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PlusNet To Launch ‘Broadband Plus’
By: MarkJ - 16 March, 2005 (12:58 PM)

UK ISP PlusNet will, on 4th April next month, launch yet another residential broadband ADSL package - 'Broadband Plus'. Unlike some of their other options it costs just £14.99 per month and is not tied to a fair usage limit. There's still a small catch though:

Because no download limits or fair usage levels are applied, some high bandwidth activities, such as p2p, will be traffic shaped during busy times. This is great news for customers who want to surf and email as these activities are given the highest priority.

Broadband Plus customers will pay for the speed setting they choose, which could be anything up to 8Mb as those speeds become available later in the year. 1Mb for under £20 per month with no fair usage limit is a real bargain for average family use.

Speed - Price
512Kb - £14.99 (Inc Vat)
1Mb - £19.99
2Mb - £24.99
Up to 8Mb - to be announced

Broadband Plus is positioned between PlusNet’s Broadband Pay As You Go (formerly known as ‘Lite’) and Broadband Premier products, offering current and new customers an excellent value product from one of the UK’s highest rated Internet Service Providers.

If you haven’t bought broadband yet, or want to move to PlusNet, visit http://www.plus.net

On top of that PlusNet’s Chief Executive Officer, Lee Strafford, has been named “Technology CEO of the Year (small cap public firm)” in this years UK Technology Innovation & Growth Awards from the European Technology Forum and Intellect.

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