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Netflix Once Again Hikes UK Prices for Video Streaming Service

Thursday, Oct 19th, 2023 (1:27 pm) - Score 3,696
Netflix logo on smartphone

Just like clockwork and irrespective of the recent crackdown on password sharing, Netflix, the popular broadband-based Movie and TV video streaming service, has announced that they are to hike the monthly prices on two of their plans for new and existing customers.

In short, ‘Basic‘ will go from £6.99 to £7.99 per month (before it was rare for this one to be hiked), while ‘Standard‘ remains at £10.99 and ‘Premium‘ leaps ahead from £15.99 to £17.99. The ‘Basic’ plan only allows you to view 1 stream at low-res Standard Definition (SD) quality, while ‘Standard’ supports 2 streams at High Definition (HD) and ‘Premium’ gives you 4 streams at UltraHD (4K).

NOTE: Customers who don’t like this may cancel or downgrade their plan – details here.

However, it’s worth noting that the Basic plan is no longer available to new or rejoining members. If you are currently on the Basic plan, you can remain on this plan until you change plans or cancel your account. Netflix’s main entry-level plan is now their “Standard with adverts” tier at £4.99 per month, which supports the use of 2 HD streams, but forces you to watch adverts.

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By Mark Jackson
Mark is a professional technology writer, IT consultant and computer engineer from Dorset (England), he also founded ISPreview in 1999 and enjoys analysing the latest telecoms and broadband developments. Find me on X (Twitter), Mastodon, Facebook and .
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58 Responses
  1. Avatar photo Obi says:

    With these prices, I feel no guilt paying for Netflix through Turkey. £18pm is mental.

    1. Avatar photo Mike says:

      Apparently also works for YouTube Premium as well.

    2. Avatar photo Jason says:

      I’m scared they would deactivate my Google account – you should probably do this with your non-main Google account – but that’s too much hassle for me… Got the student discount at least…

      But yeah – Netflix is only really good for flights… If they’d add the download feature to the ad supported one I’d subscribe

    3. Avatar photo Bill Knott says:

      Yep… I am Turkish subscriber too.
      Last month’s bill was £4.05 for top plan. I also pay YouTube Premium in Turkish Lira.

    4. Avatar photo I love Starlink says:

      Youtube are funny. You get the popup to say disable ads but top right you get a spinning circle which after 2 seconds lets you click it and carry on. And then I don’t get that again until I fire up the computer the next day.

      So bring it on Crapflix (not that I am a customer anyway)

    5. Avatar photo Buggerlugz says:

      Ublock origin has a lovely quickfix which updates constantly for the youtube ad-blocker, works a treat. You just can’t use an of the other regional filters.

    6. Avatar photo I love Starlink says:

      Thanks I will check it out.. I am using Mullvad and that blocks them anyway – had no problems so far.

  2. Avatar photo Name says:

    “It’s worth noting that the Basic plan is no longer available to new or rejoining members”

    What a way to shoot yourself in the foot.

  3. Avatar photo John says:

    Price of the service goes up, wokeness goes up, quality content goes down

    They’ve butchered the Witcher, Cowboy Bebop and countless more using your subscription. It’s insane how they even turned Castlevania, a game about killing the vampire Dracula, into US plantation slavery nonsense

    The only good western Netflix production this year was One Piece. The only reason to stay subscribed is for the amazing Korean content: I definitely recommend Alchemy of Souls and Physical 100

    1. Avatar photo Andrew G says:

      Cheers for the recommendations. I had noticed how the Witcher had turned from being dramatic, violent and raunchy to “Coronation Street with horses and magic”.

    2. Avatar photo John says:

      That’s a really good way to describe. It’s very sad to see Henry Cavill, an actor that would have the potential to bring big audiences if he was active 2 decades ago, to be sidelined by the screenwriters who want to butcher the source material, because Cavill loves the source material and wanted to preserve it

      It is not a fluke that Squid Game became so popular worldwide but it wouldn’t even factor in my top 10 list of shows. I will throw in some more recommendations:
      – Penthouse: War in Life (insane over the top drama)
      – Kingdom (zombies)
      – Bloodhounds (fighting)
      – Business Proposal (very fun romcom)
      – Hotel de Luna (supernatural drama)
      – It’s okay to not be okay (heavy mental health drama)
      – Vincenzo (Korean James Bond)
      – Hometown cha-cha-cha (wholesome watch)
      – Sweet Home (horror)

    3. Avatar photo Bob says:

      “Wokeness” oh honey, you don’t even know what it means…!

    4. Avatar photo I love Starlink says:

      “Henry Cavill”? the same Henry Cavill who was Superman/Man of Steel? I agree. one of our finest there.

  4. Avatar photo Mad Dog says:

    People need to send them a message by cancelling their service, it’s so easy to do online.

    1. Avatar photo Billy says:

      Piracy £0 a month bittorent everything.

    2. Avatar photo 10BaseT says:

      The problem is that there is nothing to pirate too!

    3. Avatar photo I love Starlink says:

      I agree Billy. ALl this and amazon video is on torrent and then I just put it on Plex. Or just watch right off the computer. Got a good ratio too about 2PB as I have been doing it for about 10 years on 1 private tracker.

      Cool stuff

  5. Avatar photo Andrew says:

    YT Premium works via Turkey – I’m paying £4 a month for YT family plan

    1. Avatar photo I love Starlink says:


  6. Avatar photo Liam says:

    Piracy all the way. £0 a month

    1. Avatar photo Mr Sarcastic says:

      Great idea until law enforcement gets involved and you find yourself in court on charges of Internet piracy as well as receiving cease and desist legal letters from your ISP and Media Giants such as Warner etc

      I suppose you also believe that it’s your right not to pay for a ticket when using public transport and let others who do buy tickets face higher prices because your fare evasion costs the companies millions.

      The UK really needs to come down harder on piracy but at the same time, Netflix shouldn’t be increasing their prices and delivering sub standard material.

  7. Avatar photo Jim says:

    If people are dumb enough to pay it then they’ll just keep jacking up the price.

    But I suppose at least you’re given a choice, unlike the BBC who threaten you with “enforcement” if you don’t pay for a TV license.

    1. Avatar photo Truth says:

      Hmm, I don’t think you do have to watch BBC content or pay for the licence fee if you don’t want to.

    2. Avatar photo Buggerlugz says:

      Jim, just fill in the form and cancel it. Don’t watch live TV at all, there is nothing on it worth watching anyway. They’ve not bothered me in 5 years.

    3. Avatar photo SuperKipperFlipper says:

      Think it’s 7 years since I cancelled my TV licence … Just don’t watch live TV anymore …

  8. Avatar photo mike says:

    And why can’t they do a package that allows just 1 4K stream? This kind of pricing just punishes people for being individuals.

  9. Avatar photo 123 says:

    It was low prices and services with a lot of content that were easy to use that almost killed piracy. Spotify for music, Netflix for films and series. Their greed will undo most of that.

    1. Avatar photo I love Starlink says:

      I agree Spotify is good. Paypal did a deal for £150 for 5 years access so I got 2 codes and they can be stacked so legally got 10 year of Spotify for £300 – rather than £1200 for monthly.

    2. Avatar photo Anon says:

      I was just about to express a similar sentiment. Indeed, I initially subscribed to Netflix due to its ease of use and relatively low cost. When they increased the price last time, I decided to stick with it. I even attempted signing up via Turkey to explore more affordable options, but it didn’t work.

      Nonetheless, given these new prices, I’m inclined to bid farewell when the email arrives notifying me of the impending price hike.

      As for those who argue that piracy is free, I’d contend that it’s not entirely free, but rather significantly cheaper. Of course, you can set up a local Plex server and download content locally, but that approach may be considered outdated. Many opt for seedboxes and private trackers as a more contemporary solution, which does come with its own monthly cost, making it not entirely free.

    3. Avatar photo Buggerlugz says:

      Good point 123, the higher the price, the more people will pirate it. Maybe Netflix doesn’t realise that the second anything is live on their network its available to download for free online???

    4. Avatar photo I love Starlink says:


      Plex server on an old machine behind a VPN and a private site only costs the price of the internet connection. But you do make a good point.

      Netflix used to make really good stuff for us.. Now it’s all rubbish and whilst I don’t mind watching Lucifer, Luke Cage and Suits again, that will also be it for me.

  10. Avatar photo Sam P says:

    Just start torrenting and get your own plex server.

    1. Avatar photo I love Starlink says:

      Exactly what I do and all free 🙂 the encryption is also wicked

  11. Avatar photo Anthony says:

    Netflix produces non-stop woke nonsense that nobody likes. They don’t care they keep producing it. People leave in protest so they then put the prices up for those who remain.

    1. Avatar photo Bob says:

      Come on, tell us what “woke” content is. I’m dying to know!

    2. Avatar photo mrpops2ko says:

      i agree with you, and whilst I didn’t leave in protest over it, the reality is that when you are ideologically driven trying to shoehorn a very narrow slice of a story over and over again… you just end up making bad tv shows. My time on this earth is limited just like everyone else’s and if this is what we have, then i’ll just check out of watching TV (which I have) and opt to spend my time doing something else and encourage others to do the same.

      At some point we’ll see some counter culture to it, some writer + director combo will make some genuine good and pure movie / TV show without this stuff and it’ll get acclaim – and then others will follow suit in pursuit of the money.

      if you watch on youtube a video called ‘anthony mackie why movies are bad’ I agree very much with that sentiment and more. Movie and TV producers have stopped making good movies. They don’t focus on purity of just good stories. Its now like 40% of a good story, and then tacking on ideology – some which sometimes run contrary to the thematic elements of the story itself and can break immersion.

      It is what it is, theres a bunch of interesting angles to this like how we cant legislate against this kind of stuff because it’ll impede free speech / thought… so we just have to ride it out.

    3. Avatar photo Anthony says:

      “Come on, tell us what “woke” content is. I’m dying to know!”

      Cuties was highly controversial trying to normalize child pornography that caused mass boycotts and outrage. And Cleopatra “Documentary” claimed she was really black was also highly controversial and caused boycotts And the TV show Ridley Jones with a transgender cow caused Daily Wire to setup its own Children’s TV station as people were so outraged and to round it off “He’s expecting” about a transgender man becoming pregnant. These are the ones I remember.

    4. Avatar photo Ben says:

      Just because something causes outrage, doesn’t make it “woke”. If that were the case then the Daily Mail would be one of the wokest publications around 🙂

    5. Avatar photo Phil says:

      Daily Wire is completely on the ball releasing their Snow White to counter Disney’s Snow Brown and the 7 random height folx

      Another woke Netflix mad piece of content was actually the one that launched it in the first place: a documentary where they claim that a convicted murderer was actually innocent but leave out convenient details such as the guy straight up beating a cat to death. Great on the Daily Wire and Candace Owens to piece a counter documentary that has put Netflix to shame

      The new season of Netflixs sex education, which was plastered all over billboards and buses in the UK, is literally all about gender ideology and getting teens to castrated

      Emily in Paris is just promoting hookup culture

      Bridgerton is like Cleopatra

      There are tons of other examples adding to the above such as Death Note and Resident Evil however this is not exclusive to Netflix when there was an Amazon woke lord of the rings and Disney wokified all of its classics, star wars and marvel with abominations such as Shehulk

    6. Avatar photo Aled says:

      south park is apparently going to run a special next week about the trend for Disney ‘race and gender swapping’ classic characters. Apparently they go so savage on Disney that Disney have filed a lawsuit for defamation….comical

    7. Avatar photo Stephen Wakeman says:

      Isn’t it great then that you don’t have to watch it or pay for it if you think it’s woke?

      You have the freedom to not engage, psychologically and commercially. So don’t. Compared to your “good old days” before “wokeness” there is still plenty of content that will fit your requirements, so why don’t you just enjoy that instead of going on a rant in the comment section of a news piece about pricing?

    8. Avatar photo Sam says:

      The wokeness is out of control for sure. Hiking the price on top of providing worse content is really rubbing bleach on the wound

      Really looking forward to the South Park special. They have always hit the nail on the head and way before time. A big example is the episode Mr. Garrison’s Fancy New Vag which was released far back in 2005, now in current times they literally took the South Park satire and have turned it into a demented cult. Labour wants to arrest you for not indulging in the fantasy

    9. Avatar photo Stephen Wakeman says:

      Also, have you ever watched an episode of Sex Education, because saying that it’s simply about gender ideology, and “LITERALLY” encouraging castration is not only absurdly stupid, but paints you clearly as a bigot.

      It’s disgusting to me that you would say that. Use the money you save from Netflix and get therapy or something. You have far bigger problems than finding content to consume that meets your needs.

    10. Avatar photo Graham says:

      Some really good lists of awful woke content to avoid in here

      Between Disneys adaption which embodies the worst in hollywood and the hideous actress who embodies the worst in acting by attacking the source material and the Daily Wire who treasures the legacy and Brett Cooper who says she’s honored to play the role, I know which movie I will root for

    11. Avatar photo Buggerlugz says:

      “If that were the case then the Daily Mail would be one of the wokest publications around ”

      For that accolade, we have metro.co.uk dude…. :/

  12. Avatar photo 10BaseT says:

    No way I am going to keep it.

  13. Avatar photo Ad47uk says:

    I cancelled it today, I don’t watch enough to make it worthwhile. I did share my account with someone, but told them today that they have to get their own account if they want to continue. I don’t think they will. It was my choice to share it with them, since I was paying for it anyway.

  14. Avatar photo john says:

    I’ll keep it on as there’s a few series I’m watching but I have downgraded to the HD tier. An extra £7 a month is too much for the UHD tier. Most (all?) other services include UHD as standard.

  15. Avatar photo finaldest says:

    The reason I cut the cord many years ago was due to poor content and expensive monthly payments and streaming services at the time offered great content at a great price. However this has all now changed.

    All the streaming giants decided to go political and content suffered as a consequence. Subscribers fell and prices increased so to stop the bleeding. I Cancelled all streaming services once they turned political.

    I now buy all my content on 4k and Blu-ray physical media only. I can choose exactly what I want to watch when I want to. I don’t even need the disk to hand as I have created my own home movie server. Ownership is great as well as no ongoing monthly payments.

    I don’t miss streaming one bit.

    1. Avatar photo spurple says:

      Surely this costs much more than £20 a month?

    2. Avatar photo finaldest says:

      It varies from month to month.

      Depending on the release scheduled new for 4k movies releases I tend to spend on average £50 to £100 per month but do bare in mind I spend NO money on Streaming or Pay TV services. I also own the content so I wont lose access to it.

      If for whatever reason I cannot afford to buy then no problem as I am not tied into a contract, I will just add items to my wish list.

  16. Avatar photo Mark says:

    I cancelled my subscription when they blocked account sharing. If you want HD or UHD but live by yourself, you’re literally punished because you’re also paying extra for multiple screens which you don’t need. The only justification I had for paying £15.99 a month was I could share it with family. Since I can no longer do that, £15.99 a month just for UHD is not worth it. I can get all their original shows via “other means” for free!

    1. Avatar photo I love Starlink says:

      Yup and those alternative means have all the major tv providers on and so all their content

  17. Avatar photo greggles says:

    So is this going to become an annual trend? The new basic is basically fast going to be same price as what standard was. I will be cancelling the sub, its the only way to send a message rapid rampant price increases for shareholders isnt acceptable.

  18. Avatar photo Jazzy says:

    Sky Q have chucked it in free for me twice

    In 2021 they chucked it in free if I took FTTP and this year they charged me £6 but discounted the FTTP by £6 to come in at the same price as the last time

    Loads of my friends now bundle it in with Sky

  19. Avatar photo XGS says:

    They’re never going to beat free so the folks who are downloading and have for decades aren’t an issue but be interesting to see how many this pushes to cancel and just not watch the content.

    Downgrades will hurt their revenue per unit, too.

    Not big TV watchers in this house and this pricing is far too much to be subscribed on the off chance something we may want to watch is produced. A while back Netflix pricing was still in that territory.

    Production costs of TV have become completely unhinged from reality. UK had a higher tolerance than most for overpaying for TV but that must have limits.

    People getting rid of cable was cord cutting, wonder what getting shot of these OTT services is called?

  20. Avatar photo James Meddings says:

    Netflix does produce quality content but at the same time, this streaming war (as everyone calls it) mean everyone is trying to outdo each other, therefore prices have to rise. Password sharing would always be cracked down on eventually.

    The investors and accountants – who want all their money back now run the business, they want profits and so therefore we will end up with easy cheap content and occasional very good content.

    Mine cancels tomorrow, I can’t see the value in it but again, our voices are in the minority and good luck to them against the monsters of Apple, Amazon and Disney. It’s gonna be a interesting ride.

    1. Avatar photo Sam says:

      Amazon and Disney have much worse content. I mean Shehulk takes the cake for worst show of 2022

      For now there’s no real competition

      Netflix is a publicly traded company. I even own some $NFLX. The management has not learned from cuties and doubled down a lot. Profit is definitely not in their mind

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