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UK ISP BT Start Free FTTC Infinity 1 Broadband Speed Boost up to 76Mbps

Saturday, September 30th, 2017 (7:33 am) - Score 14,683

Existing customers of BT’s 52Mbps (9.5Mbps upload) capable Infinity 1 (FTTC) “fibre broadband” service will be pleased to learn that the ISP has decided to reward them with a free speed boost ‘up to’ 76Mbps (19Mbps upload) and a doubling of their cloud storage, but not everybody will benefit.

A number of BT’s Infinity 1 subscribers contacted us this week (credits to Lee and several others) to query why their broadband download and upload speeds had suddenly improved, with many clearly being unaware that the operator had decided to reward them “just to say thanks.

BT Statement to Infinity 1 Customers

We’re giving you two broadband boosts ‐ faster broadband and more cloud storage. All on us.

With your speed boost of up to 76mb, you’ll be able to enjoy even more of the entertainment you love at a faster speed.

On top of this we are also doubling your BT Cloud storage for free so you can now back up even more of your precious photos and videos online, and access it from anywhere with an internet connection.

There’s no need to do anything ‐ sit back, relax and we’ll let you know when your boosts have been activated.

The operator started upgrading lines this month and is expected to complete it by mid-November 2017. Customers may experience a short service interruption (less than a minute) when the new Fibre-to-the-Cabinet (FTTC / VDSL2) speed profile is applied and the speed could take a few days to settle. The obvious caveat here is that not everybody will have a good enough copper line in order to benefit.

Generally if you have a line that can actually support speeds of more than 55Mbps (i.e. the Openreach profile for BT’s ‘up to’ 52Mbps product) then you should see an increase in your sync speed (BT confusingly describes this as being “the speed of your fibre to your property“, forgetting that FTTC runs copper to your property and fibre only goes to the cabinet), but if you currently get below 52Mbps then don’t expect a faster download.

For those who do benefit, the download boost will often still be less than the advertised rate of 76Mbps (usually only those who live very close to their FTTC cabinet will get the best speeds). It’s worth pointing out that even those who don’t benefit on the download side may still see an uplift from the higher upstream rate, which is something that has become increasingly important thanks to Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Twitch etc.

The upgrade appears to apply to all existing Infinity 1 customers. If you ordered BT Infinity after 13th August 2017, the ISP will uplift your speed if your line can support it. If you ordered Infinity 1 before 13th August 2017 and your line can support the new speed, they’ll also automatically uplift you.

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By Mark Jackson
Mark is a professional technology writer, IT consultant and computer engineer from Dorset (England), he also founded ISPreview in 1999 and enjoys analysing the latest telecoms and broadband developments. Find me on Twitter, , Facebook and Linkedin.
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35 Responses
  1. go says:

    It’s only a modify order so you’ll probably see the drop between midnight and 4am.

    Looks like they are pressing ahead with infinity 2 being the g.fast product then.

    1. Fastman says:

      no gfast is completely separate and no view how or what it will be branded as

    2. CarlT says:

      I would hope that what BT Retail plan to do is a mystery to Openreach, and BT Wholesale apart from the relationship between them as providers and customers 🙂

    3. captain cretin says:

      A good guess, with In1 now covering In2 speeds, it does leave the In2 name free to reuse, and G.Fast may well be what it will be used for.

      Of course I still wont return to BT, they are a bunch of ….. who wouldn’t know customer support if it bit them on the arse.

    4. Steve Jones says:

      In some ways the more intriguing issue is what Openreach will be doing with regards to the pricing of the 80/20 product. Ofcom are regulating the price of the 40mbps service, but no the higher speed options. Given that the marginal cost difference to OR of the 80/20 service vs the 40/10 must be minimal, then I would have thought that OR will face big pressure to reduce the price of the faster service too.

      Presumably the 55/10 service will now be redundant as, as far as In know, BT Retail were the only customer

  2. Joe says:

    What about those of us on FTTP. Does the uplift cover us as well?

    1. Joe says:

      So far at least no uplift on my FTTP Inf 1

    2. William says:

      Has anyone with FTTP INF 1 been upgraded yet? I’ve still not been upgraded

  3. Dv says:

    What about us suckers that already pay for Infinity 2 speeds, all we got was.a doubling of cloud storage, that nobody uses.
    Hardly seems fair if Infinity 1 users are now getting the 76mbs max speed for free.
    Surely our email should have said we are reducing the price for you to infinity 1 prices but keeping your speed….not happy,

    1. Alan Coogan says:

      I’m on Infinity 2 and was thinking the same thing.

    2. Simon says:

      Go to plusnet as you get the same for less

    3. Joe says:

      I think its generally accepted that FTTC can go up to 100 Mbps with proper vectoring/profiles even without G.Fast. I rather expected that BT would wait to uplift IF2 before we got the IF1 uplift.

    4. CarlT says:

      Given Openreach don’t offer a VDSL tier higher than Infinity 2 BT Retail don’t really have any options other than G.fast. Openreach are very unlikely to release higher speed VDSL given they have started placing G.fast pods in anger now.

    5. Joe says:

      @Carl I wasn’t disagreeing that they are going to Gfast route just that the ability to uplift has always been there. Doubtless the VDSL -v- Gfast cost to speed boost made it the logical choice even if it delayed a the speed jump.

    6. Jim Gayes says:

      Very much a +1 to this comment. I feel the same.

    7. Ultraspeedy says:

      Yeah they will need to do something with Infinity 2 and customers of it, currently (special offer for new customers) there is a £15 price difference between Infinity 1 and Infinity 2. You even get the same value reward card for joining which IMO makes Infinity 2 now pointless. Cloud storage you can get for free and if you need several hundred gigs google drive is dirt cheap.

      As soon as BTs site actually advertises BT Infinity 1 is 76Mb rather than the 52Mb it currently advertises i will be recommending my parents downgrade and save a bit of money.

  4. dave says:

    Just checked and i am now getting 64mb down, 16mb up instead of 50mb down 9.3mb up. Happy days 🙂 Why are they still selling the 52mb tier on their website though if everyone is getting the 76mb tier?

    1. StevenNT says:

      I would assume eventually the Infinity 1 and 2 tiers will be merged together to remove the discrepancies and knowing BT make some announcement about the changes. Until then we can only speculate.

      I’m on Infinity 1 and my download speed has gone from 50Mbps to abut 63Mbps and looks like it took affect in the early hours of this morning.

    2. Steve Jones says:

      Probably because not all the services have been upgraded yet (like mine). If they advertised Infinity 1 as being up to 80/20 now it’s likely that they’d be flooded with reported problems. I suspect the modify order system they are using can’t cope with a changing everybody all at once.

  5. Jim Weir says:

    This I suspect is a move prior to ASA enforcing stricter rules on average speeds

    Also as talktalk moves away from the 40/2 tier to 40/10 this puts some clear differences between Infinity & other retail ISPs props

    1. Darren says:

      I 100% agree Jim. This is just BT trying to increase their average speed, to allow them to claim that tiers average is higher than what it would be otherwise. I bet they’re mostly upgrading those that will see the biggest increase in average speed.

    2. Lee says:

      They’re upgrading every line that can achieve a sync speed of higher than 55meg.

      If a line cannot, there’d be no change to the speed if it was moved to an 80/20 product.

  6. captain cretin says:

    As per the story, even if you dont see a download speed improvement, you WILL see the upload speed improve – unless you are on a line with speeds below 10mbps.

  7. Usman Tanveer says:

    My friend who works for bt say that bt are going to introduce 100mbp package. I believe the infinity 2 is going to be that.

    1. Lee says:

      Your friend is making things up.

      Openreach will not be offering anything higher than 80/20 on VDSL2.

      If they were, they’d have announced trial plans months ago.

      It would benefit so few people it would be utterly pointless.

    2. captain cretin says:


      BT have been trialling G.Fast; so I can see where the idea is coming from; same as FTTC was capped into tiers, so G.Fast could be capped into tiers, making the people who wanted the full fat version pay through the nose.
      If so, expect In3 and In4 products for the higher speed tiers of G.Fast.

    3. Lee says:

      Openreach offer 160 and 330mbps G.fast products.

      Not 100mbps. G.fast isn’t available to enough properties just yet to be able to offer a blanket upgrade to Infinity 2 customers.

  8. Asrab says:

    Could it not be – FTTC upto 76mb (infinity 1), G.fast 150mb (infinity 2) G.fast and FTTP 330mb (infinity 3) FTTP 1gb (Infinity 4)

    1. Pennywise The Dancing Clown says:

      what about FTTP 500 Mbps? Could that be called Infinity 3.5?

  9. Optical says:

    On Infinty 2 here, as are many others, still no news from BT as what is happening to us.
    Perhaps we that are on Infinity 2 might get moved to 1, thereby freeing up Infinity 2 for G Fast or what ever.

  10. Bob de Builder says:

    I’m on Infinity 2 and getting the 80/20 profile, however I have just looked at someone else’s router who is on Infinity 1 and it is reporting a sync speed of 80Mbps Down & 10Mbps Up. I wasn’t aware of any 80/10 profile, does it exist?

  11. Wagram says:

    I have been on infinity since Oct 2016 the fastest they ever achieved was 13.5 Mbps when they guaranteed 31Mbps but still feel they can demand I pay extra because I am going to Virgin 10 days before my contract ends. I have been stuck with 2.5 Mbps for the last 2 weeks and its not the first time BT have hit that target. I now have Virgin installed and getting 108 Mbps download on a 100MB contract.

  12. Optical says:

    Start of another week & not a thing from BT as what is happening to us Infinity 2 users.
    Rather miffed like many others paying Infinity 2 prices, while others get the same speed for less on Infinity 1.

  13. Paul says:

    I’m really confused at the moment. Put my cancellation into VM a couple of weeks ago as they were looking to push my bill past £51 for 150/10 service, half hoping I’d get a retention callback, but nothing. Looking at Plusnet purely based on cost now, but was also considering BT. Given that there’s these upgrades going on for Infinity 1, what’s the advantage of ordering Infinity 2 at the moment? Thoroughly confused!

  14. Carol McC says:

    I was getting the upgraded speeds for over a year and suddenly when our contract refreshed the speeds have dropped back down to 52 down and 10 up even though the modem profile is 80/20 and the maximum sync speed is around 100/30. Called them up and was told that because it’s 52/10 as advertised then it’s working fine and that i should just consider the higher speed i was getting before a “bonus” 🙁 Not happy.

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