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UPDATE5 Virgin Media Customers Swamped by SPAM After Email Migration

Thursday, October 1st, 2015 (12:04 pm) - Score 35,112

Customers of Virgin Media’s broadband service, specifically those who have been migrated from their old Google (Gmail) based email platform and on to the new in-house solution (here), are being swamped by a seemingly endless mountain of junk mail (SPAM).

The blueyonder.co.uk email addresses have already been moved over to the new platform and the first ntlworld.com addresses began to be shifted on 31st August 2015, which is still on-going. But for the past few days many of those on the new platform have noticed a sudden and massive influx of SPAM (note: some have experienced it since the very first move).

A large number of related topics on Virgin Media’s Community Forum have similarly sprung up around the issue (e.g. here, here, here and here), with each complaining that the new platform’s SPAM filtering no longer appears to be having any impact (i.e. marking the messages as SPAM and or adding custom filters does nothing).

A Brief Highlight of Customer Complaints

Hyperviper55 said:
Today out of the blue I started to receive multiple spam emails, like over 600 of them. They are M&S or McDonald’s, Amazon or Tesco vouchers and each mail is duplicated around 35 times. I have tried filtering via spam on webmail ( and it takes ages to log in ) but nothing is working.”

Preep said:
Since the new email platform I have no control over spam. Spam box is empty. Inbox is full :(. Frustrated I spent an hour marking messages as spam, deleting and permanently deleting. And all the messages that I unsubscribed from on the old platform are back!!

Coffeegossip said:
I have had a massive increase in spam in my alias account just in the last week or so. How do stop this other than deleting individually each incoming spam. This is extremely annoying and I trust Virgin Media will honour me with constructive answer soon.”

Nleaney said:
I’m seeing the same as everyone else – multiple (upwards of 60) spams per day offering me cheap mobile phones, Tesco and Amazon gift cards, funeral plans etc. etc. I diligently go on to Webmail (I usually use outlook) and mark them as Spam and they disappear from my inbox as expected however a few minutes later they reappear.”

At the time of writing Virgin Media has yet to officially respond to the situation, although they have privately told some customers that the anti-spam filtering is not working (obviously) and allegedly it may not be resolved until tomorrow morning. We are attempting to seek some clarification.

UPDATE 1:24pm

One of Virgin Media’s community support agents has just confirmed the problem and said, “We’re aware that some customers may be experiencing issues with their email filters and are working hard with our email provider to ensure normal service is resumed.” A dedicated forum topic has also been setup to help keep track of progress (here).

UPDATE 3:55pm

Virgin claims to have made a change “which should stop this mail coming through” and we’re waiting to see if that helps, although some have reported that it doesn’t. However, depending upon the specifics of the change, it’s possible that it may not appear to work immediately if previously queued spam is still awaiting delivery in the system.

UPDATE 2nd October 2015

Sadly Virgin Media have not responded to our requests for comment and their community forums continue to fill up with complaints, which suggest that the problem is not resolved.

Meanwhile some customers have found that they can stem the tide by deleting the leftover Gmail folder (you have to delete all of its sub-folders first), which seems to work despite the fact that the SPAM itself often doesn’t even end up in that folder. However some people may have important emails in those folders and so this is not the ideal solution.

UPDATE 2nd October 2015 – 12:32pm

We’ve finally had an official statement, which confirms that the problem is not resolved and is identical to what they said yesterday on the forum. A Virgin Media spokesman said: “We’re aware that some customers may be experiencing issues with their email filters and are working hard with our email provider to ensure normal service is resumed.”

A bit more information might have been nice.

UPDATE 3rd October 2015

The most recent update posted at just before 8pm last night stated that “We are making further changes which should alleviate the levels of unwanted email being received to some extent tonight, and will continue to work to get this resolved,” although the official fault report does not anticipate a full remedy until later today.

UPDATE 5th October 2015

Virgin have just put out another update to say that Friday’s changes appear to have created a “reduction in the amount of spam messages many of you are receiving“, although they still claim to be “continuing to work with the email and security teams to make sure this reduction continues, and have been passing on your concerns, feedback and examples as the investigation has gone on.”

Meanwhile some customers are now complaining that the change appears to be preventing legitimate email from getting through, often before they’ve even touched the customers anti-spam filters. So for the time being customers might be seeing less SPAM, but you could also be losing genuine email without realising it.

This situation is another prime example of why we always say that it’s better to get a dedicated email provider than use your ISP.

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110 Responses
  1. Avatar Leon

    Finally an article that brings attention to this problem! I left a message on the forum in August in relation to spam but received absolutely no response. It has gotten worse since yesterday as I now have multiple emails of the same junk. There are going to be people stung with this, and Virgin are being eerily quiet on the subject…

    • Avatar Richard Watson

      The spam is getting worse. Just since the stupid “New” e mailsystem
      was introduced. If this continues the only answer is to leave Virgin
      and subscribe to a service which has the ability to deal with the spam.

    • Avatar Leon

      It appears to be slightly better now as there are unwanted emails in my spam folder, but after marking the emails that got through as spam, they reappear in my inbox so the filter isn’t being ‘trained’. This has happened since the upgrade.

    • Avatar roy mccracken

      what an absolute shambles…shamefull…email joke

    • My junk emails are now mounting up to such an extent that my system is crashing. I am receiving an avalanche of unsolicited emails for PPI, “free £500 vouchers” allegedly from Tesco and endless lifestyle survey emails. As I work from home, this avalanche of spam is severely affecting my ability to respond to my customers and Virgin Media seem oblivious to this unacceptable service.
      I am now getting sick of their unprofessionalism and incompetence and I suspect that they are receiving monies from marketing companies who send out these unsolicited emails. Can’t take much more of this…..

  2. Avatar Steve

    Hoping this article may bring attention to the problem. Virgin are letting a lot of customers down and their communication has been non-existent.
    It’s simply not acceptable any more – How can account migrations take place without full end2end testing including SPAM filter load testing. VERY POOR PLANNING!!!

  3. Avatar ray bell

    I’ve been with Virgin for a few years now, and for the past year I’ve put up sub-standard and unreliable broadband, rubbish Gmail-hybrid webmail, and now an unstoppable torrent of spam from a supposedly ‘robust’filtering system.
    For gods sake SORT IT OUT!!!

  4. Avatar nknklnkl

    In this day and age why are people still using ISP supplied email accounts?

  5. Avatar Skar

    As of 6:30 pm the spam is still coming through.

    That is 3 hours further on, from the last time I tested.

  6. Avatar Pete

    Spam still coming through. Had 4 more in my Inbox in the 15 minutes since 8pm. Further problem is that the messages disappear when I highlight them and hit the spam icon, only to reappear about a minute later. Can only be got rid off by deleting.

  7. Avatar Kevin Thompson

    I have suddenly experienced vast amounts of spam e-mail over the last 4 days, exceeding over 100 spam e-mails per day now! They purport to be from Amazon, Sainsbury’s, Tesco etc, & have even had one puporting from Virgin, which of course none of them are. I block them religiously, but they keep coming back with a slightly changed domain names, so they keep getting through. This is madness! I reported it to Virgin & they said they were inundated with people in the same situation. Its still happening as of 9.30pm today, 1st October! Am tearing my hair out! Come on Virgin, get a grip and sort this out!!!!

  8. Avatar Phil W

    Although it’s a hassle to change my e-mail address and to let all and sundry know, it’s less hassle than dealing with this mountain of spam.

    And when I’ve done that I’ll then cancel my Virgin broadband subscription.

  9. Avatar dave

    Something interesting on the virgin website is that today you can order 200mb broadband but not 70mb or 150mb, those are showing as 50mb and 100mb still. Normally when virgin announce upgrades new customers get the new speeds right away when they sign up but that isn’t the case for the lower tiers.

  10. Avatar Pete

    Now 11pm and a further 8 spam mail in my Inbox in the last 2 hours. Surely Virgin must be able to identify and block messages from the likes of Thank.You.Amazon-* titled Open Immediately!

  11. Avatar Tina

    So glad it’s not just me! 300 in 2 days is a joke! Please keep us updated 🙂

  12. Avatar portz

    mine is still the same this morning…..what a shambles this has turned into.

  13. Avatar Neil

    Out of interest, I thought with email spammers and such like there were blacklists where they were blocked?

    I am sure that in a migration of this type, the solution that would have been setup would be profiling the email as it came through. I mean, google seem to have managed it.

    My knowledge on this particular subject is sparse, so always happy to be enlightened.

  14. Avatar Mike

    No email service at all from Virgin & not able to find out why.
    Went down on 20/09/2015 & still down.

  15. Avatar Andrew Allan

    Like many others, I have to go through the “I am not a robot” security question when I try to log on, and yet the hundreds of spam emails seem to be able to access my Inbox without any problem. Come on Virgin Media please sort out this fiasco .

  16. Avatar Kirsten

    So glad to have found this site reaffirming that it’s not just my email. Can’t understand how Virgin passed the new system without fully testing it. Worked fine before, so they have the tech, it simply wasn’t implemented in the new programming, which means it should have been picked up in end user testing before setting the new system live. Really shabby, and not like them, they are normally really good with this type of thing. Has anyone else found that getting into the site is a nightmare too, really hit and miss? Or that even with IMAP settings in place, the toxic emails remain in the inboxes on each device so that you have to clear them on (in my case), PC, phone and tablet? At the very least, they should roll accounts back to the old system (which remains an option in any software roll out) until this is fixed.

  17. Avatar Steve

    It’s getting ridiculous now – I really hope Virgin take note of the pain this is causing. The SPAM is arriving every 5 mins now and normally with 5-10 emails at a time.

    Why they cannot update their users is simply not acceptable!

  18. Avatar Barry

    Contacted their help line and told that the problem would be resolved at midday .That hasn’t happened so I think I will switch to a different supplier ,their updated email software is terrible to use and has not worked properly .

  19. Avatar Laura

    I’m getting it too. This new system has been useless, the spam is just the latest problem. Sometimes it just doesn’t work at all, saying my mailbox has been locked and other times it’s unusable because it keeps resigning me in whenever I click on anything.

  20. Avatar clare

    i must have had over 30,000 emails sent to me, getting totally sick of seeing emails that were sent to me over 5 years ago popping up

  21. Avatar David Oldfield

    Like many I have over the last 2 days been bombarded with spam emails which I am struggling to delete due to the volumes received. I was unaware of the problem and have been attempting to unsubscribe from the offending sites however this does not have seemed to have worked

    • Avatar FibreFred

      Don’t ever un subscribe David that only makes matters worse as it confirms you as a valid email address and they sell you on to others

  22. Avatar Pete

    ‘Service Status’ on the Virgin Media website is currently saying:-
    “Virgin Media Mail- Unwanted/Junk Mail being received due to filtering issues. Due to the complexity of this fault it is taking longer to fix than expected.
    We have identified the problem and an engineer is on their way.
    Due to be fixed by 03 October 12:05”

    Pathetic that they just post the standard ‘engineer’ wording even when it’s obviously not appropriate.

  23. Avatar Andy

    Why don’t they just revert back to the previous system before we are driven round the bend????

  24. Avatar Susan

    This is totally unacceptable. The new system is absolutely horrendous to use. Functionality is useless and handling e-mail now feels like we have reverted back to the days of the brick mobile phone. Netscape, please come back…. VirginMedia, please sort this out and revert back to the previous system. Spam is driving me nuts!!

  25. Avatar portz

    no spam this morning….got my fingers crossed

  26. Avatar Pete

    Yup, all seems OK so far today.

  27. Avatar David

    The Virgin problem is not limited to spam filtering. Virgin have also lost emails from customers’ accounts. In my case all emails since at least March 2015 have disappeared from Mail Folders. Tech Support in India told me that this has happened to ‘many’ customers. And they think that the data will not be recovered. Virgin like to downplay the problems by continually referring to ‘some’ customers. The reality is that tech support is overwhelmed with customer complaints. Some customers probably don’t even realise that emails are missing from their accounts. It’s a major disaster. One UK tech officer told me not to expect compensation as it is clearly laid out in the terms and conditions that Virgin is not responsible for loss of data even while they persuaded their customers to use their imap services.

    • Avatar Laura

      Yes I’ve noticed missing emails. Virgin are just useless at everything, trying to deal with a mobile issue a few months ago was a nightmare. They should just stick to transport.

  28. Avatar portz

    ok…things are still not right. opened up my emails this morning and had one spam and nothing else, i normaly have atleast 10 genuine emails first thing in the morning….

  29. Avatar Annabel Mcgilvray

    Still not working – mountains of spam. This is ridiculous.

  30. Avatar s nichols

    still loads of rubbish coming through sick of it. whilst looking for one email I have to sort through about 30 others every day. the old system was perfect. PLEASE PLEASE VIRGIN SORT IT OUT……..

  31. Avatar portz

    what is going on …cant even get to my emails today keep getting redirected to ox app site…what the hell is that all about….its a shambles

  32. Avatar malsiluk

    I have been active on the Virgin Media Forum for the last week or so, putting in my two-bobs worth on this issue. It’s been seriously frustrating being a Virgin Media customer this week!!

    Their forum should act as a way for customers to communicate directly with VM about their problems and when there are hundreds of people posting (and remember, those who post on a forum will only be the tip of the iceberg!) they should sit up and do something and keep people informed of what is going on. Well the VM people on the forum are pretty useless TBH.

    They posted last night that the spam issue is now fixed and true enough, we are no longer getting mountains of the stuff (although some people still report getting it) but what they seem to have done it to go to the other end of the scale and are stopping too much. There are several people posting on their who report that they send out legitimate (opt-in) emails to people and these are getting bounced back in their thousands. Yet, in the fairyland where Virgin Media staff live, it’s a totally different issue. Oh no it isn’t!!

    This problem can only be said to be sorted when all VM CUSTOMERS (remember that word VM!!) are getting all the emails they SHOULD get and NOT getting mountains of spam – just like what happened with the previous Google run system.

  33. Avatar Nellmad

    When I mark e-mails as spam they disappear and then reappear seconds later in my inbox, I have also started getting lots of e-mails from myself, whats happening VM

  34. Avatar Kellie

    NOT only am I finding the spam issue extremely out of order the fact is that no other normal emails can get through ive had so many people calling me up saying that they are sending me emails and it’s getting pinged back to them looks like ONLY SPAM is going in the inbox !!!!!!!

  35. Avatar Andy

    Earlier today (8th Oct) I thought the spam problem had been resolved. However, this evening I am still receiving the same rubbish from “PPI Guys” etc.etc.
    Marking them as spam and deleting them does no good as they reappear in the Inbox minutes later. In addition, no serious email has reached my Inbox for a week. It certainly did not take Virgin Media long to screw the whole thing up…wish they could fix it as quickly. Grrrr!!!!

  36. Avatar Peter

    After a few days respite the spam has started to return, as per Andy above.

  37. Avatar Barry

    Yes the spam is back . Might be a good time to switch . The old e mail worked fine why can’t they bring it back or give us the option of not using the new rubbish version

  38. Avatar portz

    yeah mine is the same slowly getting more and more spam.the old e mail was spot on ………………if it isnt broke dont fix it……………….

  39. Avatar paula504

    Yep, me too. Spoke to Virgin and the truth of the matter is they don’t know how or when they’re going to be able to fix it. A fiasco.

  40. Avatar Andy

    A lot of this spam is coming from Returnable Packaging 20 Roche Bros Way Easton MA. There is an unsubscribe option at the bottom of the page..but they keep on coming.

    If anyone from VM reads the above messages, which I doubt, they would see that myself and some others suggest reverting back to the previous system.

  41. Avatar Olwen Goodall

    I’ve got some spam from the American address above coming back into my Inbox. And marking and deleting doesn’t work for me either. Come on Virgin Media – not good enough.

  42. Avatar Rodders

    Well if it was supposed to have been fixed as VM stated they have done a crap job.
    I’m still getting plenty of the damn spam and it’s still returning after deletion.

    • Avatar becky

      so glad i clicked on this link as i am a complete pc numpty and thought my email had been hacked. virtually 10 seconds after deleting, all these spam emails they are back again. even the new look email page is awful and cant see half the email without opening up on a new page 🙁 think bye by virgin soon

  43. Avatar Steve

    Virgin how can you get this so wrong!!!!
    Like many people here, my patience is getting very thin. If it’s not sorted out soon I will be moving. Even after a couple of weeks I still don’t like using or the look of the new email pages, it’s a step back, they look very primitive

  44. Avatar DH

    As someone once remarked: “I know why they’re called Virgin – because they act like they haven’t done it before”

  45. Avatar TG

    I too am being bombarded with spam. This shouldn’t be hard to fix by whoever is managing the spam filter scoring etc. The filter should be recording the sender addresses and adding to a blacklist. When are Virgin going to get this sorted?

  46. Avatar Ian Watson

    If anyone from VM read this, its time to sack(or shoot) your technical team and hire people who know what they are doing. The service is rubbish, SPAM uncontrollable, and general layout unpleasant….nice work guys.

    Getting close to dumping VM now.

  47. Spam still coming in bucket loads using spam icon has no effect, emails from valid sites being delivered into spam box

  48. Avatar Colin Smith

    Still inundated with spam and the service status now advises the problem will be fixed by 12:00 on the 16th. I don’t believe this.
    Ironically, I subscribed to service status updates from the VM website and their own virginmedia.com email went into the spam folder!!

  49. Avatar Heather Smethurst

    what i don’t understand about all these spam emails I am getting is why are they all coming from my own email address…means i cannot block them!! is this happening to anyone else?

    • Avatar Delboy

      Some of my emails are not getting through but all spam emails get through try to report to spam and nothing happens its crap

    • Avatar Steve Burton

      Yes that is happening to me. In fact most of the spam now seems to be originating from myself!!

  50. Avatar Tim Porter

    Like Delboy some of my incoming emails are not getting through. It looks like they may have reduced the spam but also getting rid of some good emails as well. Why isn’t the suspected spam being directed to the spam folder?? That way if a good email is included then at least you can recover it!!

  51. Avatar Suzanne

    The SPAM emails are continuing and haven’t abated – marking as SPAM or trying to reconfigure the settings for SPAM has no effect. If you delete then or mark as SPAM they come back!!! What’s the situation – does anyone know – this is appalling!!

  52. Avatar Colin

    Just spoken to guy at Virgin and although he apologised when I said I have deleted over 20 emails in the last 12 hours he also said “some customers are getting 6-700 a day so 20 isn’t that bad” What an unprofessional attitude and crass thing to say, I soon put him in his place and told him I’d leave Virgin if this isn’t sorted by Mon Oct 19th. He didn’t seem bothered and responded by saying “lots of customers have already left” (so I guess a few more won’t hurt?) Here’s what he told me, Google decided they didn’t want to host emails platforms for ISP any more, forcing Virgin to use their own, the company involved is called Global Liberty, yet from what he said the filtering server is in Holland and engineers are working on sorting out the spam filtering now and have given a time of 12pm tomorrow (Fri 16th) but he was not hopeful. Apparently when the filers were turned back on last week they also blocked legitimate emails especially from .gov, so they were turned back off, hence we still have spam emails. It’s really not good enough and I will be leaving next week if this is not sorted. One bit of advice is NOT to respond to emails by clicking unsubscribe at the bottom of each email, this will confirm that your email address exists and you’ll end up getting even more.

  53. Avatar Colin

    It’s a lot of messing about but I find that marking each one as spam, then clicking the refresh button, – top right of email screen, (they reappear) then deleting them works.

  54. Avatar Nicholas Cox

    I’m getting about 12 spams an hour and marking them as spam doesn’t help.

  55. Avatar Ian Watson

    Its still crap!

  56. Avatar Colin

    Mine seems sorted now, no spam emails since Fri last week.

  57. Avatar portz

    yeah mine seems fine at the moment

  58. Avatar Ian

    Nope, spam city. Everyone I speak to the same. VirginMedia for the love of god sack your technical staff and employ people who know what they are doing.

  59. Avatar Darren

    ive just “repaired” a machine that appeared to be sending phishing mails from a virgin mail account ,virgin customer support are advising customers that their accounts have been hacked and they need to change passwords and purchase Fsecure.

    this is simply not true ,while the mail looks like it originated from a ntlworld.com mail address it isn’t being actually sent from there .A serious system flaw is causing phishing mails to appear to have been sent from innocent virgin users .These users are then being told they have been hacked and the telephone support is using the situation to sell secure.

    there is more info in the community.virginmedia.com forum .Changing your password is vital whenever anything unusual happens .even if your account hasn’t been hacked.

  60. Avatar delboy

    Just found out that virgin is putting the prices up in february from a £1 to £4 per month so much for the free upgraid.

  61. Avatar James Shaw

    No Spam on my e-mail that I am aware of, as have not been able to get on! For days getting “Sorry,we are having Technical Difficulties” Website out of action. I get to the Virgin Home page but then fails for Blueyonder page

  62. Avatar katebey

    I too had a problem with spam. However the biggest problem has been what Virgin are calling spoofing. Emails are being sent from my email name, the recipients are all people who were contained within cc’s in emails I have sent or received months ago and longer.

    This only started happening when they migrated to another platform. I believe there has been a data breach. Somehow information contained within my email account has been accessed and used.

    The complaints process is useless, they are not able to comprehend that recipients are not random people but people who are held in specific lists within emails in my account.

    They have not rectified this problem and the forum is full of people who are having this problem.

    I have reported it to the Information Commissioner and suggest anyone else with this problem does the same. What else has been accessed from our accounts?

    • Avatar Sebhel Coventry

      The issue is how did the spammers get the lists of all of us and our contacts – millions of victims? I do not believe they had the time to hack into internet traffic or our websurfing, No ! The only way all these lists could have become available is – commercially, meaning our details and data usage were sold by our suppliers to “marketeer companies”! Who dares to criticise them?

      Here are just 2 examples of List selling by reputable agencies:
      1) Our banks were suspected of selling their customer lists to “marketeers” and we were bombarded with advertising post, suspiciously selected according to our profiles. Where did that come from?
      2) After contacting DVLA to change my vehicle details I was bombarded with unwanted mail…. All had the same spelling mistake in my name that the DVLA put on my vehicle registration document?

      So why not ISPs too? They have to make money, the “marketeers” want to buy the lists, and after using the data, the lists get sold on to other buyers at a reduced price. This would be the most cost effective way for spammers to get the lists they can use to target victims, according to the included profiles! Spamming is a low scruple form of “marketeering”

      We have to demand to know if the ISP Companies are selling on customer details and traffic data! It is a fact that BT were involved with a company called PHORM and were dealing in unacceptable marketing practices. Did this cease because of the scandal? Or was it just covered up and continued more discretely?

  63. Avatar Richard hussey

    Can any one help me I can not get any emails on my iPhone 4 keeps saying the mail server I map.virginmedia.com is not responding,
    Please verify that you have entered the correct account info in mail settings as I have not changed any thing what is wrong

  64. Avatar John Russell

    Its 2015 and I haven’t had email for 8 days. Virgin say it will be another 6 days. Why don,t I believe them. Well the first day they said 4 hours then 12 hours then tomorrow then tomorrow and so on noy its the 26th November.
    Now I know I have a residential account, no actually I have 8 residential accounts because I also pay for my tenants. But as a one man band I am now on my knees my business has run out of work, I can’t invoice and its just before Xmas.
    Do Virgin care – not at all. Whoever planned this change from the Google platform to Virgins should be sacked. Its like going back to the horrible NTL days before Richard Branson exerted his influence.

  65. Avatar A Ratcliffe

    Glad it’s not only me. Have not received legitimate emails that virgin have been delivering for years before this fiasco. Important messages regarding money not got through – marked ‘undeliverable’ to sender – I’ve done nothing so Virgin should sort. Bet Richard Branson hasn’t got this problem. My loyalty of many years is disappearing fast.

  66. Avatar Colin

    Emails from some senders taking several days to arrive. How do I add these senders to Virgin’s safe sender list so as to avoid their spam filters?

  67. Avatar Peter

    I’ve not got a problem with spam, in fact quite the reverse. There’s nothing at all in my VMM spam folder since October 10th. I refuse to believe that I’ve not had any spam emails in that time.

    I’m also finding that several legitimate emails are no longer getting through (since mid-November), so I suspect that Virgin have “solved” the problem by blocking spam completely so that it never reaches my spam folder. Trouble is, that’s throwing the baby out with the bath water.

    I’ve just changed my spam preference to “Turn off all SPAM filtering” in settings as an experiment, but I doubt that will make any difference.

  68. Avatar Martin

    The SPAM issue on virgin email accounts is still blocking all incoming mail from nhs.net addresses. When will virgin reset its blocked IP address list to remove these?

    This is causing significant problems for organisations that employ more staff than anybody else in the UK. It is also likely to be affecting patient care bookings and correspondence.

    Not good PR virgin.

  69. Avatar beth

    Getting loads of spam in virgin account and can’t find a way of blocking it… any advice other than leaving virgin??

  70. Avatar PMH

    No DEFINITE advice I’m afraid but I too am getting over 10/15 spam emails on ntl address. But my Virginia media address is unaffected. Perhaps a new Virginia media email address would be good move ?

  71. Avatar terry blackburn

    i have spoken with there so called advisers on the phone how do you block spam and he said it is not spam “weather whenever” three times a day and he says it is not spam and I could hear him getting advice from his mate sat next to him but he had no answer I have been away for 5 days and i get home with 130 mails and 128 were spam i am now thinking of changing my provider at least the old system you could block out unwanted mail

  72. Avatar Kerry

    I have been on the phone to customer service trying to get an IT ticket raised about the spam issue. Of course the guy said his system says the spam problem was fixed it October. And yes the new platform is clunky, slow and not user friendly. Guess Virgin couldn’t afford to pay for gmail and moved us to a cheaper system.

    I was told I have to keep marking it as spam to ‘train’ the system for them.

  73. Avatar A. Biggs

    Thank god for this article! I thought I was gong mad! I get 3 weeks of nothing and then bang 125 spam emails in just half an hour at 2am!. After months of disinterest from Virgin, I started a complaint and suddenly they started jumping – very odd. But the end result was there was nothing they could do and I will have to keep putting the spam into my spam folder and it will go away!! I have a theory that this is a deliberate ploy to get rid of the Blueyonder accounts. I had one company tell me that Blueyonder emails are down as a security risk on their system and won’t allow staff to email to anyone with this address!!

    • Avatar t bousfield

      Have same problem with virgin.net and as a virgin media customer I consider email as part of my payed for package

  74. Avatar Pete Wigley

    I agree with everyone above. Since the “new” system was set up spam has been unrelenting. It doesn’t matter if I set up filters – they are ignored! I generally use Outlook for emails and every day I have to send dozens of messages to the Spam folder. Going online to set up spam filters is a waste of time; I still get lots of it!
    Please, please, please go back to the old Gmail system – their spam filters actually worked!
    Note: I have been a cable customer since the days of Cable Tel and have never had such a problem before.

  75. Avatar Chris Garrett

    I agree with the above. I have been a customer since 1995 (old Nynex)and never had a SPAM problem on my current ntlworld email addresses unit the recent change.

    This seems a different type of spam to previous being without a proper senders email address or from your own email address.
    For example xxx@missing_domaine. Using normal junk mail “block sender” in Outlook does not work because they change the from or have a missing domaine.

    To get roung the problem in Outlook is to set up a rule (file /manage rules & alerts/ email rules) and apply the rule to check senders address and put specific senders in the junk mail folder. Usefully you can specify parts of the senders email address in the rule.
    Example @cammonline.org or @missing_domaine.
    This has not stopped it but it has caught a large percentage of the SPAM

    If I can do this with Outlook surely Virgin email filters can do the same
    I hope this helps some users

  76. Avatar Stephen Bentham

    I have been having this problem, being told several times a fix was due following day. It goes quiet for a few weeks and then starts again. Happened again yesterday and seems somehow to have affected facebook, at the same time emails appear spam messages go on Facebook in groups I am a part of. Very angry now.

  77. Avatar Snowboarderjay

    I am constantly being inundated with “Congratulations – you have won £500 Tesco vouchers” why is Virgin allowing these companies to ride roughshod through spam filtering systems? I cannot escape the view that there is a commercial benefit somewhere down the line. Meanwhile, my emails are now crashing and the sheer overload is causing high CPU usage and system crash. This is not what I had in mind when I agreed to part with £59 per month. Kindly sort it out Virgin. Get with the programme!

  78. Avatar Paul

    Still getting spam and email bounce backs though slowly getting better, found using the DNS Blacklist lookup tool on tcpiputils website useful for confirming originator IP address shown in bounce back email is already a known spammer and follow up with doing a quick domain / provider search using the same site reassured me the emails are spoofing my email and don’t originate from my computer or even my country….

  79. Avatar Martin Hamlett

    I have a NTL world a/c and have encountered the same problems as many here.

    When i first raised it weeks ago about spam not going into the spam folder and coming back to the in box once i had put it in spam, they (Virgin) remotely accessed my and claimed to have sorted the problem and said the system will now learn which is spam and send it there.

    Needless to say this didn’t happen and after several weeks i rang them back and the latest advice was to open each spam e mail and then send it to spam so it would recognise it.

    Surprisingly this hasn’t made the slightest difference and not one item of spam has actually gone in the spam folder without me manually putting it there.

    The current system is absolute garbage and Virgin need to sack the incompetent fools who put this together and go back to the Google based system until they come up with something better.

  80. Avatar Ewart Morgan

    Driving me mad, constant spam and the same spam I’ve moved to junk. ,!!! Please do something for god sake or just tell us you are unable to stop it.

  81. Avatar Brian Collison

    Well at least now I know I’m not alone in being totally P***ed off with Virgin! The problem started months ago at the time they (Virgin made the decision to change what was a perfectly well functioning system, I wonder if the well paid executive making that decision is still pulling a salary?

    It makes no difference what you say, it’s not going to be fixed and they (Virgin) don’t give a toss, otherwise they would at least have had the good grace to admit there’s a (VERY BIG) problem by now, and done something about it. Even if it’s only move back to the old system and sack the person making the decision to start with.

  82. Avatar Ewart Morgan

    Well said Brian, it really is so annoying when they just appear to ignore every complaint. What can they not reply?

  83. We have lost connection to our web site and e mail .
    E mail with Virgin and BT being our provider at the office.

  84. Avatar Dan

    I’ve received lots of spam too, and I can no longer “unsubscribe” from email lists as used to be offered on each page, I still don’t understand the “select” or “deselect” function, In my opinion it is a backward leap when familiar processes are replaced with awkward new ones and learning has to start again.
    if they keep changing the format, we will all leave the service, which is maybe what they’re after, as our addresses have been passed on thro various systems since virgin media.
    They inform us that addresses that are unused for 6 months will be discontinued, emails will only then be available by dialing a given no, at a cost no doubt !

  85. Avatar John Clifford

    Ihave begun to receive trashy emails from people who I do not wish to contact me.
    How do I block them from contacting me again and prevent simililar emails getting through.

  86. Avatar Brian curnow

    I to have got problems with emails bouncing back to me that I haven’t sent some are getting through to unhappy friends , on those emails are notes relating to other people, sp keeps sending mail friends have now reported it I am now bard. I have deleted all contacts from my address book hopeing it will stop. Don’t now what to do next other than abandon virgin mail . My land line is BT but was old tellewest / virgin.

  87. Avatar tina saunders

    how do I get to my older sent items?? Can only see about 50 and older ones seem to have disappeared! very fed up with the new Virgin email – emails bounce around out of date order then spring back later – it’s easy to delete one in error as it always leaves a tick in the box etc etc. Also loads more spam. Aaagh!

  88. Avatar Noel

    Last night I was using virgin email and its atrocious forwarding mechanism that introduces a 14 second delay between forwarding one email and being allowed to forward another.

    This morning I logged into Virgin and clicked on emails, only for it to instantly log me out and demand I log in, this time asking for a captcha response. I logged back in only to be instantly logged out as soon as I clicked emails.

    And don’t mention the vile XXX spam that keeps being sent to me that was never there a month ago.

    Like others have already said, it is fast approaching the time when the hassle of creating a new email address at another ISP far outweighs the advantage of staying with Virgin, who keep putting up the price while their broadband slows to a crawl at night. Their customer service is a joke too.

  89. Avatar Peter

    My Started a couple of days ago and I am still waiting for a fix.

  90. Avatar Les Craig

    I have a problem whereby I cannot send emails from my @virgin.net account. A ‘Windows Security’ window appears asking for my User Name and Password and even though I enter the required info it will not accept them and the windows Security window keeps appearing.

  91. Avatar Geraldine

    I am just so frustrated with Virgin.net. I am receiving hundreds of spam emails marked ‘undeliverable’ each day and I cannot get any help, make any contact for assistance with Virgin or indeed I can’t seem to cancel my account. Can anyone please help.

  92. Avatar cant wait to leave virgin

    I’m also getting non stop spam across all my email address despite marking them as junk. I wouldn’t be surprised if their email server has been hacked or someone placed a virus on their backend.

    I will be cancelling this crap service when my account renews in 5 months

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