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Lixxus Cuts Broadband Prices
By: MarkJ - 10 March, 2005 (8:51 AM)

ISP Lixxus have reduced the cost of their flexible home broadband (ADSL) product for any speed up to 2Mbps to just £13.99 per month:

The service offers:

•A one-month contract

•Free migration from your existing ISP

Lixxus’ own data shows that many broadband users use less than 2Gbs per month and less than 16% are so called bandwidth hogs. As such, millions of UK consumers are paying up to 50% more for home broadband than they should with many paying for so-called freebies.

Long home broadband contracts do not offer consumers savings - A Lixxus spokesperson said:

You don’t have to pay for a flat rate product unless you’re stuck to the screen day and night. Lixxus’ policy is to pass on discounts to the end user. Our monthly contract means the user gets a reduction when it happens, not after their 12-month contract is up.

People migrate to us from other providers where they were paying £29.99 per month for a service they now pay £13.99 for. Over a year that can in some instances add up to a saving of £192.00.

So if you’re not an online gamer, you’re not downloading all day and all night and you don’t spend the weekends downloading the latest movie, you could benefit by switching to a PAYGo or Flexible payment package.

Think Easyjet. Why pay for the sandwiches, movie, complimentary nuts, and so on when you don’t really need them.

What are the benefits?

• Any speed - Choice of up to 512K or 1meg or 2meg services at the same low price.

• Always on connection – no time online charge

• No commitment – one month minimum contract instead of 12

• Cheaper monthly bills and the customer has control

• Lixxus is one of the only ISP’s that monitors data throughput, offering the results online to users.

• 0845 support

• Payment is by direct debit

• Order online in three simple steps.

Lixxus offer PAYgo and flexible packages to suit most peoples budget.

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