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ISP BT Drop 67Mbps Fibre Broadband and Phone to £29.99

Friday, February 7th, 2020 (1:39 pm) - Score 3,077
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UK ISP BT has today slashed the price of their 67Mbps (average speed) “Superfast 2” broadband (FTTC / FTTP) and phone bundle, which is now being offered for £29.99 per month (plus £10 upfront) for the first 24 month contract term (£37.99 thereafter). On top of that they’re offering an £80 Reward Card (pre-paid Mastercard).

The price is a little bit unusual for BT, not least since it beats their Black Friday discounts from last year (those tend to be among the cheapest offers ever year). The reason for this is likely to be a combination of the ISP taking advantage of volume discounts and also possibly preparing for Ofcom’s new end-of-contract notifications system. However their other packages remain at similar discounts to before.

As usual new customers can expect to receive phone line rental (or VoIP), an included wireless router (usually a HomeHub 5, Smart Hub 1 or 2), unlimited data usage, Cloud storage (online backup), Virus Protect, Parental Controls, Call Protect (stops nuisance calls), the Stay Fast Guarantee (get the speeds they promise or £20 back) and free access to BT’s national network of public WiFi hotspots.

The main gripe with their deals is that hefty 24 month contract term, which we tend to advise against as it will tie you down for a long time if things go wrong. Otherwise the following price offers are expected to run until Thursday 13th February at 11:59pm.

Fibre Essential
Average Download of 36Mbps
Upfront Fee: £19.99

Price: £24.99 a month for 24 months (£32.99 thereafter)

Superfast Fibre
Average Download of 50Mbps
£80 BT Reward Card
Upfront Fee: £9.99

Price: £28.99 a month for 24 months (£36.99 thereafter)

Superfast Fibre 2
Average Download of 67Mbps
£80 BT Reward Card
Upfront Fee: £10

Price: £29.99 a month for 24 months (£37.99 thereafter)

Ultrafast Fibre 100 (FTTP / G.fast)
Average Download of 145Mbps / Upload of 30Mbps
£100 BT Reward Card
Upfront Fee: £9.99

Price: £39.99 a month for 24 months (£47.99 thereafter)

Ultrafast Fibre 250 (FTTP / G.fast)
Average Download of 300Mbps / Upload of 48Mbps
£100 BT Reward Card
Upfront Fee: £9.99

Price: £49.99 a month for 24 months (£52.99 thereafter)

Just a reminder that from this year BT intend to adopt price increases linked to inflation (here) and last year they joined other ISPs in making further commitments to Ofcom around fairness and pricing (here).

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By Mark Jackson
Mark is a professional technology writer, IT consultant and computer engineer from Dorset (England), he also founded ISPreview in 1999 and enjoys analysing the latest telecoms and broadband developments. Find me on Twitter, , Facebook and Linkedin.
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23 Responses
  1. Oliver says:

    What was the old price?

  2. AnotherTim says:

    It appears that their ADSL2+ special offer is the same deal as Fibre Essential – £19.99 up front, £24.99pm, and no gift card.

    1. James Carey says:

      I managed to get it for no upfront cost! Aren’t I lucky! By the way I was being sarcastic!

  3. Philip Cheeseman says:

    How do BT get away with quoting different average speeds for FTTC? Surely you’re fairly often limited by the sync rate not the tier you pay for. I’d love the 36Mbps essential quote but my line sync’s at 21ish. Apart from maybe getting some extra benefits (I probably don’t want) or maybe unlimited data why would I sign up for anything but essential…

    1. boggits says:

      That’s the average of their users’ experience, so every ISP *should* be slightly different

    2. Bob says:

      The ASA require ISPs to advertise average speeds for each product rather than “up to” or some other value.

      Ofcom then expect ISPs to provide customers with a speed estimate that reflects what the customers line will actually be able to deliver.

      So average speeds are used as the headline in marketing but “personalised” estimates are provided at point of sale.

    3. Dave Scott says:

      I would complain to BT may I ask you do you turn router off at night. If you do you need to leave it on 24/7 as switching it off could affect DLM or Dynamic Line Management. If you call BT they would let Openreach know it’s Openreach it manages the line.

    4. Philip Cheeseman says:

      No I leave my router on 24/7 – my road just seems to get poor fttc.

      I’d love to understand the point in the average speed that ofcom want to see when it’s so affected by tech the customer can use as to make it pointless.

  4. alison says:

    And still more expensive than Sky’s top FTTC package.. And it also gives £80 cashback

  5. BT says:

    24 Months Contract should be BANNED for broadband! BT are going to get sneaky price rise – this is a WARNING to those who sign up longer contract.

    1. Bob says:

      Ofcom require all providers to offer a 12 month contract option for residential customers. This typically costs more but its available if you ask, often its the same as the “out of contract” price.

      Ofcom are currently consulting on extending this requirement to cover some businesses (dependent on size).

    2. AnotherTim says:

      I believe that the reason lots of ISPs are pushing the 24 month contracts is that the altnets are providing FTTP in more and more areas – which means that any OR based ISP will lose customers as soon as FTTP is available. Tying them in for 24 months is one way to slow the exodus.

    3. NE555 says:

      To be fair, a 24 month contract also locks in the low price for the consumer. Just better be ready to move at the end.

    4. David says:

      NE555 – unless you are with Sky..

    5. John Uncle says:

      £50 a month price for BT’s “Ultrafast 2” product where you are locked in for 24 months. No doubt they will increase the price mid contract multiple times as well.
      Vodafone’s CityFibre at 930Mbps on an 18 month contract is £48 a month. And Vodafone will negotiate for existing mobile customers as well.
      Hyperoptic are doing 1000Mbps for £49 (they had an offer for £30 a month back in January) on a rolling contract of 30 days, or £46 a month for 12 months.

      Openreach should have economies of scale to be able to deliver FTTP at a cheaper price than the others. And frankly CityFibre and Hyperoptic are offering symmetrical speeds (Same upload as download). It seems bizarre that we are all praising FTTP for 330 with a guaranteed speed of only 50% of that for a price of around £50 a month. We should ALL be on the same side here with much better expectations. This all feels like we are being duped into applauding very minor achievements. I do think that the South Korean (nationwide), Japanese (where cost of living is even higher than here) or Singaporean examples are pertinent simply to show that things can be done quicker and provided at competitive rates.

      At bare minimum, all FTTP properties on Openreach should have access to 1000 download speeds, even if the upload isn’t symmetrical. And the price should AT LEAST match the Vodafone CityFibre price of £48 a month for the customer. To have to pay £50 for 330, which may only be 150 is ridiculous.

      Line rental is included, but the multiple price increases that BT often do on a regular basis are not. By month 9 you will no doubt be at a higher price. And you’re locked in for 2 years. At least the other public enemies (Vodafone, Sky, Talktalk etc) tend to increase the price once every 18 months. They’re all the same customer service wise (i.e. bad), but the prices for Vodafone are at least more reasonable. The regulator should fine all of them £500,000 each time a customer has to wait more than 30 minutes. Per customer. That will end this bad customer service instantaneously, but the regulator has no backbone here. And the definition of Fibre should be FTTP (not to the Cabinet and then Copper). I just hope Vodafone, Sky, and Altnets offer FTTP via Openreach too which will give some competition to benefit the consumer

  6. Simon says:

    BT Ultrafast Fibre 100 & 250 is being offered £5 cheaper in the Fibre First cities at £34.99 / £44.99

    1. NE555 says:

      All of them? Or just Salisbury (which is a special case as it’s a trial for full copper switchoff)

    2. CarlT says:

      Taking advantage of special offers from Openreach which I presume BT Wholesale are passing on to some extent.

    3. Jake4 says:

      Ultrafast 1 (150/30) was showing @ £29.99 for me yesterday (Bristol)

    4. Simon says:

      In Leeds (Fibre First City) BT have dropped the price by another £5 this month, to Ultrafast Fibre 100 £29.99 and Fibre 250 £39.99 / month on 24 month contract.

  7. 5G_Infinity says:

    Where does 67Mbps come from, what person – marketing, product mgt, sales, or perhaps financial controller would devise 67, why not 60 or 70 or if you were Steve Jobs its 100Mbps, simples!

    1. dave says:

      Regulations on broadband speed advertising.

      Keep up! 😉

  8. Rafi says:

    I got my BT halo 250 broadband for £35.99 for 24 month contract just my luck day when I call customer services to get that good price

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