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That Internet Gender Gap Thing..
By: MarkJ - 29 December, 2005 (9:44 AM)

The latest survey to emphasise the gender gap between how men and women surf the Internet differently has come from the USA based Pew Internet Project. In short, men like to try new things online while women prefer its communication tool status:

Men tend to be first to try out new net technologies and 68% of the men questioned are the administrator of a household's computer compared to 45% of women. The Pew report also found that men are more likely to use the net to get at all kinds of information about sports results, weather, news, job offers and consumer ratings for goods and services.

A woman's use of the net is more likely to involve greater use of e-mail as well as searches for health and medical information, map directions and religious material. When gathering information women tended to prefer to use e-mail exchanges with individuals and support groups.

Women also tended to use e-mail to communicate with friends and family, to keep in touch and to maintain social ties. By contrast men tended to use e-mail as a way to maintain links with organisations rather than individuals.

Unsurprisingly both gender groups have areas in common, such as using the Internet to pay bills and manage bank accounts. More @ BBC News Online.

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