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UK ISP Andrews & Arnold Boost Broadband Usage and Cut Prices

Monday, June 17th, 2019 (3:30 pm) - Score 2,737
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UK ISP Andrews & Arnold (AAISP) has today announced that customers of their Home::1 2TB broadband package, which includes 2000GB (GigaBytes) of monthly usage, will see their monthly prices cut by £5 per month. Meanwhile those with a 300GB allowance on Home::1 300GB will be upgraded to 2000GB for the same price.

The only disappointment in today’s news is that AAISP’s entry-level Home::1 200GB service remains unchanged. Prices for the Home::1 2TB tariff, when also including copper line rental, typically now start from £45 inc. VAT per month for ADSL (down from £50) and £55 for superfast FTTC / VDSL2 (down from £60), while their FTTP tier costs £50 and this doesn’t require a copper line (a G.fast version of this also exists but it costs £65 due to the need for a copper line).

You can also subtract -£10 from the ADSL and VDSL product prices if you don’t plan to take AAISP’s own line rental service (e.g. when getting your phone or copper line from another provider).

Andrews & Arnold Statement

Many customers will benefit from the changes we have made. Unlike many providers, who await your current contract’s end date before applying the improvements we will apply these changes to your next bill even if you are currently ‘within term’.

The changes apply to customers on our Home::1 or SoHo::1 tariffs regardless of the technology (ADSL, VDSL, FTTP or G.Fast) used.

Customers are also able to change their usage tariff even if they are in the minimum term period, via our order page.

The package changes for small business (SoHo::1) customers are listed below (prices for these are +vat).

SoHo::1 5TB
Price will fall by £5+VAT per month.

SoHo::1 500GB
Price will fall by £20+VAT per month.

SoHo::1 400GB
Inclusive usage will increase to 500GB.
Price will fall by £10+VAT per month.
400GB option is being retired.

SoHo::1 300GB
Price will fall by £10+VAT per month.

SoHo::1 200GB
Inclusive usage will increase to 300GB.
The price will remain static.
200GB option is being retired.

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Mark Jackson
By Mark Jackson
Mark is a professional technology writer, IT consultant and computer engineer from Dorset (England), he also founded ISPreview in 1999 and enjoys analysing the latest telecoms and broadband developments. Find me on Twitter, , Facebook and Linkedin.
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16 Responses
  1. Avatar Jono

    It’s 2019! Can’t believe an ISP with limits even exists.

    • Avatar Name

      It looks like they stuck in late 90s, but hold on for a second and some experts will explain you how cool AA is.

    • Avatar mike

      They are an exceptionally good ISP though. You get what you pay for. AAISP has carved itself a nice little niche. There are plenty of other providers that will charge you almost nothing for unlimited data and rubbish service if that’s what you want.

    • Avatar Ferrocene Cloud


      They may well provide outstanding service but some stubborn thinking relegates A&A to niche status. And the real irony, especially with ever increasing data usage, is that I could pay A&A a lot more for a ‘better’ service, hit the cap, and get a much worse service instead. 300GB for £45 a month is not a lot, and not that hard to breach.

      Can you imagine A&A in an age where lots of people can get 1Gbps links? It would be like the awful service the US telecomms providers give their customers where you can use your link for a couple of hours before being capped. Okay their links would probably not be over-congested but capped links are all equal in death.

      And then A&A will say how they’re only a small company and can’t do this because bandwidth is expensive, while seemingly doing everything possible to remain a small company by ensuring they are never competitive. I can see A&A continue to be exempt from providing accounts via Companies House, which means they haven’t really grown that much.

      A&A do so much right, they have a director who cares about the service his customers get, their privacy, and security. They would be a great influence on the industry if they were a larger organisation who got more of a voice. But as it stands, they will never get there because of essentially pride at not giving a competitive product. It’s run with a 90s mindset, and we’re getting further and further away from those…

    • Avatar Mike


      As an organisation gets larger it tends to get less efficient.

  2. Avatar spurple

    I must admit, I used to dismiss them outright for having capped plans, but seeing that 50% of your unused allowance rolls over indefinitely, I might look into them next time I renew, especially if the performance with online gaming is better than Virgin Media (which in my experience is a pretty low bar).

    • Avatar Moses Jonson

      You’re joking right?

    • Avatar Spurple

      No, I’m not. I have VM and my stats very look good speed-wise. Average latency for pings is around 22ms to ThinkBroadband’s quality monitor, but if I try to game between 3pm and 10pm on any day, its a terrible experience.

      I know enough to know that when it comes to networking, good pings don’t necessarily imply that the network quality is sound for low latency applications.

  3. Avatar Iain

    Definitely won’t use an ISP at home that has data caps – it just feels wrong. I fully appreciate a&a are probably the best out there but I’ve had no problems personally with Plusnet and of course, there is always Zen! 🙂

  4. Avatar dee.jay

    You get what you pay for – never a more truer case than with AA. Outstanding ISP.

    • Avatar Ixel

      Indeed, at least you don’t have to worry about ‘fair usage’ policies with a quota that is more than ample enough. Only reason I can’t use AAISP at the moment is because the highest FTTP speed they offer is 160/30, not 330/50 or even 160/50 (with 160 being throttled from 330). That’s the only deal breaker for me right now.

    • Avatar dee.jay

      Reminds me of when I first had ADSL Max 8Mb way back when, circa 2006. I was with Pipex, and had “unlimited bandwidth”. They actually threw me off within a month *and* wanted me to pay up the rest of the contract. I argued that their service was “unlimited” and like hell would I be paying anything because they were in breach of contract.

      They rang my father (I lived at home at the time) and as I paid for it, he advised them to put it in writing. I never had a single letter, nor did I pay them a penny more. I really should have taken them to court, thinking back.

  5. Avatar DeeCee

    I agree that AAISP is an outstanding ISP; however, I think that there is something underpinning the decision not to change the 200GB Home package. When other ISPs are reducing their prices for unlimited data packages, it seems odd that AAISP hasn’t made some form of gesture towards customers on its basic package. That said, I have a hunch that the 200GB package will disappear as customers either switch away, or elect for the 2TB package for an additional £10 per month.

    • Avatar Commercial

      I imagine it’s pretty simple – if they raised the cap on the 200GB package, perhaps that then means many of the 2TB plan customers could downgrade further as they’d fit in the revised allowance and thus decided not to as it would have a more significant impact on revenue.

      I could be wrong, but most decisions are based on commercial elements.

  6. Avatar dragoneast

    I suspect that in the real world there are enough of us who aren’t internet addicts using data for the sake of it (we have other things to do) and who’d never, if ever, come anywhere near a 200GB cap, especially with their on-going unused rollover. Currently I have an unlimited data plan with IDNet, which now seems comparable in price with A&A.

    However though latency and pings are usually excellent, there are latency jumps and packet loss that lasts for days on end (out of peaks and even when the connection is not in use according to the TBB monitor) but which causes regular hangs when streaming. IDNet confirm there is nothing wrong with my connection. Irritating, but I’ve learned to be patient; a very handy life skill for those who have never heard of it! However, I must admit I am getting very tempted by A&A. And I suspect they can make a very decent business out of similar customers, so why would they need the troublesome fanatics? Leave them to the deaf mass market.

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