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BT & Bulldog Extend SDSL Agreement
By: MarkJ - 18 November, 2003 (2:30 PM)

BT has extended its Symmetric Digital Subscriber Line (SDSL) broadband deal with Bulldog Communications. BT Wholesale has agreed to distribute Bulldog’s SDSL product, “Office Connect IP” to its existing customer base of ISPs:


BT Wholesale today announces two extensions to its June 2002 strategic agreement on Symmetric Digital Subscriber Line (SDSL) with Bulldog Communications. The agreements will benefit both parties and are designed to pass on key advantages for small-to-medium sized enterprises (SMEs) in the UK.

In the first extension, BT Wholesale has agreed to distribute Bulldog’s SDSL product, “Office Connect IP” to its existing customer base of service providers. In the second, BT Wholesale has started integrating Bulldog's access product from Bulldog’s enabled exchanges into its own mainstream SDSL service. The new agreements will offer Bulldog a faster route to a larger customer base, and BT Wholesale an alternative delivery capability within the crucial London market.

It makes good commercial sense for both companies to work together in providing SDSL services,” explains Stuart Horwood, managing director, BT Wholesale Markets. “Through this alliance, more SMEs will get what they need, and both Bulldog and BT Wholesale will be able to make the most of any opportunities. This is a great example of how BT is increasingly working in co-operation with other UK operators to utilise their products and services and build them into its own product range.

The extensions enable both parties to cater for SMEs’ demand for simultaneous ‘upstream’ and ‘downstream’ broadband-calibre communications. SDSL services are suitable for SMEs in the field of computer aided design, or for any SME needing to: send and receive large amounts of data at the same time; link local area networks using virtual private network technology; or allow internet application hosting services e.g. web or email servers on the SME premises. As the service can fulfil the needs of up to 200 users, it potentially can see an SME through all its communications and online marketing needs during the critical early years of trading. It will also be a cost effective option for the SME, suitable for a range of applications such as VoIP, and will be offered at 500k, 1 meg and 2 meg speeds.

Richard Greco, CEO of Bulldog, commented, “We’re delighted to be able to augment BT Wholesale’s SDSL portfolio through adding both a wider product range and greater geographical reach. We’re also particularly pleased that Bulldog’s SDSL products are being so fully integrated into BT’s own product portfolio. It really is a powerful combination.

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