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Virgin Media’s “Flash Sale” of Standalone 50-300Mbps Cable Broadband

Monday, October 9th, 2017 (7:12 am) - Score 5,811

Cable operator Virgin Media has today started a short “Flash Sale” of their standalone 50-300Mbps ultrafast cable broadband packages, which cuts a few extra pounds off the existing discounts and will be available to order by new customers until 11th October 2017.

As usual customers are subject to a 12 month contract (a 30 day contract option does exist but the discounts don’t apply) and can expect to receive a Hub wireless router, unlimited usage, access to Virgin’s WiFi hotspots (e.g. London Underground Stations), internet security / parental controls and free email. On top of that a £20 one-off activation applies and some people may also be charged £40 for a standard installation.

We’ve included the flash sale prices below and also included the recent pricing history of each package as a strike-through.

VIVID 50Mbps
Price: £33 £27 £25 per month for 12 months (£33 thereafter)

VIVID 100Mbps
Price: £38 £32 £30 per month for 12 months (£38 thereafter)

VIVID 200Mbps
Price: £43 £37 £35 per month for 12 months (£43 thereafter)

VIVID 300Mbps
Price: £48 £42 £40 per month for 12 months (£48 thereafter)

The operator informs us that there will also be a Flash Sale on their Full House TV Sports Bundle (200Mb and 300Mb only), which will be live between Monday 9th October and Wednesday 18th October. For example, the 200Mbps option drops from £100 to £65 per month for 12 months of service.

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21 Responses
  1. Avatar John says:

    I just signed up for a 100Mb contract about a week ago, should I contact VM about this offer or would it be useless?

    1. Mark Jackson Mark Jackson says:

      If you are still within the cooling off period then it might be worth a try, although I don’t know about the chances of success but definitely give it a try.

  2. Avatar David Lee says:

    I have been with virgin media 12 year’s it’s not fair New customers getting the deal’s. They don’t give a frig about existing customers who have been with them year’s. It’s all wrong it Stinks

    1. Avatar CarlT says:

      They seem to have a bunch of retention deals, and it’s pretty standard offering new customer discounts.

      If it stinks and you’re unhappy with the pricing and/or service given the time you’ve been with them just leave, job done.

    2. Avatar Ultraspeedy says:

      Most of the big providers offer introductory deals for new users, if you do not like that idea leave.

  3. Avatar Darren says:

    Shame about their very poor latency figure that never seems to be addressed, 4 months on since joining them.

    1. Mark Jackson Mark Jackson says:

      There are some known latency issues in certain areas (check Virgin Media’s forum), as well as for owners of the Hub 3.0 that are still awaiting a firmware patch since the problem was formally identified at the end of last year. Individual properties can also be affected by latency issues due to certain network faults.

      Of course all networks can suffer from general problems with latency, so some of that is par-for-the-course.

    2. Avatar Ultraspeedy says:

      The hub 3 problem is about the only one that could possibly be labelled as an issue other providers do not have (then again if we are reading around the net and ISP forums for problems there are issues with versions of the BT home hub and Vodafones current router as just 2 examples).

      Latency issues and speed issues in general affect most ISPs at some point.

      That in no way means they are permanent as some posts on every VM story tend to try to portray.

      Plusnet if you have a look on their forums and on Thinkbroadband as example has had far greater problems recently, again though that does not mean its permanent or needs mentioning on every Plusnet item.

      If people are unhappy with any service from any provider they could just move rather than repeat thereself in every news item about that ISP for well over a year.

    3. Avatar John says:

      I agree it is a shame they can’t sort out their poor performance. Leaving them is exactly what I would do and never go back.

    4. Avatar Ultraspeedy says:

      What you would do??? Or in other words you are not even with them so have no idea how they perform.

  4. Avatar adslmax Real says:

    Will never touch Virgin Media Cable even if they do offer it for £25 a month for VIVID 300Mbps.

    FTTC via G.Fast 330/50 will be better offer.

    1. Avatar Asrab says:

      Helo there – do you think G.fast 330/50 will be £40 a month to match these offerings,
      as it stands, new product, new equipment and roll out, me thinks at least £55 per month,

    2. Avatar a says:

      yeah i dont know if i’ll ever use virgin again.

      looking forward to g.fast. Im pretty much on 80/20 24/7

      with virgin i was getting 3mbps in the evenings when most people use their service, after paying for 330mbps.

      They said sorry about your speeds, you cant leave. I had to tell me i recorded their own customers service saying i could leave if the speeds were poor, then they let me leave. Very poor behaviour from virgin.

      Dont think ill use them again.

    3. Avatar Marty says:

      I would be happy to pay the extra for a decent service. Then pay almost the same amount for next to no service at all.

    4. Avatar Ultraspeedy says:

      “FTTC via G.Fast 330/50 will be better offer.”

      You are day dreaming if you think that is going to be priced better

    5. Avatar Simon says:

      Some of us can’t even get 300! so they have no hope even if they wanted to!

    6. Avatar Ultraspeedy says:

      G.Fast is only aiming to cover 10 million by the year 2020 so most wont get that either.

    7. Avatar John says:

      “They said sorry about your speeds, you cant leave. I had to tell me i recorded their own customers service saying i could leave if the speeds were poor, then they let me leave. Very poor behaviour from virgin.”

      wow. It’s bad enough they don’t fix their network but to try stop you from leaving and make you suffer their not fit for purpose product is despicable. Shame on you virgin media.

    8. Avatar Ultraspeedy says:

      You are the only one that understands your own complete destruction of the English language.

    9. Avatar PaulM says:

      Good old Max babbling away nonsensically when he gets mad.

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