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THUS Improves Amstrad e-M@iler
By: MarkJ - 02 December, 2003 (1:14 PM)

THUS has introduced a new feature (CopyMail) for use with Amstrad's semi-popular Internet connectable e-mail phone, e-m@iler. CopyMail allows users to nominate an e-mail address which then automatically receives copies of all messages sent or received by the device:


THUS plc, one of the UK's leading providers of voice, data, Internet and contact centre services, today announced that it has enabled a significant enhancement to Amstrad's home communications tool, the e-m@iler Superphone. The new CopyMail function allows users to nominate an e-mail address which then automatically receives copies of all messages sent or received by the e-m@iler.

CopyMail benefits users by improving integration between the e-m@iler and their other e-mail accounts. For example, a user sending occasional work-related e-mails from home via the e-m@iler can nominate their office e-mail account, smartphone or wireless PDA to receive copies of all correspondence. When they leave home they have a record of the correspondence on their office PC or mobile device and can respond to any further messages sent to the e-m@iler. Since its launch in November, thousands of e-m@iler customers have signed up to the CopyMail service and traffic flow has increased significantly.

The enhanced functionality benefits Amstrad by making the e-m@iler a more compelling proposition for home e-mail use and increases the flow of messages to and from e-m@ilers.

THUS worked closely with Amstrad to define the service enhancement. It then designed a proprietary message-forwarding rule and re-configured the Amstrad platform to make the new service possible.

"CopyMail was an idea that came to us from our own experience of using the e-m@iler. It is a really useful function that makes the e-m@iler an even more practical solution for home e-mail," explained Simon Sugar, Amstrad's Commercial Director. "THUS listened carefully to what we wanted and designed the technology to make it happen. The reception from customers has been fantastic."

"It is not enough to deliver innovative solutions when you first start working with a customer. We aim to develop close long-term relationships with our customers, and we believe the secret is to keep coming up with fresh ideas to help them achieve their goals," commented Phil Male, Chief Operating Officer, THUS plc. "Amstrad is a good example - we first started working together in 2001 and have continued to update and enhance the e-m@iler service since then. CopyMail is the most recent example of how we help our customers make a great idea a reality."

THUS first started working with Amstrad in September 2001 when it developed the platform for the e-m@iler Superphone. In April 2003, THUS enabled an important enhancement to the service, [allowing two-way SMS texting between the e-m@iler and mobile phones for the first time.

We've always liked the concept of the e-m@iler, although the fact that you have to pay above the normal local call rate to use it is off-putting.

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