtain the MAC code,info carefully hidden in a link.

    • Avatar No Clue

      Its not 3 days time infact its going to be more than 30 days yet…
      Talk Talk have not even wrote to users yet.

    • Avatar Keith Watkins

      The letter I’ve had says 4 days from the date of this email.
      2 days later a letter with Virgin & TalkTalk heading last para we’ll keep you up to date with whats happening so as you say may be sometime into the future before it all happens.
      Personally I wish to transfer to a company that has an English call centre.
      Out of UK centre’s seem to be a nightmare.
      Just wish we didn’t have the copper provider we are all lumbered with,then there would be real competition in the market.

    • Avatar No Clue

      It will likely be at least a couple of months yet. If you look back at past things like this that have happened (Talk Talk acquisition of Tiscali and group, Sky take over of BE as just 2 examples) it often takes months. You more than likely have to around March time or later before you are assimilated into the Borg hive known as Talk Talk. The letter you have got is more just to inform you what is happening. You will likely get others with updates and a final one with the actual transfer date (that one being if i had to guess around beginning of March give or take a week).

    • Avatar No Clue

      Id personally if you can not get FTTC look through the top 50 here and go for one of the small providers near the top which offer an ADSL2+ package you would be happy with, expect it to cost more than Virgin or Talk Talk will though, if you want quality from a small company with a small and knowledgeable English support team it will cost.


    • Avatar ValPalmer

      I have just been informed that my ‘bundle’ is going up to £20.35 next month from £17.30 with no previous notification. Apparently I have been receiving a ‘loyalty discount’ as this is what my charge should have been for years. No one informed me of that either! I didn’t realise that the virgin.net emails will cease either. I have sent a letter of complaint to Virgin, not that that will make any difference. I intend sending a copy to Ofcom too. Very shoddy practice to loyal customers.

  6. Avatar Pauline grillo

    First I heard about any of this was Thursday 8/1/15 by email followed by a letter received on Saturday 10/1- I also have been loyal to Virgin over many years as I was always impressed with their customer service. Wow, how disappointing is this!

    • Avatar Dave jackson

      Seem to be quite a few of us around!

      After reading reviews, I have decided to try PlusNet.


    • Avatar No Clue

      Yes take them to court when you are allowed to move freely from them if you do not wish to go to Talk Talk. That makes sense a company is letting you out of any contract….. What are you going to argue in court? Are you also going to shout or beat them to death with capital letters?

  7. Avatar Keith Watkins

    Thanks No Clue for the good info
    Bt’s offering,maximum speed & up to 200mb
    Unlimited BT Infinity 3 + Evening & Weekend Calls
    18 month contract

    All others are offering a max of (up to) 17mb ADSL2…fibe not available yet but we’ll let you know.

    The problem comes to most of us here is that we’ve been all cosy & warm with our contracts & not looked elsewhere but should have looking at Virgin’s prices for 8 meg ADSL2…Yes in hindsight it does pay to shop around.
    What puts people off is the upheaval new contract & horror stories of being double charged by old & the new ISP.
    From what I see as Dave said BT Plusnet looks ok I only need the 9 megs they are offering.Suppose we are in limbo at the Mo

    • Avatar No Clue

      Option 3 Infinity is for FTTH areas only i think you will find. If you live in one of those there are far better options.

    • Avatar Keith Watkins

      Well I see I’m now on TalkTalk ADSL2 speed have gone up slightly
      On the same day paid my £17.30 to Virgin
      I wonder how many more monthly payments will be asked for.
      If the higher Virgin rate is being passed on to TalkTalk they must be rubbing their hands together.
      About 3 month ago I tried to make a standing order to Virgin for the payments but it would not let you,all has become clear.

    • SIR,

    • Avatar No Clue

      Yes take them to court when you are allowed to move freely from them if you do not wish to go to Talk Talk. That makes sense a company is letting you out of any contract….. What are you going to argue in court? Are you also going to shout or beat them to death with capital letters?

  8. Avatar Vic

    I received a letter on 30th Dec advising me of the changeover followed by an email on the 2nd Jan advising me of the migration details.
    The seamless changeover took place on the 5th Jan.
    I am on ADSL2 and was getting 7.5 speed with Virgin but am getting 12 with TalkTalk which is probably fast enough, never having experienced fibre speed.
    We are advised that the financial side of the account will change between now and the spring with 30 days notice and this will require no input from the customer regarding direct debits etc.
    The downer is that Virgin email addresses will terminate 12 months after the account change. I can’t see the need for this as several other providers have been taken over, such as AOL,Freeserve,NTL, but retained their email addresses.


    • Avatar TPA

      Yes, I have had my email address for 17 or so years so I am a quite disappointed that I will loose it in 12 months.


    • Avatar No Clue

      Im sure everyone is more sick of you.

  9. Avatar Deekay

    Had the letter on the 10th and the email yesterday to say I change to the new network on Friday 16th (although still a VM customer for now). Hope this is a seamless change but fear the worst.

    I have a BT landline with VirginMedia ADSL over the top, TalkTalk blurb seems to suggest you must have a phone + BB package with them. Anyone know if they will try and force customers from BT to Talktalk for the phoneline or decline to offer BB if you don’t?


    • Avatar No Clue

      Yes take them to court when you are allowed to move freely from them if you do not wish to go to Talk Talk. That makes sense a company is letting you out of any contract….. What are you going to argue in court? Are you also going to shout or beat them to death with capital letters?

  10. Avatar Vic

    From my trawling through the TalkTalk website you can have a broadband deal on it’s own, either ADSL or fibre, no phone or TV or though they are options.
    It’s their support reviews that concern me,at least as bad as BT although the couple of people I know that use TalkTalk have been pleased with them.
    I have decided to stick with the change over and see how it progresses and have asked them why we can’t keep our email addresses.


    • Avatar Deekay

      “Your Virgin Broadband service will move to TalkTalk’s network in 4 days from the date this email was sent. There might be a short outage but this should only last 20 minutes or so.”

      Thanks Vic, here’s hoping that the change on Friday goes as smoothly as yours! Obviously a person I did online chat to at TalkTalk to enquire didn’t know the policy as he said they only offer phone & broadband deal – which isn’t encouraging!

  11. Avatar No Clue

    There has to be atleast 30 days before any change over because thats how long a MAC is valid for so the above are either mistaken or a certain regular poster here.

    • Avatar Vic

      This is not a normal migration but a transfer by companies between companies.
      A MAC may last for 30 days but migrations usually take much less, ie, to BT takes about two weeks, some of the smaller companies say 7 days.


    • Avatar No Clue

      And if you read the link i gave earlier it has details about requesting a MAC if you do not want to move to Talk Talk, thus meaning there has to be at least 30 days notice.

  12. Avatar Tribulations

    I received my letter from Virgin Media/Talk Talk today (14th Jan) and am totally shocked!! Not being at all technically minded, I’m not sure what to do. However thanks to No Clue for your Link – I will study that. I used to be a Talk Talk customer about 7 years ago and found them to be absolutely dreadful, so moved to Virgin Media. Therefore, I am not at all keen on being “sold” back to them!! Best of luck to all of you – hope we all find a suitable replacement.

    • Avatar No Clue

      No prob, my advice would be if you are a user that can not get FTTC then avoid BT and Talk Talk. If i were still an ADSL only area id probably consider Xilos C&W LLU broadband if you can get it, fully unlimited for something like £12 or 13 quid a month from memory. Aquiss and Zen are also worth looking at, probably cost more but all 3 of those mentioned are normally highly rated companies.

  13. Avatar Tribulations

    Thanks No Clue. I’m going to shop around, when I’ve got time. Am going to investigate “Compare The Market” and ring around a few. Finding the best deal is one thing, but when it involves technical issues, I am completely lost!!

    • Avatar No Clue

      Definitely shop around and if confused with any terminology be sure to read reviews of companies and more about their products on sites like this.

  14. Avatar Deekay

    Thanks for the advice No Clue, sadly my options are limited and none of those are available to me. Only TalkTalk, BT and Plusnet offer ADSL so either it has to be plusnet or it might be time to take the plunge and go for an FTTC service.

    • Avatar No Clue

      If you would like to point out your exchange I or someone else will tell you which services you can get, if its LLU enabled etc. Also if you can get FTTC then depending on what you want to spend id look at AAISP and Zen as my first choices, NOT cheap but both quality products with knowledgeable people behind them. For ADSL my 3 choices above still stand.

  15. Avatar Dave jackson

    Since my last post, I have taken a contract with PlusNet. I asked them if they needed my MAC code, but they said not yet. For the past 24 hours, my net has been on and off constantly. Don’t know if it is Virgin, Talk Talk, or PlusNet causing the probs, but hopefully it will be sorted soon.

    Anyone else having difficulties when switching?

    • Avatar Tribulations

      Hope PlusNet get you sorted out soon Dave. I am thinking of going to them, so do please keep us posted of progress. I’ve now had the Email from Virgin telling me they will swop me over to Talk-Talk in 4 days, but as yet no information from Talk-Talk themselves! Oh this is such a nuisance!!

    • Avatar No Clue

      That will NOT happen they will both write to you via old fashion letter first.

    • Avatar Dave jackson

      Well – I found out that my connection problems aren’t PlusNet- they need my Mac key to switch. Just checked Virgin site for broadband issues and guess what? Red light on adsl! Seems that since they sent the email, they don’t care what happens? 2 days now with up and down connection every few minutes.

      The sooner I can leave them, the better.

      Does anyone else experience connection issues?

    • Avatar No Clue

      As pointed out here…
      You will need to request a MAC.
      As also warned avoid BT (who own Plusnet also)
      As also pointed out nobody will be on Talk Talks network for a while yet.

  16. Avatar Deekay

    Network switch happened while I was out this morning, around 11.00, my IP address now shows I’m on the TalkTalk network. Speed test shows it download speed faster than VM with near 12 mbps as against 8mbps but upload speed is down by 50%. No probs accessing emails through Live Mail but get an error when trying to send with a virgin.net address. I know it could take a few days to settle yet.

    VM’s PR hasn’t been good, today I get a letter with a special offer on their Cable network – why didn’t they do this earlier and tie it in to the switch rather than just send a generic letter (which said I wasn’t in a connected area – wrong!) as an incentive to stay with them?

    • Avatar Deekay

      Now to add outgoing emails from virgin.net accounts being sent as normal.

      So far, so good 🙂

    • Avatar No Clue

      I Did ask you earlier for details of exchange and area oh well lol

    • Avatar puzzled

      have been switched to talk talk for broadband but on a @virgin.net email address and am having the same issues with the send error message – did you change anything or did it just rectify as if by magic? Not feeling particularly support by VM – it’s ok for them they know how the stuff works and talk talk probably had no clue of the problems coming their way with the migration – bet it wasn’t on any of the contingency plans on how to support customers!

  17. Avatar Brian Goulding

    I have been given the run around aswell as i dont want Talk Talk, I phoned virgin help desk and got the indian branch.I told them i did not want talk talk and asked them to stop my migration.They transferred me to migration team who told me it was already going through and the only way to stop it was to cancell.I was put through to cancellation team where i told them to cancell my contract and send my mac code.This took over an hour on the phone,so much for quick responce.the day after I received a letter from virgin about the move telling me i dont need to do anything as it was not happening for a few weeks…and no mention of being able to cancel.
    there is a government web sit called CISAS for people who dont get their mac codes within 5 days or just want to complain about the way this fiasco has been mismanaged…

    • Avatar Tribulations

      I also phoned VM upon receipt of their initial letter last week and spoke to someone in India! I said I did not wish to go to Talk-Talk. The lady was very brisque and just said something like “oh okay we will just cut you off then”…!!! I was not transferred to anyone else. Also I am unable to look at my account on-line now. The way VM have behaved towards their loyal customers is disgraceful and should hit front page newspapers! I hope someone high up in Government will take them to task!

  18. Avatar Tribulations

    I wonder if VM are registered with CISAS… That’s a useful observation Brian. Some or all of us might wish to lodge a complaint with CISAS in due course…..

  19. Avatar No Clue

    Have you rang the right number?….
    0345 454 2222

    0345 454 1111

    Oh and before you can complain to CISAs you will need to go through Virgins complaint procedures. The ADR schemes are there for if you have an issue, complain and they refuse to rectify it, its not there for you just to contact on a whim, feel free to try but CISAs will tell you the same. It is the same for any ISP and any ADR scheme……

    “I have a complaint about a company registered with CISAS. What should I do?
    You must give the company a reasonable chance to settle your complaint before you apply to use CISAS. Do this by contacting the company’s complaints department.

    You can apply to use CISAS if:
    you have not been able to settle your complaint within eight weeks of first complaining to the company; or the company has referred you to the scheme.”

    I suggest you read around about how things work in general.

    • Avatar puzzled

      seems there are a lot of us with problems vm call centre on 15+ miin queue!!!!!!! thats my phone bill!!!!!

    • Avatar Keith

      Yes 0345 454 2222 works if you want the mac code you will need to answer a number of confirmation details address DOB etc
      Will will get the hard sell why do you want to leave etc + deals that look very cheap etc & I expect are ok.I did mention about wanting a UK based call centre & was told I was talking to one.Not convinced I would be speaking to one once I signed up.You will loose you Virgin email in 3 months so bare that in mind
      Hope this helps someone else who is thinking of moving

    • Avatar No Clue

      “seems there are a lot of us with problems vm call centre on 15+ miin queue!!!!!!! thats my phone bill!!!!!”

      You mean the phone bill on a Virgin line where calls to their support centre are free?

      Time some people actually had a idea of what they are on about.

    • Avatar puzzled

      no clue – I do know what I am speaking about I have to pay as I take care of someone elses phone therefore I have to pay for those calls as a non-VM person caring for someone elses phone who is VM – please accept that not everyone’s circumstances are the same

    • Avatar No Clue

      Clearly you do not because one look at Virgins FAQ pages will tell you for Virgin customers dialling 0345 454 2222 or just 150 from your Virgin phone for support is free… Perhaps its time for you to just use a single name.

  20. Dave Jackson – I am also having major connection problems, since last Wednesday. The speed checker shows that my line is with Talk Talk so the transfer has happened even though should I only received the letter early in the New Year. My IP address is different each time I do the speed test. No idea why this is the case.

    Have been with Virgin for over 12 years on their ADSL. Not pleased about the transfer or about the way they are treating loyal customers.

    • Avatar Dave jackson

      I also found that I am now on the talk talk network – but I think it is still hosted by Virgin (having problems tracing the host)

      I am waiting for my MAC code so I can switch – the connection is appalling

  21. Avatar Chris Hogg

    I first heard that Virgin was moving me to Talk Talk by e-mail on Saturday evening (Jan 17), and that I’d be moving in four days time. I’ve been with Virgin almost since they began, probably about 20 years. It’s an appalling way to treat loyal customers. The message said that if I wasn’t happy moving to Talk Talk, to ring the number they gave. I did that on the following Monday morning, to be told that I could go through the normal processes for moving to a different ISP, but that only the transfer to Talk Talk would be done for me by Virgin; to any other ISP I had to do it myself. They also said that if I moved to Talk Talk, my current e-mail address would continue for 12 months, but if I moved to another ISP it would continue for only 3 months.

    Having decided that I didn’t want Talk Talk as my ISP, on Monday evening I rang Virgin again, to get my MAC code so I could switch, and was told that they would have to contact Talk Talk to get the code from them and then e-mail me. That means they’d already switched me, despite it still being within the (appallingly short) time period of 4 days before they said I’d be moved. No reply from anyone yet.

    I shall never, ever, use Virgin for anything again, and will strongly recommend to anyone thinking of using them that they shouldn’t!

    • Avatar Dave jackson

      With you on this one – I will never buy a Branson product again

    • Avatar Chris Hogg

      Contacted Virgin again to get a my MAC code as I’d heard nothing for a week (or did I ring TalkTalk? see Keith’s comment Jan 24th. That was the number I had been given to ring by VM. It was in Glasgow; a guy with a Scots accent was very helpful). I was told that I didn’t need a MAC code to switch as I was on an MPF line. It would just be a matter of physically moving wire connections.

      See http://tinyurl.com/npgxuog for more detail on this sort of thing.

  22. Avatar Graham Harvey

    Does anyone have a Talk Talk UK call centre telephone number I can go to avoiding call centres in India and South Africa

    • Avatar Keith

      0345 454 2222 you will be talking to TalkTalk in the UK go through the various options you get there in the end Good Luck

  23. Avatar Ruth Simmonds

    My migration from VM to TalkTalk took place on Thursday, 29th January. Since then I have had no internet. My router shows that I have ADSL, though both ping tests failed. I contacted VM and was assured that the fault had been logged, and that on Monday 2nd February it would go to BT Open Reach to look into the matter – and to allow 5 working days for an engineer to get back to me. The five working days are up but I have heard nothing. Having wasted a lot of money using a mini wifi – and losing money as a result of it affecting my work – I am ready to move to BT now…

  24. Avatar Brian

    try this one! On hearing of the transfer of services last year from Virgin to TalkTalk I took the plunge to switch to BT Infinity in December. I placed my order with BT. I requested my MAC from Virgin. Virgin emailed twice that they would be sending my MAC by email but nothing arrived. BT said they would have to delay the Infinity service so I telephoned Virgin and eventually obtained a MAC. I rang through to BT and they said the MAC was wrong so I went back to Virgin for another which they gave. Bt were able to proceed with the switch which took place on 14th January. Note in all this time I hadn’t (and still haven’t) had any contact from TalkTalk. All seemed well and I was enjoying BT Sport as well when suddenly on February 16th I opened up my emails to find 3 from BT 1) saying they were sorry I was leaving their service 2) Please arrange to return the BT Hub and 3) My new service was my telephone line only! I had not made any request to any other provider to switch again and so has gone on a long frustrating battle to sort out the problem with both BT and Virgin Media. Its still not resolved. BT sya I’ve been “slammed” and they blame Virgin. Virgin don’t know what has happened! Is it because of the TalkTalk transfer? Tonight as things stand BT are raising a new order for me to have the BT Infinity service. To do so however they say I have to pay another activation fee- £39!! and then I need to obtain another MAC!! None of this problem has been of my making but I am having to do all the work and pay to put matters right I have to say both BT and Virgin’s India service has been absolutely useless. You have hours of discussion and end up at the beginning. I think they try and grind you down into submission. Tomorrow is another day- what will it bring?

  25. Avatar Joe

    I noticed that the switch happened to TT because what was a copper service delivering a solid 16mbps sudennly crashed to 9mbps or less (as low as 3-4 mbps) and became unstable – a quick check revealed that all DNS and associated servers had been switched to TT from Virgin – Nobody asked or told me that the service under TT would be so bad. Stage three of the migration planned to complete in April is to moves the direct debits and accounts across to TT – I have news for Dildo Harding (TT CEO) – Your service sucks and I wont be on board.


  26. Avatar Cat

    Does anyone know the legalities related to the TT limbo like situation? There’s no contract, and they’ve just billed me for a substantially higher amount than I was paying VM.

  27. Avatar peter bell

    Shocking shit as usual . I note my bill is far higher .. There is no contract between us and Talk Talk as no formal quote has been given by them in terms of their commercial stance to allow them to demand more than Virgin original bill.
    It is my understanding that to allow them to so proceed requires formal acceptance of their offer which I do not consider to have properly been made , let alone having them take the liberty of upping the ante

  28. Avatar TC15

    My service was changed last Thursday to Talk Talk. The letters said I did not have to do anything, I presumed, wrongly, that the service would be the same as the underlying infrastructure has not changed. WRONG, I can no longer get Iplayer, it hangs, I cannot listen to radio programs anymore, I have been doing this for years on Virgin without any problems.
    I am very upset. All I want is the same service I got before.
    Now I have to go through all that hassle with them. I just want to pay each month and get something fit for purpose. Its shit and no mistaking it.

  29. Avatar Barneygoogle

    Hi, sorry to hear of all the above. I’m not with Virgin, other than using a virgin.net email address. Will I lose this? It’s a webmail service, so I don’t understand why it needs to end, for those who move to TalkTalk, or any other provider.

  30. Avatar karen

    I only just got my letter. It was dated 18/03/2015 informing me that I was been moved to Talk Talk. This explains the sudden drop in My internet speed,or lack of it. I did a speed check which clearly showed that I am now on Talk Talk. Why did I get my letter after the event? I off to another supplier, there is no way I am staying with a company that is well know for the terrible service it gives. Thanks for nothing Virgin Media.

  31. Avatar James

    I received a email telling me I was to be switch to TT in no more than four days time. And indeed the switch happened within a couple of days. Via VM I had been receiving around 6mbps but now find via TT I have 0.8mbps!!!!!

    Its soooo slow I’ve had trouble getting the speed checks to load. I look on with envy at other people who’s line as ‘crashed’ to 9mbps 😉

    I’m really unhappy with the way I’d be treated.
    I’ll never purchase anything with a virgin logo again if I have an alternative.

  32. Avatar Shona

    Two weeks after receiving the infamous migration email – thanks for nothing Virgin Media – my download speed has dropped from a modest 5mbps to a frankly annoying 0.8mbps!
    Can’t watch anything. Can’t listen to anything.
    No information from Talk Talk abut the package I’m on, the cost, the service, how to complain, who to speak to to cancel.

  33. Been with VM for over 10 years and this is just all a con and totally unenforceable – 26% INCREASE in my bill and for a poorer service plus paid twice in one month. Plus will lose my virgin email address in any event
    VM should be ashamed but I am sure the people at the top made a lot of money I hope OFCOM show some teeth and fine them lots

  34. Avatar Kate R

    WOW! speeds of 16mbps, isn’t that something only heard of in modern day fairytales?
    After being with Virgin Media for a number of years, last year we had a VERY big argument over Twitter and phone (lenghtly process, as our internet speed was averaging 0.5mbps. (I would advise using twitter, it can be very influential.) We live near a major city, not in a random field.
    Although I would love to point out that my boyfriend, who actually does live in a random field (his dad owns a farm) gets speeds of 3-4mbps. Not fair!

    We eventually got BT out to sort out the problem. Turns out, everyone from the top of the road to where we were at the bottom was on the same server. (We are old school broadband, exchange etc.) So the BT guy put us on a new server and for the past year we’ve been getting comfortable speeds of 2mpbs. Enough for Netflix and Sky on Demand.

    However, since the switch to Talk Talk (my broadband speed checker is telling me this), our speeds have fallen right back down to 0.2mbps! That’s if i’m patient enough to let the speed checker load!

    However, when i search for the ‘fastest’ internet in my area it says Talk Talk!!

    Does anyone have any really reliable websites that can actually give me the fastest internet to switch to? or at least the company for best customer service so I can get problems sorted easily?

    (Hoping to finally finish Breaking Bad, just need some decent speeds)

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