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Netscape v9 Browser Being Developed
By: MarkJ - 06 February, 2007 (1:35 PM)

It's been revealed that the Netscape website browser is to get a 9th version. Netscape, which is essentially the same as Mozilla's Firefox code with added features, is currently based on Firefox v1:

The Netscape 9 announcement includes a small screenshot (the menu bar indicates that it's based on Firefox 2) and states that the browser will feature Live Bookmarks (a Firefox feature that was dropped from Netscape Browser 8). It will also include the Netscape Friends' Activity Sidebar and the Netscape Sitemail Notifier, two extensions previously released for Firefox. Other extensions that integrate with Netscape.com will also be built in. New information about Netscape 9 will be released every Tuesday; the first such update was the announcement that the browser will be cross-platform, coupled with a screenshot of a stylish new FTP view.

Meanwhile Microsoft is also known to have plans for IE8, Firefox is looking towards a future v3 and no doubt Opera is already developing another major update too.

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