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ISP Plusnet Set to Increase UK Broadband and Phone Prices

Tuesday, October 8th, 2019 (8:07 am) - Score 8,055
plusnet uk

Budget UK ISP Plusnet has recently announced another round of annual price rises on their broadband and phone services, which are set to be introduced just before Christmas on 3rd December 2019. On that same day the provider will also withdraw their old “broadband without line rental” packages from sale for new customers.

The new increases will NOT apply to existing customers who entered into fixed price contracts after 8th August 2018 or Line Rental Saver customers (annual pre-paid line rental), at least it won’t until their fixed price contract expires or they change product and then the new prices will apply.

Overall most of the changes reflect increases in per minute call charges, although the standard monthly cost of phone line rental will also increase by +£1 to £19.99 (Line Rental Saver will increase proportional to this) and the provider’s “broadband without line rental” packages (i.e. you take the phone service from a different provider and just broadband from Plusnet) will be hiked by +£2 extra per month across the board.

On top of that all of Plusnet’s optional calling add-ons (e.g. free Evening and Weekend, Anytime calls etc.) will increase by an extra +£1 per month.

Plusnet Statement

“We’re constantly looking to make improvements to our products and the services we offer you. This year that included things like a new way of billing, updates to our Member Centre and better rewards through My Perks.

These pricing changes will see us invest even more into giving you the broadband and phone services you deserve.”

The remark about a “new way of billing” is likely to go down like a lead brick given all of the billing problems that the ISP has suffered since they migrated to a new platform. Otherwise price rises are rarely popular, although they’re common among all of the largest providers because they’re frequently adding all sorts of new services, developing new systems and consumers are also gobbling significantly more data.

On top of that the big ISPs are also under pressure to adopt all sorts of new rules, such as having to cater for the hugely expensive new system of automatic compensation (here) and Ofcom’s revised broadband speed code of practice (here).

The good news is that none of the above changes affect the standard monthly charges on Plusnet’s newer fixed price plans and those customers can choose whether to stay or go at the end of their term. The ISP intends to send an end-of-contract notification letter, which should include details of an alternative offer, although at that point you can also try a bit of haggling (Retentions – Tips for Cutting Your Broadband Bill).

Finally, Plusnet’s decision to scrap their old “broadband without line rental” plans shouldn’t come as a huge surprise. Today most ISPs tend to bundle the cost of phone line rental and broadband together into a single package, while the future move toward broadband-only lines (i.e. phone calls will optionally come via VoIP) is set to make the old approach redundant.

UPDATE 10:20am

We’ve had a comment from Plusnet.

A Plusnet Spokesperson said:

“Like many providers we are making small price changes to some of our products. We’ve managed to keep prices as low as possible without increases for the last 18 months as we know these are always unwelcome.

All customers can move to a Fixed Price Contract to guarantee broadband and line rental prices, to avoid the increase whilst taking advantage of end-of-contract reminders and an annual account review, so they always know they’re on the right deal for their needs.”

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14 Responses
  1. Avatar Andy

    So far this week we have Zen prices going down and Plusnet prices going up. It does raise the question of how Plusnet can justify this. It could be due to the Plusnet model of business with the out of contract customers subsidising the new customers on offers.

    • Avatar Fat Jez

      Think I prefer the model where all customers of a provider pay the same. The approach of offering an initial cut price deal before hiking prices just causes churn or, as you say, subsidy from customers who can’t be bothered to move.

    • Avatar Stephen Wakeman

      PlusNet have shareholders to please. Zen doesn’t. Lowering prices when you don’t need to is never something that a shareholder is going to say yes to.

    • Avatar David

      I have to agree. I am with AAISP and all I have seen in the past 2 years is a decrease of £5 from the monthly bill and a 100% allowance increase to 2TB – nothing more nothing less.

      I totally agree with Jez – the 1 price for all model seems to work very well indeed. (and you get what you pay for obviously)

  2. Avatar Steveocee

    Typical. I’ve been waiting the best part of 12 months since Virgin put new fibre ducting down my road for Plusnet to raise their prices giving me an easy out and then they announce an increase just 9 days before my contract with them is up!

    Never mind. Can’t fault them as the service has been near enough faultless and when there was a problem the support team dealt with it well.

    • Avatar David

      They say this does not affect existing customers.. Sounds like they are going for the people like you however just coming out of say 18 months. I will see if my 84yr old dad gets an e-mail. He loves the internet but to be honest he can now get 300/50 from BT for the same price he is playing PlusNet – so I will be swapping him in a jiffy if they send him an e-mail.. I will be moving him in 12 months time anyway when his contract is up.

      Plusnet are idiots – his router went bang (been with them 9 years) and so he called them up and they said they would replace the router in return for a new contract. he never thought to ask me if it was a good idea and said yes! – so another 18 months for a rubbish ISP router – I was very annoyed!

  3. Avatar SimonM

    Does this include Plusnet Business packages? And have Plusnet already notified everyone about this, or are they “in the process” of doing so?

  4. Avatar Harold Bishop

    NOTE! I AM in a contract with plusnet… They guaranteed MY Price would NOT increase for 18 months… now my “anytime calls” is going up by £1!!! Apparently its NOT part of the package but an optional extra. They can still screw customers over by increasing the price! Once again I’ve been ripped off by the poor PlusNet customer support. Never again – I will move away as soon as my contract is up!

  5. Avatar u4coffeee

    Prices going up and still they have not fixed the billing system lol …. family member has not been billed for 12 months now for unlimited fibra extra + landline + anytime calls.
    All i can say is LOOOOOOOL

    • Avatar adslmax

      Same here I haven’t been billed for nearly 12 months now due to ongoing billing issues with no fixed yet. Carry on with FREEDOM 🙂

  6. Avatar Anthony G

    This impacts John Lewis customers as well (whose service is provided by Plusnet). I recently ‘moved’ from Plusnet to JL, and JL is applying the increase immediately, even though I am on a ‘fixed price’ contract. I am able to cancel and move to another provider (JL didn’t even try keeping me), but I wonder how many people with recent contracts will bother . I suspect JL will never provide the promised Home Hub that was part of their deal. Churn, churn, churn…

  7. Avatar Web Dude

    “better rewards through My Perks”

    perhaps someone can explain what perks are on offer, please?

    First time I’ve heard of them!

  8. Avatar Russ Cavanagh

    “we are making small price changes to some of our products” … ? “Small” … ??? I worked out the increase is just under 20% of current line rental and the increase in call-minute charges is 40%. My no definition in any dictionary can that be called “small”.

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