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ISP Vodafone UK Offers 63Mbps FTTC Broadband for Just £22.99

Friday, July 26th, 2019 (10:56 am) - Score 6,808
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New and existing customers planning to join Vodafone’s fixed line FTTC superfast broadband and phone packages may like to know that the ISP has dropped their monthly prices in a new special offer, which sees their 35Mbps plan fall to just £19.99 per month and 63Mbps at £22.99 (we think that’s the cheapest UK offer for such a plan).

The price on their website is said to reflect a £36 discount (per year) for existing Voda Pay monthly mobile customers, but even without that it’s still extremely cheap. As usual both packages include a free wireless router, unlimited usage, phone line rental, Parental Controls, an 18 month minimum term contract and 6 months of free F-Secure anti-virus software for up to 5 devices.

Curiously Vodafone has not supplied an expiration date for orders at this price, although they do tend to tweak the monthly prices every now and then so we’d expect them to change again over the next month or so. A new line provision charge of £60 (one-off) may also apply if you don’t currently have a fixed phone line at your property.

The Vodafone service also comes attached to a special Ultimate Broadband Guarantee, which enables new or upgrading customers to claim a 15% monthly discount if your sync speed falls below the stated minimum level for each package (this continues until your problem is fixed).

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18 Responses
  1. Avatar Name

    So the 63 is new 80 now?

    • ISPs are all required to advertise average speeds (median) as measured at peak times. This is nothing new now, providers have been doing it for awhile.

  2. Avatar Vodafone

    After overheads and profile rate the line throughput speed should be 74-76 instead of 80. I think 63 is just peak hours 7pm to 10pm where more users go online.

    • Avatar captain.cretin

      The 80/20Mbps is a software limit, not a hardware limit.

      I was an early adopter (not Vodaphone); my BT line synced at well over 100Mbps, gave a maximum throughput speed estimate of 106Mbps, and was limited to 79.99Mbps by BT’s equipment.

      Line damage from tree strikes has lowered that to about 75Mbps over the last 5 years.

      Morgan Car Company are due another snotty letter about trimming their trees.

  3. Avatar Vodafone

    Their checker never work lol

    Sorry, something went wrong. Please try again later.

  4. Avatar Alex

    In order to achieve those speeds, Vodafone router needs to be restarted at least once a day and wifi channels changed at least twice a day. They need to start supplying a decent router. If it is wired connection everything works fine.

  5. Avatar Aaron

    The website is showing £27 pm for superfast 2 and that’s with my Vodafone pay monthly account. How do I get it for £22.99?

  6. Avatar J

    Used to be with Vodafone on their top package. Received 62mb up 12 down. Left them and came back but now only receive 45down and they say there’s nothing they can do about it at all. (ultimate guarantee is 54mb)so have reduced my bill 15% for the last few months but that still doesn’t make up for the almost 50% extra speed I should be getting.
    Also received 60mb down from nowtv (sky)
    Annoying I’m now stuck in an 18 month contract and speed matter so much to me as I am constantly downloading and uploading content.

    • Avatar Andy

      If you rejoined Vodafone before 1st March then you’re protected by the Ofcom Voluntary Code of Practice: Residential Broadband Speeds 2015. Vodafone hasn’t yet signed up to the 2019 version. But the 2015 version covers orders placed up to the 1st March 2019 and Vodafone are signatories.

      Principle 4 of the code says…”If, following notification of the fault to the ISP, the ISP has taken all reasonable steps to ensure the fault is corrected and the customer has implemented the measures advised by the ISP but continues to receive an access line speed below the minimum guaranteed access line speed then the ISP must offer the customer the opportunity to leave their contract immediately, and without penalty. In the event that the customer continues to receive an access line speed at or below the minimum guaranteed
      access line speed, it is open to the ISP to offer other remedies in addition to the right to leave the contract set out above. For example, ISPs may agree with the customer that
      the customer can remain on their existing service but will pay the equivalent contract fee to a lower speeds package that is closer to the actual speed being achieved. Regardless of
      whether the ISPs offer this option or any other remedy to customers, they must always offer the customer the opportunity to leave their contract immediately, and without

      If Vodafone hasn’t followed these principles they should have done and if you really want to leave them you might have a case.

  7. Avatar Ayan

    You will not receive Amazon Echo Plus if opted for Vodafone Broadband from uSwitch

  8. Avatar Joshua

    So I’ve just upgraded from my 36mbps to the 63mbps package and it was a bit of a faff. I was a Vodafone mobile customer for awhile and picked up the 36mbps pack at a discount £21 a month then switched my mobile to O2 but was still in the 18 month Vodafone broadband contract so continued paying £21. Anyway I saw this article and thought I should give it a go and see if I could upgrade, I called and they were saying it would £29 a month for the 63mbps, I said no thanks and tried the link, I put in postcode and home phone and went through the order for the same address as an upgrade and it was sorted didn’t even need to put in my card details. So after that I called then again spoke to a lady and she could see I had 2 packages at my home and I said well I wan a upgrade to the new one I obviously don’t want both she put me through to the broadband retention team and these guys were trying to upgrade me for £29 I said that is wrong you need to look at my account. I want to be put on that £23.99 deal he then went on about me not having a mobile account with them and I said yes but I took my broadband when I was and it carries over and also I am technically still a customer, he put on hold for a bit went to speak to the manager and came back and said fine they will sort it for me in 24 hours I will be on the 63mbps package and paying £23.99 but I’ll be a new 18 month contract which I was fine with, basically so long as you push them and talk them through it you’ll get if you’re in my position. If you’re a new customer I think it should be relatively straightforward so long as you use the link above, don’t try buying it over the phone.

    • Avatar Fabrizio

      It’s tempting but I’ll be out of contract with Vodafone in November so I’ll be paying £24 after that date as opposed to £21 by then I hope that I can get fixed wireless broadband with a good 5G and pay just £25 for unlimited, I’m hopeful I know. It depends on the upfront payment for the HTC 5G hub they’ll be using and how much of a premium it will carry. I just need to be patient.

  9. Avatar Stephen Donagy

    I’ve been trying to sign up for this deal for the last couple of days now. The link works but the postcode checker does not. I tried online chat, but they were useless and gave me such a runaround.

  10. Avatar Jason

    Vodafone broadband is utter crap not stable at all. Constantly drops out, customer service is Also crap. Stay away from vodacrap

  11. Avatar Rik

    The problem of comments like “Vodafone broadband is utter crap” is that you can find one for every ISP on planet, regardless of the price, because the problem is never the ISP itself, but OpenRreach lines + the technology used. With the passing of time any line get worse because of crosstalk, interference and congestion. I’m with Plusnet, 500m from the cabinet, and I’ve lost more than 10mbps in 3 years, and in my area ANYBODY with whichever ISP you want has this problem. Unless you have an FTTP, speed will always be subject to get worse.

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