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New UK ISP Earth Broadband Launches to Put the Planet First UPDATE

Monday, Jun 5th, 2023 (9:30 am) - Score 2,824

A new broadband ISP called Earth Broadband (earth.) has launched that claims to be doing things differently by “putting customers and the planet first, and with fast speeds and fair pricing.” In particular, some of the money from subscriptions will be used to help remove plastic from the ocean and plant 5 extra trees every month.

Launching a new ISP into what is an already overcrowded and complex market carries a significant risk, but Earth Broadband clearly feels as if they have a unique enough twist to attract consumers away from already better-established rivals and have promised NO “hidden price rises“. But we should point out that they’re by no means the first internet provider to include a charitable element related to the environment (e.g. Green ISP).

NOTE: By 2025 the ISP is aiming to plant 500,000 trees and remove 100,000 pounds of plastic each month – based on the assumption of having gained 100,000 customers (most new entrants take a lot longer to reach that number, assuming they ever do).

The packages themselves all appear to be based off Openreach’s national FTTC and FTTP broadband network. Prices start at £34.99 per month (£29.99 for the first 3 months) for their entry-level 67Mbps tier (incorrectly listed with an 8Mbps upload), which rises to £44.99 for 98Mbps (20Mbps upload) and £59.99 for their 900Mbps (115Mbps upload) tier.

However, at the time of writing, their availability checker wasn’t returning full results for the FTTP enabled postcodes we tried and instead only displayed their 67Mbps package. But when clicking the plan to see what other charges or contract options might apply, we were instead presented with an error. Clearly a bit more testing is required.

A quick look at the T&C’s revealed that there would also be a “one-off charge of £19.99 for delivery of the router and connection” and those taking the Service for a Fixed Term of 12 months will pay a set-up fee of £60.00. Interestingly, the terms also appear to mention that the ISP will charge a £35 cancellation fee (i.e. at the end of your contract) and you’ll need to return the router to them at your own expense or face a £60 charge.

The provider’s website also does not yet appear to clearly state whether they’re a member of an Ofcom approved complaints’ handler (ADR). Instead, the terms state: “If within 8 weeks of receiving your complaint we have not resolved it then you may wish to contact the Citizens Advice consumer helpline on 0808 223 1133 for advice and guidance.” But we did separately find them listed on the CISAS website, so they are a member.

UPDATE 1:42pm

The CEO of Earth Broadband has kindly informed us that the reason why their FTTP plans don’t show is because they haven’t gone live yet. The provider’s total fibre packages are due to go live next month, and they’re also correcting some of the issues we highlighted. In addition, there’s also a 24-month term option that removes the £60 setup fee.

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By Mark Jackson
Mark is a professional technology writer, IT consultant and computer engineer from Dorset (England), he also founded ISPreview in 1999 and enjoys analysing the latest telecoms and broadband developments. Find me on X (Twitter), Mastodon, Facebook and .
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25 Responses
  1. Avatar photo Obi says:

    Thanks for sharing Mark. Spotted that they don’t require you to order a router if you already have one, which is great for the environment. Wish more ISPs would do this.

  2. Avatar photo Climate bad says:

    Another greenwashing company. We’re gonna plant some trees and hug some hippos. Cool. Broadband any good? er, I dunno, but look we’re recycling our bog roll! aren’t we great.

    1. Avatar photo steve says:

      Im all for hugging Hippos

  3. Avatar photo Lols says:

    Guaranteed to fail on pricing alone. Any muppet can open an Ecologi account.

  4. Avatar photo 10BaseT says:

    “In particular, some of the money from subscriptions will be used to help remove plastic from the ocean and plant 5 extra trees every month.”
    While this plastic is being dumped by less developed countries in far east, my understanding is that these trees will be planted in the UK – if they will be at all. All of that sounds like special climate fee charged by airlines and being used to catch the polluted air to clean it or produce clean air in specially developed devices 😀

  5. Avatar photo Sam says:

    The climate cult in a nutshell:

    Use green propaganda to psychologically manipulate feelings to justify charging more money for your product. Add more charges that competition does not have to lynch people even more. But it is for the environment so shut up and pay us more!!

    1. Avatar photo Anonymous says:

      The climate thing is getting sort of serious though, by 2030 under no action taken (or current action even though it’s very small) we’re due to hit that 3C target bringing severe weather with it in every direction.

    2. Avatar photo Name says:

      @Anonymous Fair enough but I don’t know who is sincere and honest from those that are complete grifters

    3. Avatar photo Sam says:

      I wish that was true, the UK is too cold

      Unfortunately it is not true. Climate loonies have been predicting doomsdays for many decades now. Deaths related to severe weather events are also less than 10% the amount they were half a century ago so that’s another easily verifiable lie

    4. Avatar photo Klimat Propaganda says:

      Remember when “Dr” Thundberg (yes, lol, she’s a PhD now, despite offering zero solutions) said in 2018 that if we did not stop using fossil fuels over the next five years it would “wipe out all humanity” lol. She deleted that tweet of course.

    5. Avatar photo John says:

      Greta being awarded a PhD in theology literally proves it is a religion and she is the holy Mary equivalent

      Every prediction does not happen. Ice caps growing instead of shrinking, same with coral reefs and they completely forgot about the growing polar bear numbers

      It all has resulted in more taxes though

  6. Avatar photo Colin says:

    What an excellent idea. I would rather the money I pay to be used for good instead of greedy shareholders pockets. Will look at this company when my contract is up for renewal

  7. Avatar photo Seun says:

    Why as soon as someone does something for the planet idiots label it as climate cult or greenwashing All they’re doing is using some of the money you pay to put towards good causes it’s no different to the likes of Cuckoo who puts a tiny chunk of the money you pay into charity

  8. Avatar photo Mr Nice Guy says:

    Like the concept

  9. Avatar photo Wilson says:

    4 comments in a row saying the same thing by the same person

    Charity already exists but commies always ignore it and instead mandate everyone pays. Would you rather:

    1 – go bankrupt paying a premium for all subpar brands with green marketing

    2 – buy the best valued products and do whatever you want with the amount saved. (Including donating to tree planting NGOs)

    Any sane person would choose option 2 but the insane minority wants to force people into option 1

  10. Avatar photo Matthew says:

    Don’t really care about planting trees probably cause I’m a grumpy old man but nice to see someone start a business at young age

  11. Avatar photo XGS Is On says:

    Noble aims, to be saluted, however I’m not convinced it can be a success. Broadband is largely a utility now and the market is really price-sensitive.

    Good luck to them. Hope to be proven wrong.

  12. Avatar photo Tiff says:

    I quite like it to be honest. Best of luck to them

  13. Avatar photo Anonymous says:

    Just call something “green” hike up the price and you can fleece the virtue signalling idiots because they genuinely believe they’re saving the world by giving corporations more of their money. If they absolutely have to give money to these scam charities why not directly? That way it doesn’t go through a middle man (who no doubt takes a cut themselves). I don’t think there’s enough guardian readers to keep this ISP around for very long.

    1. Avatar photo Patrick says:

      Do not underestimate the number of guardian readers, fortunately most of them live with parents and do not pay bills

    2. Avatar photo Andrew G says:

      Seems a bit harsh that, but then again, Marks & Sparks were so focused on their environmental “Plan A” that they forgot what skills were required to be a retailer, and seem to be intent on fading away as fast as they politely can.

      As for “use your own router and save the planet”, there’s a number of smaller ISPs have done this for years without making pretentious claims about motivation.

      But give them credit – if they can charge more and carve out a niche position good luck to them.

    3. Avatar photo Jake Jay says:

      In reply to Andrew,

      Only a blithering moron would go near Marks and Spencer.

      They always needed a Plan B. Morons that by over packaged environmentally unfriendly crap food that is produced on the same production lines as Aldi need their heads examining.

  14. Avatar photo Nigel says:

    They’re a broadband company so they’re going to make a mark up like everybody else. All they’re saying is they will use some of your money to plant trees and remove garbage from the ocean. You’ve got to give them credit the other major ISP’s aren’t doing that. They could’ve just started a broadband provider put all the money in their pockets and been like everyone else. I applaud this young man for what he’s done. It’s a hard game but if he gets someone big behind him I’m sure they will fly. Will keep my eyes peeled!!!

  15. Avatar photo Ad47uk says:

    Good idea, but the prices will put people off.

    this part of the article.
    availability checker wasn’t returning full results for the FTTP enabled postcodes we tried

    I noticed that on a few providers for my postcode, Talk Talk and Cuckoo being two of them

  16. Avatar photo John Dulton says:

    Seen these guys in the Daily Echo. I like the prop and think they have something different. Fair play

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