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British Engineers Develop 100 Times Faster Broadband
By: MarkJ - 06 March, 2008 (9:26 AM)

Scientists working on the EU-funded 'Alpha project' at Bangor University (Wales) have been given the green light to develop a prototype. The technology works by channelling information more efficiently across the UK's existing fibre optic telecommunications network.

It claims to be capable of delivering broadband speeds at rates of up to 100 times faster than existing methods and for considerably less cost too (75%). Further more, the system may also be designed as a consumer product too, looking very much like a DVD player that sits between the broadband outlet and computer (sounds like a router to us).

The Bangor team claims it will be able to download 15 full-length Hollywood movies a minute, making broadband dramatically quicker and cheaper for consumers. Precise details of the technology remain uncertain and it is not yet clear how much consumers would have to pay for it.

Meanwhile the development will come too late for it to have any real impact on the government’s current next-generation broadband review and has yet to prove itself in a commercial environment.

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