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Customers of Vectone Mobile UK Face Support and Service Outage

Thursday, Oct 26th, 2023 (8:36 am) - Score 17,680

Over the past few days’ we’ve seen a worrying rise in complaints about UK mobile operator Vectone Mobile. Customers appear to be reporting a variety of problems from a protracted loss of service (lasting for several days), as well as an inability to reach customer support or order new SIMs via their website etc.

The situation, which sounds – at least on the surface – eerily similar to what initially happened with Lyca Mobile earlier this month (here and here), appears to have started around Monday (23rd October 2023) for most people and the gripes can be found littered across social media, as well as our forum and via TrustPilot.

NOTE: Vectone Mobile UK is a Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) on EE’s network.

Complaints highlight a complete loss of signal / service (i.e. only emergency calls still seem to work), while those who attempt to phone, text or email customer support have been unable to get a reply and their website doesn’t seem to allow new SIMs to be ordered (it just throws you back to the front page). Some users have also reported that they cannot buy a new top-up or login to their account via the Vectone website.

The operator is a relatively small player in the UK market and we don’t have any solid contacts for their support/media team (if they have one), which means that our attempts to seek a comment from the operator are most likely running into the same problems as those who are currently complaining. But we’ll keep trying.

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By Mark Jackson
Mark is a professional technology writer, IT consultant and computer engineer from Dorset (England), he also founded ISPreview in 1999 and enjoys analysing the latest telecoms and broadband developments. Find me on X (Twitter), Mastodon, Facebook and .
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128 Responses
  1. Avatar photo Bubbles says:

    I suspect the owners have pulled the plug, or they’ve gone bust and cant pay their T-Mobile bill. They only had until January to upgrade to 4G and didn’t show any signs of doing it; Vectone enters the grave. RIP.

    1. Avatar photo Mia says:

      Outage lasts since 22nd 9pm, and this is the first official reading I find on the net.

    2. Avatar photo John says:

      I WAS AN DEIGHT MOBILE CUSTOMER I HAVE THIS PHONE NUMBER FOR THE LAST 11 years I just spoke with them and they will send pac code to all of us WHEN he couldn’t answer to that
      All the best

    3. Avatar photo S.manzoor says:

      When it coming back on

    4. Avatar photo S.manzoor says:

      When vectone will be working

    5. Avatar photo S ball bags says:

      13 days you cock sukers were you gone no customer service wdf

    6. Avatar photo Logan says:

      I finally obtained my PAC code by email after several weeks of no signal.

    7. Avatar photo Anup says:

      Send a whatsapp message to 07574459500 [listed on their website] . They will send the PAC code within a few days . I gone mine within aa couple of days. Finally !!

  2. Avatar photo Rudy says:

    I was 110 in queue, trying to reach tech support. In last 5 min moved to 109. Soon gonna hang up.
    I don’t have mobile coverage/ GPRS for around 5 days, only Emergency calls. Missed my train couple times because couldn’t load up my ticket on app and free WIFI was not available.
    Strat to hate Vectone Mobile

    1. Avatar photo Tanzila naeem says:

      I have asked to someone to share internet with me to book a taxi…..
      Thank God everytime I found someone who helped me…..

  3. Avatar photo Poirytowany says:

    I’m one of the sad customers, only hope i have i that they will give us some option to migrate number. at the moment there is no option to obtain PAC number without any signal on SIM.

    1. Avatar photo Naomi says:

      Same here. My Vectone number was a substitute for a landline so given out to many as my contact number. Used for banking etc too.
      Now feel very let down. Rang earlier and was 168 in the queue

  4. Avatar photo IKAZ says:

    No service. Only emergency calls. Unable to contact customer services. Totally stuck. Vectone must inform customer of actual situation.

  5. Avatar photo Mia says:

    Outage lasts since 22nd 9pm. All contact options are flat, including their landline customer service number, the chat, email and WhatsApp messages are unanswered since 22nd, too.
    This is the FIRST OFFICIAL READ I find on the Internet about the possible bust of Vectone. Kudos and thank you for the information.

  6. Avatar photo Shah says:

    We should all goto their office in E14, its in Marshwall or canary wharf and get money back and pac code

    1. Avatar photo Jay says:

      They rent a virtual office at that address, they have no physical presence in that building. The director has a nice house in Chigwell though.

  7. Avatar photo ATIF BASHIR says:

    No network since Monday 1pm. No customer service. We have 4 Sims in family all of them have no network. Can’t login to my bank or business as require OTP. Huge loss for us. Can’t even get PAC so I can transfer my number.

  8. Avatar photo Jay says:

    Things that make you go hmmm….

    The CEO of Lyca is Subaskaran Allirajah

    The CEO of Vectone is Baskaran Allirajah

    1. Avatar photo Billy Shears says:

      Hmm. (You were right!) Is it possible to find out if any more family members are CEO of anything? Just so we can get out ahead if the crash.

  9. Avatar photo Sebastian Nash Ankrah says:

    Am sick and tired with vectone almost 4 days they haven’t replied my quarries. Am stuck I can’t receive calls and my data is not working hmm. What a crap is going on with vectone network. Vectone doesn’t respect their costumers, they don’t give a damn.

    1. Avatar photo Bill says:

      Same position been phoning for days on hold for hours then hung up email only recieved a txt response todya to email when I emailed the three days ago

  10. Avatar photo Connie Marshall says:

    I can’t have phone calls or make my calls or text messages.This is really horrible.very bad service.Vectone must do something for sort this out.Let us know what has happened?This has caused me lot of troubles

  11. Avatar photo Alina says:

    Same with me. I called the customer service number all day today and no one answers. I’ve been on the phone for 2 hours and it hangs up. I’m curious, has anyone managed to talk to them?

  12. Avatar photo Laura Cooper says:

    Still no Signal for 4 days. Tries contacting customer service by webcam and WhatsApp no reply.

  13. Avatar photo Mushood says:

    Since Monday 23rd afternoon no calls or receive any call .nothing. lost everything on my mobile phone. Vectone. I even topped up on 19th October to.

  14. Avatar photo Tomasz Szuta says:

    I’m also very dissapointed with Vectone. They have given me useful bundles and now it’s a grave.
    Situation is not funny as they don’t share feedback about network outage – it’s not fair for their customers. I’m slightly hopeful if we get our feedback of sadness to them so they have to deal with it sooner or later – we must get a refund like anything highlighting our needs we pay for.

  15. Avatar photo Den Dennis says:

    Bloody english always scamming !!

    1. Avatar photo Tom says:

      Thanks mate.

  16. Avatar photo Caxton Kasozi-Batende says:

    Vector Mobile users we should prepare our minds for the closure of business by Vectone Network Provider. Possibly the company owners have done a run and hiding.
    Lawsuits against them awaiting and people to ask for PAC Code are many.
    Now l can’t log on to several Apps such as online banking. Because the generated passcode is supposed to be sent to my phone as SMS but no message can be received. I have missed receiving important SMS from GP, hospital etc to do with eye checkup, and diabetes checkup. No service only emergency calls is the message seen.
    I had started to smell fish in a swimming pool when corner shops stopped stocking to sell vectone top-up credit and SIM cards.
    When I called customer service at 9:00 a.m., the machine stated I was 250 in the queue. No caller could wait, the other received a massive land-phone bill.

  17. Avatar photo Pundai says:

    same blood here..

  18. Avatar photo Remi says:

    Perhaps no-one in UK knows that, but they did exactly THE SAME in Poland in 2015, first started and soon afterwards problems began… When they suddenly shut the operations down, people were left with no access to SIM nor had possibility to port their numbers. This… uhghrrrm…. company was also completely ignoring Polish OFCOM (UKE) when they tried to intervene. I can provide links to Polish sites where whole story is described in details.

    1. Avatar photo Name says:

      But it lasted less than a year and UKE revoked their number allocation while mobile operators have stopped broadcasting it.

  19. Avatar photo Akin says:

    Just came off the phone after waiting for over 40mins to try and get through to Customer Services with no joy.
    I will be really pissed off if I can’t get a PAC code, if they have done the same thing in Poland before. I was even considering getting a Lycamobile SIM but after reading through this thread that Lycamobile has had the same issue and both CEOs are related am not going near it.

  20. Avatar photo Jamal says:

    Vectone network outage since Monday , for 5 days and counting.
    Just to echo comments above — “emergency calls only” available. Been contacting Vectones ‘shocking’ Customer services number 020..134 ,waiting times >3hr before dead tone , arghhh!
    Please contact OFCOM to file complaint 0300-123-3333.
    OFCOM have it on record from Vectone that their network is suffering an outage since beginning of week and they are working on it?
    I asked and expressed concern about whether company was dead or just a massive massive outage — he said indications were this is nothing but network outage (and so not to worry about losing vectone for good)!
    I asked him about getting a PAC code — he said that by law/regulations they should give you that or indeed initiate a PAC code request over the phone as soon as you request it , and that you should be able to get that code within 2 hrs of request on mobile / or email !
    But given there is no way of getting thru for this on the phone — best to email them a request

    He logged my complaint and said he would call Vectone and request they contact me within 5 working days. If they do not respond i can call OFCOM again and initiate proceedings with the Telecoms ombudsman.

    I asked if there was any historic precedent on such a sizeable outage — he pointed to LYCA ( as discussed above)
    being out for 1.5 weeks before recovery , and its back going strong.

    So , hopefully its a blip in the road — before its back ..

    But pls contact OFCOM as i did — they have been receiving complaints , and it will all build up the picture , and hopefully bring focus on the issue .

    Need to at least tell the powers that be , to try and get this moving !

    1. Avatar photo J says:

      Did they provide a time frame for when they will be back? I’m afraid that I will change my number (due to no PAC code) and then they will be back. but I cannot go any longer with no ability to call or text whilst im out at night on my own, it’s just not safe! I have emailed Vectone, earlier this week, about a PAC code but have received no response. I genuinely do not know what to do.

  21. Avatar photo Kiran says:

    Can any one guide me how I can get my PAC code. Is there is any regulatory authority who can help us in this satution. Our contact no is very important for us like car insurance, bank account, GP etc.
    Please kindly guide me how I get may PAC code.

    1. Avatar photo Contact Ofcom and Communications Ombudsman says:

      Contact Ofcom Advice and complaints 0300 123 3333 or 020 7981 3040 and after a certain timeframe the Communications Ombudsman. (Ofcom may advise on the process).

    2. Avatar photo Nab says:

      Hi I did received a pac code from Vectone today in my email box .check your emails

    3. Avatar photo Geta says:

      Send the message here support@vectonemobile.co.uk for your PAC code. I receive my PAC CODE last night. I hope it work

  22. Avatar photo Anca Burdulea says:


    Is there a way to obtain my PAC code

    1. Avatar photo Ofcom, Communications Ombudsman says:

      Contact Ofcom Advice and complaints 0300 123 3333 or 020 7981 3040 and after a certain timeframe the Communications Ombudsman. (Ofcom and the Ombudsman will assist with obtaining a PAC code and perhaps recovering some money that you paid.

    2. Avatar photo Communications Ombudsman phone number says:

      0330 440 1614

    3. Avatar photo Armen Luther says:

      In accordance with Ofcom’s guidelines, compose an email to Vectone Mobile. If Vectone Mobile fails to respond within an eight-week period, only then can Ofcom take further action.

  23. Avatar photo A says:


    Is there a way to obtain my PAC code

  24. Avatar photo Yassir says:

    I call costumer support 02071790134 I was in position 56 I waiting nearly 3 hours but when I m in position 1 is take saying you are in position 1 for 15 minutes and then cuts .mean there is no one to answer the call just keeping you waiting and when you are in the first position it’s cut you off.
    This what I think

  25. Avatar photo Iwona says:

    I have the same problem, I don’t have the Internet, I can’t send text messages or make calls. I’ve had a Vecton card for over 10 years. It’s time to think about changing the operator, but it’s a pity because I’ll have to change the number to a new one after so many years.

  26. Avatar photo Armen Luther says:

    According to Ofcom, the network is currently experiencing an outage, but it is expected to be restored shortly. There is no need for concern at this time. If, for any reason, the network were to cease operations, they would be required to transfer their existing customers to another company.

    1. Avatar photo Mohammed imran says:

      Did you speak to ofcom

    2. Avatar photo Just a thought says:

      You’d think even if all their own systems had crashed they could connect to their X account https://twitter.com/VectoneMobileUK and post something…..

  27. Avatar photo Alex says:

    It’s been 8 weeks I e-mailed for my PAC code no reply from Vectone mobile so I just complained officially here: https://www.financial-ombudsman.org.uk/make-complaint

    Or you can call there customer service after certain waiting time you will get response from adviser: 0300 123 3333 or 020 7981 304

    Good luck:)

    1. Avatar photo matt says:

      Alex, that’s the wrong ombudsman you complained to. That link is for bank accounts and other financial services. The communication one is https://www.commsombudsman.org/

      But be aware their site states “Before you contact us you should notify your provider and work with them to try and resolve your issue. Your supplier has up to 8 weeks to resolve the issue, unless they send you a deadlock letter allowing you to come to us sooner.”

    2. Avatar photo Alex says:

      Ok thanks matt

  28. Avatar photo Sameer Virani says:

    Since Monday I have no connections and no one available to talk. The call waiting times are far too long. I need my PAC number as I don’t wish to continue with Vectone anymore but would like to retain my number. Please send me a contact details for this.

  29. Avatar photo Armen Luthr says:

    At present, you have the capability to access your Vectone account and obtain information pertaining to your PAC under the ‘Update SIM’ section.
    However, it is imperative to note that the transfer of your mobile service to another network cannot occur until the restoration of signals has taken place.

  30. Avatar photo occasionally factual says:

    Report on hotukdeals that customers are being sent their PAC unsolicited. https://www.hotukdeals.com/discussions/vectone-mobile-4224774

  31. Avatar photo Zoltan says:

    I got this Email them from support@vectonmobile.co.uk in 3:42 pm, Wednesday, 25 October 2023. Quotation:

    “further support, please contact us on – 020 7179 0134 (from other phones) or dial 322 from your Vectone Mobile. You can also mail us at support@vectonemobile.co.uk

    Kind regards,

    YO, Customer Service Team

    Vectone Mobile UK


  32. Avatar photo Zoltan says:

    I got this Email from them from  their support@vectonmobile.co.uk Email address in 3:42 pm, Wednesday, 25 October 2023.


    “Dear Customer,

    Hope you are having a great day!

    We’re sorry to hear about the issue you are facing with using our services.

    We regret to inform that our Services has been down and unable to restore it back and our technical teams working on high priority but still services are not recovered. So we request you to  please share the below requested details for PAC creation.

    Please use the PAC code to transfer the same mobile number to any other network operators in UK.

    Your name:

    Mobile Number:

    Post Code:

    Date of Birth:

    ICCID number (the long digit number which is at back of the SIM card) :

    Once again we apologize for the inconvenience you faced with our service.

    Should you need any further support, please contact us on – 020 7179 0134 (from other phones) or dial 322 from your Vectone Mobile. You can also mail us at support@vectonemobile.co.uk

    Kind regards,

    YO, Customer Service Team

    Vectone Mobile UK


    1. Avatar photo DJ says:

      Emailed support@vectone.co.uk for PAC code but the email has bounced back saying “Given up after several attempts” so their email address is not working anymore.

    2. Avatar photo Billy Shears says:

      Hmm. The standard of “English”, the circumlocutory expressions, the contradictions and reluctance or inability to simply state, “we’re stuffed. You’d better go elsewhere. Provide these details and we’ll give you a PAC” are worrying. Indeed, why are these details needed? Why can’t they just say “here’s your PAC, you’d better transfer to another provider because we’re dead”? I mean dob! Really?!

    3. Avatar photo Armen says:

      Thats surprise becoz when i spoke to ofcom on friday they said the network is down and will be back and running soon.

      Plus this morning i was able to login all my vectone accounts and gor pac codes

      The website is slow but it is working.

      And vectone website is also working

      I will call orcom again tomorrow morning

  33. Avatar photo Gianni Kretsi says:

    have had no signal on my phone for 10 days, please send me the PAC code to send the numbered transfer to another company, I don’t have a phone, I’m dead

  34. Avatar photo Jamal says:

    An update @Monday 30/10/23 09:50 UK time :

    I posted earlier above regarding my conversation with vectone.
    Today , Ive just been holding since 9am starting at caller 8 , evetually got thru at 09.40.
    Requested PAC got from Yogesh – really nice guy — remember its not his fault management have not put processes in place to deal with outage of this magnitude – blame very much with senior management! Regulators also should use their clout as to put pressure on these companies !!

    Anyway — requested PAC over the phone , it is expected to arrive on my email by end of work today — 5pm , hopefully !!

    I mentioned /emphasised / insisted on getting it here and now , given that regulations stipulate that I should be given my PAC immediately over phone.
    He said this is absolutely normally the case , however with the technical systems issues they have he could not provide PAC immediately over the phone.
    I asked what guarantee was there of getting this PAC given the technical issues across the Vectone company will make it difficult to retrieve my PAC info from the servers?
    I asked if previous customers who had similarly called for PACs had received theirs — he said yes , as he had made follow up calls to confirm email receipt of PAC codes for those customers .

    Sounds promising .

    I suggest get on the phone very early in morning and persist.
    Note , he was able to service my request quickly as I had a vectone account ( my email etc was registerd),
    in the event you dont have this , please have your long ICCID sim number at hand.

    Remember , the guy who answers the phone is trying his best — be kind , be gentle — hes more likely to try his utmost to support.

    hopefully , will be out of this mess very soon.

    1. Avatar photo NS says:

      Emailed support@vectonemobile.co.uk at 10:54am and sent a request here https://www.vectonemobile.co.uk/vmcontact/details , requesting PAC number, received this response at 11:54am

      “Dear Customer,

      Hope you are having a great day!

      It has been a privilege having you as our esteemed customer. We valued your patronage and regret that you have decided to Port -Out of Vectone Mobile.

      We would be grateful if you could spare few moments to let us know what prompted you to leave Vectone. Your valuable suggestions and feedback will help us ascertain the shortcomings due to which you have decided to port out and help us introspect and strengthen our products and services to avoid recurrence of such instances in future.

      As requested, here are your PAC Details –

      • PAC Number: [hidden]
      • Expiry Date: November 28, 2023

      Thanking you for being with us and let us know if we could do anything to “Welcome You Back”.

      Should you need any further support, please contact us on – 020 7179 0134 (from other phones) or dial 322 from your Vectone Mobile. You can also mail us at support@vectonemobile.co.uk.

      Kind regards,”

      I suggest emailing ASAP to get a PAC number, unsure if it actually works as of yet but switch is scheduled for tomorrow. I provided the below details when emailing to make things easier for them:
      Mobile Number
      Post Code
      Date of Birth
      ICCID number

  35. Avatar photo Jamal says:

    Update : 12:00 .

    Remember i called them at 9 this morning ( see above)
    Just received PAC codes for my two lines — absolutely delighted.

    And im off to another network , please continue to persist and it will work out InshaAllah

    Good luck all !

  36. Avatar photo Khan says:

    Just got my pac code after emailing them multiple times
    Any good value for money bundles out there with good service? I’m considering Vodafone at the moment

    1. Avatar photo Mark says:

      Try Lebara They use Vodafone. Try going through MSE or Uswitch for better Lebara deals.

  37. Avatar photo sarah says:

    I have been sending dozens of emails to them for the past week, and even today I emailed them 5 times, since 8am. NO reply. When I try calling it starts from 100 something. I am desperate to get my PAC code

  38. Avatar photo Alex says:

    Update: Just received my pac code from my registered email. Finally anyways leaving this sh*t company take care all 😉

    1. Avatar photo Hasan says:

      I received an email from them on Sunday 5:30pm with PAC code:
      Guess what, not valid!!!!!!

  39. Avatar photo landline to mobile says:

    can any one suggest a good company offering landline to mobile service as vectone does?

    1. Avatar photo Alex says:

      This vectone one was my primary SIM before network service was gone I had to moved to Voxi, since I got my PAC code from vectone after 1 week later I ordered Lebara Sim then will switch the number will keep it as secondary SIM ;-;

    2. Avatar photo sarah john says:

      Go to Vodafone, type bundles and with 10 pound a month you get 7GB, Unlimited mins and texts, code BVB10

    3. Avatar photo Alex says:

      I’m in Voxi I get 30GB & unlimited calls & texts free social medias without using data etc. For £10 a month.

      You can join here I shared my referral code we will both get up to £20 Amazon vouchers:



    4. Avatar photo Alex says:

      I’m in Voxi I get 30GB & unlimited calls & texts free social medias without using data etc. For £10 a month.

      You can join here I shared my referral code we will both get up to £20 Amazon vouchers:



    5. Avatar photo Stephen says:

      That’s a good deal thanks mate

    6. Avatar photo Anon says:

      vonage does landline to mobile transfer

    7. Avatar photo Mark says:

      If you go through Uswitch you can get 30gb and unlimited calls and texts plus 100 International minutes for £8.95… 30 day contract

    8. Avatar photo Mark says:

      Sorry forgot to say that £8.95 deal is with Lebara (vodafone)

  40. Avatar photo Sarah says:

    I have sent them dozens of emails last week, and even today 5 emails since 8am. Still no reply. When I call, I am 100 something in the queue. I am desperate to get my PAC number. I called ofcom, and they said there is no guarantee they can get the PAC code for me

  41. Avatar photo Alex says:

    If anyone wants to join Voxi I shared a referral link you can join here we will both get Amazon vouchers:



  42. Avatar photo Kiran Rafeeq says:

    Today I made 3 time call on helpline. First time call started from 122 no and end after 1 hour and 36 min. 2nd time call end after 45 min and 3rd time end on after fix 3 hours. I waste my full day. But can’t get PAC code. I also sent lots of emails for PAC code but not got any reply.

  43. Avatar photo Kiran says:

    Is anyone got PAC code today? I am continually calling from 9 am but no one pick call.

    1. Avatar photo Terrance mustafi says:

      I received my pac today calling at 9am and waiting only 5 min eventually recieved just waing on new provider to port my old number over

  44. Avatar photo Malik says:

    Complete loss of network since 22/10/23 – getting message “not registered on network”. Can’t get hold of customer services to fix problem, can’t get PAC code to change no. to another network and not issuing new SIM’s. But they processed automated top-up 2 days ago?! Think they’ve gone bust without any notifying or contacting customers!!

  45. Avatar photo Mohammed says:

    They are a bunch of conman and the CEO Should be made to face his customers but he’s proved he’s a charlatan telling everyone to do everything to expose this clown and if you do by any chance read this do the right thing tell people what’s happening

    1. Avatar photo Mark randall says:

      I was told by customer service at Vectone it’s a issue that can’t be resolved in quick timeframe it’s sounds like they couldn’t meet the deadline to upgrade there uk system by 2024 and EE has suspended all there services! Phone just before 9am guys and girls and you will get your pac to port out! There undated with calls and customers support understand and will give pac with no stress

    2. Avatar photo Remi says:

      It doesn’t make any sense @Mark Randall. Their Lycamobile arm is now using EE, so they could just transfer numbers to Lyca and keep it as sub-brand.

  46. Avatar photo Anup says:

    I still haven’t got the network and unable to reach call centre . What a shame. Now I want a PAC code . No going back .

  47. Avatar photo Riya says:

    Vectone network is down for more than a week and they have taken zero responsibility to the customers.

    Sign this petition to take action against the company and the director.

    1. Avatar photo sam says:

      we should rather file a case of compensation, as the website is still running and Ofcom saying its going to be restored, until Ofcom says they are gone, nothing else to believe.
      i have 5 business lines with them, and its effecting my business can anyone suggest no win no fee lawyers ??

    2. Avatar photo Rey says:

      I agree with Sam

  48. Avatar photo Karolina Szlak says:

    I would request for pack code.
    My phone number is 07849536870

  49. Avatar photo B says:

    I got through to vectone option 1 technical team (1hr 13min) Left phone in queue. On 31st Oct at 2.13pm. There is technical issues with no timeframe of fix.
    The agent Faruq was very helpful. No point taking out on them as its not their fault. Requested PAC Code and as requested provided the following details:

    Have these details ready to give:
    1) Vectone Number
    2) Name
    3) 1st Line of Address
    4) Post code
    5) Email Address
    6) What plan was bought last on vectone.
    7) How the payment was made ie online etc.
    8) The ICCID serial number printed on sim (although this wasnt requested I provided it. I was asked to confirm the last 5 digits of the serial number. Which was cross matched againt vectone number.

    I have been trying since services went down, calls, emails, contact page online etc.

    Its frustrating but persevere. Best option is to call and leave the phone in the queue.

    Bought Lebara sim and used their online services to Port In vectone existing number which hopefully is scheduled to be completed today.

    Hope this helps. Good Luck

    1. Avatar photo Blessing Adams says:

      Why is network not working

  50. Avatar photo Alesja says:

    Sim cards not working

  51. Avatar photo John H says:

    My Dad’s phone has had no network or service connection since the 29th October. Strangely Vectone have emailed him a PAC code even though he didn’t request it. I tried to call them today but was 146 in the queue so I hung up. No idea what is going on so I’m organising a new mobile provider for him.

  52. Avatar photo KK says:

    Try calling them on early hours around 9am and you will get the PAC details.

  53. Avatar photo Kevin says:

    At 1800 this evening (03/11/23) Post Office issued branches with a memo to advise that Vectone had “temporarily suspended” mobile top ups.

    Read into that what you will…

  54. Avatar photo Shipra says:

    Friday 03/11 and this morning in queue for 2 hours.Long waiting and still no answer. It feels as if it’s a default set timer of 2hours and then the call drops. So back to square one.Me and my husband want PAC codes so we could retain our old nos.

  55. Avatar photo Antonio says:

    I bought my vectone sim 9 years ago and used it for about 2-3 years then ported to Giff Gaff for about 6 years, with no service issues. 6 month ago I ported to Lebara, running in Vodafone’s network, and found out a while later that I was not receiving text messages form non vodafone numbers. They had no solution or any way to fix the issue. I then ported to Voxi/Vodafone 3 months ago, the same issue, no SMS from non vodafone numbers.
    After long arguments with customer service, porting team, complaints team…. they issued a statement, there is a porting issue, split port, fir numbers that were first released under vectone network, this has been going on since first lockdown and they have no fix yet, or a time frame to fix it.
    I did some research and others are having the same problem.
    Now I’m trying to reach Vectone customer service to ask if I port to other network I’ll be facing the same problem. so far I rang them a few times waiting 2-3 hours and no answer
    So be aware that if you port to any Vodafone network you might encounter the same problem.

  56. Avatar photo Malik says:

    Called OFCOM today (Tel: 0300 123 3333) & registered a formal complaint – they offered to send email to Vectone to obtain PAC code – Vectone have up to 5 working days to respond. I am also owed a refund as they made deductions from my bank account after the service went down. Been with Vectone for over 10 years – will never go back, this has caused so much inconvenience and stress as everything linked to mobile no. credit cards, access to tax account, medical record, urgent personal calls etc. Vectone should have informed their customers prior to going offline – given customers the opportunity to make other arrangements.

    Also checked latest Vectone financial accounts submitted (on 23/02/23) – showing net profit after tax 2021: £317k and 2020: £776k – so not sure why they’ve just disappeared?

    Suggest everyone register a formal complaint with OFCOM – Tel: 0300 123 3333

    1. Avatar photo Rey says:

      I agree with Malik, I also did the same today. I have the same situation everything is on halt and I am not ready to give up my number to such a poor organization that in broad daylight is making a laughing stock of regulations and rules here. Appalling customer service. I think more and more people should do it as Ofcom is not even concerned as just a handful of people have complained. They say it is just an outage for a few people and unless Vectone officially says they have ceased business, Ofcom won’t act. Otherwise, there is no problem as per Ofcom.

    2. Avatar photo Malik says:

      UPDATE: It’s been 5 working days and have not received PAC code and probably will never receive it – updated OFCOM on 13/11/23 & sent another email to Vectone Customer Services – have to wait 8 weeks and can then refer to Communications Ombudsman – owed one month refund & expenses / inconvenience.

      Suggest that everyone refers their complaint to the Communications Ombudsman:

  57. Avatar photo sam says:

    In my recent discussion with Ofcom today, it appears that Vecton has also not been responsive to their inquiries. According to them, even with a PAC code, transferring may not be feasible due to the inactive status of the line. It seems we may encounter difficulties either way!

    1. Avatar photo B says:

      Hi Sam,

      From what I am reading I think I was very, very lucky to get through to Vectone after trying for a week and hours at a time on a daily basis. To confirm the PAC Code that I received over the phone from Vectone successfully transfered over to Lebara without any issues.

  58. Avatar photo KingSol says:

    i got a pac code and i used it the following data but it didn’t work it keeps saying expired or invalid and it hasn’t been 30 days

    1. Avatar photo Rk says:

      Same is here

  59. Avatar photo Catherine says:

    I got my pac number from Vectone by providing the required info in their contact form. My sim card for an equally cheap network arrived today. Amazing rates including unlimited texts and calls for just £36 a year or monthly contracts, booster offers or £10 every 120 days for 1p a text/call/mb.

    Go to https://www.1pmobile.com/friends and enter referral code P312651C and we’ll both get £5 off top ups.

  60. Avatar photo Shipra says:

    After reporting to ofcom finally managed to get my PAC code through email. That’s the best way to get it rather than wait in long queue on a call which drops after 2 hours anyway.

    1. Avatar photo Arun Kumar Ramanujam says:

      How to complaint ofcom? Pls help

  61. Avatar photo Abdul says:

    Having same issue no network, can’t make or receive calls and messages. I was with them over 12 years and now they suddenly disappeared. Reading all the messages and emailing them over 2 weeks and no response from them. Will try to call ofcom and report it. Also as people suggest will email them and make phone calls until they provide me a PAC code.

  62. Avatar photo victor john says:

    We’ve been investigating your number transfer to giffgaff due to an issue you faced with your service. We received an update regarding the transfer and the result is unfortunately not a good one.

    The issue with your service lies with the network you transferred from. To explain that: When you move from one network to another, your number stays registered with the number where it originated. That’s true of all UK mobile numbers. Sometimes in the transfer process your number can disconnect and the previous network needs to be contacted, even if you’ve moved several times.

    The network that held your number has ceased to operate and disconnected all of its services because it was based on a 3G network. Rather than update/upgrade a small number of networks have stopped operating. This has caused a problem because it means historic numbers originating from that network will now face issues, like the one you are facing.

    The problem is that we are now not able to go to them to request they reconnect you because their service no longer exists. For this, I’m really very sorry because I understand it’s an inconvenience. We’ve attempted to reach out to the previous network to no avail.
    What this ultimately means is your number may stop working or may work intermittently but we won’t be able to reset it for you. To get a full service again, guaranteed, you’ll need a new mobile number.

    I do appreciate this is a frustrating thing to go through so we’re here to assist if needed.

    If you want a new number assigned to your account we can do that for you, but I just have to advise:

    • This would be a permanent number change
    • You would lose the number on your account: 075740xxxxx
    • The new number will be changed at random so we can’t guarantee the arrangement or repetition of the mobile number digits

    Let us know what you decide and we’ll do our very best to assist you.

    Forget Vectone Mobile and just get a new SIM. This new provider is telling you this when trying to transfer the Vectone Mobile to Giffgaff.

  63. Avatar photo Abdul says:

    Good news!
    I contacted to vectone at exact 9am and luckily i’m the 1st caller, after 10 mins on hold the guy pick the call and gave me the PAC code. Hope when I’m moving my number there isn’t any issue

  64. Avatar photo Sumbal says:

    I finally got PAC code via email after contacting Ofcom. Have had my number successfully transferred to Lebara. So there is some hope! Good luck

  65. Avatar photo Nobby says:

    I was sent a PAC code via email which I tried to transfer to EE but it didn’t work! I haven’t seen this sort of treatment before. Simply unbelievable!

  66. Avatar photo Oskar says:

    My problem is thatt it looks that Vectone Mobile unregistered my number. My Android SIM manager shows that I’ve got a Vectone Mobile signal but it also says : “Unknown number”. I tried to register the number again on their website but it didn’t work. They are not replying to my email messages. Outrageous. I called them several times but every time I call there is a long queue of callers already waiting for help… The phone number was mine, I transferred it to Vectone Mobile using a PAC code from a different mobile provider. I was using the number frequently for years as PAYG at least once a month. I did a top-up in September to make an international call and everything was fine, but now I can’t do anything, the number is simply gone. Can I take legal action if they don’t register it back for me?

  67. Avatar photo KingSol says:

    Good news: I successfully got my Vectone PAC code after a 35-minute call. I’ve ported it to Lebara In the meantime will find a better deal on o2 or voda, and it should be active from the 24th!

    Bad news: Trying to get a PAC code for a family member is a bit tricky as they require their details that they to register their account like dob, address, email and name or any of them . So if they registered their account, I need to find their email, address, and DOB for verification. If not, they’ll have to send their Vectone number with some form of ID for fraud prevention. Gonna hunt for those details and call back.

    1. Avatar photo Naomi B says:

      Did your port go ahead without any issues ?
      My number is registered in many incidences and I am now getting emails that I can’t be reached

    2. Avatar photo Kingsol says:

      Yh i had no issues and managed to get my family members pac code without any verification as i thought it will be from the 1st call so i am happy now, good luck guys keeps calling them bang on 9.01am, wait and you will surely get them to give you your pac code which expires after 24hours so i recommend you have a sim ready.

      My sim has ported over successfully but i can’t receive MFA text verifications with my ported number and my new isp said to wait for 48 hours since its a new ported number so hopefully everything gets back to normal but i can still call, text, and recieve on my vectone number which has been ported over just mfa text that i am still waiting on.

    3. Avatar photo KingSol says:

      Everything is working PERFECT now after a quick restart MFA’s started working and i am soo gassed

  68. Avatar photo Malik says:

    Received PAC code on 16/11/23 (via email) – 4 weeks after requesting it!!
    Successfully ported old no. to new network on 20/11/23.

    I probably only received PAC code as I involved OFCOM and was now going to take complaint to Communications Ombudsman (& possibly because Vectone may be monitoring this forum?)

    The directors of Vectone should never be allowed to hold a directorship again in any UK company.

  69. Avatar photo Tee says:

    Just dropping a word of hope to anyone out there who may be frustrated. I almost gave up and like most people, I have this number on a lot of accounts and can’t afford to lose it. I had been calling Vectone for the last 3 weeks at 9.00am. I get put in queue …anything from position 4 to 22 and eventually get cut off after waiting for hours. On thursday (30th), I tried one more time at 9am and was in 1st position and it was piked up …finally!!! I got my PAC code and now switched fully on Friday in less than 24hrs. So just like King Sol said, keep trying. Good luck everyone

    1. Avatar photo Hope says:

      I absolutely adore King Sol but I have tried and tried. I just want my PAC NUMBER PLEASE.

  70. Avatar photo Hope says:

    I have been with vectone for years and for the past few weeks I was trying to call them and with no response. I want them to give me my PAC Number as I want to join another network. I want to use the same number but I really need this PAC Number. Can anyone help me with some advice please.

  71. Avatar photo Nick says:

    The same guy also owns Lycamobile and he also donates money to the Tories. What is he really up to and why is he also being labelled a VOIP telecoms gangster? Dodgy as hell!


Comments are closed

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