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ISP Sky Broadband UK to Hike Some Internet and TV Prices UPDATE

Tuesday, February 18th, 2020 (7:14 am) - Score 3,174
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Just like clockwork Sky (Sky Broadband) has this week announced a new set of annual price hikes, which for some broadband customers will see the monthly price they pay increase by an extra £2 from 1st April 2020. But newer Sky “superfast broadband” (FTTC) and some TV plans will not be increased.

At the time of writing we are still awaiting a full table of price increases, which we’ll add below as soon as it’s available. In the meantime we’ve pasted a summary of price increases below. Naturally if you have a bundle of these services and add-ons then you may be hit by a much more significant rise.

Otherwise prices usually rise because broadband providers are adding new services or content, developing new systems and consumers are also gobbling more data every year. Providers are also under pressure to adopt lots of new rules, such as having to cater for the costly automatic compensation system and end-of-contract notification letters. Suffice to say that such changes cost money and customers naturally end up paying.

A Sky spokesperson said:

“We know price increases are never welcome, so we try to keep prices down while continuing to bring customers the best entertainment all in one place, leading customer service and even more flexibility to choose the package that best suits them.”

Summary of Sky Price Increases
Sky Broadband Essential (ADSL) – +£2 (£22 per month)
Sky TV Entertainment +£2 (£24 per month)
Sky TV Multi-screen +£1 (£14 per month)
Sky HD TV +£1 (£6 per month)

The good news is that prices for Sky Broadband Superfast, Sky Cinema, Sky Kids and Sky Sports will not be increased with this round of rises. Otherwise the Sky Broadband Essentials increase represents a 10% hike, which means that subscribers can make use of Ofcom’s rule against mid-contract price hikes (i.e. existing customers can exit their contract penalty free within 30 days of receiving Sky’s notification letter).

Alternatively customers could try contacting the operator directly and haggling for a lower price (Retentions – Tips for Cutting Your Broadband Bill). Just remember that other major ISPs will also be increasing their prices. Otherwise Sky will start notifying affected customers of the change between 20th Feb and 25th March 2020.

UPDATE 10:05am

After speaking to Sky it does appear as if the above is the extent of their price rises.

UPDATE 20th Feb 2020

Upon further investigating it looks like the price increases are much more extensive than first thought because a mass of legacy broadband packages (including some fairly recent FTTC services) are also going up by +£2 per month. Sadly Sky doesn’t appear to publish the full list of price increases on their website, which means we don’t get the full story.

On top of that there will be increases to Sky Talk call charges that go live on 1st May 2020, but you can find details of those (here).

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25 Responses
  1. Avatar Frustrated Sky customer in basingstoke says:

    I’d move to another provider but …living in the basingstoke not-spot I won’t be able to get virgin and the vast majority of content would be via internet. If I go that path I’ll just torrent the lot with a middle finger in the air to all.

  2. Avatar adam says:

    So glad I left for Virgin last year, best decision I ever made after being with sky for 20 years

    1. Avatar Simone says:

      LOL until the VM price rise happens – which is about 4 times a year – you might change your tune then.

      I just had Sky BB installed today and got TV going in Thursday, I hope i am not affected yet.

  3. Avatar Sky says:

    What the point for HD to go up and up and up. For’s god sake Sky HD has been around for a very long time. More greedy! Glad I left sky ages ago. Happy with my Humax freesat with free to air channels recorded with no monthly subscription fee.

    1. Avatar Simone says:

      Yes we know you are Phil (ADSLMax) so stop going on about it yeah?

      You need to chill out – all your wind is currently helping with Storm Dennis ;(

    2. Avatar John Uncle says:


      If BT, Vodafone (or even Sky) offered TV via FTTP it would help level the playing field a bit. In Ireland, Vodafone offer TV over Fibre. Sky offer Q in Italy over Fibre too.

      If Humax offered a multi room record option (i.e. connect to a central box to share recordings) on Freesat, they could decimate Sky.

      Sky charging for HD is pathetic. In places like Japan they broadcast in 4K. All new programmes on Amazon Prime, Netflix etc are in HD, and even iPlayer (new programmes) are HD for free (excluding the licence fee which we have to pay anyway).

    3. Avatar john says:

      Sky were on about doing away with the dish and doing it all over IP I heard – not sure what happened to that – as for the BBC robbing tax – looks like that might be coming to an end – see what the budget sets out

  4. Avatar Arthur says:

    Robbing Sky
    HD Should be as standard included with all packages
    Free not charge £6.00

    1. Avatar John Uncle says:

      If Humax offered a multi room record option (i.e. connect to a central box to share recordings) on Freesat, they could decimate Sky.

      Sky charging for HD is pathetic. In places like Japan they broadcast in 4K. All new programmes on Amazon Prime, Netflix etc are in HD, and even iPlayer (new programmes) are HD for free (excluding the licence fee which we have to pay anyway).

    2. Avatar Johnf says:

      @John Uncle You do not need a TV license to enjoy Netflix or Prime. Many new shows on Netflix are in Uhd never mind HD.

    3. Avatar john says:


      Why don’t you just post everything under ADSLMax? it’s clearly you

      Just sayin

  5. Avatar Craig says:

    Counting down till my contract with them finishes in June then leaving them.

  6. Avatar Rob says:

    Sky are expensive no doubt and charging for HD is criminal but you just need to haggle. I didn’t get the deal I wanted and quit at the end of my contract last year. Their retentions department called me up. I’m now paying £22 for all channels in HD except for sport. Although annoying I do this every year and the offers they provide are infinatly better once your in your 30 day notice period after asking to leave.

    1. Avatar john says:

      Hi Rob,

      Not sure I agree with you on the expensive bit – this is what I got recently.

      FTTC 80/20 sync with best router they do. . Anytime Extra calls via VoIP. Sky Entertainment – Movies- Sports- HD – Kids – Q experience so UHD as well.- ultimate on Demand – Sky Boost – 25GB Mobile SIM – 1TB box and a Mini box and Sky Protect.

      All for £66.75 a month.

      Just for calling them before install to ask for a better package than I signed up with. And all installed and all working fine

    2. Avatar DontMakeMeLaugh says:


      Hope you like working for Sky

    3. Avatar john says:

      I’m retired mate. Never worked for Sky – Never worked for anyone but me.

      I remember the war though if that matters?


    4. Avatar DontMakeMeLaugh says:


      Strange you sign the end of your posts as ‘Idiot’ rather than John

  7. Avatar Rahul says:

    This is why I didn’t join Sky FTTC and went with TalkTalk instead.

    I am paying only £21.95 a month to TalkTalk for 24 month contract. It was a bit of a gamble as I didn’t know what kind of speeds to expect for someone who never had FTTC ever before. I am getting Full 80/20 download speeds in not only the router stats but also in various speed tests.

    With Sky I paid £33.75 for ADSL that goes up to 12 Mbps Download/1 Mbps Upload. Sky silently hike up prices without warning you. They are very huge betrayers, whatever they promise you simply gets broken. They haggled with me as I wanted to quit 3-4 years ago but they managed to somehow manipulate me by promising £21.50 a month. But after 3 months into the 18 month contract, which isn’t even mid contract they hiked it to £22.75 and then after 18 months it went to £30 a month for ADSL!

    This is basically a scam that they manage to get away with it. Ofcom need to look into this, because Sky never warn you about billing changes until you are alert and check your billing history in your account manually. You will not receive emails, text or voice messages to inform you of the latest price changes. If you are not alert, you are doomed.

    Bottom line is it is really more about your line. FTTC even with the worst reputable ISP will still be more reliable of a service than ADSL with the best and most expensive ISP.

    So it isn’t worth spending too much on an ISP when their service isn’t going to be specially better. Sky is overpriced and not really better than any of the other budget ISPs.

    1. Avatar john says:

      I like the fact Sky have given me the moon on a stick for £66 a month – yes I love that scam long may that continue!

      I was with TalkTalk Business and I did like the connection – never used the customer service as never needed to – I get the same speeds as you. I am connected at 79994/20000 on the router.

    2. Avatar DontMakeMeLaugh says:


      Seems like @john from Sky is posting on here today

    3. Avatar john says:

      See above moron

    4. Avatar DontMakeMeLaugh says:


      Every time people comments about Sky putting the prices up again and again people like you come along and say how amazing Sky are and what a great deal you have just got and itemise all the bits you got. I must have seen it happen two dozen times. No one is fooled by what you say.

      You are the moron John not me.

  8. Avatar alison says:

    Well I’ve literally had the TV installed for 3 hours and I’ve just had an e-mail to say its all going up by £4 a month. What I find interesting is Sky are offering 30 days to leave without penalty. But it specifically mentions my Sky broadband – so i am a bit confused as I have FTTC
    The prices I got are


    Price change per month

    Sky TV


    Sky HD


    Sky Q Multiscreen


    But it also says

    “We hope you continue to use and enjoy Sky but if you’re not happy with these changes, you can cancel your Sky Broadband by calling 03448 244 450. If you’re within your minimum contract period, call us within 30 days of getting this email to avoid early termination charges.”

    Again I have FTTC but there is no mention of the price rises here – I was offered a bundle for £70 a month with everything in so like you say Mark they are just picking out the bits they can hike?

    1. Avatar alison says:

      I guess it’s good if someone is paying for Sky FTTC or wants to go with another provider.

  9. Avatar Denis cassidy says:

    I have been informed by sky that my broadband and calls are rising from £27 to £32 per month and when I phoned to move home they cancelled my contract and set up a new 18 month contract without making me aware,sometching I would not have agreed to is this normal

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