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EFH Broadband Restricts Heavy Users
By: MarkJ - 25 April, 2006 (9:19 AM)

ISP EFH Broadband has placed 100 ‘heavy’ users onto a restricted service, which limits their maximum speed to just 100kbps. It's unclear whether those concerned were given a warning first or not:

This has only been applied to customers who have, or look like they are going to, exceed 100GB in 30 days. We will post a page tomorrow where you can check if your IP is on a restricted service. There are approximately 100 people in this category.

We didn't want to do this, but the impact of a few users on the vast majority has been too great. We will remove people from the restricted service as usage levels decrease or customers choose to migrate to another provider. We will shortly be introducing a fair usage policy and will post more details as soon as we have them.

As far as everyone else goes, there is now spare capacity and browsing, gaming etc should be as normal. We will however continue to need to mointor things over the coming days and possibly make additional changes.

We can see at the moment many users getting full 2Mbps (or above), and many gamers getting good service - if problems continue with gaming we may need to make further changes.

Unsurprisingly some customers have been angered by the sudden move, while others praise it. In addition there's no mention of how long EFH intends to impose the speed cap.

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