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Demon Internet (THUS) Cuts Broadband Prices
By: MarkJ - 05 July, 2007 (1:19 PM)

The THUS Group owned UK ISP Demon Internet has today announced "significant" price savings for many of its home and business broadband customers. New tariffs are claimed to result in savings of up to 30% for some service users and lower monthly or annual charges for many others:

The pricing review is part of THUSí ongoing efforts to remain the pre-eminent supplier of broadband services to the business community and firmly establish itself as the provider of choice to SME and SOHO clients. In addition to reducing costs, service enhancement will mean that more business customers enjoy the benefits of THUSí leading edge next-generation network and services such as voice over IP. It will also offer greater support for remote and mobile working, crucial to many developing businesses.

Existing customers who currently use Demon Home and HomeOffice, Business 500 and 2000 and Business 2000, 4000 and 8000 Max services are eligible for the reduced tariffs and will be able to sign up for the new prices through a dedicated portal at http://www.upgrade.demon.net - as part of a rolling delivery programme.

Demon Pricing
Home 8000 (8Mbps)
OLD Price: £19.99 inc. VAT
NEW Price: £17.99 inc. VAT

HomeOffice 8000 (8Mbps)
OLD Price: £24.99 incl VAT
NEW Price: £22.99 incl VAT

Business 2000 (2Mbps)
OLD Price: £34.00 + VAT
NEW Price: £34.00 + VAT (unchanged?)

Business 4000 (4Mbps)
OLD Price: £49.00 + VAT
NEW Price: £40.00 + VAT*

* Demon Business 4000 customers service will be replaced and offered a free upgrade to the 8MB service in addition to a reduced price.

Business 8000 (8Mbps)
OLD Price: £59.00 + VAT
NEW Price: £40.00 + VAT

In addition, existing customers will be offered service enhancements, additional equipment options and free upgrades.

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