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Fair Broadband Launches Anti-SPAM
By: MarkJ - 11 December, 2003 (9:24 AM)

UK ISP Fair Broadband (FairADSL) has paired up with Advascan to launch a new anti-spam/virus solution known as Fair Shield. Sounds like a 'Fair' deal =) [EDIT: Oh that's bad]:

Brand new managed anti-spam and anti-virus technology from Fair Broadband and Advascan

Fair Broadband, the UK’s best value broadband provider, is the first ISP to pair up with Advascan, developer of market leading security solutions, to launch Fair Shield, the latest in anti-virus and anti-spam technology.

“Fairshield is a solution for individuals and businesses alike who have just had enough of spam but don’t want yet another software programme which they have to learn how to use”, says Kevin Peel, Technical Director of Fair Broadband, “the ideal state for users is that they don’t even feel that a spam filter exists”.

Existing email protection to date has a number of flaws; not only does it slow down your computer system considerably but it bombards you constantly with “update” and “new patches to install” messages.

Where Fairshield differs is that no installation of software is needed, no “update” or “new patches to install” messages are ever received by the user, and yet emails arrive already scanned, vetted and filtered in the Inbox.

Roy Walker, CEO of Advascan says, “Individuals and small businesses want the same level of email security as large corporations Fairshield provides the solution at a domestic price but with corporate performance features.”

Another unique feature of Fairshield is the email-reporting tool: All received spam is compacted into a single, daily email. This email lists the subject and sender details of suspected spam messages so that with just one glance the user can scan this email instead of ploughing through all spam individually, and still not miss any important emails.

For further details please visit http://www.fairshield.com

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