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Fluidata's £1,000 SDSL Discount
By: MarkJ - 02 March, 2005 (8:40 AM)

Business ISP Fluidata has reduced the costs of its 'PureFluid' broadband SDSL (same speed both ways) installations by up to £1,000. The promotion is valid until the end of March 2005:

March brings with it a very special offer from Fluidata to entice more leased line customers to move to the flagship product PureFluid. The service is currently available from 2Mb/s up to 8Mb/s with inbuilt redundancy and failover technology providing a 99.95% uptime guarantee.

PureFluid has spread rapidly over the past few months and is now available at over 100 exchanges, including major cities nationwide, with another 200 planned to go live by the summer. PureFluid delivers a dependable, symmetrical and uncontended connection to the internet, and savings of up to 50% compared to leased line connectivity.

Throughout March all PureFluid installation fees have been reduced, by up to £1,000. The promotion substantially reduces the install cost which includes new lines, activation and a pre-configured Cisco 1721 router.

2 Mb/s – £125 off install – normally £1,950 now only £1,850
4 Mb/s – £250 off install – normally £1,950 now only £1,700
6 Mb/s – £500 off install – normally £1,950 now only £1,450
8 Mb/s – £1,000 off install – normally £1,950 now only £950

Fluidata is committed to providing businesses a high quality and cost effective service with a personal touch. For further information please visit www.fluidata.co.uk or call 0870 787 3287.

The high initial cost is often seen as a major barrier to SDSL uptake by small to medium sized (SME) businesses, thus the target of Fluidata’s promotion is obvious.

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