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BT Confirms Home 1Mbps Trial
By: MarkJ - 27 August, 2003 (10:07 AM)

Much as everybody had been expecting them to do, BTWholesale has now officially confirmed that trials of its new residential 1Mbps ADSL (IPStream Home 1000) product are due to begin next month.

Its stated that a full UK ISP trial will follow for the 6th October 2003, although these may be restricted to a certain number of people per provider. A spokesperson for BT has stated that the new product will address the needs of consumers in the residential market who may be looking to upgrade to a higher bandwidth product..

The official wholesale (amount ISPs pay to BT) cost per month per line is 23 +vat and 50 setup, thus meaning that consumer prices are likely to be between 33 and 40 per month. Those upgrading from a 512Kbps product will also have to stump up an additional charge of 35 +vat.

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