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MyZones & Dabs Team To Offer Wi-Fi
By: MarkJ - 26 November, 2003 (8:53 AM)

MyZones has teamed up with retailer Dabs to offer pre-configured wireless (Wi-Fi) hardware, specifically designed for those wishing to share their broadband Internet connection around the home:

DABS provides Wi-Fi service in partnership with MyZones

One of the hottest selling items this Christmas period will be Wireless home networking. DABS (www.dabs.com) in partnership with MyZones launch a new service concept to help DABS customers get the most from their Wi-Fi investments. The DABS Wi-Fi service has been developed to provide a secure and managed Wi-Fi experience, with pre-configured Wi-Fi equipment to enable a plug and play secure Wi-Fi home environment.

Today, most home Wi-Fi networks are insecure with over 95% of consumers not understanding how to enable security due the complexity of setting up both the access point and clients. The DABS Wi-Fi service pre-configures both the access point and client devices with the latest Wi-Fi Security using the MyZones Wi-Fi service.

Neighbours and flat mates will also be able to share access to a broadband connection knowing that they are using a secure and managed service. Most home users today leave their wireless network open without realizing that they could be actually sharing their connection with their neighbours. An open home wireless network could also result in the distribution of viruses, stealing of private information and distribution of offensive pornographic material. The DABS Wi-Fi service is designed to help consumers create a secure Wi-Fi home network.

An added feature of the DABS Wi-Fi Service is the ability for all DABS Customers to opt-in to the UK’s largest Wi-Fi Community hotspot network, operated by MyZones. The Public Zone allows DABS Wi-Fi service customers to connect at any MyZones location for free throughout the UK, reducing their cost of connecting outside their home.

The DABS Wi-Fi service is initially provided with a package that includes a NETGEAR ME103 ProSafe Wireless Access Point, a MA111 Wireless USB adapter and a year’s free access to the DABS Wi-Fi Service for an unbeatable price of £99 (ex. VAT).

The DABS Wi-Fi service enables the operation of three services:

* Home Zone – a secure home network that links Wi-Fi enabled devices, such as laptops, PCs, games consoles and stereos, allowing consumers to control them from a central point and seamlessly swap information between them (e.g. moving PC music onto your stereo)

* Shared Zone – allows neighbours and flat mates to share the benefits (and costs) of broadband network connectivity

* Public Zone – enables consumers to open their Wi-Fi network to other MyZones users, creating a chain of free public access hotspots

For additional usage fees, customers will be able to access the Internet through Global Zone, MyZones’ commercial Wi-Fi network of public access hotspots, which includes more than 1,000 UK and 10,000 worldwide locations.

For more information on the DABS Wi-Fi Service, please visit http://www.dabs.myzones.com

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