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ICBroadband Offers Universal Support
By: MarkJ - 02 August, 2006 (1:48 PM)

ICBroadband has today announced its answer to the many ‘free’ broadband packages that are available. The new JustSupport product offers customers of other broadband ISP's the ability to receive technical support from ICBroadband, which is nice:

Many people have told us that they have been tempted by the low-cost broadband offers. However, they are very disappointed when they cannot speak to someone on the phone or get a reply to support e-mails. As our customers tell us our support is our best feature, for £3.99 a month, everybody can receive that same level of personal support.

The product allows customers to e-mail or phone with their queries. The support team can help with general broadband issues, and can give advice to users on making the most of their service. Whilst this support package cannot help if there is a serious problem with your ISP, ICBroadband will be able to check for known issues at your exchange and help accordingly. The team will also ensure they have the best contact details for your ISP on-hand.

The JustSupport package also includes free ‘@icbroadband.com’ e-mail addresses with anti-virus and webmail service.

ICBroadband is an Aylesbury-based Internet Service Provider. The focus is on high levels of customer service and attention to each individual customer. For further details on their products and services, go to http://www.icbroadband.com .

It's certainly a unique offer, although at £3.99 per month (will you really need it THAT much?) we can't see it being too attractive. There is also potential for confusion, with users calling ICB's service to deal with issues that they simply can not manage (billing, network service problems etc.).

Every ISP has its own quirks/network/billing issues and an external support service, while handy for general queries and knowledge, won't be able to handle specific complaints and faults related to the users own provider.

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