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Tottenham Bans Wi-Fi In Schools
By: MarkJ - 06 July, 2007 (12:57 PM)

Councillors in the Tottenham area have become the latest to ban Wi-Fi networks in a local school following Panoramas less than scientific BBC One report some weeks back. The 'Tottenham Journal' newspaper explains:

WIRELESS internet technology in schools should be suspended and an "open and honest debate" on the issue should take place, an influential council committee has recommended.

The call was made by councillors after months of debate on the issue, which has focused on Tetherdown School. Concerned parents last month appealed to the governors of Muswell Hill's Tetherdown School not to install wireless internet in a new building because of the possible health risks. Anti-wi-fi campaigners, who made a presentation to overview and scrutiny members, were delighted by the outcome.

Councillor Emma Jones (Labour), Bruce Grove, said: "I, quite frankly, think we are frying children's brains. I'm really worried we going to wake up in 20 years with serious problems."

Interestingly Wi-Fi networks are being used in the majority of UK schools and so far we’ve not seen any reports of children’s brains being fried. There’s always a concern with such things, but surely a properly funded scientific study is far better than a bunch of politicians deciding what they think is safe based on a biased perspective.

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